Behind the Design: Kids’ Crafty Room


We recently did a really cool makeover to our guestroom and made it into the kids’ Crafty Room! All kid and all DIY… all the time! We got almost everything in the entire room from our favorite kids’ place: The Land Of Nod. They have the cutest and coolest kids’ stuff around (and pieces that adults will love, too). Check out our new room below…


How cool is this poppy, fun, modern yet totally kid-like LON rug?


I ordered these amazing initial/name artwork prints for all four kids.  I love how they add to the overall theme.


Here’s their vintage toy chest with some really cool modern Land Of Nod ABC pillows!


This comfy multicolor balls rug is so fun! Hattie loves pointing out the colors.


We took a really “blah” room and made it into our kids’ haven! Thanks again, Land Of Nod.

Love Your Biggest Fans,
The McDermotts

Do you have a kids’ room in your house? What kind of things have you done to make it kid-approved?

  • Joann

    Tori, love the room. May I say you look amazing! Liam and Stella are getting so big, such beautiful children all of them. Where did you order the letters from? Doing my grandkids rooms over and these would be awesome.

  • Michele Lukas

    Love the initial artwork! Just wish they were not so expensive.

  • Cheyenne

    My favorite thing in my kids playroom is the art display. I took a piece of wood, painted it white, nailed it to the wall, and glued painted clothes pins (that they kids painted) on it. It is right above the art table and they proudly display their work there. I love going in their and seeing all the pictures and drawings. Especially when I see one from a special friend who has left our house a little cheerier with thier drawings. :)

  • Lemon Meringue

    Alas, we are not in the possession of a separate kids craftroom, nor a ‘blah’ (love this word!) spare room. We are now in the process of renovating all their bedrooms though, so some inspiration is always welcome, especially love the rugs and the initial artwork, the latter looks totally DIY-able, even to me.
    We do own an antique swedish “k

  • Twicktwack

    Where did you order those initials, those are great.

  • Tammy Bell

    awesome room!!! love it!!

  • New Mommy

    I want that room lol

  • Deanna

    WOW Tori, what an amazing room… Way to go!!! The kids are getting so big :)

  • robin lee mullins currin

    I don’t have room like you have but I got an area for the kids to do crafts and play and read and color too love your room looks cool.

  • PinkyPink

    I love this adorable bright and cheerful crafty room!!!! I can’t tell who the kids are and who’s the mom here…you look great!!

  • disneywithchildren

    Love this! We’re moving in June, and I am going to do something similar in my daughter’s playroom!

  • Barbara

    LOVE the room. Great colors and design!!!! Enjoy everyone!!

  • love

    Love the room so much, kids will have many wonderful times in there.

  • Cammy Gollner

    Nice….Kind of hard to tell from the picture, but I think you have paper draped over the table. I always had a large piece of butcher paper covering the table. That way pens/crayons ended up on the paper and not the table!

  • Brandi Wylie

    We have that table and you have to be careful because the paper does not cover the edges and we got lots of marker on the sides. I tried some alcohol to take off a pen mark (I tried a washable-only marker rule but it failed miserably) and a little paint came off so be careful. Having said that, we bought the tall legs and now my son uses as a desk for his extensive lego collection.

  • Marvelous Marketing

    Marvelous, once again! LOVE!

  • bostonchigirl

    where did those awesome letters come from?

  • desi

    Love, love this room! My favorite is the balls rug! Such a fun places to hang out!

  • mariam d

    Just wanted to say I really like the blue shelf. Not sure if it’s an antique re-furbished, or newer, but it’s cute!

  • susan murphy

    use it in good health as my dad would say…xxO

  • susan murphy

    i left a tiny tote w/ nesting …in case u can do something w/ it…#baby #bird #love xxO tnx #DIY #nest

  • Corrie @ Little House On The Update

    I’m turning a spare room into Evie’s big girl room and I’ve been digging for ideas- thanks for the inspiration!

  • Thyra

    Where can I order the Name/Initial prints? I would love to have them in my kids’ playroom!