Last week when I asked all of you amazing ediTORIal readers if you have any questionor blog requests for me, I was overwhelmed by the responses! You guys have some great questions, and really interesting blog ideas (that I’ll be getting to in the coming weeks!).

The question that I decided to answer first came from ediTORIal reader Jordan Yaworski, who asked this:

I would love to see you do a blog about A Day in the Life. What time does everyone wake up in your household? What’s on the menu for breakfast? etc. That would be very neat!

I love this question! I’d love to share a day in our lives with all of you. To be honest no two days are alike, which is chaotic but fun. So here is what a day might look like…

We are so lucky to have Patsy with us for now, so she gets up with baby Finn at approximately 5:30 or 6am. He has a morning bottle and then they both go back to bed for a few hours. Then, Hattie is usually the next to wake up. I hear her around 630am via the monitor, when she’s turning on her little Einstein crib aquarium that’s attached to her crib. The music plays and she plays with her biddy (blankie) and a couple stuffed animals for a good 30-40 minutes. I usually get up during that time and brush my teeth, put in my contacts, brush my hair, and get dressed. When Hattie has had enough she will start to scream for us. I head to get her while Dean showers and gets Liam and Stella up for school.

Then I bring Hattie into the kitchen and she watches TV from her highchair and greets the kids as Liam and Stella stumble in. We get fresh warm eggs from our chicken coop (thanks girls!) and cook Stella and Hattie scrambled eggs. Then all 3 kids have either waffles, pancakes, French toast, or cereal. Dean and I have our coffee and get Liam and Stella dressed for school. After that Dean takes the kids to school and Hattie is ready to play.

Once the big kids are off to school, Finn wakes up and we all hang out in the playroom for a while. Then, our nanny Paola arrives. Hattie goes down for her morning nap around 930 or 10am. Dean goes to his office to work on his website /do interviews/take calls/work on recipes, etc… I go to my room and blog for ediTORIal, work on writing my new book, take calls, come up with DIY ideas, etc… Depending on the day we have various work/craft projects going on and meetings, etc…

Liam and Stella come home from school around 2pm. Hattie has her 2nd nap around 3pm. Yesterday at 3pm Stella had ballet/tap class and at 4pm Liam and Stella both had MMA class which they just started and love! Finn sleeps off and on and visits and plays with everyone throughout the day. He and Hattie love going in the double stroller and walking around our neighborhood. Mitzi our dog rides in the stroller with them.

Dinner prep begins around 5pm. The whole family eats together around 6pm. Yesterday it was Subway sandwiches, because the kids wanted to bring dinner home from Subway as a treat. Typically we make a chicken, steak, or meatball with some rice, potato, or pasta on the side. And, we never leave out a serving of veggies. Hattie worships her veggies! She always goes for them first. Then the kids watch a little TV while everyone does the bath circuit. It usually goes in the order from youngest to oldest.

Then it’s time for the kids to go to bed! Finn goes to bed first, usually around 630pm. Then Hattie goes down at 7pm. Liam and Stella usually wind up in our bed watching TV and pass out. Poor Dean usually ends up carrying them to their beds around 830 or 9pm. Then, Dean and I get some much needed cuddle and or TV adult time! He usually falls asleep before me and I’m usually up on email or Pinterest till midnight! Or I’m blogging, which is what I was doing last night when I wrote this (it was 920pm).

And there you go! That’s a day in our lives!!

Do you have any other burning questions for me? If you do, leave them in the comments below! And also, let me know what a day in the life at YOUR house looks like.



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