Pinspiration: My Favorite Things for Spring

At the beginning of the month, I shared a little Pinspiration with 5 of my favorite things on Pinterest at the time.  Well, since it’s officially spring (a season that I always look forward to), I wanted to share my newest pinspiration— more of my favorite things with a springified twist!

1. Favorite DIY Décor: Tinted Mason Jars

It’s no secret that I have a major love affair with the mason jar. From crafting to decorating, mason jars are a total staple in the McDermott household. And these pretty tinted mason jars couldn’t be more perfect for spring. Fill them with tea lights or flowers from your garden for a pretty pop of color.

 2. Favorite Spring Style: Pastel Keds



I am absolutely in love with this Pinterest discovery. These cute and comfy sneakers could not be more perfect for the busy mama who still wants to make a fashion statement while running after the kiddos all day.

3. Favorite Kids Craft: Sharpie Tie-Dyed Shirts



I think the way the design from sharpies and rubbing alcohol turns out is much cooler than just regular, old tie-dye.  I love that you can make it whenever you want from stuff you have right at home.  It could also be a really cute (and easy!) birthday party activity.

4. Favorite Spring Snack: Ombré White Chocolate Cherries



These would go great with a Cherry Blossom themed wedding this spring.  They would also be super cute as a dessert at a spring wedding or baby shower.  It’s a really simple recipe, too, with just three ingredients: cherries, white chocolate chips and red food coloring.  The only downfall…they’re almost too cute to eat!

5.  Favorite Fresh Manicure: Spring Leaf Nails



I’ve been seeing lots of fabulous floral manicures for spring, but this eye-catching nail art takes things to a whole other level. My wardrobe is already full of fun prints and patterns, so why not wear them on my nails, too?

6. Favorite Easter Surprise: Confetti Eggs



I think that all the kiddos would get a real kick out of this one—especially my mini craftista Stella! These hollowed out eggs can be filled with anything from glitter to birdseed (if you want to eliminate the cleanup outdoors), and then you break them over your friends’ heads for good luck.

What’s inspiring you for spring? Leave a link to your spring pinspiration in the comments below so I can see!


P.S. Make sure you’re following me on Pinterest for even more Pinspiration!

Image sources: Mason Jars: The Wonder Forest, Keds: Dr Jays via Instagram, Tie-Dye: The Art Girl Jackie via BlogSpot, Cherries: Style Me Pretty, Nails: Milo and Ben, Easter Eggs: Oh Happy Day
  • Kendall Fisher

    Im obsessed with two-toned pastel and metallic nails for spring!! Any one else on that trend with me??!

  • CarreyOkee

    Tinted Mason Jars How Do You Do It ???

  • Sarah @Miss CandiQuik

    I love the ombre white chocolate cherries! So elegant :)

  • PuttisWorld

    These are some wonderful finds. But sad that the pins link back here and not to the original blog.

  • Jewel.lm61

    So cool, Tori! Oh, I have a suggestion. I know you’re with HSN, but I buy from both HSN AND QVC. I saw a post Tuesday about a portable phone/electronic charger called Halo portable charger. I grabbed it! It came in a variety of colors. You charge it on your PC. I also bought a vehicle/wall charger in case I need to charge my phone in a car or not near a computer or outlet. You charge the portable charger for 7 hours and keep it in your purse. The charge is supposed to last 10-12 months if you never use it. I plan to try it out to see how many times I can charge my phone on it. To be safe, I’ll just recharge the portable charger after each us.

    With your family, you may want to get at least 4 for the family. Liam and Stella are at the age where they will want to play games on Smart Phones, so they will play until the battery dies. Not good if you’re on the beach, at a restaurant, ir in the car. Who wants to beg a cashier to use their wall outlet for “just a few minutes?” Mine should arrive by Monday! They come in some pretty colors!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Omgosh…Tori! I love mason jars for Spring…for everything! The tinted jars are so cute, I must have them. I didnt know of your love affair with these sweet jars…as I also heart them. My beautiful baby boy is named Mason! He has inspired me to create handmade keepsake onesies snuggled in a mason jar. Take a peek at my collection…OurMasonsJar! Keep loving mason jars as I keep loving my Mason…they’re so precious!!! xo

  • Myeleah

    Ohhhhh! The white chocolate ombre cherries look amazing! I love white chocolate and cherries are my fav fruit! It has my name written all over it! Yum! Also want to try the sharpie tie dye project! Super cute!

  • Lisa Brand

    LOVE these ideas — I’ve repinned them however, I still can’t find the links for the directions. Can someone please help direct me?

    THANK YOU!!!! :)

  • MiloandBen

    Thanks for posting my nail tutorial! you can see it here:

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