Pinspiration: My 5 Fave Pins of the Moment

I don’t know about you, but my love of Pinterest is still going strong.  If I could I’d spend hours sifting through the never ending sea of pins to find new recipes, crafts, fashion inspo, décor ideas… but being a mom of 4 I have to squeeze in my pinning in between nap time and soccer practice!

Because I love Pinterest so much and find so much inspiration there, whether it’s a must-make recipe or DIY I have to try, I wanted to start sharing my “pinspirations” with all of you, and also have you share yours with me.  So, for my very first “pinspiration” roundup, here are my 5 favorite pins of the moment:

1. Dip Dyed Marshmallows

These gorgeous dip dyed marshmallows caught my eye immediately! The watercolor look is super chic, and when I saw them I immediately thought of Spring (which is upon us very soon), as well as Easter! This also happens to be Miss Stella’s fave pin, and I have a feeling you’ll be seeing our very own version of this come Easter…


2. Lovely Lace

Once I saw this vintage inspired dress, I knew my closet wouldn’t be complete without it! It’s so me… floral embroidery, vintage lace and a retro look. I absolutely love this look – totally inspiring my wardrobe choices lately.


3. Chalkboard Medicine Cabinet

I’m obsessed with this décor DIY. I’ve loved chalkboard paint for a while now (it’s genius!), but I never thought about adding it to the inside of a medicine cabinet! You can leave little love notes for your babes, write down reminders (brush your teeth!), or even write down your schedule for the day. Love it!


4. Make Yourself Proud



I saw this recently while I was browsing Pinterest and it spoke to me right away. It’s a great way to think, and a wonderful piece of advice to share with our little ones.


5.  Green Velvet Cake



What’s a better dessert to make on St. Patty’s Day than Green Velvet Cake! When I saw this pin I fell in love (and was also furious that I didn’t think of this myself!). You know I love red velvet cake (maybe a little too much), and I also have an affinity for spicing up regular recipes with a little food coloring, so this delish dessert is right up my alley. Can’t wait to make it for my babes!

What’s inspiring you right now? Leave a comment below letting me know! (Bonus points if you leave a link to your ‘pinspiration’ of the moment!)


  • Chelerella

    I am so excited about the colored marshmallows! I don’t like hard boiled eggs so my kids have never colored them for Easter because I don’t want to toss perfectly good food. This year we can color marshmallows!!! Brilliant!

  • Kimberly

    Today is a snow day in Illinois, no school, no work, just spending time with my two favorite boys, my hubby and my son. Time to cook, bake a treat, tonight we may try Dean’s green eggs and ham. ;~)

  • Jewel.lm61

    Great taste, Tori! I have a bag of jumbo marshmallows, but saving for hot cocoa. Don’t have food coloring on hand anyway. I wish you much success on your “pinning!”

  • Cheryl Thomas

    I wish I had half the ideas Tori had my house would be so beautiful.

  • Stephanie Paul

    Tori, Thank you so much for posting these. I just love the medicine cabinet idea. Also, this cake will be perfect to make for my St. Patrick’s Day party I am throwing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post some more St. Patrick’s day food ideas for me. You are the party planner master and I am always turning to your blog for party ideas. Thank you for all that you do.

  • love

    Tori, u have such great ideas I love them:-)

  • Ashley Taylor

    Pinterest is the greatest, although you can also find some crazy stuff there! 😉

  • Vicki FLIPZLES

    I actually think that toilet mug would be an awesome white elephant or gag gift :)

  • desi

    I love the lace dress! That is so Tori!

  • MamaPaws

    That cake looks so yummy! And I love that quote

  • Sharon Daniels

    For Valentines day, my 4 yr old grandson and I took the large marshmellows, inserted a cake pop stick in each one, melted the pink wilton candy melts, dipped 1/2 the marshmellow in it then rolled it in sprinkles. Once dry, we placed them in individual bags and tied with a ribbon. We can’t wait to do this for Easter, using different colors of the candymelts! We may mix it up a bit and try the watercolor effect too!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Green with envy! With our snow long gone, I’m at work, stealing a moment online during my coffeebreak, while dreaming of a whole wintery day to bake, pin and websurf…sigh. Enjoy it on my behalf!

  • Myeleah

    The dress is gorgeous! Very much my style. I’m not a member of Pinterest. I do enjoy having you sift thru & post the ones you like best! Thanks for doing the hard work for me! haha!

  • Meloni

    The dress is definitely great for you and it is very pretty. I love it.

    I am much older than you and I don’t get pinterest. Please explain it to me.

  • Dalaina Renee

    I am addicted to pinterest! I love it! I got my friends into it too! So many fun cooking ideas and crafts too!!At the moment I am planning my wedding so I am pinning fall wedding ideas!

  • Dalaina Renee
  • MrsAnk

    Thank for posting these. I absolutely Love the love the medicine cabinet! The marshmallows would make a nice addition to a spring centerpiece.

  • Cammy Gollner

    I love this idea….the tea light burns and the coffee smells wonderful….

  • laura Cajal

    Thanks for your post ,u have such great ideas.thanks tori

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  • Alison Mentiplay

    Would anyone be able to tell me where that dress is from?