picTORIal: The McDermott’s Do St. Patty’s Day

It’s no secret that The McDermotts LOVE holidays! Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and we went all Green and Rainbows all day long! Here are my pics from our all-green festivities:


We started the day with a DIY Rainbow and everyone wearing a shade of green. No one wanted to get pinched!


A little fruit loop crafting came next!


We made Rainbows out of our fruit loops…


Stella’s finished rainbow topped off with marshmallow clouds


Finally an excuse to wear my vintage rainbow heart glasses! As you can tell I didn’t get into the spirit of the holiday at all… ;)


The hubs and I had a mini St. Patty’s Day happy hour with sage derby cheddar cheese and crackers with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, served St. Patty’s style courtesy of a drop of green food coloring. The shamrock coaster was cut and painted courtesy of my mini Craftista Stella!

The kids indulged in Shamrock Shakes of course and Liam even ended the day with a green poop that I proudly gave him a high five for color coordinating his poop with the holiday. TMI? Hope not!

It was family fun for the whole gang, and I’m pretty sure we went through our entire green food coloring supply!

How did you spend St. Patty’s Day?


  • Melissa of Mary Kay

    You have the most beautiful personality! I love staying connected with what you’re doing, it always brings a smile to my face :)

  • MamaPaws

    Looks like a day filled with fun! Love how the glue even matches the color of the fruit loops. Thanks to u i have something to look forward to seeing on the Internet each day. Thanks so much for sharing with us tori.

  • susan murphy

    Always #family fun #love for u…xxo

  • Amy@OneArtsyMama

    I’m so excited that you made our Fruit Loop rainbow with your adorable family! Looks great!!

  • Penny Morrow

    I love all the rainbows!

  • momof2boys

    Dying laughing at the green poop. Been there done that, back when they had green Hershey’s syrup for the new Incredible Hulk movie. Thought my kids had stomach infections till we realized what it was. lol

  • Nina Healy

    Fun! My three kids woke up to muddy leprechaun footprints and new shoes (the leprechauns are cobblers after all!) filled with gold coins, shamrock necklaces, and green treats. They had lucky charms and green waffles for breakfast and rainbow fruit skewers!

  • Cammy Gollner

    Cute! I gave my daughter a green Piggy Paint manicure!

  • ellen

    St. Patrick’s Day makes me realize the lack of green i have in my wardrobe so i had to scamble for a random green scarf to wear! Our St.Patricks Day started out with a fabulous Sunday brunch at one of our favorite places on the lake. Corned beef and cabbage was on the brunch menu so had to give that a try! Rest and relaxation the rest of the day…naps for all and to end the evening…homemade Shamrock Shakes! Nom nom.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Looks like a laidback family holiday! And you really don’t need an excuse to wear them heartshaped glasses, I’d wear them everyday! (Even considering the fact we haven’t seen the sun over here for weeks and Spring still seems far, far away).

  • Mama D

    This is so cute. I love the green poop…never tmi for other mommies!

  • vovs jewellery

    I love how you theme the day for the kids and make everything so crafty its a great tradition for them to have!

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