picTORIal: Liam’s Star Wars Birthday Party

 As I’m sure you all know by now, my little guy Liam isn’t so little anymore. He’s got a handsome new haircut and just turned 6. Last week we celebrated his birthday with a family outing to Chucky Cheese, and a few days ago Liam had his Star Wars birthday party with all of his classmates. Here are my pics and videos from Liam’s party…

The Star Wars dessert table, created by the amazing Sweet and Saucy Shop!
May the force be with you… 
C-3PO cake pops! 
And some cookies… 
We used vintage Star Wars cups… 
 Along with Yoda Soda!
What’s a Stars Wars party without a Star Wars lunchbox? 
Happy Birthday Liam! 
Liam’s amazing Darth Vader cake from Hansen’s Cakes!!! A family tradition… 
We also had Crocs for all of our guests!  Our family is totally obsessed with Crocs, and their new shoes are amazing! Thank you Crocs for being at Liam’s birthday party!

Liam gets carded for the first time ever!

Jedi Training Camp begins… Thank you so much to the awesome people from www.BestPartyEverLA.com for coming out and training the Jedis! We love you guys!
Liam was first to choose a light saber 
Liam goes to the Dark Side… 
Young Jedi Masters in training 
Fight to the finish!

I got some footage of Liam fighting Darth Vader in Jedi Training Camp! It cracks me up. 

Masters graduate!

May the best crafter win… Me and my crafty soul sister (Erica Domesek of PS I Made This) Leia Bun and Saber up to fight!

 Baby Jedi in training Hattie. Like my yarn DIY Leia Bun headband?
Well, I guess the Leia Bun makes me look younger cause the Jedi Masters thought I was Liam’s sister!

The whole group, minus a couple of important people…  We were so worried and sad that big bro Jack and Dean weren’t at the party… unfortunately Jack broke his nose right before the party started.  They were both missed greatly!

Mama and young Jedi Liam 
R2D2 piñata time! 
 Our DIY Jedi Robes
Liam was loving it!
Hattie made the perfect Yoda


 Finn NOT loving that no one knows if he’s dressed as a DIY ewok or baby chewie. The furry headpiece not featured in photo sent him over the edge. Sorry Finn! 


Finn is ready to sing happy birthday to Liam

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Liam


 Liam with his cake!

Since Liam is now 6, he’s old enough to cut his own cake… 


My mini Craftista Stella busy stenciling a Star Wars tee with rad Star Wars stencils made by Ed Roth of Stencil1 

Stella and cousin Simone hang

One of the cool stencil/fabric spray paint tees crafted at the Star Wars craft table


We all had such an amazing time celebrating Liam’s 6th birthday (including Finn, despite his unsuccessful costume change)! And I must say, the McDermott family has got some pretty impressive Jedis in training… Watch out world!

Have you ever thrown a theme party for one of your little ones? Share your fave theme parties in the comments below!


  • ellen

    I love getting creative for my little one. For his 1st Birthday we had a Happy “Bee” Day Party. Of course…everything was Bee themed. Yellow and black all over :). His 2nd Birthday is coming up quickly and I am working on a train theme for this one. Pinterest and your blog are helping me get creative! Happy Belated Birthday, Liam!

  • Ann Crook

    Star Wars really is a right of passage for boys at Liam’s age. We went through the Star Wars phase as well when my son was 5-8 years old (he is now 10). We had his room decorated in a Darth Vader theme, and I was regularly tripping over Star Wars Lego and action figures. My son had inherited all of my brother’s old Star Wars toys, including the original Darth Vader figure case, hoth playset, and many figures. I was just going through them all yesterday and he has over 100 figures! I was questioning whether or not I should sell them, but my son says he wants to hold on to them for his own kids. Sadly, our Star Wars days here have been replaced by Minecraft and Ipod games:(
    If you ever bring your kids to Hollywood Studios at DisneyWorld, be sure to do the Jedi training there! My kids still love watching the video from it. It was a great memory for our family.

  • Paula

    What an amazing party!

  • Lynn

    I love how Liam checks his pants pocket for his birth certificate when he is asked.”Let me see I might have that.”Very funny………..

  • Amanda Doerrie

    LOVE the vintage Star Wars glasses (from McDonalds??) I need to find me some of those online (And there were Disney ones too – I loved THEM!!!)

  • Lemon Meringue

    L-O-V-E the vintage Starwars details, especially the lemonade glasses, it all has an early-eighties feeling. You don’t know how inspiring these picTORIals are to me! It’s not that I would like to copy it all, but it helps me thinking out of the box.
    And big bummer that Dean and Jack couldn’t join in the fun! I once spent weeks planning and cooking a huge familyparty for my two eldest (we always celebrate them together since they both have their birtday in the beginning of March, 3 days apart) and while the first guests were arriving I had to rush to the ER because we thought our youngest suffered an acute appendicitis. It turned out to be plain old belly-ache, but I returned to the party hours later, just in time to kiss goodbye the last guests leaving! The only left-overs for me were a huge mess, two spoonfulls of chili con carne, a withered piece of cheese and a (much needed) bottle of white wine! At least Dean and Jack still have some beautiful pictures to afterglow on.

  • kmtcapecod

    Vintage glasses my favorite! I forgot all about them until seeing your pics. My brothers had them way back when.

    * Happy Birthday Liam! *


  • momof2boys

    I have a tie for my two favorite parties I threw. Both were for my oldest son. The first was the Pirate bash we threw for his 5th birthday. I hand made the invitations using parchment paper with burnt edges, rolled em up and tied with raffia, hand delivered. I had so many compliments on the invites alone, I had to make sure the party was over the top. Which it was. Bounce house, pirate themed events like treasure hunts, sword fights (plastic!), walking the plank, it was awesome. Tied with that was his 6th birthday party the following year, we did a carnival theme with carnival games & prizes, a face painter who also did a magic show and one of the games was throw the ping pong ball in the fish bowl – too bad by the end of the party all the goldfish had already needed to be flushed – but that made for some hysterically funny moments trying to rush to the store for replacements! I am LOVING the Star Wars theme – especially the cake pops since I am starting my own cake pop business!

  • Bird

    so cute! Love the head-buns! :)

  • Jewel.lm61

    Wow! Talk about a Star Wars Extravaganza! Liam looked so excited at his party. In fact, eveyone seemed fully engaged in all the demonstrations. Poor Finn. He said, ” But I don’t want to be a….a……a…whatever you’re trying to make me be!”

  • desi

    I love all these pictures. What a fun party! My favorite is Hattie with her Yoda ears. So cute! Tori, you look so good and so young! You really do look like Liam’s sister. Liam is looking so handsome. His haircut makes him look so grown up! Glad he had a great birthday!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    What a fun party!! And Tori, you look amazing! The best party my parents (mostly my mom) ever threw for me was a Lilo & Stitch party in third grade (I’m now 18). My mom hand-drew and painted life-size Lilo and Stitch cutouts and we all posed next to them. We had leis and hula dancing to the movie’s soundtrack. It was awesome!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    holy star wars luke! I love yoda Haddie! wow! such creativity, variety, and a great party over all!

  • Lya

    I’ve been wanting to ask you something. How do you save all the photos and videos you make of your children? Do you make albums, put things in boxes? I’m so overwhelmed with photos and videos for so many years now, and I just don’t know what to do with all of it. Do you have any advices, tricks, idea? Thanks you :-)

  • doreen porzio

    Hi Tori!! How are you? What an Excellent job on the party!! Everything looks Spectaculair including YOU!! I’m sure Liam had a Wonderful Birthday! The Pictures & videos are really nice to see! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately!…. I would like to wish Liam a belated Happy 6th Birthday! I am sure it was filled with much fun, joy & happiness! Hope you have many more to come, Liam!You deserve it!! I Loved the Star Wars Theme!!…. :)

  • Tina G

    That’s an amazing party! I had those glasses as a kid. I’m envious of the Jedi training…how fun!

  • Susan Miller

    Tori, I am a long time crafter. I sew,crochet, embroider, knit, scrapbook, and just about everything. For my kids parties when they were young, I did Sesame Street and turned my house into it with all the characters. I even made a bean bag game with Cookie Monster and they bean bags were cookie shapes the kids through in their mouth. I have done jungle parties, and one birthday party I had an entire petting zoo in our cul de sac including pony rides, sheep, goats, chickens, baby pigs . I have always done my kids birthdays with themes and always did them up big. We had an Ariel Under The Sea party and I made both of my girls dresses out of Ariel fabric. I always made a pinata for my kids parties in whatever the theme was.I made pokemon ones, tigers whatever they wanted I created. I just got my own studio after 25 years of having my stuff all over the place so I am excited. I have some fabulous ideas if you want to contact me. I have raised three daughters the youngest just got accepted at UCLA. I am sad it is so far from home, but I am excited her dreams are coming true. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, that will be the job you love the most, has the most heartache and rewards. I think from watching you on your show that you are an AMAZING MOTHER> I have one idea that is so new that you can pitch to the networks. Get in contact with me.

  • Elismom7

    Happy 6th Birthday to your sweet boy! What a great party. My little guy turns 6 in June and I have NO idea what I’ll be doing for his party {which is so not like me…lol}. Looks like Liam had a blast — what a great way to celebrate him! :-)

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