This past weekend Miss Stella decided she wanted to plan a small, family-only, early all-DIY birthday party to celebrate Liam’s 6th birthday (which is tomorrow, March 13th). She literally did everything, from making the cake to decorating the party table to making him two DIY gifts and wrapping them. As a crafty mama I couldn’t be more proud of my Mini Craftista! Here’s my picTORIal of Liam’s DIY birthday party, brought to you by Stella…


First, Stella baked the cakes. She made Red Velvet because it’s Liam’s favorite.


She decided she wanted a design in them so with a toothpick she swirled black food coloring gel into the batter.


When they were done she frosted the first and stacked the second on top.


Next, she colored and mixed her frosting…


And, frosted her cakes


Then, she rolled out red fondant, cut it into shapes with cookie cutters, and wrote on it with edible marker


A very proud baker!


She is learning to write and did a great job writing out the whole families names on the fondant!


As you can tell by her face she did the taste test herself!


Stella spells!


Here’s her party table setup. I helped her hang the garland but she styled her table all by herself.


2 DIY gifts made by Stella for Liam and she wrapped them herself.


Liam was so excited she planned this for him! Here he unwraps the gift she made him


She took a plain canvas, painted it with chalkboard paint, and wrote a special message for Liam!


Onto present #2!


A painted flowerpot for him with his name! She told him he could plant his fave plant in it. Too cute!

And here’s a video of the whole family singing to Liam… Happy Birthday Monkey!

Liam loved his homemade cake, gifts and DIY style party. And Miss Stella loved planning the whole thing! She worships her big brother, and worked so hard to make sure that this would be a birthday he wouldn’t forget. She DIY’ed her little heart and soul into the party, and I couldn’t have been more proud! I think I have a little party planner on my hands. Wonder who she got that from?

Happy Birthday Liam, we love you!!


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