picTORIal: Liam’s DIY Birthday Party

This past weekend Miss Stella decided she wanted to plan a small, family-only, early all-DIY birthday party to celebrate Liam’s 6th birthday (which is tomorrow, March 13th). She literally did everything, from making the cake to decorating the party table to making him two DIY gifts and wrapping them. As a crafty mama I couldn’t be more proud of my Mini Craftista! Here’s my picTORIal of Liam’s DIY birthday party, brought to you by Stella…


First, Stella baked the cakes. She made Red Velvet because it’s Liam’s favorite.


She decided she wanted a design in them so with a toothpick she swirled black food coloring gel into the batter.


When they were done she frosted the first and stacked the second on top.


Next, she colored and mixed her frosting…


And, frosted her cakes


Then, she rolled out red fondant, cut it into shapes with cookie cutters, and wrote on it with edible marker


A very proud baker!


She is learning to write and did a great job writing out the whole families names on the fondant!


As you can tell by her face she did the taste test herself!


Stella spells!


Here’s her party table setup. I helped her hang the garland but she styled her table all by herself.


2 DIY gifts made by Stella for Liam and she wrapped them herself.


Liam was so excited she planned this for him! Here he unwraps the gift she made him


She took a plain canvas, painted it with chalkboard paint, and wrote a special message for Liam!


Onto present #2!


A painted flowerpot for him with his name! She told him he could plant his fave plant in it. Too cute!

And here’s a video of the whole family singing to Liam… Happy Birthday Monkey!

Liam loved his homemade cake, gifts and DIY style party. And Miss Stella loved planning the whole thing! She worships her big brother, and worked so hard to make sure that this would be a birthday he wouldn’t forget. She DIY’ed her little heart and soul into the party, and I couldn’t have been more proud! I think I have a little party planner on my hands. Wonder who she got that from?

Happy Birthday Liam, we love you!!


  • laura Cajal

    Happy Birthday

  • MamaPaws

    A party fit for a king!!!! Great job on the details Stella! The cake looks delish and the gifts were just to cool!

  • Amy Yarman

    He looks so happy..and she looks so proud. The best! Happy Birthday to Liam…he already has the greatest gift of all..a family who adores him! :)

  • Jen Carres

    Happy Birthday Liam! Tori- Did you ever show her the TickleMe Plant that moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle It!
    OMG..it’s like something out of OZ but it won’t hurt a fly.
    See video..kids will love the pet TickleMe Plant.

  • Lya

    I LOVE the last photo! They are just too adorable. Good job mama :-)

  • Sally Birckhead

    Tori, this is just precious. You should be one proud Mama! Your little ones clearly adore one another, which is a testament to great parenting by you & Dean. Happy Early Birthday Liam!

  • Jewel.lm61

    What a beautiful cake Stella made for her big brother. It looks delicious! I’ll bet it tasted very good! I’m sure that a good time was had by all.

  • Meloni

    How precious. My goodness Stella is so young and she is so very sweet and thoughtful. Plus she is very talented. You and Dean have really done good. We need more little ones that are so versatile and caring. I know you all are proud. Happy Birthday, Liam. Miss your tv show.

  • Wanda Pender

    Awww!! Wonderful job Stella!!! You can tell that you put so much thought into it, and how much you love your big brother! Happy Birthday Liam!!! Your one lucky brother. ;]

  • MsJillMF

    OMGosh! I love your family so much! I love coming on here everyday to see what you guys are up to :) I REALLY miss watching your show!!
    Happy Birthday, Liam!! Hope he has a great day tomorrow!!

  • nelpet

    She is SUCH a sweetheart, that’s too cute!!! <3
    And she did a GREAT job!!! :)
    What a lucky big brother to have such a precious sister!!!

  • Emily Goodman

    Happy Birthday to such a wonderful kid!!! I can’t believe he is six! Great job Stella! He’s a lucky boy to have such a wonderful sister! Love to you all!

  • love

    Liam is so lucky to have a sis like Stella. Very nice party:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Jordan Yaworski

    This is so precious! What a great sister! :) Happy Birthday, Liam!

  • barb dilkens


  • joanne stubbs

    This is soooo sweet, they will remember this party for their whole life.

  • joanne stubbs

    oops, Happy Birthay Liam, hope you have a really fun day.

  • Littlemissmillie.storenvy.com

    Happy Birthday Liam and GREAT JOB Stella!!
    You can never start party planning too young!

  • Brandi Scarborough

    That melted my heart. What a sweet little sister !

  • Multiplemom123

    Awe great job Stella. Happy birthday Liam. Hope its a great day for ya young man.

  • Heather Harris

    How awesome! Great Job Stella! Happy Birthday, Liam!

  • Hotsy Malone

    What a clever young lady Stella is! Loved the photo montage of her baking the cake which came out amazing! She is so gorgeous and the chocolate icing around her mouth was cracking me up. I am super impressed with her party planning and DIY projects. Liam is growing up so fast, remember when he was just born and now he’s this handsome young man. Good job Stella and Happy Birthday Liam!

  • susan murphy

    Happy Bday Liam…U are a lucky guy…#Family #love #StellaStyle xx

  • Linda McGrory

    3/12/13′ – Tues. @9:55p.

    Happy Birthday, Liam! Have a great one!!

    Linda McGrory
    Wilmington, Delaware

  • Catherine Ferrara

    Happy Birthday Liam. Your sister Stella did an amazing job on your birthday cake. I wish she can make my kids a birthday cake when its their birthday. My son is 10 in July and my daughter is the big 13 in September. I hope you have a great birthday. You have an awesome family to celebrate with. :) :) :) xoxoxo

  • Barbara

    She is the sweetest thing and so talented. What an adorable, sweet smile and face she has. I think it’s great that you allow her to express her giving nature and talents. Liam loved it.. Happy Birthday to Liam!!!! Love you all…

    LOVE reading your Editorial.

  • Eva Shareshian

    Happy Birthday To You Liam! Big Boy! Wow six years old!
    Tori your raising Wonderful Children…The Love Glow’s :))))

  • Eva Shareshian

    Silly me! Excellent job Stella Sweetie! :)))

  • Lemon Meringue

    Woohoo, love this Stella Style party. It moves me to see siblings showing affection towards each other: Stella putting all the effort in this mini-party and Liam is showing his gratitude towards her. Good job Stella!

  • desi

    Happy Birthday, Liam! What a talented little sister you have! I love her gifts and party planning style. Wow, she is already a baking, craft-making girl like her mama!

  • Deb_P64

    I love it! What a nice way to teach and show family values. Stella sounds like a delightful, very considerate young lady. I also LOVE the look of happiness and surprise on Liam’s face at the presents. Beautiful moment captured on camera.

  • JaneMomof6

    ~~*~Happy 6th Birthday Liam!!~*~~ U R such a cutie pie and one of the sweetest guys out there!!

    ps my 4th son Wyatt is a Liam look-alike…I will post a pic :)

  • Joanna Dury

    Happy Birthday for lovely Liam from Belgium ! I can’t believe how cute and big he is already ! And sweet Stella planned everything so well :) U rule guys x x x

  • Myeleah

    WOW!!! She is quite the independent AND creative little lady! You can be super proud of her! (she doesn’t know me, but please tell her a lady from Ohio said her party ROCKED it!) Kinda got teary eyed, silly, I know, but it is hard to believe Liam is that old already! I remember watching your Oxygen show when you were pregnant with him & then brought him home! His new haircut is making him resemble your brother more IMO, but still I see Dean SO much too! (I am suddenly craving birthday cake with chocolate frosting! hahaha)

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liam! May you have a magical birthday filled with special wishes & dreams come true! Most of all, may you be surrounded by all the people & things you love most!

  • MamaPaws

    A very big happy birthday to you liam. On this day 6 years ago, you made your mother a mommy for the very first time! You are a great big brother, who is so lucky to have a family as loving as yours. I love your new haircut! You are no longer a little boy, but a very handsome young man. Stay sweet!

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