Lately the McDermott kids have been hitting some major milestones, and I wanted to start sharing them with all of you!  So, I thought that I could start off a new series called ‘Milestone Monday’ right here on ediTORIal, where I’ll share my babes’ biggest breakthroughs and achievements. For our very first ‘Milestone Monday’ I wanted to share a monumental moment that happened a few weeks ago – my first baby Liam’s first major haircut!

Liam is almost 6 and is becoming quite an individual. I completely support his choices in clothes, hobbies, and now in hairstyle. I love Liam with long hair. He has the color and texture that most people pay tons of money to their hairdresser to achieve, and he’s always worn his hair long. I always said to my inner mommy self that although I loved his hair long, if and when he wanted to cut it I would support him.

Well, recently that day came. He marched into my bedroom early one morning and said, “Mom, I want to cut all my hair off. I hate it long. It bugs me when I wake up and I want short hair like Jack”. He’s referring to his 14 year old big bro whom he idolizes. Before I could answer him he finished with, “Mom, it’s just hair, it will grow back!”. He was surprised to hear me utter the words, “Ok. If that’s what you want to do then I support your decision. Let’s do it”. He air pumped and ran to the bathroom screaming to Dean, “She said yes!”. Did I love his long hair? Beyond. Would I ever stop him from making a big boy decision like that and becoming his own individual? Never.

So, I booked a haircut for Liam at a salon down the street from where we live. When we arrived I was a nervous wreck! I knew he would look adorable. He’s Liam, how could he not? But it meant another stage of my baby’s childhood was ending and a big boy phase beginning. He was starting to make his own choices. I was insanely proud and scared all at the same time. Change is hard, especially for mommys watching their babies grow up.

And of course I took pics to document the whole process.  So here is the before and after of my baby’s first haircut:


 Here are some before pics…


Look at those gorgeous locks!


My sweet boy and his beautiful long hair


One final shot of Liam’s flowing blonde locks




And the haircut begins!


On the way to shorter hair…


Bye bye baby hair!


The faux hawk is almost complete!


Looking like a big boy


Here’s the final product! Liam wanted his faux hawk to be finished off with a little temporary green hair gel!

Liam knew he wanted a faux hawk and the end result is super cute! It’s been weeks since the cut and I still do a small double take when I see him. At the park in a group of kids playing I used to be able to track him down by looking for long blonde waves. Now, I have to try to find him amongst a sea of kids his age with short hairdos. But, there’s no mistaking those big baby blues and my baby who runs and hugs me and still allows me to call him monkey.

And what happened to all those gorgeous blonde locks? Well, he’s my first baby and I keep everything… So they are in a ziplock bag in my nightstand drawer marked “Liam’s 1st Major Haircut 2013”. He might look like a big man now with his new do but he will always be my baby!

What big decisions have your little ones made lately?  And what do you think of Liam’s new ‘do?!


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