Kidspiration: Dr. Seuss’ Most Memorable Quotes

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday tomorrow, I wanted to dedicate a blog to him, his amazing children’s books and to his legacy of inspiring us and our little ones from an early age.  It seems that almost everyone knows about Dr. Seuss and his memorable books and characters – can you find a person who hasn’t heard of green eggs and ham? Or who has never heard the phrase, “one fish two fish red fish blue fish”?  Or who wasn’t terrified of The Grinch growing up?

What I love most about Dr. Seuss’ books are the positive and encouraging messages that they send to our kids. His books are full of inspiring words and motivating morals, which are so important for our kids to learn at a young age.

With that in mind, I wanted to share 10 of my fave Dr. Seuss quotes that just might inspire your kiddos (and maybe even you too!):


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I feel inspired already!

What are your little ones’ fave Dr. Seuss book? Or just their fave book in general? And remember! Read your kids a Dr. Seuss book tomorrow in honor of this legendary author’s birthday. 


PS – Check back tomorrow because I’ll be posting my very own Green Eggs & Ham recipe!

  • Amanda Carlen

    I read “Oh the Places You Will Go” to my 3 year old daughter the other night. She is a little young for it and now thinks I am crazy…I cried while reading it to her. Such a sweet book with so much promise for the future.

  • Sharon Daniels

    My grandson loves them all…..but what he enjoys the most is how I can quote “Green Eggs and Ham”! Love Dr. Seuss!

  • JaneMomof6

    The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

  • Shaye Finch

    The Grinch is our favorite Dr Seuss book. But our all time favorite books are The Pigeon books by Mo Willems!

  • Blondy

    Growing up my son LOVED Green Eggs and Ham and How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but we are HUGE Dr. Suess fans:-)

  • Peaches769

    Next week at my boys school is Dr. Seuss week. I just printed these off and will put a note a day in their lunches. Thanks for the inspiration

  • Shannon g

    we love Dr Seuss! Not sure if your interested of if you read these comments but I have a kidlit blog and we did some fun Dr Seuss stuff

    Can’t wait to see your Green Eggs and Ham recipe

  • Heather Dresch

    This whole Week my sons school celebrated. Today was Green eggs && Ham! Its all he could talk about this whole week. xo Thanks Tori for sharing.

  • SweetRosie217

    You have made my day
    Thank you T

  • lanaluwho

    ‘Please remember the first of Octember’ is my FAVORITE! I even keep my own personal copy in my room! Absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! Dr.Suess is the greatest! :)

  • pebbles

    Dr. Seuss’s books are the greatest. My kids will never outgrow them. Me either!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • sueandelvis

    Dr Seuss, the man who has made every young child smile and fall in love with reading. The man who has made every mom or dad feel tongue tied after reading one of his books to their eager child waiting to hear it for the hundredth time. Thank you Tori for reminding us of his birthday

  • Kiara Ramirez

    My daughter’s favorite is “Oh the places you’ll go” and my son is “Green Eggs and Ham” When my daughter was in the third grade she was such a great reader that she got invited to read at a school for Dr. Seuss week, she read for kids even older than her self.

  • desi

    I loved all the Dr. Seuss books but especially “Green Eggs and Ham.”

  • Jen

    I love the quote you chose about fitting in when we were made to stand out. Trying to build self esteem for children and let them know how special they are because of their differences is not easy.

  • DebbieGville

    The Grinch who stole Christmas AND Are you my mother?, One fish, 2 fish Red fish Blue fish, Horton hears a Who……

  • Pam Stasney

    Thanks for the inspiration Tori! Love the profound simplicity, raw realness & “go for your dreams” motivation of Dr. Seuss’s words.

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