Happy 6th Birthday Liam!


A Story For Liam…

When I was 6 years old I played mommy. I had a doll named Mandy. I dressed her in little plastic sandals, put her blonde hair in pig tails, gave her a pretend bottle, and tucked her into my bed for naps.


When I was 18 years old I knew I wanted to become a mommy myself. I proclaimed that I planned to be married by 21 and would have 2 kids by age 25. I was young with ambitious dreams.


When I was 25 years old I was still single but longed for the day I would meet my soul mate and knew that together we would create beautiful babies together. I pictured my first born having blonde hair and big blue eyes.

When I was 32 years old I met my prince. And, together we embarked on a journey of creation and love. My fate was sealed the first time I looked into Daddy’s eyes. We would love each other forever and out of our love my lifelong dream of being a mommy would be fulfilled.


When I was 33 years old I became a mommy and my life changed forever. But I became a mommy before my baby was born. The moment I found out that a life was growing within me things shifted. For the first time ever I was responsible for another. I fell in love with you, my little man growing inside of me, from the word positive.


When I was 2 months shy of 34 years old on March 13th, 2007 Liam Aaron McDermott you were born. I stared in pure amazement as they placed you in my arms. Part me, part Dean yet all you. My precious little man with big blue eyes you changed my life forever. Love took on an entirely selfless and unbelievably all-encompassing meaning. I vowed to love and nurture you to the best of my ability forever.


Today, I am 39 years old, and Liam you just turned 6. I can still picture in my memory the peaceful look on your face and how your 5 tiny fingers wrapped around one of my fingers the day you were born. I remember being terrified to dress you for fear of breaking you. I remember nick naming you Monkey. I remember chanting “Go Monkey Go Monkey GO!” as you bounced in your jumpy at 5 months old. I remember your first tooth. I remember the day you first crawled. I remember your very first steps. And, I remember the first time your said “I Love You” to me. I remember every moment you’ve created because that’s my job. And, I remember these moments because I began unknowingly yearning for them when I was merely 6 years old myself. I was born wanting and loving you Liam. My whole life has prepared me for this, my greatest achievement. My babies. But, you are my first baby. You will always hold that title and place in my heart.


Liam, my son, I celebrate you today. For all that you are and all that you will become. But most of all I thank you for making me a mommy. Your mommy. Thank you Liam for choosing me. I promise to always be there for you and love you with every ounce of my being. I’m so proud of you Monkey!

Happy Birthday!
I Love You,
Mommy xoxo

  • Jordan Yaworski

    This is so beautiful! Happy happy happy birthday, Liam!!!

  • Erin Hill

    Beautiful, Tori! Happy birthday, Liam!

  • nelpet

    I starting crying reading this…so beautifully put in words and I could feel you love for your precious son.
    I can relate to everything you write about wanting to be a Mom and then becoming one…I was one year older than you when I had my daughter, she’s my first born but she’s also the youngest of 4 but all her 3 siblings are in heaven.

    Liam is soooo special, of course all of you children are, he has a kind of serious but yet mischievous look to him…and I know he’s going to grew up to be a very special young man.

    Happy B-day Liam from me and my now 11 y/o daughter!!! <3 <3 <3

  • MamaPaws

    So sweet tori, wonder how many tissues you went threw writing it? Lol! And again…..happy birthday liam! U have grown up so quickly. Just like me, you are the first born and that makes you special in your mommys heart. No matter how big and old you get, you will forever be mommys first baby!

  • nelpet

    …and I can’t spell :( I STARTED crying reading, I’ll blame the tears ;)

  • Sara Dickelman

    No words for the bond between a mother and their children. I’ve been blessed with three sons…no moment is too small! I love this!

  • Dawn Riffell

    What a lovely tribute to your special Liam! How blessed you are to have him. Happy Birthday Liam!

  • Roxann Stetzer

    That brought tears to my eyes. Happy birthday to Liam, and many blessings to Mommy.

  • Luce

    Happy birthday Liam!!!!!!!!!! How comes that you are already 6 uears old!! This is insane :)
    Through this amazing community of moms and women, all linked by one person, an amazing one, your mommy Tori, I had the chance to witness you grow into this little man, funny, smart, nice and loving and the best big brother any siblings could ask for.
    You are a lucky little guy with this family of yours and Tori you are one lucky mama too!! Thanks T for sharing this, as always, the trust you put in us by sharing it all, means a lot :)
    Happy birthday monkey ! You are the king of the day!

  • Jennifer Millage

    Beautifully written, Tori! It’s amazing how no matter what great things we accomplish in life, none can ever compare to becoming a Mommy. It’s the greatest job in the world! :) Happy Birthday to Liam! We wish your sweet family a day full of love, laughter, and celebration!!!

  • Shawnee Penkacik

    Happy Birthday Liam!! Tori, thank you for sharing the beautiful story of your love for him!! Have a great birthday, Liam.

  • Jenny

    T, I knew you were going to make me cry with this sweet message. Happy 6 Liam, like I tell my own boys, you are growing up way too fast!

  • MiCHELLEK182

    You brought me to tears!!!!! You’re an amazing mom! Happy Birthday Liam

  • marjan pelgrim

    Happy Birthday send to you from the Netherlands

  • Meredith S

    My first born son will turn 11 on March 30. As we are approaching his birthday I keep having these overwhelming feelings. I feel the exact same way about him as you feel about your beautiful son. This tribute to him brought me to tears. You are an amazing role model for all moms! Keep up the amazing work you are doing raising such beautiful gifting spiritual people. I believe the world will be a better place someday for the generation we are raising is meant to change the world!

  • Jewel.lm61

    Tori, you’re such an insightful storyteller. I enjoyed reading every line. Liam, I hope you enjoy your special day. Your mommy loves you very much, but I think you already know that; right?

  • m w

    Happy Birthday, Liam! My little guy turns six today, too. I can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by. Your letter is beautiful and you’ve inspired me to go write one for my son :)

  • Stephanie Mason

    Tori, you and Dean are such amazing parents! Thank you for sharing this with us. Happy Birthday Liam! Have a fantastic day!

  • Multiplemom123

    Awe you just made me tear up. Love your creative and inspiring messages, art and expression. I wish I could be more like that. Hope Liam had a great birthday Im sure he did. Take care. Loys of love from Canada.

  • Carrie Hackett

    I love what you wrote, you feel exactly how I feel about my babies as today I too celebrate my son Grayson’s 2nd birthday! The similarities are funny – I also had him just 2 months before my 34th birthday an he was my first. I also have a almost 4 month old daughter and a 10 year old step son. You and Dean are a great couple and I have enjoyed your shows on tv as you may be of celebrity status but you are still so real.

    Happy Birthday Liam!!

  • One lucky mama

    Tori, I became a huge fan of yours when I subscribed to your blog. The love you feel for your children is evident in your actions and words. I especially love the “documentori” video clips when you were pregnant, you are such an emotional, heart on your sleeve kinda gal… and I love that about you!! I thank you for sharing your private world with us adoring fans. I too am a mother of two precious lil’ girls and strive to be as patient and creative as you inspire us to be through your daily memoirs. Happy Birthday to one very sweet, big boy Liam <3

  • Tracey Charles

    A very beautiful note to your son! Happy 6th Birthday Liam!!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    what an adorable story! I’m sure he’ll really cherish it! Happy b-day buggy!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I’m sure he’ll love and cherish this story forever! how adorable! Happy B-day Liam!!!!

  • MattsMom

    omg that was beautiful! My son was born 5 months after Liam and I can tell you that I feel exactly the same way about my “baby” boy. Such a wonderful letter! Happy birthday Liam!

  • Helena Norman

    HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY Liam!!! Tori that was a beautiful note to your son.

  • Lolao

    So precious. Happy Birthday Liam! I have a Liam who is turning 3 and I feel as you do to be blessed to be his mommy

  • Sara Sun

    Happy 6th birthday Liam!!! Congratulations Tori, you’ve brought a wonderful little man into the world. Today I celebrate my own little Monkey (aka Puffy) who turns 7 today. They’re such blessings, aren’t they. I turn 39 this year too!

  • Courtney Baker

    Happy birthday Monkey. :)

  • MsJillMF

    Happy Birthday Liam!!

  • Mamato2boys

    Happy Birthday Liam! Hope you are having a fabulous day!

  • MAR

    How very beautiful Tori. Tell that sweet boy Happy Birthday. Your children are so sweet and funny. I would laugh so much everytime Liam said something to you cuz he always sounded like such a little man. He is a little man now and he loves you so much..you can see it in his eyes. Love your kids and you and Dean. Good Luck with them all.

  • JenniferLynn

    Happy 6th Birthday Liam……it has been fun seeing you grow up on television and become your own little man. :-)

  • Emelie Riensch-Armstrong

    The words you have written here made me cry. You are a wonderful and loving mother. You and Liam are lucky to have one another. Happy Birthday Dear Liam! Much love to you all.

  • Kiara Ramirez

    Happy Birthday Liam. My kids birthdays are very special to me as well, I don’t understand parents who let go of those special days like nothing. My kids wake up to ballons and streamers in their room and me and the other sibling singing happy birthday and taking pictures, then we have a special breakfast with a decorated table and they get to open one present, then we go to work/school and we have a special dinner followed by the birthday party that may be on a different day depending when the b-day falls on and now my kids do the same for my birthday it’s so cute.

  • Anna McIntyre

    Oh Tori you made this mommy ball!! I have been a fan for a long time like most and now I see why!! That was so precious and Liam and your children are so blessed to have you as much as you are to have them!!
    Happy Birthday Liam!! It’s a special day! 3/13/13!
    Anna, sarah and Baby Ella! Two mommys rock!! ;)

  • Tbone

    Precious! Happy birthday Liam!!

  • Ann Crook

    Happy Birthday Liam! Hope you had a wonderful day:)

  • Candi Jaggers


  • Squidge

    Happy Birthday Little man!! Happy birth day Tori…Liam is so very lucky to have you as his Mama:) Enjoy your day together…

  • Becky Finch

    I may be pregnant and emotional, but I cried through that whole thing! I guess I just feel the same way. What a beautiful way to put it. I love your family. I feel like I have watched them grow. Happy birthday Liam.

  • Karen Fitzpatrick

    Happy Birthday Liam! Tori, I have always felt you are an exceptional Mother. You are an example to all young mothers in our society today. Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us.

  • CathR

    Nicely put Tori, motherhood is such a special honor. My “babies” are 19 and 15 now, and in my 49 years I have done alot, but they are my greatest achievement for sure. Happy Birthday Liam.

  • Linda Nelsen

    Happy Birthday Liam! Hope your day is Full of Peace, Love and Dreams come true! Have a stellar and rockin birthday Pal!

  • mccolon207

    Happy Birthday Liam!!! Hope you have a great birthday!!!

  • Angela83

    beautiful Tori, my eyes filled with tears my baby boy is becoming one the 15th and the way you describe your feelings about motherhood are so mutual to mine. And we are so truely deeply blessed!! have a beautiful crazy birthday for little monkey!!

  • edie Sierra

    Beautiful Tori just beautiful! !!! Happy birthday Liam. My youngest little girl is 6. Maybe ur future wife lol

  • Vicky de Repentigny

    WOW! You made me cry!! It’s a beautiful letter to your son. Happy B-day to your little Liam!

  • Jan Boyle

    You made me cry. I just celebrated my “baby” boys 7th birthday this past Monday. It’s hard to believe how tiny he once was and now I look at him and see this wonderful sweet caring little boy growing into a wonderful person. I cherish all these moments with Julian as well as with my two daughters, one who will be 15 in
    April and my youngest who turned two in October. I wish I could slow down this time machine. It keeps going faster and faster each year.

  • Barbara

    What a beautiful message to your son/first born. And, you are beautiful and don’t look past 30 at all!

    Great Mother you are… such an inspiration. Love to you all.

  • joanne stubbs

    You touched my heart. I remember when my firstborn arrived, I wondered what he would look like, what he would become. Well 49 and a1/2 yrs. later, he is a tall handsome RCMP officer, who I am immensely proud of, and love very much.

  • lanaluwho

    Havent looked at the other comments yet–i can barely see thru my glasses–tears flowing down my cheeks! That is just lovely Tori! So beautifully said! It reflects who you are! …and that feeling of ur firstborn, i assure you, it never leaves! My firstborn son is 23 now and when he got into a bout of trouble not long ago and ended up in jail for a few days, it felt likemy heart stopped. I couldnt sleep,eat,function. He called me everyday that week and said “Mom, talk to me for the entire 30 minutes!” Even great kids can run into a bit of unexpected trouble. Things are better now but i really learned a lot that week. A moms a mom forever! The feeling at the moment they r born, it never leaves. My kids are my whole world!

  • jennifer dodson

    BEAUTIFUL, Tori! Happy Birthday, Liam! Thank you for sharing and I love that you take time to document these moments & tell your children you love them. They will be so grateful for these posts so much when they’re older. Although they’ll always remember your love because it’s so clear. If you could help I’d love your mentorship…www.rootsecho.com. It’s my soul, my passion.

  • Jackie C

    Happy Birthday Liam!! What a sweet story. I remember planning that I would be married with kids by age 25…what the hec were we thinking?!? :D

  • Griselle House

    Happy Birthday Liam! You are such a lucky little guy because you have one of the best mom’s in the world!

  • Dri

    How beautiful, Tori! A h-bday to your little guy!! He’ll gives you a lot of joy for all life. Children are our most precious treasures.
    Happy New Year, Liam!
    xoxofrom Brazil

  • Michalrenee

    A beautiful birthday letter of love and inspiration!!!!

  • Michalrenee

    So beautiful, what a gift from heaven

  • Kerri

    That was beautiful! I had tears in my eyes. My daughter is turning 6 next Wednesday and I just want to cry. She is growing up so fast!! Your story to Liam was so beautiful Tori!!! You are such a wonderful mommy!! Happy Birthday to Liam and to you too Tori!!

  • Hilary Boozer

    I love this! What a blessing it is to read and feel the love you have for your kids! My son turned 6 yesterday, so I can totally relate! Your kids are very blessed to have you!

  • Jen Mendoza

    love this note so much..

  • Sandy Blair

    Dear Liam: Wihing you much happiness and joy on your 6th b-day. I have followed your birthday via your Mommy’s blog. You have a wonderful Mommy and Daddy. Lucky for you to have a little brother and 2 sisters. You look just like your Grampa Spelling. Your Mom is a inspiration to all Mom’s and Parents. Tori I’m so proud of the great woman and Mom you’ve become. Enjoy your family. I am a Gramma of 4 and still learn so much from your Crafty Mommy.

  • Silje

    Happy Birthday Liam ;)

  • angel

    Happy Birthday Liam cant believe you have gotton so big also i was wondering if you and dean are headed for divorce

  • Jaime Knox

    I love it- made me cry. (Although that might be being 7 months pregnant…..) I can’t wait to write letters like this to my baby.

  • may may

    you are such a good/fun mom, love the letter :*)happy bday liam!

  • desi

    How beautiful! What an adorable little boy and what an awesome mom! I love when you said part Dean, part you, but all him!

  • Trude Molvik

    Beautiful written Tori!

  • Emily Goodman

    There should have been a disclosure stating if you read you cry. :) Such a sweet letter and you are absolutely right. You remember each one and your first is always different because they make you the mommy you’ve dreamed of being. Happy Birthday Liam! Almost 5 years ago, I was made a mommy and it was the best thing I could have ever been blessed with! Sweet Sweet Letter!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Happy (belated, sorry) birthday Liam!! And many more!
    All my kids are very special to me in their own way. But the story I always tell my eldest boy, who turned 11 last week, is that on the day he was born, he gave me the greatest gift I ever had in my life: he made me a Mum! I like it that you look at it the same way.

  • Myeleah

    Very choked up here! Wow, what a beautiful gift to give to Liam to save & cherish ALWAYS! EVERYONE should have a mother like you & be loved like that! The world would be a better place. If someone feels loved & truly heard & accepted for who they are, they go on to live loving, caring lives.

  • Linda

    Well, thank you for making me cry. That was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Your words are 100% correct. Thank you for sharing your letter.

  • Laura Heil Kinart

    Happy Birthday to you and your baby boy! My daughter was born just four days before Liam and it is just amazing how fast the past 6 years have gone. My daughter is the one who made my dreams come true, because she made me a mommy, as I am sure Liam is for you.

  • Leslie Murphy

    Wow! That was beautiful.

  • Kristina Carter

    That was so sweet and precious! Happy Birthday Liam!

  • Margy Alkemade

    Great. Now I am a sobbing mess!!! I feel the exact same way about my little chap. He is now 14, but will always be my first born and those feelings NEVER leave you. x x x

  • Amanda Doerrie

    In tears… what a beautiful story – of life, of love, and of living and seeing all your dreams come to fruition. Tori, you are an inspiration to me, your life, your story – all you have went through – all you have learned and discovered along the way – Are very similar to life challenges I have faced myself… your sTORIes have given me hope and something to look forward to. I look forward to these same privileges and joys in life with my new husband… in the very near future ;0) – Thank you for always sharing, always being real, and always being so wonderful. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Liam – wishing you all the best life has to offer, and more. :)

  • chrissy

    This is so Beautiful I feel the same way I have 4 children and my first Child will always be Mr Baby even thou hes 26 lol happy birthday to your beautiful son Toronto :)

  • Amanda Ames

    aw happy birthday liam! he looks so different now with that new hair! I loved the show back when u had the inn and he was a baby <3

  • Mauigirl09

    OMG he looks the same in the face as the first picture! Happy birthday boy!

  • Deborah Catello

    Happy Birthday Liam and many many blessing as you grow.

  • Sarah clark

    Tori, I love you and your family. I am not easily won over by celebrity’s but your genuine personality made me want to see more of you and your adorable family. My sweet baby turned 6 on May 6! Happy Birthday to your little man…..Liam!!! ~Sarah :-)

  • Sarah clark

    I meant March 6! Lol! My other daughter is May 14. I get everything confused sometimes. :-)

  • Maggie M

    Beautiful and touching story. Liam is lucky to have you as his Mother!

  • axelle stroobant

    it is a very nice story!
    I myself have a godchild, lorena!
    when she was two years, I could not believe it,2 years!
    she is the best thing that happened to me!
    I really would do anything for her!

    I got tears in my eyes when I read your story, and I had to immediately think of lorena.


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  • hannah smith

    My oldest, Jeremy, will be 6 years old tomorrow. I feel exactly the same way about him. He will always be my first true love.