Foodista: Passover Recipe Roundup

Passover is here, so naturally I’ve been searching for the best recipes (like I do every holiday) for all you foodistas who are hosting a Seder this year. And you know me; I love reinventing traditions with my family. So I thought, why go traditional when you can do Passover with a twist!? Well, I’m ready to get creative with kosher, because from kugels to cobblers, I’ve found some recipes that will really shake up your Seder!

Mexican Matzo Salad via


Turn your family meal into a fiesta! This tower of kosher goodness looks way more delicious than any basket of tortilla chips. And really, isn’t every meal better with guacamole? Get the recipe here.

Potato Kugel Gratin via


It wouldn’t be Passover without some kugel! And it wouldn’t very foodista of me if I served a conventional kugel. But this is no ordinary kugel… it’s potato kugel gratin – yum! Find this delicious recipe here.

Passover S’mores via Jasmin Fine of 1 Fine Cookie


Now THIS may be my favorite use of matzo yet. I do love a good kid-friendly recipe and I know my mini chefs will be all over this one. But why save these for Seder?? They look so good I think year-round enjoyment seems more appropriate. Find Jasmin Fine’s recipe for these amazing s’mores on

Charoses Cupcakes via Cupcake Project


You know I’ll never turn down a new cupcake recipe and this Passover-appropriate charoses cupcake is no exception! It’s such a clever and unexpected way to serve charoses. And of course, anything in cupcake form becomes instantly more delicious. Get the recipe here.

Passover Cobbler via


Passover or not, this momista always needs a delicious dessert on the table to complete the meal. A crowd-pleasing cobbler filled with apples, pears and strawberries is the perfect dish to end the Seder on a sweet note. Find the recipe here.

How you do put your own twist on traditional meals? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new inspiration!


  • Korrine Perez

    Hi T, These recipes are great for all practicing and non-practicing individuals of Passover. These reinventions are super appealing! Those Passover S’more are appealing to the eyes and stomach :) I really think it is fabulous that you are teaching your children about Passover and a bit about the rich tradition of Passover and overall Judaism. I am sure it’ll be foundational premise as they get older.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Love the out of the box approach you bring for classic holiday dishes, not just Passover.
    When we created a family of our own, my husband and I thought about new traditions we could install for our little family of two soon becoming big (-ish in comparison to your brood) family of five. Me baking Simnel Cake every year for Easter (the goyim Passover) is one of them. It’s sort of a Christmascake who had a Spring make-over, so loads of dried fruits, but instead of soaking them in rum, they get soaked in more spring-like orange juice and instead of dark sugar you use light sugar. Come to think of it, I don’t have any personal twist at all on this uber-traditional cake! Maybe the fact I am about the only person in my family and maybe in the whole region who bakes one? Or that I use glutenfree flour? Maybe I should challenge you and ask you to come with a new twist for this :)?
    Anyway, I always use this recipe which I found on the April 2008 issue of the BBC’s GoodFoodmagazine, this is the only link I could find ( ). As you can see Mary Cadogan who wrote this recipe, added her personal touch by shaping it into a loaf, I always make it in the traditional way, a round springform.

  • desi

    Thank you for all these great recipes! I might try the Passover S’mores. They look so yummy!

  • Myeleah

    I had never heard of a lot of these foods, so I learned something(s) new today! The charoses sounds SO good! & yea, there can never be too many cupcake recipes!

    I think it is so wonderful that you teach & expose your kids to so many cultures & spiritual paths & traditions! you’re creating some open-minded, well rounded humans!

  • Ilene Spector

    Hi Tori, I am a Jewish Food Journalist and just found your site. I love the PAssover recipes, ideas and your comments. How lucky your children are that you share your Jewish roots with them. I think your Dad would be proud. Here is a recipe that I use all year round. Everyone loves them!


    2 envelopes matzo ball mix (I like to mix one envelope of Streits and 1 of Manischewitz) (But it doesn’t matter much)
    4 large size eggs or equivalent
    3 full tablespoons canola or peanut oil
    a generous dash of cinnamon
    approximately 4 ounces drained & mashed cooked canned (sliced) carrots (store brand is fine)
    1 heaping tablespoon preferably fresh or very green dried parsley
    **and the secret ingredient (for “fluffy”) is:

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