After reading all of those Dr. Seuss quotes yesterday, I was determined to wake my kids up this morning with a breakfast that would honor him… So, in true Seuss fashion, I whipped up some Green Eggs and Ham for my babes.


But you guys know me, and that just making the classic version of Green Eggs and Ham wouldn’t be enough.  I wanted to reimagine Seuss’ iconic dish, so I came up with the idea of making Green Deviled Eggs and Ham.


I just took a classic deviled egg recipe, and added a touch of green food coloring to my egg filling and voila! Green Eggs and Ham like you’ve never seen it before.


I garnished each deviled egg with a few cubes of ham, and left a helping of ham in the center of the dish for those who wanted a little more.

Both versions tasted great, and it was fun to sit with the kids and talk about our fave Dr. Seuss books and characters. Liam LOVED eating green eggs… and although Stella was a little hesitant (she would have preferred pink eggs, obviously), after she tasted the creations she couldn’t get enough.

Will you be making Green Eggs and Ham for your little ones today?


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