Foodista: Green Eggs and Ham Two Ways

After reading all of those Dr. Seuss quotes yesterday, I was determined to wake my kids up this morning with a breakfast that would honor him… So, in true Seuss fashion, I whipped up some Green Eggs and Ham for my babes.


But you guys know me, and that just making the classic version of Green Eggs and Ham wouldn’t be enough.  I wanted to reimagine Seuss’ iconic dish, so I came up with the idea of making Green Deviled Eggs and Ham.


I just took a classic deviled egg recipe, and added a touch of green food coloring to my egg filling and voila! Green Eggs and Ham like you’ve never seen it before.


I garnished each deviled egg with a few cubes of ham, and left a helping of ham in the center of the dish for those who wanted a little more.

Both versions tasted great, and it was fun to sit with the kids and talk about our fave Dr. Seuss books and characters. Liam LOVED eating green eggs… and although Stella was a little hesitant (she would have preferred pink eggs, obviously), after she tasted the creations she couldn’t get enough.

Will you be making Green Eggs and Ham for your little ones today?


  • irene elisabeth

    I was very creative with food when my children were young. But, I never made green eggs and ham. I wish I did. They would have loved it.

  • N. Mar

    I wish I could make either one for my little one, but she is allergic to eggs, and she doesn’t eat pork!

  • Chicken Whisperer

    Hey Tori,

    You should get some chickens that actually lay green eggs! There are several breeds that do. Then you could serve green eggs and ham everyday! Hope your Silkie is doing well.

    The Chicken Whisperer

  • Heather Dresch

    Thats so cool! My son had green eggs && Ham at school and read all of the Dr.sues books that’s all he could talk about this whole week. Your awesome Tori && Dean && Fam! Thanks for the awesome tips && parental advice!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    he is so creative!!!

  • Jewel.lm61

    I’m glad Liam and Stella enjoyed their Dr. Seus breakfast. The photos liik grwat and colorful. You’re such a terrific mommy, and you make it so much fun to be a kid in the McDermott household!

  • ellen

    We made scrambled green eggs and ham! My lil one does not usually like eggs but he couldn’t get enough of these. We read Dr.Seuss books all day too. So fun :)

  • Linda McGrory

    3/3/13′ – Sun. @10:37a.
    Tori, about the deviled eggs, that is so creative and it can be for St. Patrick’s day too! ummmmm! sounds neat idea????

    Linda McGrory
    Wilmington, Delaware 19809

  • Jenifer

    What a neat idea I loved your Dr Suess quotes and I’m thinking of putting them on some shabby chic signs. I love doing my own stuff. It’s so much fun. Hopefully my daughter loves to craft too .:)

  • Jennifer Walker

    Instead of using food coloring (which, even if plant derived, adds nothing but pigment, and usually of questionable quality and potential health side effects to children), why not mix pesto into the egg mixture and add FLAVOR as well as color?

  • Myeleah

    Dr. Seuss’s wisdom is timeless and SHOULD be celebrated! You’re such a fun mom!

  • Sharon Kruschen

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