documenTORI: The Kids Meet Finn

Now that baby Finn had arrived, we still had to take care of the most important task at hand… introducing Liam, Stella and Hattie to their new little brother!

I always knew I wanted them to come to the hospital that night after Finn was born. I wanted them to be the first to meet the little man.

Patsy brought the kids to the hospital to meet the littlest member of the McDermott family.

Here is our video of the very first time my 3 older babes met Finn:

Nothing will compare to the looks on Liam, Stella and Hattie’s faces when they met their baby brother for the first time. At that moment, our family became complete.

Do you remember the moment your little one met his or her sibling for the first time?

Tell me all about your own experience in the comments below.  And stay tuned for our final Finn documenTORI video… coming next week!


  • neenee

    This was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Dawn Michelle

    That was awesome! I remember coming home with Gentry, and Aven, her big brother and Logan, her bigger brother, looked so much BIGGER! They looked so grown compared to our little 4lb pink bundle of joy!

  • LilAcorn

    Tori this brought tears to my eyes bringing memories of when my youngest was born to meet his oldest brother and sister. I love moments like this!

  • g

    That is so cute ! I got tears on my eyes. What is more important than family? You are very lucky to have four babies. Give them a lot of love! Congratulations to you and Dean!

  • JenniferLynn

    What a great moment for your family…..You and Dean are great parents and your family is beautiful.

  • Linda Tr
  • warpedjules

    Wow Tori. Thank you so so much for sharing this special moment of your family! I am pregnant with my second little girl and watching your video made me cry thinking about how my daughter (who is almost 3) will react to seeing her baby sister for the first time. She already seems so excited. God bless you and your family.

  • Simone Hall

    I remember it like it was yesterday, yet it was 44 years ago; when I first brought our new son home, his 4 year old sister said: I hope he is adopted, cause he is NOT staying here in our house, he has to be returned
    To this day, she keeps reminding him that he has no say in anything because he is ‘adopted’ lol; loved that moment

  • Juliet R

    What a sweet video…brought a tear to my eye. No mom will ever forget any experience with the birth of their child. I love mine to pieces. Thank you for sharing this very personal family video. Your children are beautiful!

  • saolson

    I really LOVE your family Tori! You all are just so awesome! You and Dean are really great parents and they are so lucky to have you so involved.

  • Emily Goodman

    This brought tears to my eyes! Made me remember the day my daughter met her baby sister. She looked up at me and her Daddy with those big brown eyes and said ” we get to keep her? she’s our family”. Not a day has past that she’s not been proud to be a big sister or wanted to get rid of her sister. :) Nothing like sibling love and the moment it begins! Wish you all tons of love. With such wonderful kids you and Dean have I can’t imagine it any other way.

  • Jeana LeVasseur

    That is the sweetest thing. I have an eight year old daughter and a seven and nine year old step-sons. Wishing I could add to our family, you are very lucky.

  • Ann Crook

    He has a wiener…..OMG, Stella cracks me up :)

  • Shauna Oleson

    My son Kale at the time of my daughter, Channing’s birth, said, “I don’t like her, take her back!” Being an only child for 2 and a half years was a tough change. I know he is happy he has her now, 2 years later.

    Thank you for sharing your family experiences with your fans. We enjoy watching.

  • Dee

    I have to say that is one of the sweetest moments a mom could have and your kids are just adorable. I also have a Finn, he is 4 now and when he was born my oldest (7 at the time) was so excited to finally be getting a brother (she had a 4 yr old sister at the time)she couldn’t hardly stand it. However our Finn was born with a very serious birth defect and spent the first 6 weeks of his life having major surgeries and they weren’t allowed to see him because it was RSV season (Nov in Indiana). So once we brought him home you would have thought our girls had been given the best gift ever (he came home two days before Christmas that year).

  • Yolanda Coombs

    That was so sweet, ty for sharing such a special moment with us.

  • love

    That was so precious. My twins cried when I brought home their siste

  • AmyH

    Thank you for sharing. We’re waiting on the call from our adoption agent that our birth mom has had the baby. This will be the second child we’ve adopted, and I cannot wait to introduce our daughter to her younger sibling. Extra cool, too, is the fact that this is the same birth mom, so they’ll be actual (half) blood siblings. Can’t wait!

  • Brenda Willow

    Thank you Dean and Tori for sharing such a beautiful moment with all of us…..you are truly a blessed family and I so enjoy sharing your family with you…one Canadian to another EH! Dean…haha

  • Suzy

    Congratulations! Tori and Dean you have a lovely, sweet family. Little Hattie was so darling next to you in the bed…she seemed a bit nonplussed….certainly normal as she is still a baby herself, a beautiful child. Liam and Stella are just so loving, sweet and attentive. Baby Finn is a gorgeous little peach, so tiny and cuddly. All four of your children are wished a healthy, happy, long life from me…as are their wonderful parents. Bless you all.

  • DeeDee

    My oldest at 13 months met his little brother who was in NICU for 11 days. He was in an incubator and at 8’6 pounds was a very large preemie. These two were together their whole childhoods and then grew up. At 26 The older brother that bonded with his little bro that day is now a Teacher and wrestling coach. That little Preemie is now 6’2 and a Team USA Pair skater. To see them now when they get together is to see two boys that met that day. The bond was instant. It seems nothing has changed. They are still protective of each other and those moments in that NICU live on. My cup runnith over. Blessings to your sweet family. I had two more after these boys who were very very close in age too. All four kids were very young and close together. It was the best times in my life although at the time I wasn’t sure I would survive lol. Now that I have my first grandbaby…I miss those times but am enjoying the beauty of MeeMawhood. Many blessings to your sweet family! Enjoy every moment!:)

  • desi

    What a sweet video! They were all so excited to see him! Thanks for sharing your precious moments with all of us. Love you!

  • jill allen

    I have been a fan since you were young. Watching that video was so moving to me – as a mom, wife and just a woman in general. You are so giving with your time and family. The joy you revealed to me brightened my spirits more than I can thank you for. My boys are grown and my daughter Marissa Jane would be eleven this year. She is my Guardian Angel watching over me. It goes so fast but seeing this video brought my own joy right back to the present. Dean, Keep making her laugh and lots of hugs and you’ve got it made. Bless your Family!! Lot of Love!

  • SouthernOohLaLa

    Congratulations, your family is beautiful! It seems like just yesterday our daughter, Bella Grace, was pacing the halls waiting for me to come out of recovery (c-section) with her baby brother Carson. Nine months of waiting was more than her 8-year-old patience could handle & the last few minutes were torturous!!!

    The moment they wheeled me back into my room & she could see him in my arms her face lit up like I have never seen. My heart melted watching her hold him for the 1st time. She was so gentle & loving; I realized in that moment how much she had grown up too. While celebrating the arrival of our new baby boy it suddenly hit me that my baby girl wasn’t a baby anymore; she had somehow turned into a mature young lady overnight.

    Baby Carson is now 9 months old, almost walking & time is flying by faster than ever. Childhood flies by in the blink of an eye. I know that my children will be grown long before I am ready; I don’t think that day will ever come. Until then all I can do is cherish every crazy, messy, loud, sleep deprived glorious moment of this thing called motherhood!

    Congrats again & thank you for sharing!!!

  • Ihadthebestmomintheworld

    So sweet! What a moment that makes your heart smile! Thank you for sharing!

  • Carbelly

    I went into labor 10 weeks early with my 2nd girl. We didnt have time for the steroid shot, and she was 3 lbs 6 oz when born. She was strong from the get go! She had a PDA, anemia, and sleep apnea. She was able to come home 6 weeks later! She just had her 9th birthday and is still strong and skinny only weighs 45 lbs! Her big sister met her in the hospital and came with us every day to the hospital. They are best friends and feel lost without each other. I am happy they are close, they will always have each others backs! Hope Finn is doing well! Congrats on your beautiful family!

  • Vikki

    The most curious look I have ever seen on my 4 year old daughter’s face was when she walked into that hospital room to meet her new born baby sister. I took one look at her little face as my husband walked in with her, and just burst into tears! I had wanted to take pictures of them meeting & have it all documented, but I was so wrapped up in the moment that I could barely even speak let alone hold a camera! I will never forget that look on her face – all those months of talking about the baby, talking TO the baby, getting everything ready for her arrival and then it was time to meet her, no wonder she was so curios. I don’t think there is any moment of their lives, as siblings, that has topped their first meeting so far.

  • NDG42200

    My girls are 3 years apart. I will never forget Hailey meeting her baby sister for the first time. She has always had an exceptionally caring nature and when she came the baby was just fussing a very little bit and Hailey reached out and took one tiny 3 year old finger and rubbed between baby Banana’s (it’s Briana, but she couldn’t say it right) eyebrows and down the bridge of her nose and instantly the baby stopped fussing and I knew at that moment they were bound together forever! It is a priceless memory I will never forget!

  • Lynne Keeler

    My sister and I worked very hard with our baby dolls prior to my brother’s arrival on June 30th, 1962. Washing, feeding and changing them for the big day. I was 5 and my sister, Laurie was 4. On the day my brother Matthew arrived home, we raced down the hall to the portercrib set up in my parents room and stared at my brother who laid sleeping. We were so disappointed, all my brother did was sleep and didn’t move. My mother said, “Babies aren’t very interesting, they mostly eat and sleep.” I also remember getting up with my mother while she breastfeed him in the middle of the night. I would tend to my dolls during that time.

  • doreen porzio

    Tori, that was so beautiful to see! It brought tears to my eyes to watch! What a beautiful family you have! Watching Liam & Stella listening to Dean explain about how you just had a baby and…. then seeing them walk in so eagerly to see their new sibling! Stella saying it’s a boy!!.. It was just such a special moment and you shared it with us! Thank you once again!… You are such a loving mom & Dean such a wonderful Dad too! You both share a strong, loving bond together! …Enjoy that fantastic family you have!! I know you do, everyday!! You are the Best!! Xo

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  • April Mathis

    Such an amazing family. ..y’all always make me cry!!

  • Jackie C

    It is so wonderful that you have the kids meeting baby Finn on video. They will always be able to look back on the day they met their little brother!!

  • April Mathis

    I just adore your family. As a Nanny I know how important it is to be loved by our families and the love you have for Patsy melts my heart!

  • Habern

    I so vividly remember the moment when my oldest met my youngest! They are 18 months apart, and it amazed how grown up my big girl looked the instant I laid eyes on her while holding my little girl. She hadn’t seen me in a whole day, and when she came into the room she bounded toward me with a huge smile, saying “Mommy!” She took one look at what was in my arms, and in a far more serious and awed tone said “baby.” She kissed her sister, tried to feed her (with the blue bubble boogie sucker!) and later, when nursing, came and rested her head on my chest to watch her new little sister. One of my favorite memories of our family!