After Mehran kissed me goodbye and watched as Dean and I headed into the operating room, all he could do was wait.  My gusband sat patiently in the waiting room as Dean and I welcomed another little life into the world, and the second we knew Finn was healthy we wanted to share the news.

As soon as they knew Finn and I were okay, they moved us into the recovery room. Uncle Mehran came in to see us and celebrate the birth of our little man…

Here is baby Finn’s first video ever:

Once I was feeling a little better ( was in a lot of pain after the c-section) it was time for me to cuddle with Baby Finn. Mehran captured this video of us together, which is a moment I will never forget.

I’m so thrilled that we have these videos from one of the happiest days of our lives.  The pregnancy with Finn was tough, and the fact that in the end we were able to bring a healthy and happy baby into this world means more to me and Dean than we can ever express.

Who was the very first person to meet your new babe?


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