documenTORI: Finn’s First Appearance

After Mehran kissed me goodbye and watched as Dean and I headed into the operating room, all he could do was wait.  My gusband sat patiently in the waiting room as Dean and I welcomed another little life into the world, and the second we knew Finn was healthy we wanted to share the news.

As soon as they knew Finn and I were okay, they moved us into the recovery room. Uncle Mehran came in to see us and celebrate the birth of our little man…

Here is baby Finn’s first video ever:

Once I was feeling a little better ( was in a lot of pain after the c-section) it was time for me to cuddle with Baby Finn. Mehran captured this video of us together, which is a moment I will never forget.

I’m so thrilled that we have these videos from one of the happiest days of our lives.  The pregnancy with Finn was tough, and the fact that in the end we were able to bring a healthy and happy baby into this world means more to me and Dean than we can ever express.

Who was the very first person to meet your new babe?


  • tania cerin

    Hey Tori, Thanks for sharing these prescious moments with us all. Apart from my partner and the dr/nurses, the first person to meet my newborn was another patient in the next cubicle. The poor thing was suffering from baby blues and spent the next 5 days and nights in tears!! By the fifth day I was so exhausted, tired and fed up. If you cant beat them, join them!!!!!

  • Shami

    Hi Tori, thanks foor sharing this personal and big experience with us. It’s nice to watch for me but i can imagine that it wonderful for you so tee over and over. Bless you! love shami

  • Macatfish5

    Oh Tori, what a beautiful family you and Dean have. I too had c sections. The first person to meet our oldest was my mom. Our son and I developed an infection and were kept longer in recovery and no one was telling my parents what was going on. So my mom being my mom, just walked in my room to check on her “baby.” The first person to meet our second son was our first. And this last pregnancy, our boys met their little sister.

  • dolores

    Dear Dean & Tori: I have watched, thru the years, your reality show and first saw when Liam was born and all the rest as your lovely lives have gone on. I loved it when Dean took you to the ocean when he was deep sea diving and he is so caring of you and of course you of him.

    Loved seeing Finn’s first video and its kind of you both to share your lives with us. You are a very lucky family and have 4 darling children. Loved also seeing you decorate your new home after moving in. Oh so many lovely memories of your lives.

    Love to all your family.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    awww what a sweet memory you created! love it!

  • Jewel.lm61

    These will forever be the most precious moments of Finn’s entry into the world. What a thril

  • Jewel.lm61

    What a thrill to have on record how Finn looked on his day of arrival! So precious!

  • Sandy Blair

    Dear Tori @ Dean! Your little Finn is such a sweet little bundle of joy. So happy you are all fine and your family is complete. Having this video is a treasure. Your so lucky to have 4 beautiful and healthy children. Thanks for Sharing.

  • N. Mar

    It’s so cute to hear how tickled and concerned Mehran is!

  • LaurenAshley

    I LOVE IT! My sister took a great picture of the moment I met my little girl after my c-section. Its my most favorite picture. <3

  • J Hough

    Tori and Dean, thank you for sharing such an intimate and private moment with all of us. I’ve had 2 c-sections and will have my 3rd in July. My husband was in the room with me for each of the first two and will be with me again. The first people after that to meet our first were my parents, and they arrived at the hospital first for our second. My in-laws were watching our first when our second was born, so they brought her to meet her little sister. My husband had the camera with him in the operating room, so we were able to capture first moments that way. And my cousin captured a beautiful moment for me when she got a photo of our oldest peering into the hospital bassinet to check out her new baby sister, it’s in profile and it’s probably my favorite picture from the those early days!

  • wolfy

    tori i think after seeing you make your maternity dresses that mabe you should think about marketing them you do such an awsome job at creating things easy an simple for the every day mom anmd its such a fantastic idea to make them and beable to sell them to the everyday mom when haveing a baby or for just around the house for comfort I look forward to see so much more from you god bless you an dean an the little kiddos

  • Jltracy14

    Tori & Dean, my husband and I have loved watching you bring these beautiful bundles into the world! Liam is still the one that touches my heart the most because he was born shortly after our first born son. Your family values is something I wish everyone in the world would adopt! Your family is beautiful..ALL of you. You are both amazing parents and these children are beyond lucky to have you both! Thank you for sharing so much all through the years!

  • Leah

    Tori & Dean, thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with everyone. I had 4 C-section, the first was because baby was breech. All the others were, because Dr. said babies probably wouldn’t fit & that it wasn’t safe. I longed for a natural birth, so when I got pregnant with our 5th I found a homebirth midwife & I got my natural birth. Now I’m pregnant with our 6th & everything was fine till 25 wks when I started bleeding. Come to find out I have complete previa. I’m now 30 wks & on complete bed rest & praying it will move, so baby can be born at home. You said yours moved, when did that happen? I’m just looking for hope. It’s so scary, & I’m not able to be with my family. I have to stay at my SIL house, because it’s close to the hospital in case I start bleeding again. My wonderful husband it at home with our 5 kids doing it all alone, even the homeschooling. I miss your show, but glad you keep doing videos & blogs about the family.
    Take care,

  • Myeleah

    Very emotional! You have a beautiful family! No greater gift in this world than LOVE.

  • Multiplemom123

    Awe thanks Tori and Dean for sharing. I had a C-section with my triplets. Never saw so many people in one room. Just for a baby. well three of them lol. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Jen @ ittybittybag

    Welcome Finn.

    Tori take care and go easy. As a busy mompreneur it is easy to do too much too soon. I had 2 c-sections & just had a hysterectomy. No regrets.

    A belly band of some sort will help support & recover your tummy in no time.

    Be well.

  • New Mommy

    you dont even look like you just gave birth lol

  • MAR

    Oh my goodness you have a very big bood. I have four grandkids from my youngest child. I am so sorry you are on bedrest and away from your wonderful kids at a time like this. But I bet Daddy can handle it knowing he is doing it for your good and the baby’s health too. I will say a prayer for you and yours if I may. Sounds like you have a great hubby and your family is growing fast and happily. Good luck and God Bless.

  • MAR

    Oh Tori your family is such a delight and I am happy I can witness even more things from you and yours. I do wish you stiil aNd the show but I realize that would not be possible with all the kids and the work involved. I love your blog and will keep up with you as long as you keep blogging. You are not Hollywood and that makes me happy. You are one of the best moms out there and I really truly mean that. You are one gracious lovely person and you are truly blessed. Heres a big cyber (((HUG))).

  • Lemon Meringue

    Must feel sooo good to have such a loyal and sweet friend in Mehran! I love to see the beautiful patchwork-family you and Dean have created with all five kids, guncles, Patsy, the gusbands and Simone and everybody else who is sweetly whirling around in your life.
    The first persons in the lives of my kids beside my husband, me (obviously)and the midwife were always my youngest sister and the grandparents. Special moments to cherish forever, especially when some of them aren’t around anymore.

  • doreen porzio

    Dear Tori, that was such a beautiful place to be! Letting us in to your delivery room was such a private and joyous moment for us! Finn was so beautiful from the moment he was born! You didn’t even look like you just gave birth! You look Beautiful as ever!…. You must have been so relieved to find out that Finn was healthy! I know you went through so much through your pregnancy & thensome!!… I always say Finn was a Miracle Baby & You are his Miracle Mom!! God Bless you and all your Family!! Thank you for letting us in!! Xo

    When we brought my daughter home from the lawyers office, we went straight to my moms & dads house! They were waiting impatiently for us with my sister to meet my 3 day old bundle of joy!!… We were all in awe…. :)

  • Mattie

    Dear Tory, your kids are so lucky, i think Finn thought WOW, what a beautiful mom i have.Our son Finn get 6 in 2 weeks.Enjoy, time is running so fast!I had a C-section too and blisters in my face `;) hope our Finn just realiced our biggest smile ever in our faces!!4 years ago i lost twins bevor mothers day,the twins should be born on christmas and 3 years ago i lost in week 12 a other little one , it should be born in week of our aniversary.My heart got broken, but my 4 little stars are everz time with me in my mind and heart, especially on this days.So enjoy as much as you can the little wonder, our son was on NICU and we all fighted.Mz husband had a stroke 2 zears ago and survived, i think of all of this people,who had not so much luck like we and you.Hope angels take care of all of you wonderful family! next time too

  • Mitzi Stanford

    Thank you so much for sharing those videos with us Tori. My babies are grown and gone ages 24,23 and 22. ;( My precious grandbabies are 5 and 2. I got to be there when they were born by csection too. I was an OB nurse until 2007 until I was diagnosed with ms and didn’t trust myself anymore to take care of babies and moms. I miss it everyday. But u take me back to my days of work and my days of being a young mom. Your great!! Love ya!!

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