Today is your lucky day because one of my fave craftistas is back again with a super cute and timely Valentine’s Day craft!  The one and only Jenny Dixon of Craft That Party has put together an adorable and super original V-Day craft for us that’ll definitely make you want to get your DIY on.  It’s Jenny’s “Call Me Maybe” Valentine. Take it away Jenny…

Have you heard the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen? The popular song inspired Rebekah of A Blissful Nest to create a fun Valentine’s Day Party Collection and dessert table to match. I instantly fell in love with the teal/pink stripes and retro gold phone and knew I had to work this theme into our Valentines this year!


Photography: Alyssa Maisano Photography Styling: A Blissful Nest and Giggles Galore

Feeling inspired by the collection, I decided to make Valentines using chocolate “telephone numbers” as an edible, fun version of “here’s my number”…




  1. Melt pink and red chocolates on the stove or in the microwave. Pour melted chocolate into a silicone mold.
  2. After cooled, the numbers easily pop right out.
  3. Place chocolate numbers in a paper CD sleeve or plastic bag.
  4. Print a snack bag tag from the Call Me Maybe printable collection and attach to the top of the bag or CD sleeve with double sided tape. 

Wouldn’t this be a cute way to give someone your phone number, maybe?!!


So cute Jenny!  I absolutely love this craft and it’s inspired by one of Liam and Stella’s favorite songs, so I know they’ll love it too.

Stay tuned because Jenny will be back next week with another V-Day craft that you don’t want to miss!

Do you have any crafts that are absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day? If you do, share them in the comments!


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