Stella’s Style: Chevron Chic


Miss Stella has done it again, and is it just me or has she totally taken her style to the next level? She emerged from her bedroom the other day looking like she had just walked off the runways at New York Fashion Week… complete with her signature Stella style pose.

I LOVE the way she made this monochromatic look pop by throwing in a chevron print (you really can’t go wrong with chevron, can you?). The gold shorts, over the knee socks (which were really a pair of my long fingerless gloves but got into Stella’s sock drawer by mistake and she wore as socks, which is genius!) and combat boots give the outfit a toddlerista twist, and the straw hat is the cherry on top of this hipster-chic look. There’s also a bit of a safari/wilderness girl vibe going on here (possibly paying homage to Troop Beverly Hills??) that I love too. Work it, girl!

What do you think of Miss Stella’s latest style?


  • Emily Goodman

    That kid is just too cute! Love her!

  • ilene schonhaus

    She’s even got the stance down..She’s the Cats Meow. To precious..Mini Dean.

  • Jewel.lm61

    That little girl is so phenomenal! She gets it from her mommy!

  • Stephanie Deiterich

    Very chic!!! LOVE it!!!! Sometimes kids are the best to come up with style! They don’t care if stuff truly goes together!

  • Ta

    I Love this girl! GO Stella!


    she looks so cute Tori, she is just like her mama :)

  • BrandiM

    She is too cute for words. Love her fashion sense!

  • sabrina perrenoud

    I’d love to know what brand/designer the clothes are when you post these :) So cute

  • Jennifer Pinkney

    Omg, I need this!!

  • Britany Morano

    Love love love <3

  • Denise Engelmann

    She has the Eye for Fashion!!!

  • Momma Used To Say

    Go ‘head Stella!

  • Sara Jameson

    So cute. My son wore his Spider Man Halloween Costume to school today for Hoodie Hoo Day!

  • Moodylicious Skincare

    I love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Work it, Stella! Shantay, you definitely stay!

  • Emmalee Patrice

    She is darling! I love the outfit. It is crazy how much my daughter and Stella look alike, they are the same age too!

  • karen melrose

    Stella looks absolutely adorable..Little fashion icon..

  • Emmalee Patrice

    Funny thing is I always wish my daughters clothes came in my size too…I want Stella’s outfits for myself, great fashion sense at such a young age!

  • Angie K

    Love it, love it, love it

  • Denise Callahan

    She is a doll! It is sweet to see her confidence at such a young age – a tribute to you Mom!! You go Miss Stella :)

  • JuJu

    she is very stylish! go Stella! beautiful girl!!! :))

  • Terri Rosall

    Yes, I would say that she a good eye for fashion.

  • Vennie

    Love her creativity, I like the way you and Dean nurture them to be independent and free spirited.

  • Kimi

    You go Stella Gurl!!! Bloop!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg she is so adorable! sooo takes after momma! <3 it!

  • Biker Granny

    She is her mother’s daughter after all.

  • amanda schultz

    I would wear that! She is just like you, beautiful!

  • Suzanne Brown

    LOVE it could be a favorite so far! And your description is priceless the Troop Beverly Hills made me laugh!

  • Jackie C

    Love it love it love it!!

  • Mauigirl09

    OMG she is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    I love it. I wish I could dress my little girl like this.

  • MamaPaws

    Love the look Stella! U got it going on chick.

  • Alexa Flowers

    Stella is so adorable. This look is great, it reflects my daughters personality. I’ll have to replicate this look.

  • Bec B

    I LOVED you in Troop Beverly Hills! My daughter also loves that movie. Cheers Tori!

  • Jennifer Walker Whitt

    She’s just like her mommy! Stella your looking good!

  • kara

    love love love this, this could work for anyone child or adult love it little fashionista!

  • ilene schonhaus

    Stella,certainly has the “It Factor”. But how could she miss with parents like u and Dean. Adorable!

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