Dean is my soul mate…duh.

Love of my life…you know that.

Father of my 4 beautiful babes…yeah, we like each other a lot, ha ha.

So, when I sat down to try to write him a Valentine’s Day card I realized I’ve told him I love him a million and one ways after almost 7 years of marriage. I’ve written him love notes, poems, stories, and silly love riddles. What could I do this year to express my love that would be original? And then it hit me…  Keep it simple, stupid!

So I sat down and in 5 sentences described how I felt within the first 24 hours of meeting Dean…

“I looked and knew love
I touched and started to feel
I listened and could understand
A moment became forever
With you life began…”

Dean is truly my world. Without him this family doesn’t work. We are a love unit. We’ve realized that home is where are hearts are. That we are complete being closely surrounded by the little lives that we’ve created from our love. With that love we continue this amazing journey we are on together.

And that is the story of us. It’s how a D and a T became a We.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful boy! I love you as long as forever exists and then beyond…

Your TT Girl

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