My Valentine’s Day Love Note to Dean



Dean is my soul mate…duh.

Love of my life…you know that.

Father of my 4 beautiful babes…yeah, we like each other a lot, ha ha.

So, when I sat down to try to write him a Valentine’s Day card I realized I’ve told him I love him a million and one ways after almost 7 years of marriage. I’ve written him love notes, poems, stories, and silly love riddles. What could I do this year to express my love that would be original? And then it hit me…  Keep it simple, stupid!

So I sat down and in 5 sentences described how I felt within the first 24 hours of meeting Dean…

“I looked and knew love
I touched and started to feel
I listened and could understand
A moment became forever
With you life began…”

Dean is truly my world. Without him this family doesn’t work. We are a love unit. We’ve realized that home is where are hearts are. That we are complete being closely surrounded by the little lives that we’ve created from our love. With that love we continue this amazing journey we are on together.

And that is the story of us. It’s how a D and a T became a We.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful boy! I love you as long as forever exists and then beyond…

Your TT Girl

  • Trude Molvik

    Oh…how Sweet you are!

  • Karlyn

    Sweetest thing I’ve read in a very long while. A love like yours is enviable. It’s nice to see. It takes two, and I admire how open you are with your feelings and emotions. D is lucky to have a wife llike you as you are lucky to have a partner like him. Lovely, lovely, poem. Thanks for sharing

  • Rachael Hipsky

    how wonderfully sweet… im both thrilled for you and envious… happy valentines day to your beautiful family…

  • Lemon Meringue

    Nothing more to add! Thanks for sharing, have a happy Valentine (and many more!)

  • kristen j wich

    just wanted to let you know that this made my day! i so appreciate the sweetness you and your beautiful family share with the world!

  • Melissa Pia Bossola Beese

    Tears! Sweetest sentiment…you are blessed!

  • Melissa Pia Bossola Beese

    *Tears* Such a sweet and tender sentiment, you are truly blessed! Happy Happy Valentines Day!

  • Kat Hartwell

    Happy Valentines Day to you all!!!!! :) Enjoy your day with LOVE!

  • Carol Conrad

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Your poem is so beautiful it moved me to tears!
    What a treasure you and Dean have in each other.

  • Anja Jansen

    It really is so sweet, and so so beautiful.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.

  • vanillatwin

    Aww that was sweet, hope you love birds have a wonderful Valentines Day! I miss seeing you all on ur show Tori & Dean.

  • kiddios8

    really sweet and beautiful have a happy valentines day

  • kiddios8

    very sweet happy valentines day you have a beautiful family

  • Alison Jones

    Very sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Barbara

    Beautiful…. in and out, you 2 are.

  • Barbara

    Perfect Valentine message, BTW. Just beautiful. Nothing more needs to be said. Love you all.

  • doreen porzio

    Just Beautiful & Very Well Said!! I LOVED it!! Happy Valentines Day to You & Dean!! Love to you ALL!! Have a Wonderful Day & weekend!! <3 :)

  • Stephanie Paul

    So Beautiful Tori! I just love this picture of you and Dean. It is stunning. Amazing is your love for each other. Thank you for all your help and creative ideas to bring love to my families life.

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Wow, so beautiful!! Sometimes the simpler things touch the heart the most:) You have a love that is so inspirational.

  • Susan Grayson

    Wow! Well written and well said! So inspiration!! Happy Valentine’s day to you and your family.

  • Jen Mendoza

    I have always been a great fan of the BH 90210 “Donna”.. And I’ve never seen you so beautiful and so in love like you are now..I’m so happy to be a part of this community..

  • Debra D

    Don’t you two ever break up! You two are a breath of fresh air!! Tori your poem to Dean is lovely! Stay happy and continue to share that joy with us all!!

  • ilene schonhaus

    D and T became a we..How beautiful.A family is like a puzzle you all fit perfectly together..and true love is created.

  • Alison Jael

    Truly stunning! I uploaded a pic of my sweet Valentine’s surprise that I thought you would appreciate but not sure how to post to a comment or thread. Oh well…it’s in my profile. Happy Friday!

  • T-Bird

    You are a beautiful breath of fresh air. I’m so happy for you and the love you get to experience.

  • Norma Villafane

    I had bypass surgery June 08 we celebrated 39yrs marriage in jan like u said we are a love unit we have been on a amazing journey

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg that was amazing! My husband and I met online.. the days of dial up aol but not aol it was what was called a bulletin board system and it was based out of Iowa where he was born and raised. Turned out we both lived within a half an hour of each other in the Seattle area. When we first met we talked for 3+ hours in person at a mcdonalds! I brought my sister and I was actually going to meet the female friend he had brought (he was her ride since she was visiting him and wanted to meet me) so I met both!

    After that day, we continued to talk and realized we were both night owls, both loved swansons pot pies, amongst tons of other stuff. We officially started dating August 27, 1997. right around when Princess Diana died. I made sure first that there was nothing going on with the mutual female friend and he said he was clear with her he had no feelings etc.

    He wooed me with with the Pooh! We both loved him and Pooh’s Grand Adventure had just come out so I went to his apartment to watch it. Some making out happened until I realized it was like 2 in the morning! I still lived with my folks at the time and so when I slinked in both my mom and sister were up waiting. I had told my mom I knew him from school but she knew when my sister was up pacing it wasn’t the truth. She also said that she guessed I knew his last name since I had beard burn all over my face :)

    His family didn’t find out for a year about me and then it was could he bring me with him for christmas cause we didn’t want to be apart. His family thought this was very significant etc. The airline lost my luggage! I had to borrow one of his mom’s granny night gowns! The next day the entire family in the surrounding area that could come did come! I met his 2 siblings, their SO’s now spouses, both sets of grandparents, and an aunt and uncle from nebraska. my luggage came just as people were arriving so I was very relieved :)

    His mom had warned me that Bill’s step grandmother (the original passed away and his grandfather found love again as her spouse had passed as well) would put the screws on me to find out all sorts of stuff. I forgot about that until we drove over to their condo. We all sat down and then his 90 year old grandfather (whom Bill had hooked on the web etc. since he worked for Microsoft..i didn’t know he did til after meeting in person) kinda said Bill come in here and check out my computer. In essence splitting us up :)

    His step-grandmother Nita who was 92 at the time sorta straightened up in her chair and said “You know, a woman of my age can get away with asking just about anything, etc.” To which she did, what were my intentions etc. She reminds me a lot of myself. She lived to be 100 and outlive Bill’s grandfather. Actually, I met his grandfather in December and he passed away in February but apparently gave his blessing that he liked me for Bill.

    I got home to tell my now mother in law about it and she goes “I’m surprised she didn’t ask if y’all were sleeping together” in a loud voice and laughing at the end of it so I just laughed it off too etc. Really no one’s business if I had been :) We were in separate beds at their house.

    By this time he had a condo and I had an apt less than a mile from the condo :)

    He had a 1997 white mustang he got as part of his signing bonus with Microsoft. I didn’t have my license just my permit at a point so he would drive us places etc. One day I was staying in his condo straightening it up when I got a heat stroke because there was no a/c in the condo. To prevent the same situation the next day, he had me drive him to work, take the car home to get a/c breaks in, and then pick him up from work at the end of the day. Well, I had a big mug of water sitting on the floor board of the passengers side (one you get from the hospital) and it tipped over and was spilling. yup, I did the stupid thing and leaned down to right it but at the same time moved the steering wheel with me so I had popped up on a sidewalk and was scraping along a cement wall. As soon as I realized what was happening I safely got back on the road and didn’t hit anyone else. I pulled over to see the entire right side of his car was scratched from bumper to bumper and I just lost it.

    I continued on to his work and when I called up to his office to let him know I was there I said “you have to come the car is hurt,” he was like what? so I said “the car is hurt you have to come down.” So he comes down and see’s no tow truck, no police, asked if I was ok and if anyone else had been involved or hurt. When I said I was ok and no one else was involved he took me in his arms and just held my bawling ass saying it was ok it could be fixed! At this moment I knew I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He was the first person not to yell at me for doing something wrong and to this day he still doesn’t!

    He even tried to pass it off to my mom that he had scratched it on one of the cement pillars in the microsoft parking garage because he has no depth perception. She never bought it. She just played along until a few years later I told her what happened.

    He proposed may 17, 2000 at a restaurant with another couple who were initially his friends but we became friends too. He had invited my parents too (it was copper river salmon season and this was the best restaurant to get it from) but my dad was having a procedure the next day so he couldn’t and mom was on one of her shake diets. She knew he was going to ask me…. she could tell. We had bought the ring and she knew that but it just sat on my counter in my kitchen.

    When we left for work that day he had on jeans and a t-shirt not real proper attire for where we were going. My work clothes worked for both and the place was right around the corner from my office so I was going to meet them there. Apparently, he went back home, changed, and grabbed the ring and didn’t let on at all during the meal. As we were eating they were all downing wine and he seemed weird etc. I just chalked it up to being there with the friends… until as we were getting ready to leave he said… i’ve known Jeanne now for almost 3 years and I’d like to know will you marry me? and he whipped the ring out. Of course I said yes! the friends were happy and shocked but thankful to be a part of the proposal :)

    10 days later I was in the hospital getting my gall bladder out and this boy knew I hated hospitals so he stayed all night with me on an a/c unit! my mom wasn’t happy but he wanted to make sure I was comfy at the hospital. THAT’s true love peeps!

    We got married June 23, 2001. His step grandmother gave him his grandfathers band so since we didn’t have to buy his ring, I went and had an inscription added that was our initials separated by a heart and then our wedding date :) then he can’t forget :)

    Our engagement set off the engagements/weddings of many of our friends and siblings. Both my sister and his sister got engaged for xmas. Our best man proposed on valentines day to wed 2 weeks to the day after us. My best friend from childhood got engaged around the same time I did and we were both marrying into Microsoft. (the similarities as we grew up but weren’t close physically for years are uncanny)

    So we started off with our wedding June 23, 2001, came back from our honeymoon with less than 24 hours to get my license reflecting my new name for the airport to head down to California for our best mans wedding on July 7th, 2001, then in August was my friend Megan’s wedding which we flew to as well. September 1, 2001 was bill’s sisters wedding.. I had been in a car accident the week prior so I was sore and bruised but there! Next followed my sister who walked down the Aisle 3 months preggers (oops) on October 27, 2001 13 years to the day we lost my dad’s dad. We had November off but then a coworker of Bill’s was in december. So only ours and the one in december were local! The following October Bills brother got married.

    I now know why none of the kids wanted to be open about their relationships with the parents because they tried to have input on every part of their lives including finances etc.

    Our best man has divorced since then and remarried finally seems to be happy.

  • JuJu

    SO SWEET I love the picture of you two! def. an idea I could use for couples pictures for my husband and I. you two are so cute together and so sweet. you can just see the love you two share. its amazing and I look up to you both. you both are amazing. :)

  • love

    U and dean have something special. I have been married for thirty years. Love my man.

  • Sheryl Greig

    Soooo glad to hear you’re not splitting or divorcing, as all of the entertainment stations are reporting! We’re in Alberta, Canada, and our family of 4 (girls ages 22 and 20) love you guys! I’ve watched you, Tori, since way back when and think you’ve grown into an amazing woman, wife, and mother. Don’t let anyone bring you down. You and Dean have created a wonderful family, and from what we see on your shows (though I know they’re edited), there is a ton of love in your household. Stay strong and loved!

  • Jan Boyle

    So nice to see a truly happy family. Good for you girl for going after the Star magazine. When I saw it in the grocery store I new it was totally false! You have a beautiful family and life.

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