It’s Question Time!


What I love most about ediTORIal is getting to connect with all of you fabulous galpalistas/craftistas/foodistas/stylistas/momistas on a daily basis. Wow! “Ista” works almost as well as “Tori” with words 😉 But seriously, you inspire me, make me smile, and make me know I’m not alone in this crazy journey we call life. Each and every one of you is what makes this online family so special. With that in mind, I wanted to give you guys, the heart and soul of ediTORIal, the chance to let me know what you want to read about!

Are there any topics that you’d love for me to cover in a blog? Are there any burning questions that you have that you want me to answer? I’m no expert by any means but I do have a very definite perspective on things (always with a little humor) and I hope my experiences can help people going through similar situations. You know me, I’m not one to shy away from things, and my life is pretty much an open book. So, anything goes! While I probably won’t be able to get to everything, I’ll do my best to post as many blogs answering your questions and covering your favorite topics as I can.

So fire away! What do you want me to blog about next? Got any questions for me?


  • Renatta Doerksen

    Are you going to show Finn’s birth? After all the documenTORIs leading up to the hospital, I’ve been waiting and checking to see if the birth will be next? I hope so, it was amazing to see Hattie’s birth on Tori and Dean!

  • Shami

    I would also want to see de birth of Finn. And my question is also, how do you jigle it with 4 kids&husband and animals. How do you keep your peace etc. i loved watching you last season on tv it really helpt me with my familiy. Last month grandma came to babysitt my kids(4 and 2) for the first time a full day. Because i watched you do it with stella and liam when you and dean went tot the INN(where dean asked you for the second time tot marry him). Grandma always came for 2 hours. And after watchin the show i thought what the hell :) :) thank you for that. X shami

  • Alyssa Palmeri

    IS THE SHOW EVER COMING BACK!? I must have an answer.

  • JaneMomof6

    Good Morning Tori! Momista of 6 here. I just want to say ‘Congratulations’ on Finn, Hattie and the whole family of 6. I’m so proud of you for braving f-o-u-r c-sections! You rock & your kids are gorgeous. I think it’s so awesome how you just went for it and cranked out 4 amazing kids. So happy for you, Jane in GA

  • Podink

    Tori, I am a bit older than you, but you are an inspiration for any age! You are an absolutely awesome person! And so down to earth! I love that! My question is how do you find the energy to keep up with the kids, Dean and all the things you are involved in?


    Hi Tori!
    I am in LOVE with your jewelry components at JoAnns and Michaels!
    My question is, I’ve noticed they are on clearance.
    Are you phasing out the line?!
    I certainly hope not! I use some of your pieces to create vintage looking one of a kind headbands and pieces in my Boutique. ( if you would check them out at it would send me over the moon!)
    If you are discontinuing the line I need to get to the stores today to buy out the rest of your stock!
    Btw I love the pictures of your Family, you are so blessed!
    Thank you.


    Hi Tori!!!! I just wanted to know do you have any tips for bedtime? I have a 2 & 4 year old both boys. My 2 year old goes to bed no problems but my 4 year old gives me grief. Also I agree with the other comments I would love to watch another season my whole family is addicted.

  • Joey

    Hi Tori, I am a mum of 2 beautiful little girls and we live Queensland Australia. I just love your show and have only seen one season of your show (the season Stella is born) and just want to know when are all seasons of Tori and Dean are coming to DVD in Australia? I just want to be able to watch your show anytime I want. I know that I don’t know you and I have to say that I had prejudge you as being blonde and hollywood BUT wow you are amazing and just by watching you show I will never prejudge a single person again you have really changed my way of thinking and I thank you for that, you are an beautiful, inspiration women, who has to be one of the best Hollywood mums ever! Please bring Tori and Dean to DVD AUSTRALIA :)

  • Clt06

    Hey Tori
    When is the show coming back on?

  • Maggie Le Mere

    Hi Tori! I was wondering if you have any advice for college students? Have any easy and inexpensive recipes? Or fun, low budget decorating tips? Or any advice in general? I seriously check your website every day and am obsessed with it! You are my style and decorating inspiration and it would be so amazing to hear from you. :)

  • Joey

    P.S thank you for being you and for help me change me for the better

  • Donna Vena

    Hi, Tori.. I really enjoy your blog. How do you find the time, to do all of your crafting, with four children? I also, enjoyed your reality tv programs. Are you going to do another one?

  • Donna

    Tori..we miss Home sweet it coming back? Also, I wonder if your mom will have a show now that her new penthouse should be about done. I watched as she packed,sold some of her things, stored her beautiful pieces,and by the way ,so organized,like you.we would love to see the finished project.
    Thanks for taking time from your busy family and still keep in touch with us..

  • Denise Merriman

    I love, love, love you! You’re kids are so cute and you are an inspiration! I don’t know how you do it all! I have 2 kids and am exhausted every day! My husband and I also watched Dean on Guy & Rachel and we are looking forward to the next installment of your show. My husband is even going to watch with me since he loves Dean so much! But I digress…my question. I have 2. What setting do you use on when you post pictures on your website? Is that an Instagram enhancement? You make every picture look so stylish and chic! It’s like you have a professional photographer following you around all the time. My other question is about your hair! How do you keep it so blonde all the time? Do you do all over color, or highlights? I saw the video of you getting highlights, but it seems like you would need more color than that. I go into my stylist and ask for the Tori Spelling and my hair never looks as good as yours! Keep doing what you’re doing! We love following your life!

  • Gooma

    Good Morning, I am in the beginning stages of collecting old ceiling tiles like the ones you showed us from your Christmas pictures, is there anyway you could tell me where you got them, I am looking for a space to fill on my wall. Love the tiles, you guys are great, Dean keep cooking, Tori your books, I have checked them out from the local library, and have to read faster before they are overdue, they have been a good read, so far. Please keep crafting, thanks again Gooma

  • Jaz H

    Hi Tori, I REALLY miss your show and hope it comes back. I also LOVE your blog. I hope you could one day blog about life with Jack because we see a few pictures of him and get a few mentions of him but we don’t really “know” him.

  • leelee

    Hey Tori,
    My husband and I just bought our first home and we are painting the inside next week. I am having a hard time picking colors and wanted to know how you go through this process. I just can’t decide and don’t want to pick colors that ill get tired of. Any ideas?

    Love you!

  • Kristine Glover

    I have two children (5 & 3) and a busy full-time job. My kids are very active and I try to spend as much time with them as possible. How do you find time to take care of yourself…whether exercising, pampering, or writing your blog? I always feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and the older I get the more exhausted I get!

    By the way…love the blog (and Dean’s blog)! You and Dean are so down to earth and real….def one of my fav families!! Congrats to Dean on winning Rachael and Guy Celebrity cook-off!! My husband and I were rooting for him the entire time!!

  • Gina Wyatt

    Hey Tori…

    Love your crafty DIY stuff that you send out to us fans. And congrats to Dean on winning the Rachel vs. Guy cook off. I do have a question for you. Will you and Dean start up your show again with “Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood”? I love watching your show and watch the kids grow up. Keep up the good work that ya’ll are doing and love those kids with all your hearts. Gina

  • Lemon Meringue

    Maybe from now on, us Tori-blogging-loving participants should call ourselves TORI-ista’s, I’d wear it with pride!
    Okay, I have two burning questions:
    1. How to plan an outdoorparty in a climate which is sun-challenged? It’s like Summer is always playing a weekly Russian roulette with six days of rain in a gun and just one sunny day – the worst for a lover of outdoor partyplanning in the northern part of Europe.
    2. How to survive the family? And I do not mean my own hubs and kiddo’s, but ageing parents, moody sisters in the midst of a divorce, taking it out on you, a family in law with totally different comings and goings than what I am used to. And all this in my own rush-hour of life, trying to maintain a healthy and happy marriage, preparing three kids for life and hitting the big 4-0 in less than 3 months! I love a humoristic take on it, but sometimes it’s hard to laugh off the swiftly approaching lunacy!



  • Emily Goodman


    Totally miss your show!!! More party ideas, online open chats, always up for some more family love from your wonderful husband and kiddos. Do you think you will ever do a book signing or appearance in Nashville TN? Blogs on keeping the love alive while having the kids around… :) Thank you so much for allowing your fans to be a part of your lives. I’ve looked up to you since your beginning. Its so nice to see a celebrity with such love for family and the common person. You truly inspire me! Keep up the great work and much love to you and your family!

  • Willowee

    I too have watched all your shows and loved them…I wish you could do another show! I feel like we know so much about Liam and Stella and Finn but not Hattie. The last show ended with Hattie being born and you moving your family into that small house. However, the pictures you show here are of a big home with a gorgeous kitchen just like your other homes. Well, what happened to that pretty and simple home…and what was Hattie’s nursery’s theme? I just love you and have since 90210…I just love every single show your father ever did…wow…Aaron Spelling was amazing!!! I am a mom of a 4yr little girl, Isabella. Well, love you and your whole family!!!

  • Myeleah

    I have always wondered if you personally do the entire blog, including layout & the gorgeous photos you find for each topic/area. (I love the pink typewriter with flowers for this post!!!)

    I just want to take the time to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I am a full time/live-in caretaker for my elderly mother who has dementia. It is incredibly stressful. Logging on to your blog is one of my favorite “escapes” and treats. The love & happiness from your family helps lift me. THANK YOU for that precious gift!

  • Sarah

    I echo many comments before me…how do you have time for all that you do? Mommy of 4 is a full time job, let alone everything else. What is a typical day like? How do you cook, craft, promote, design, etc. and keep it all together!?! After work, homework, dinner, activities, etc. I am a tired mess.

    Love all the ideas you share :) Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Terry Joley

    I am trying to plan a wedding for my daughter who is 21. She and her fiancee have not come up with a date and only know they want it in August, she likes red and white tulips and they want his Rottweiler to carry the rings down the aisle (if our Pastor will allow it). I don’t even know where to go with this–I am an older Mom (65)–she is my miracle baby –I am a Stage 3 colon cancer survivor and not in the best of health–just feel really challenged. You come up with such great ideas–Your blogs make me smile and wish I were more creative!

  • Amanda Mariscak

    Like many others have asked, are you guys going to be doing another season of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I miss it:) I love blog and love seeing all of your decorating and party ideas. Really where do you find the time?? Keep it coming. You are an inspiration:)

  • Christy Pope

    How did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Dean? I sometimes feel like I don’t trust my own feelings.


    PS my daughter loves you in the reruns of 90210. I am trying to buy them all for her!!

  • Sandra Taylor

    Hi Tori, I was wondering how you got started making the line of jewelry? I am starting my own business making party unique party/gift bags and have actually used your bracelet builders for the handles. Love them, I wish there were more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sandy : )

  • Jeanne Tutt

    Is there a place fans can send things for you and the fam?

    Will y’all be doing another season with the family??

  • Cindy

    I’m having a hysterectomy done in April, it was hard to decide because this means no more children for my husband and I. I’m 39 and have a daughter and step daughter, it has been a hard situation to deal with, is there anyone that has any thoughts on this issue? I have had a shot called depro lupron that is to work for 3 months and have been having problems with this adjustment. the fibroids are sucking the life out of me and I’m anemic already and its worse with the fibroids, I feel so tired but I’m not a sit still person, any suggestions?

  • Jewel.lm61

    Good morning Tori! What a treat for your fans to talk to you one on one. I have a question. You and Dean have very healthy friendships with the guncles, “Mehee,” and James. Does everyone live in Los Angeles? I loved seeing everyone on the episode where you met up at Patsy’s home to redecorate.The trip in the RV was hilarious! That was a lovely show. I would love to see another episode similar to that. This time, there will be 3 new babies: Finn, Hattie, and Simone! Y’all are all so koveable and you’re in my heart! Have a great day and weekend!

  • Katie Jo

    I have a large blended family, three girls are mine, and I have two step-daughters, and a step-son. How often do you have Jack, and do you guys ever struggle with being a blended family? Thank you for allowing us to interact and ask questions!

  • Katie Jo

    I hope for a new season!

  • Jewel.lm61

    I meant to say you’re all so loveable!

  • Elise Dunkin

    i was just saying yesterday that i wished i could call you up to answer a question! what color paint did you use in the master bedroom? the blue/gray tone? i have 3 samples currently painted in mine and can’t decide! on the same note, i am desperate to hear more about your current home. we saw the episode where you down-sized, but then i read somewhere that you outgrew it and moved again. would LOVE more of your show to see more of your home, decorating ideas, and family life. i love your sense of style!

    also, would love more updates on where to see you/meet you. i get updates on your book signings, but would love a hub to know where the next tori spotting will be! i live in idaho, so there is some planning involved in order to book a flight and have you sign my books! (i’ve read and own all of them!)

    tell dean congrats on his food network win! i would love his recipes! it kills me to watch him cook and mot be able to taste it all. what a lucky family you ate to get to eat all his creations!

    is little maven still at jcp and is your jewelry still at michael’s and joann’s? i haven’t been able to find it recently, but i do live in a smaller community.

    how do you do it all with 4 kids and two working parents? how much help do you really have with the house and kids? a nanny? a house cleaner? your house always looked ama ing on your show and i know you and dean have commitments with work and travel. i’ve only got two kids and i stay home, but i am often overwhelmed and my house is less than perfect.

    what do you do to stay thin and fit? do you have an exercise regime? do you count calories? or were you just blessed with incredible genes?

    i have a ton of questions for you. i am a big fan and find you all a true inspiration! i love home decor, fashion and planning parties-just wish i had a bigger budget fir it all!

  • Nene

    Hi Tori! I have grown up watching you and have always been a fan. I now get to enjoy watching you with your adorable family. Thank you for allowing us to see your life in ways that you do. My question is: have you always wanted a big family or did it take meeting the right man to realize that that’s what you wanted. You are such a natural mom and also such a career driven woman who can balance both.

  • Jen Carres

    Have you ever grow the TickleMe Plant that moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle It? My kids are loving it and I love my pet TickleMe Plant too.

  • N. Mar

    Hi Tori! Thanks for including us and asking for feedback! Someone else may have asked, but I would like to see more of your design essentials. I’m trying to decorate my home, but I am at a loss for which colors look nice together, and decorating our master bedroom and my daughter’s room. Also, did you all move again? I remember when you all downsized, but as your family expanded, did you all move? Oh, and how is the lovely Patsy?

  • Anna Raymor

    Tori, I love your family, and have also enjoyed seeing your new DocumenToris! Wondering if your TV show is coming back at all??!!

  • Gloria & Eric 4ever

    Hi Tori, I love to watch everything you and family do. I was wondering if your show is coming back? I really miss seeing it.

  • April Kargle

    Hi tori,
    I am pregnant with my fourth baby. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time. Is it hard to manage everything and everyone.

  • Marney Wright

    Are you ever going to bring your show(s) back on? I loved Tori and Dean and the wedding one. You gave me so many ideas for things to do even in my own house. Please bring Tori and Dean back :)

  • Mrs. Bebe

    I want to know the real secret to NO Stretch marks on celebrities??? I always thought that I got them because I was so thin and my skin truly did stretch while pregnant. BUT I see lots of super thin celebrities, like yourself have babies and no signs of any. I have friends who tried belly oils and lotions and still got them so what is it? You guys must have access to something we either don’t know of or isn’t easily accessible. Please do tell….

  • carolyn stertz

    Hi Tori! I am one of your biggest HSN jewelry fans! I have over 130 items! I was wondering when or if you are bringing out any more as I havent seen anything new in a while. Thanks Tori!

  • Shannon Boles

    LOVED CRAFT WARS!! Will you be doing a 2nd season?

  • sushilover72

    im planing on renewing our wedding vows for our 10th wedding anniversary all thou its a year ago still what should we do and btw love you and your amazing family 😉

  • Amanda

    Hi T,
    I wanted to know when the show was coming back on and if you plan on making any movies. I just love your party planning idea and wish to see you every week with some cool idea…. With Dean cooking now there must be fun times in the house when it come to party planning. Really hope to hear form you soon…

  • sushilover72

    im going to be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary in a year what can i do to make it amazing btw love you and your family

  • TCarter

    As a working mom, I am now faced with the challenge of traveling to work events with our daughter (3m old). Knowing you travel with your little ones frequently, I’m curious about the travel gear you recommend (cribs,etc) and general advice in this area.

  • Korrine Perez

    Hi “T”!! I am so happy you’ve opened up to questions again! Last time you had 206 comments so I am happy to provide my questions again!

    First and foremost, Please, PLEASE come to Chicago for your next book signing!!!! I have to meet you!! You have a “Team Tori Chicago” members that include me and another ediTORIal member named Tracy Eng. Please come to see us!! :)

    I’d like to say that unfortunately I never watch Beverly Hills 90210 but became hooked to HSH. I’ve only seen last two seasons and would love to be able to purchase previous seasons but no such luck. I am having Tori and Dean withdrawls!!! Please Oxygen bring HSH back!! You and Dean are just the perfect couple. I love your show because it isnt scripted, your life isnt perfect like reality shows try to make it out to be but being able to see how you guys live out your life is inspiring and I too hope to have a wonderful family and group of friends like you do. You and Dean are truly perfect for eachother! I love you guys and your beautiful children. I can’t get enough of Liam. He’s such a goofster but so sweet and Stella is fashionista and just too cute! You are an insipiration for me. I aspire to be a wife and mom like you someday. I hope to have an ounce of your creativity, style, and cooking/baking skills. Thank you for being such a positive role model! I love you!! Wish I could’ve met you in NYC but luckily I met Darren Martin on Twitter and being the wonderful gent he is he got a copy signed on my behalf. He told me you like my name which completely made my day! PLEASE come to Chicago!!! I have to meet you!


    1. What cocktails, mixed drinks, beers, etc. do you like best and would suggest I try (still light weight, just turned 21 this past August)?

    2. I tend to be “reserved and shy” when I first meet people and would like to overcome this. You being the goofy, jokester, and outgoing type is there anything you would suggest as good conversation starters or how to overcome being “shy and resevered”?

    3. What type of music do you like? Do you have favorite band or singer(s)?

    4. I would love to see picTORIal of your new house! I love your sense of interior design.

    4. In terms of marriage when you and Dean got married how did you guys decided how and who handles bills? I am starting to see a lot now that newly married couples keep seperate checking accounts but also maintain one joint checking to pay for joint bills. What is your take on this?

    5. Is there any chance we will get to see you and Dean do another season of STORIbook weddings? Please do my wedding–well it’ll be another few years but I would love to have your help :)

    P.S. I think you should write a preparation for pregnancy/parenting book. I would buy in a heartbeat!

    Take Care and Congrats to you, Dean, and the family! You two are great parents!

    -Korrine Perez

  • Heather Dresch

    Hey Tori,
    I was wondering about your books I am currently reading yours truly, Uncharted Territori. How do you decide what what you want to put into them && what you do not? I love hearing about you && your family makes me feel like Im not the only one crying because my son had his first day of school..xo 😉

  • Drea

    Hi Tori, I am a mother of a 17 month old little boy named Trey, and 23 weeks pregnant with my second boy Oden. As a mother, how do you manage to work and time with your kids? I watch your show constantly, and catch up on what is going on with Editorial. With my husband in the Navy and working crazy hours a lot of responsibility is on me. When you had just Liam and Stella, was it difficult to manage? You are my inspiration as a woman! Congratulations on your another bundle of joy:)

    Andrea Bartell

  • gcg23


    Let me just say how much I enjoy reading your posts. I check every day for new ones and I love hearing about your life and your kids and your adventures. I was wondering if Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood is ever going to come back on air! It is my favorite show, so inspiring, and I miss it so much. Can you tell us if another season is in the works?

  • Mrs. Bebe

    I meant to add to my question a suggestion which is that maybe you can do a blog about celebrity beauty secrets! Lot’s of times I wonder what products are really being used by celebrities to keep their hair and skin looking so beautiful and youthful i.e. shampoos, creams, sunblocks, make-up, vitamins etc. And if there is something similar and more affordable for your followers. Something like that would be awesome 😉

  • Edna Dee

    You always say how wonderful your dad was at telling stories, since the kids were born after your dads passing, what stories do you share about your father/ the kids grandfather? PS would love to see another season of home sweet hollywood :).

  • Mrs. Bebe

    Great idea about the pregnancy/parenting book!! LUV IT!

  • Katie

    Hi Tori,
    I am also a mom of 4 little ones, 2 boys & 2 girls. I am an artist and an art teacher and this past year started a hand painted clothing and hair accessory business. I am like you in the fact that I never stop creating and rarely even sit down. I am non stop and love it. My question is: What is the best way to get my accessory business to grow and prosper while doing my favorite job, being a mom?

  • Alarie Crouch

    I would love to know how you make being a momista so easy and fashionable. I have had C-sections with my two and when I come home I feel totally unsexy and overwhelmed. I wear granny panties to avoid the sore incision, I have pads tucked into every place possible it seems like, leaky boobs, tired eyes, crying eyes, etc!!!! Do you nurse your babies? If so how long? How do you stay sexy for your husband and feel good about yourself when you have a pump or baby attached to you at all times, are carrying around extra weight, and just trying to keep your head above water adjusting to the new family? What type of a schedule do you put your newborns on when you come home from the hospital? I have seen on your show you have a babynurse…….is this the answer? How does Patsy help you and your family out? Do you have help with house cleaning etc? I just feel like a total failure that I can’t accomplish everything: day to day tasks (house work, making meals, laundry), do the cares of the baby (feedings, naps, etc), make special time with my kids doing fun things, dates with my husband, time with friends, etc etc. When I see your blog and your show it seems like you have it all together!!!! How do you do it, what is your truth?

  • stephanie bullard

    Is your tv show ever coming back to Oxygen?? my sister and i love it!!

  • villblomst

    Yes, I want to know If we can buy your DVD’s soon?
    I can’t find them anywhere.. We live In Norway and don’t have Oxygen Channel here. Miss you guys on TV so much!! I think you have a nice family.. so cosy <3

  • Kat Hartwell


    will you continue doing series for your childrens book Tallulah? My daughter LOVES that book and asked for more!

    another season of craft wars or storibook weddings???? I miss seein you on tv

    it would be AWESOME if u did one MORE last season of tori n dean.. i know dean is little burn out from cameras and tv shows.. right? but one more ENCORE for your fans!!!


    Congrats to Dean on the Cook off win!!! I knew he would win!

  • AMA

    do you have any advice on teething? I have twin 6 month olds and they are not happy while they are both cutting their first teethers? special remedies?

  • barb dilkens

    Your hair always looks so healthy, what products do you use?

  • laurenintexas

    Hi Tori! Love your blog.
    1. Ideas for creative teacher’s gifts.
    2. I literally have a beige house. Every time I go out to buy something new to spice up the decor, I come back with a different shade of beige. I want to punch in some color. Do you usually build a room concept around a particular item? Artwork, fabric? etc. Just wondering how you get started.
    3. I am in a postpartum rut. Wondering what you do to make yourself feel like a young woman and wife again, instead of exhausted mother. ugh…

  • MamaMia

    Being such a busy mom, with 4 kids and a billion jobs :), how do you find time to keep your marriage…spicy? For me it seems the more I am involved with my children, projects, and work, the more my relationship with my partner suffers. I have no energy at the end of the day for anything but relaxation and sleep!

  • MOS

    Hi Tori!
    You have been a huge inspiration to me! I just admire everything about you and your beautiful family. I work for one of the newest and best eco-friendly baby and mother care lines and the company wants to send you and the kids a gift basket of eco-friendly, biodegradable products. Please see Please contact me offline at We are huge fans. Much xoxo to you, Dean and the kids…..

  • mrscardinal

    When your guys show comeing back and also have anymore books I’m the works

  • Rachel S

    I have one business and I am in the process of starting another…How you balance being a mommy, wife, and business woman? Organization tools you use to help you keep on top of all of your projects?

  • Katia

    great question! i believe, everyone wonders.. Tori! we want to know! ;))

  • MoNa

    Hi Tori,

    do you still have the engagement ring Dean made for you in Ottawa?

    Much love from Germany. Mona

  • Katia

    Dear Tori!

    I have started a new blogging website recently which is also about crafting, relationships, style, places, food, kids, and also some linguistics, books, art, etc. It is still fresh and in production, but I would love to exchange features with your website, or other interesting ones. Perhaps, you can post a blog about other similar websites to ours. It is nice to know who is out there and how they do it. How do you do it? I was wondering if you have a team working on your website, or is it just you? A website is a lot of research and work. How do you manage to work on it, when the site is not your main job?

    Almost all questions asked here are heartfelt and interesting. You are doing such a great job! Thank you =))

    Sending love,

  • Hilary Mouat

    Hey Tori.

    I think you are doing a fabulous job on EdiTORIal!
    *I was wondering if you and Dean could post some collaborated blogs?
    *Also some of your own styling tip and how you balance fashion with motherhood.

  • Mari Havn

    Hey “T”.
    I was just wondering about some things. And I just have to say sorry for my english, because I am from Norway and i am 15 soo:)) hihi
    But are you and your family open for a visit from me I know it sounds very creepy, but I really want to meet you :) You are the person I am looking up to you and I think you are very awesom 😀 I have been watching tori and dean sins it started and have been watching it over and over again and I am a HUGE fan of you and your amazing family. Stella is just so super chic and i love her taste of fashion. Liam is a super cute and a awsome guy with a good humor and I love his funny comments.Hattie is just sooo cute and I love her. Finn is sooo super cute to and I love babies<33 Dean is a cool dad and loving husband! And i always get jealus when he make something on his blog. You are a HUGE inspiration for me. And i love how you are som chic and crafty:) really hope to get ann answer:))

    Love Mari <3

  • Cori

    Hi Tori,

    Is your reality show coming back soon?? I miss it!!

    Cori :)


    When will TORI & DEAN< HOME SW#EET HOLLYWOOD BE BACK or what can we do to get t back on TV??? I am sure that I am not the only one that misses watching you guys.

  • doreen porzio

    Hi T!! First I would like to remark on your typewriter! I remember when your mom gave it to you under the tree?! She saved it for you, It was your Dad’s!! I see you painted it pink! Very charming, I might add! Lol! I know that it is very dear to your heart!… I love you having this site! I think you capture so many different moments of your personal family’s life! It means alot to all of your fans! You are a very genuine and special person and I Love that about you! I thank you for letting us see that & for your new site, DocumenTORI! I miss you and your family & it is a way to see you in your little videos! I am Hoping that we do still get to see you do another season of “Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood” I really miss it and I know all your Fans do too!! I am sure it would be more of a handful to do it these days, but we sure would LOVE it!! We would welcome all the CHAIOS that comes with it!! Lol!! So, Are you doing another season of the show? Something like it? We all want to know??

    Also, are you waiting for your original house with all the property for the animals, to be remodeled or rooms added on, to be done to move in there?? I know you loved that house for the property that it had!! Just wondering!

    When is another book coming out? I would love to be able to make the trip out to N.Y. again & meet up with Darren, Sue & Tommomi if I can! You know I live in Florida! It was so wonderful meeting you! You are so Awesome!! Such a Sweetheart!!….. Also was wondering if u did recieve the pkg I sent for xmas?

    Is Craft Wars coming back for another season? I would imagine it is! Hope so! That show gave me inspiration! You gave me it! That birdhouse, is still lingering around… Just need to paint!
    I am proud of myself! I never would have done something like that without you and that show #Craftwars!

    I would also love to see more of your house on here! We did get to see your kitchen and Finn’s nursery that was beautiful!! Like I have said before, I think you do a great job with the variety you choose to put on the site!…

    I would like to ask you how you do it? You are Wonder Woman! I commend you! You are such a Wonderful mom! You Truly Love being a Mother and it is so uplifting to watch you with your children!!More moms should be like you!!… Dean is also great at being a Dad as well! He beams with Love & Happiness when he sees his kids! Referring to #RvG when Liam & Stella came running out to greet him! Dean was grinning ear to ear!! Such a pleasure to watch!! I Love your Family!! You know that by now! You are The REAL DEAL!! :)

    I do have to say that, although I am not on twtr or may not post comments as often as I like, that doesn’t mean that I am not thinking of you guys all the time with Well Wishes & Happy thoughts!!…Hope all the Kids are doing Great!! Only the Best to You, Dean and All of the Family!! Can’t forget about all the animals!!Lol! Xo

  • Khowanec

    Hi T!

    First of all I absolutely love you! I feel like you are so down to earth and are truly an amazing wife to your husband and mother to your beautiful children!

    I have a couple of questions for you.
    How do you find time for yourself? You are so creative and always seem to have time in your schedule for the things you love. I’m a stay at home mom of one 17 month old and some days I feel completely overwhelmed!

    Also you do lots of personalized items for your children do you ever sell any of them?? (My sons name is LIAM) if not where do you order from?


  • Deneen Lotz

    Hi Tori
    How I love your blog!!! I love how you spend so much time with your children, its precious. I would love to see more of your animals. We have a few chickens and it would be fun to see how you have your animals set up in your yard and how you take care of them.
    I can’t wait to see what everyones questions are :)

  • Jen Carres

    Have you ever grown a pet TickleMe Plant, that moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle It!.

  • Jenny Barrett

    Hi Tori!

    I love your show!!! I miss it so much!
    My question is – I love names!! On your video when you were getting your nails done you were talking about your girls names options for little Finn!! I am assuming the ‘F’ name that Dean liked was Fiona but what was a the ‘A’ name you liked?? Thanks so much!! Love you!!!

  • Erika Tharp

    Hey Tori! As many of the others have already said I also loved your show and hope it will be returning soon. I also find you an inspiration as a mother. You are so down to earth, a great business woman and a wonderful mother. My question is besides being curious about how you stay so organized is do you have ever thought about doing a clothing line for adults? You have such awesome style and I would love to be able to purchase a piece I know was created by you! :)

  • kim kooienga

    Hi Tori , You a have a beautiful family, I have one child and she is grown , and im also a foster mom to a 7 year old boy. I have some Antiques and i can not find them on any sites, I know u know about Antiques can i send u some pics of them or do u have any ideas, Thank you, Hope to hear from you soon, Kim

  • Lyla S.

    Hi Tori!

    I am newly pregnant (9 weeks) and I have loved how open you have been about your pregnancies and how much you love being a mom. My question, and I think lots of new mom’s question, has to do with what to eat and how to calm the starving beast that is pregnancy…and also, how do we get back on track after we’ve had the baby? Why aren’t there more books on this?! I would love to hear what you think and what your experiences have been.


  • Jordan Yaworski

    Hi, Tori! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us and being so dedicated to have a relationship with your fans! I would love to see you do a blog about A Day in the Life. What time does everyone wake up in your household? What’s on the menu for breakfast? etc. That would be very neat!
    Also, any new projects in the future? I can’t WAIT for VicTORIous to come out!

  • Dani N.

    Is Tori and Dean home sweet Hollywood coming back on?

  • Renatta Doerksen

    Are you going to show Finn’s birth? I’ve been watching all the documenTORIs and am hoping to see the birth. When Hattie’s birth was shown on Tori and Dean it was amazing!

  • MamaPaws

    This isnt really a question, a suggestion i guess. lol. i have the same amount of children as u, 2 boys and 2 girls. They are close in age, 3.5 years to 1 year. Only one little differnce, they are cats! and i Would really love to see posts about your furry Family members. Can’t think of any cool words to name the section with tori in it, related to pets. If ill do ill b sure and post it. I love the pics u post of Mitzi and coco. A lot of pet items can be safely diy’ed, if did right. And you could also bring awareness to shelters in your area. If anyone has proved animals have a fashion sense, you have! Always crack up at those pics.

    I love your family and this website. Like everyone else, I’m missing homesweet Hollywood and wishing it would come back on tv!

    Only one question! This is hard one. Take a minute before you answer, which hoilday is your absolute all time favorite holiday?

  • Biker Granny

    I have been keeping up with you for a few years and I am so impressed with how you and your family try to live a normal life. I can’t even imagine how hard that is since you are in the lime light so much. So my question if you’re out-n-about, and a stranger starts up a conversation, (I call it chitchat) do you ignore them or talk to them? I’m from Oklahoma and we don’t strangers so I try to talk to everyone. I tried that when we were visiting in California and people would either turn away or just stare at me.

  • kripke

    This is a very serious question, from a very adorable 8 yo girlista…our daughter would like to visit with you for a day, so if that’s ever possible feel free to email me. She’s quite sincere about it, in fact. While she LOVED Craft Wars (and continues to ask when it’s coming back on), and asks (I’m being completely honest) every time I show her a new party decor theme, fun treat or craft idea “Did Tori do that?”, I think she has a bit of a crush on Liam too :-)

    BTW, I absolutely love your honesty in your posts. And I love it more when I see pictures that aren’t ‘staged'; you’ve got things laying around, on the counters, etc. which proves to me you are ‘real’ just like us!

  • Kristen K

    Hi, Tori!
    I’ve a mama question/blog suggestion.
    I have four boys…5yr old twins (fraternal), a 3yr old w/ special needs (but you’d NEVER know it!), and an 18mo. old. Our house is always so LOUD!
    So, my question/suggestion is…what is your style when it comes to maintaining harmony amongst the children? My guys seem to fight all the time, and we struggle to teach them love & kindness. I really think it stems from twins being twins & them being the oldest. I think they feel the constant need to compete!
    What is your discipline style?
    How do you get through a day WITHOUT yelling at them? LOL
    Thanks so much!

  • 3boysMama

    Any more seasons of tori and dean on the way…love you guys!

  • Marilyn Paisley

    Hi Tori ♥

    Just wanted to know are you considering doing more of that wonderful family show you had on TV?
    Also wanted to know if there is any more movies on the horizon ?
    Take care,

  • Joanne H

    Tori how do you deal with disciplining your children? I have never seen on how either you or Dean approached this with your children.
    Also do you have problems with your two older children following directions or being told on what to do. My son who is in Pre-K is having problems with this & it is becoming a real problem that I am afraid that this will continue to Kindergarten. Any suggestions would be great.

  • Tori Spelling

    I’m so glad you love coming to ediTORIal, and it’s people like you that make this website what it is!! Thanks for inspiring me. Love, T

  • Leslie

    How do you think you’ll handle raising kids in the electronic age that is always moving rapidly fast?
    I am 50 so I didn’t have to deal with this issue until my kids were in high school. My youngest of four turns 21 in a few days. My 6 yr old granddaughter knows more about computers than me. I fear kids today and in the future will lose the simple art of communication like letter writing and speaking, not texting. What are your thoughts?

  • Kelly Parthen

    Hi Tori,
    Wondering what kind of sushi is your favorite and/or if Dean has a good sushi recipe? We’ve made made you into one of our VIPeas, Nori Spelling:
    We’re always trying to find hip ways to have fun with good-for-you food. Can’t wait until we plant a Bean Sprouts in LA!

  • Tara Pakosta

    I would love to see how you organize pictures and school papers of the kids! A peek into your family albums etc. Do you scrapbook? Do you put pictures into albums or just throw them in a box. Do you use regular scrapbook stuff or crafty stuff?
    I would LOVE to see A Day in the Life of your family, through pictures. not a holiday, birthday, just a regular day!
    thanks for sharing!
    tara pakosta

  • Kierstin Miner

    Hi Tori….you & your family are an inspitation…thanks for sharing your life with us! : ) I am recently unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, i started a shop on ( LittleMissMraz ) I make Glamour Birthday Candles, and wondered if you had any pointers to get my products in stores? I also, wanted advice on getting a book published to possibly help with funds too! My daughter is 15 months and I want to make her proud of the things I accomplish! I have been a nanny for 15yrs and am proud of all that I have done to help raise so many wonderful kids but i’m ready for new adventures! Thanks T, Kiki

  • willholly2

    why cant I see all of the answers to any of the questions?

  • cassie

    Hi Tori. I want to know the recipe Dean followed for the Lobster tails Patsy sent you all. Thanks so much.

  • Jennifer Millage

    Hi Tori!! You are constantly inspiring me to be a more fabulous, and a more creative “Momista” in my world, so first and foremost, THANK YOU! Watching your show helped me through MANY midnight feedings with my son, so a double thank you for that one!!! I also have 4 children, two girls and two boys. They are so much fun, and as you know, can keep me very busy! I love all of the decorating you have done in your home. I have been wanting to make over our large bonus room into a playroom/media room for our family. A playroom is always a hard room for me to pull off without the toys creating a cluttered look in the end. I would LOVE some advice on how to create a kids playroom, while still maintaining a chic, organized space.

    Just as a side note…I am a HUGE fan of all you have done professionally, and I have become an even bigger fan of what you have done as a loving wife, a Supermom, a crafting queen, a fashionista, and a faithful friend to everyone in your life. Thank you for allowing us to navigate through this world of parenting with you! You definitely make the journey a little easier! You have showed us that motherhood doesn’t mean that we will eventually have to succumb to a pair of mom jeans and a sweater set, but we can still embrace all things chic and fashionable, and at the end of the day, still be the mom who brings little flower pots with hummus and carrot sticks to preschool for a class snack!

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer M.

  • stacy wilson

    Hi Tori! First off Love you! and Well Hi…I will keep it short. As someone who looks to you as an inspiration towards Motherhood, and I know just how important your Family is to you, I am so Happy you share your likes and loves and inspiration with us. I am an upbeat Mom of 2, I’ve had a bunch of losses after my 2 girls who are now 3 and 5 ( we would have a Baby farm too) lol! I was wondering if you had any words on grieving with that and still being an end all be all Love every moment Mom. Right now I’m up against the playground Mama’s thinking I’m lazy for my weight, and not playing as much with my kids, they are snarky enough to say, “You look Comfy” etc. While inside they have no idea what I’ve been through, and that I’m just so happy to be at the playdate, or disney or wherever, . I’ve let my body image get the best of me, with my body, sure I was in skinny jeans after a c section, But you know what, I lost my figure and my Health went south and into Metabolic syndrome, and I chose health, rather than diet. I’m just now getting to workout, got my clearance for that. People have no idea how much more I want to be doing with my Girls. I lost my Mom to Cancer in November, and our six week old we were expecting the next day. My friends have wandered away, meanwhile I’m left to feel like I’ve made everyone upset by my multiple losses over the years. Even thought I’m happy PTA always there for you kind of a friend person. How do you get through those rough days? My hardest critics are complete strangers, I know you can relate with that! :) I was just wondering if you had any hindsight with that which could make me feel a little better about where I’m at. Thank you Sincerely.

  • Jennifer Millage

    Hi Tori!! You are constantly inspiring me to be a more fabulous, and a more creative “Momista” in my world, so first and foremost, THANK YOU! Watching your show helped me through MANY midnight feedings with my son, so a double thank you for that one!!! I also have 4 children, two girls and two boys. They are so much fun, and as you know, can keep life very busy! I love all of the decorating you have done in your home. I have been wanting to make over our large bonus room into a playroom/media room for our family. A playroom is always a hard room for me to pull off without the toys creating a cluttered look in the end. I would LOVE some advice on how to create a kids playroom, while still maintaining a chic, organized space.

    Just as a side note…I am a HUGE fan of all you have done professionally, and I have become an even bigger fan of what you have done as a loving wife, a Supermom, a crafting queen, a fashionista, and a faithful friend to everyone in your life. Thank you for allowing us to navigate through this world of parenting with you! You definitely make the journey a little easier! You have showed us that motherhood doesn’t mean that we will eventually have to succumb to a pair of mom jeans and a sweater set, but we can still embrace all things chic and fashionable, and at the end of the day, still be the mom who brings little flower pots with hummus and carrot sticks to preschool for a class snack! “Love is in the details!” :)

    Love and best wishes,
    Jennifer M.

  • Sheree Michelle Beane

    Hi Tori,

    I absolutely love your decorating sense. I am having a bit of difficulty fining a clean crisp white duvet; like the one that was in one of your older homes with the beautiful blue walls, etc. And suggestions? Not looking to spend $600 for just the duvet.

    Much thanks,

  • Niki

    I would love to know how you organize all you
    arts and crafts projects.

  • Cammy Gollner

    Tori, I know your Dad was Jewish. Did you celebrate any of the Jewish holidays as a kid?(ex Hannukah, Purim) and do you share any of those with your own children?

  • red

    dear abby

  • Catherine Hyland

    Is there going to be another season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood? I really hope so!

  • Jennifer Millage

    After posting my last comment, I thought of another question! :) I love seeing your family pictures. They are always so beautifully styled. I would love to learn more about styling a family portrait. Such as how to coordinate outfits while avoiding an overly matching look, suggestions for unique locations, and most importantly, how to keep it fun for the kids! :) I believe some of my most precious photos of my children are ones captured in the simplest of moments, but for those times that we really DO need to get a posed portrait, lets us know your tips! I would love to know how you manage it so flawlessly!

    Thank you, again!!!
    Jennifer M.

  • grannyd

    when are you and Dean coming back on tv I loved watching you guys every week and I miss that special time when I was the only one up and could enjoy watching you and your family

    lots of love
    Donna R

  • ErinK

    What is your favourite ‘comfort food?’ Mine would have to be a turkey dinner with all the fixings (and desert). I serve this to my family every couple of months so it can feels like Christmas all year round. I never get tired of it.

  • Wendy Garrison

    Are you guys going to do any more tv shows? Miss you guys!!

  • Ang

    I would love to know your thoughts on if you will be doing another season on Oxygen. And do any of you miss it (including Stella and Liam)?

    Also, I would love some time management tips on how you manage to juggle dance, preschool, babies, work, pets, etc. How do you do it all?????

    And would love some easy meals that you prepare for your children, maybe Gourmet Dad can post a meal that is a crowd pleaser for all of you! I would love some easy weeknight healthy meals for kids.

  • Mandra Kerns

    Dear Tori,

    I have been a major fan of yours since your 90210 days and I have followed your life ever since. You have inspired me over the years to be the best wife and mother that I can possibly be and I thank you so much for that.

    My question for you is, “What has helped you get through some of the difficult circumstances that you have been faced with throughout life?” I know that losing your daddy was extremely hard for you. My husband and I lost our 4 1/2 year old daughter 14 months ago and it has been very challenging for us to say the least. We also lost our home about 2 months ago to foreclosure. It was very hard for us because we had to say goodbye to our buggy’s little room and many of our memories in which we created there. Another question I have for you is “What gave you the inspiration to write your books?” I own every single one of your books and I love them all. It’s been on my heart to write a book about our loss because after our daughter died, I couldn’t find hardly any books from someone who had lost a child. I started a blog not too long ago. If you have a moment please check it out. It’s at Thanks for reading this and taking our questions. Again, I am a huge fan! Your babies are absolutely precious and you are such a wonderful mommy!

  • sueandelvis

    I love to watch your show and I love that you and Dean have such a wonderful marriage . You have the most beautiful children God Bless you all.
    I also enjoy your jewelry it is sold at Michaels and I waiting for more styles.

  • Mary Mc

    Saw your new kitchen. Did y’all move again? Did you finally get your farm?
    I’m colorblind and wondering how can I ever decorate and have things look good. I can’t pick out makeup either. Any suggestions?

  • Jules

    Hi Tori: I’m a mom of 3. Would LOVE for you to share with us the following:
    1. With all the great clothes you have for your children, do you keep any of it as keepsakes (how do you store it?), and what do you do with the rest?
    2. How do you organize your children’s clothes, toys and school work?
    3. Any tips of packing for a large family when going on vacation (we vacation a lot, and there is just SO much luggage) I want to simplify. :) Going to Kauai in a few weeks.

    Thank you! Oh, and I am just reading sTORI TELLING, LOVE IT! Don’t want it to end, but looking forward to Mommywood.


  • Ann Witten

    Hi, Tori!
    First off, I want to send much love, happiness, and health to Dean, the kiddos, the Guncles, Mehi, and Patsy!

    My question is very simple:
    What is your favorite book to read to each of your precious children?

    I hope you answer because I’m super-curious to find out! It’s cool that you are curious to see what your readers, fans, and fellow momistas are wondering about you and your family.
    Thank you!

    Ann :)

  • elize de haas

    Hi tori, I love your little video-updates, and anything regarding raising children an decorating your house!
    Love from the Netherlands

  • Nich

    Hi Tori, I have been a fan since 90210 and I love following your blog & following you on twitter. My son will be graduating high school and embarking on his future and I need to concentrate on me and deal with an empty nest. Any tips ideas on this next season in my life. It’ s been the two of us now it will be me going solo. Thanks

  • I.T.

    Hello Tori!

    Greetings from Estonia!


  • BG

    Hi Tori

    I love all your decorating ideas and would love to see how you have styled and decorated each of your children’s rooms and what practical aspects you’ve incorporated too, for keeping things orderly.

    X H

  • MamaPaws

    I agree! Bet the older ones have a lot of DIY projects they could show off. Maybe they could showcase their favorite piece in their room, or tell us a story about an item.

  • Sarahjane_1978

    I just want to say I love your DocumenToris!!! I hope you keep them up! Love the vidoes of you and your family and they are espically great since you are not currently doing your show!! Do you think your show will come back?

  • Holly Cayanan

    You have a beautiful family! I’m looking for ideas, answers, inspiration regarding every day things organizing the house, cleaning, cooking, routines for mommies and little ones and just how to enjoy my kids and live in the moment more!

  • Jenna Caridi

    Will you guys get another season of Home Sweet Hollywood? I sure hope so!!

  • manhattangal

    Tori when will we see you and your fabulous family again on Tv?

  • Mickey

    Hi Tori,
    as a momista I would like to know how you organize your working days? What does a normal “every day” at your house look like? Do you have a nanny and/or cleaning lady giving you helping hands? Thanks for your inspirations :-) Love, Mickey

  • shirl parsons

    Hi Tori,

    I love your ideas on decorating and creative ideas that are incorporated into any old ordinary house. I would have to say, can you do more writing on easy, everyday ideas for organizing and how to decorate on a budget :)

  • Melissa Barnes

    Hi Tori,
    When is Home Sweet Hollywood coming back on? I love that show!





  • Myeleah

    Thank you SO much for your reply to my post Tori! I am so touched that you took the time. I will treasure the kindness & sweet gesture always! My best to you & your beautiful family!!!

  • Ashleigh Alvarez

    Hi Tori,
    Congratulations firstly on your beautiful family.. We miss your shows here in Australia.
    I have 2 very different questions.
    Firstly after going through 3 horrific pregnancies and only just surviving one I find sharing my story has helped others. What can you share with us about how you have dealt with your last pregnancy… How did you feel ?, how did YOU get through it?
    Also I have saved a few items of clothing from my youth for my daughter I just wanted to know the best way to store them so I can give them to her intact..??
    Cheers from Australia x

  • Sk84ash

    What in the world did you never try for a VBAC birth? You hated your c-sections! You deserved a second opinion and a supportive dr or midwife. I was so shocked and sad when Merhan said in one of docmenToris that vaginally delivery must be more dangers?!?!?! Seriously?! Look what happened to you after Finn. You just deserved to have great births not fear and hurt.

  • Nicole Loomis

    As a family travel agent, I love to get feedback from other Moms as to what their favorite vacation spots are, so when you take the kids where do you love to vacation?

  • Sheryl Greig

    I kind of agree…I had a VBAC after a Caesarian, and would go natural birth over a Caesarian any day of the week! However, Finn is born and a healthy little boy, and mama Tori is now too, so no need to look back. Unless you’re planning a 5th, Tori & Dean? :)

  • Germangirl

    I love a good birthday party for my children. My whole family lives in Germany,so we always invite a lot of friends to my kids’ birthday parties. I think this year will be the last year they will celebrate together since my daughter is turning seven and my son is turning four. My question for you is: What kind of birthday party would you create/ throw for 40 people( 25 adults, 15 kids)with a budget of $200 to $250? My kids love Scooby Doo and of course Disney princesses. We started asking for donations for local charities instead of gifts because we do feel blessed with the things we have and we want our children to learn to give back. Any ideas for invatations, food, decorations or games?

  • Christelle B

    I don’t know how it is in your country, but in mine the doctors make it sound like you don’t have the choice. they don’t ask for you to consent, they tell you ‘sign here’.
    when you come in your obstetrician’s office and tell him you want a VBAC after a c-section, he put’s you in the “pain in the @ss lunatic” section, and spends an awfully long time explaining to you that you are crazy, that you’re going to waste his precious time and energy to end up having one anyway and that it’s safer, which is a huge lie. the numbers are clear, c-section is more letal for the mother. my obst

  • Diane Cohen

    Dear Tori, I just wanted to say how much I admire you in being a courageous Mom. I went through scares myself. Now that my children are adults and miss when they were small, never take anything for granted for as soon as you nw it the will be adults and on their own. God bless you. I loved 90210 and am a true fan. How are you feeling? I pray and hope your health is okay. Sincerely Dane Cohen

  • Marci Day

    I think this is an important topic and I have some very strong opinions on it. However, I don’t think this is a proper forum to discuss it. I think it would be appropriate to ask Tori for her opinions or advice on the topic of childbirth and/or VBAC because she asked for topics you would like to see her address. I do not think it is appropriate to judge her personal, private decisions. Furthermore, whether or not anyone agrees with those decisions is irrelevant because she has 4 healthy children and however they were brought into the world is her business. If you decide to ask her a question (as she intended with this post) and she decides to post on an answer, then I think we can all have a respectful debate about it, but if she doesn’t choose to address the topic, then I don’t think people should speculate about her birth choices.

  • Darren Martin

    Hey Tori. I feel like I know you so well already from having been a fan for so long (and from reading all about you in you memoirs), but I’ve always wondered about a screenplay you wrote and had filmed. Will that ever be released? I remember reading about it in the teen magazines in the 90s. What was the title of it?

  • cinmae

    Tori, will Dean have his own cookbook?

  • Cammy Gollner

    Great question!

  • Cammy Gollner

    That would be great, but maybe Tori wants more privacy now? I think a family oriented show would be nice. Something she could prepare for and not too invasive!

  • Vicki FLIPZLES

    I am a mom to 4 kiddos under 10 and in 2012 I decided to start my own company. I launched a line of puzzle play sets that I created. I am an artist not a business person, so I figuring out marketing has been an interesting test for me. One of the things I decided to try was “Gifting.” Through Baby Swags I sent some of my puzzles — called Flipzles to your kiddos. My question is — Did the puzzles make it to Liam and Stella? Did they get to open them and play with them? Oh how I would love to know if they enjoy them as much as my kiddos do. It is such a strange feeling sending your product off and not knowing if the gamble is worth it. As a celebrity mom — what are your thoughts about celebrity gifting? I would love to know. Thanks!

  • Mindy

    When is Home Sweet Hollywood coming back???

  • Cass Yates

    Do you still stay in touch with that Healer who came to your house that time and poured that mixture all over you?
    would love to hear about that.
    I saw it on Tori and Dean a long time ago
    Love you and your family
    You rock

  • DebbieGville

    Dear Tori,
    You have many fans and are loved!! I have a “curious / nosy” question. With 2 little ones, but 2 now in school and keeping up with everything, do have a nanny and an au pair ?? Or who helps you with the children?? I had a hard time with 2 boys 18 months apart. Thanks for having a place for questions.

  • Suzy

    Please let us know!

  • Suzy

    When is your show on Oxygen returning?

  • Anna Sarris

    Hi Tori! I would love to hear more about your experiences with ghosts and the paranormal. I am just like you in that I am very interested in this topic. Among the shows I watch are Paranormal State, John Zaffis: the Haunted Collector, and Celebrity Ghost Stories. I never miss an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories and I think you should go on this show! I have had 5 experiences with ghosts. I would like to go to a psychic medium to try to understand these experiences more fully. For example, I lived in a haunted house when I was younger. But I never found out the story behind it, and now I want to know everything about it. I feel a psychic can help me understand it better. But until I see one, I am very open to the spiritual side of life and I completely understood you when you shared your experiences. I would love to hear more! Thank you for reading! -Anna

  • MamaPaws

    I’ve thought of another question. How did you and dean meet patsy? I just love her and think its wonderful she’s been around for all 4 babies!!!! She seems to really enjoy her ” job” and her heart is in it 1000 percent.

  • MamaPaws

    Well said!

  • Meryl King

    I know I am a bit late with this… but, from the latest photos.. it looks to me like Liam now has a Big boy haircut- he looks so much older. Any story here?
    I am dealing with cutting my Liam’s hair for the first time @ 20mons.
    thanks! :0)
    Meryl King

  • heathe

    Hi Tori! Just wondering if and when Home Sweet Hollywood is coming back. I love you and your family by the way.

  • Patricia Roberts

    Hi Tori,
    I have two burning questions for you.

    1. If you had the whole day to yourself without the kids and Dean, what would you do?


    2. What are your fave jewelry trends right now?

    (big fan of you for a long time. You inspire me to be more creative and fun loving. I really love your kooky sense of humor.)

  • heather vickers


    Absolutely loved reading about your “day in the life” in your family. Very interesting. You’re such a normal family. That’s so good to see that you have such balance and love for each other. My heart goes out to you and your family over the STAR magazine story. I’m so glad I never followed those trash magazines. I was so proud that you stood up for yourself and your kids. Way to go! About time a celeb finally speaks out! Stay well and love the website!

  • heather vickers

    I know.. I LOVED that show! It was the one show I watched on a regular basis!

  • Harbers

    Hi Tori!

    I love how your house is always the “place to be” with friends and family. You always know how to make people comfortable and everyone knows they will always have fun at one of your get-togethers/parties. How do you set the vibe for everyone to relax and feel at home? Lately when my friends come over I feel like they want to eat and run or that they aren’t relaxed. When I go to their house I help myself to whatever I need, but when they come over here they feel the need to ask me before they do something. It really bugs me because I feel like I’m a laid-back, fun person and just want everyone to enjoy themselves. I’d love to hear your advice on casual entertaining with a small group of close friends. Thanks!

  • VG

    Tori I want you to blog about the mixed messages being sent to young girls who tweet bad pictures of themselves to boys and think it’s okay. I want younger girls to not objectify themselves.I want them to have a strong sense of self. I just think its getting out of control.

  • Amy

    Hi Tori,
    I read a recent post where you mentioned you have chickens. I am very passionate about backyard chickens (and suburban homesteading) and would love to hear more about your ladies, what kind you have, photos of your coop, ect… Please share!

  • Gwendolyn Maris

    Hey Tori,
    I have several questions for you, if that’s okay?

    – I am reading your book ‘Uncharted Territori’ and was touched by the part where you talk about how important your friends are. Because of circumstances I don’t have such really good friends since I was a teenager. And now at the age of 31 I find it hard to make such deep friendships, everything stays on ‘the surface’. Any tips on how you would handle it? I’m quickly affraid that I scare people off when I talk about more personal stuff…

    – How do you get enough sleep with those 4 kids? I feel like a zombie and I only got one 8 month old daughter!

    – Do you plan on writing another book? I’ve almost read them all and I need more to read on the train to work! :)


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