Introducing Super-Finn!


It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s SuperFinn!

This is Finn’s new fave position. He likes Dean and me to hold him like this and fly him around the house. It’s so cute and he giggles so loud when we do it. Not to mention, it’s also an amazing arm workout!

It’s crazy how fast he’s growing and becoming his own little man, and we’re cherishing every moment, every giggle and every SuperFinn fly-around-the-house sesh!

As Finn gets bigger, who do you think he looks like the most?  Liam, Stella or Hattie?


  • Jody

    Oh my goodness, he is adorable! I think that he resembles Hattie the most, but they all look like “themselves!” :)

  • Cathy Hensel

    Super cute. I miss watching your amazing funny family on tv. You show made me laugh while going through chemo. Love you guys!!

  • Kustom Kids Bedding

    Finn is so cute and definitely looks like Hattie. Liam and Stella are all Dean and Hattie and Finn are all you! All four of them are beautiful children.

    Treasure these days with them because before you know it, they’ll be grown with families of their own. It seems to go by in a heartbeat!

  • Katia

    I agree! Liam and Stella are daddy’s kids, and Hattie and Finn are mommy’s. But all four still have that mix of both beautiful parents going on. Lovely =)

  • Chelsea Cox

    He is adorable! He looks like you and Hattie. :)

  • Susan Evans

    I used to think he looked like Hattie, I think he looks like “himself” right now. Babies change their looks so quickly!!

  • Jean Gilman

    He’s looking more and more like Hattie, I think. They def favor you and Liam and Stella def favor Dean. But all in all, they are a perfect blend of the both of you and of themselves! Beautiful family!

  • Nicole Veee

    So cute!! Love seeing pics of the kids. And yes, they each look like their own person but you can tell they are all related! So beautiful.

  • Emily Goodman

    He looks like Liam. I see your eyes and cheeks. Dean’s nose and chin. You’ve got beautiful children! I think Hattie’s the most you! Liam looks like Randy and there is no denying Stella’s all Dean!

  • Myeleah

    I used to think he was a clone of Liam, now? He looks Like Hattie to me! He & Hattie resemble you more…especially those EYES!!! Beautiful family Tori! (you & Dean included!)

  • Jenny or Mommy

    I think he’s looking like Stella!!

  • Mrs. C

    He is STILL looking the most like Liam! Hattie is your mini-me, Tori. Stella is Deans look-a-alike. So it’s fortunate your sons have each other to look like.

  • Gloria & Eric 4ever

    I think he looks like Liam. He kinda reminds me of Hattie also. All of your children are beautiful. Your whole family is beautiful!

  • ilene schonhaus

    Looks like everyone is in agreement.The two older are Dean and the two lil ones are u and your Mom.None the less they are beautiful children.Enjoy everyday life goes way tooo fast.Treasuress and Blessings!

  • joanne stubbs

    I think he looks most like Hattie, but that might be because they are both little. They are all beautiful children. Enjoy them now because the first thing you know they are all grown up. My oldest will celebrate his 50th birthday this July, and I can’t imagine where the years have gone!!

  • Jewel.lm61

    Finn is becoming his own! Look how much older he looks from the other photos that I’ve seen posted. He still looks like Liam, but he looks like Finn; himself! I would love to see a video of Finn, the super hero “flying” and laughing! All of the McDermott kids are happy children. Big brother, Jack is fun to watch interacting with the little ones. Around holiday time, I enjoy watching how your family gets all psyched up and do things together. The fact that you and Dean open up your lives to your fans and others who soon become your fans. You help to make life a little more exciting for the average person. Thanks for that.

  • Jewel.lm61

    Oh my goodness! I just looked at Finn again, and you won’t believe who you looked like brieflly. First, let me say that yesterday on ET, they showed little Dannie Lynn (Anna Nicole’sdaughter) with her dad doing a Guess commercial. The way that Finn is smiling with Dean holding him, reminds me of Dannie Lynn as though they could be related. Please don’t be mad. Everyone knows who your “baby daddy” is…lol!

  • Multiplemom123

    Awe little cutie.

  • donna1762

    Post a video!! I want to hear him giggle!!!

  • Sara Ru

    Oh my goodness he looks just like Stella! Such cuties!

  • doreen porzio

    Liam is gettting So big!! He is absolutely Sooo adorable!! I can’t believe how fast he has grown…. He is gorgeous!! If a little baby can be referred to in that way!! His eyes are just gleaming!…. I think he is his own Look!… I do think that I see You, Tori, in him more?! With all that said, All your children are so Beautiful & so are you, Tori! Dean is a handsome dude too!! Lol! 😉 Enjoy all of your kids! Keep flying around…. Haha! Xo

  • Coleen Lette

    when he was born he was looking Like Liam…….Now he has kind of gotten his own little look…..

  • KitKat

    Awe how cute!!!He looks like Stella!!!! Love you guys very very much!!!!!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Oh my goodness, what a cutie!! Finn’s getting so BIG and handsome!

  • Elaine Graziano

    Hi Tori,
    God Finn is so cute. Sorry to say, Liam and Stella look completely like Dean (and each other), but I think Finn looks like Hattie and the two of them are probably a combo of both you and Dean unless they look like you as a baby but def have your eyes. Adorable crew!!

  • Kerry Krueger

    First of all, I want to see all your kids are so adorable with so many awesome personalities. In regards to who Finn looks like the most, I have to say a mixture. First off, Liam is definitely “Spelling looking.” He looks so much like Randy and Tori’s Dad. Stella is a spitting image of Dean and Hattie I feel looks like Tori. Finn has Dean’s eyes, yet he does have some facial features that look like Liam and Hattie. You guys have an amazing bunch of kids! They have amazing parents! :)

  • Kerry Krueger

    Sorry I meant to say, “say” and not “see.”

  • Suzanne Brown

    Hattie for sure!! They have the same big gorgeous round eyes just like Momma! Liam and Stella look like Dean but all equally beautiful! Love those flying games!!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg he’s so adorable!!!!!!!!!

  • Naomi

    Okay, y’all make the cutest darn kids!

  • Eva Shareshian

    I think he looks like Hattie. He looks like you :)

  • Biker Granny

    My oldest son flew his oldest daughter around on his forearm. The higher he went the louder she laughed. If she got fussy that’s what he would do to calm her down. She’s 10 now and when we take her to an amusement park she lives on the roller coaster. It wouldn’t surprise me if Finn does that too.

  • JuJu

    hes looking more like Stella :)

  • Jackie C

    He looks like a mix of Hattie and Stella, not really seeing too much Liam. Just adorable!! I used to do a version of that little game with my brother…he was “Super Greg”…I had a whole little song for it and he loved it!! I wish he remembered lol

  • MamaPaws

    Omg he is sooooo cute! I’ve been saying it since the first pics, he look like his momma, who hattie also looks like. Liam and Stella are Dean made over. Whole family is beautiful.

  • Regina Schwenk

    I think Finn looks like your beautiful Hattie Cat!

  • Nich


  • LizGirls

    Stella :) Hattie looks like Liam!

  • pebbles

    He is beautiful and blessed to have such a wonderful family..

  • Tricia

    I agree totally.

  • Homemom3

    That use to be the only way my oldest would stop crying or fall asleep. Something about the flying I guess. Finn is a cutie!

  • kara

    super cute

  • Sandy

    He looks more like Liam, but I can also see Hattie in him. I just love watching your family grow. I am sure you and Dean are crazy busy.

  • Beth Nickmann

    Finn and Stella are mini-Deans while Liam and Stella are mini-Toris. Gorgeous family!

  • Peapod

    It’s the old ‘football grip’….works almost everytime to quieten a fussy baby! I used it too!

  • Cindy Kas

    He is adorable!!

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