I can’t believe how grown up my little Hattie Cat is getting.  Every day she gets bigger, sweeter and more and more mobile.  Now she’s at the point where she’s running all over the place, and exploring as much as she can. I love seeing her grow into her own little lady each day, but I’d be lying if I said I wish she wasn’t growing up so fast!

The other day we got her all bundled up in a cozy winter outfit (she looked super adorable) and were getting ready to leave the house.  I love the cozy winter hat mixed with an uber chic grey coat and white leggings. Looks like I’ve got another style icon in the making in my house! Well, after we got Hattie dressed and were heading to the door, I turned around to see my babe on her ride-on tricycle, looking like she was ready to head out on the open road (on her own!).  She’s getting more and more independent by the day, and to see her atop her trike, looking like she was heading out the door to run some errands made me smile.  My girl is growing up and watching her become her own little person is amazing. #ProudMama!

Did you have mixed emotions when your little ones started to grow up before your eyes?



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