The other night Liam & Stella made us dinner and dessert by themselves. They were SO proud of their creations, and so excited to be able to call themselves “Mini Chefs”!!

Here’s what they made us:


For dinner they made us a Nutella and bagel sandwich. I must say, it was quite tasty!


And for dessert we had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup topped with Cocoa Krispies, which was super yummy

The food was delicious (you really can’t go wrong with Nutella and ice cream, can you?), and it was so adorable to watch my older ones in the kitchen, working together, making a meal for mom and dad. Major melt-my-heart moment for Mama!! 

Also, you may have noticed Liam’s new look in the video… stay tuned because I’ll be posting a blog all about his hair cut transformation.  He looks so much more grown up now, don’t you think!?

Do you mamas have any little chefs of your own? 



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