As you saw this season on Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cookoff (where my man WON and brought home $50,000 for Miracle Babies!), Dean cooked up a ton of winning recipes. And I figured that since most of you momistas are also foodies like me, you’d want in on those recipes.  So, I’ve compiled a few of my fave dishes that Dean whipped up throughout the season. Enjoy!

Dean’s Twisted Twinkie Creamsicle


I LOVE this recipe.  It saved Dean on the show, and is such a creative and inventive twist on a classic milkshake. You won’t regret whipping up this bad boy!

You can find the ingredients and intructions for this recipe HERE

Deano of the Sea


Who doesn’t love a good tuna melt? Dean’s tuna recipe is to die for, and this melty sandwich is a no brainer for lunchtime with the kids.

For the whole recipe, click HERE. This is one of Liam and Stella’s faves!!

Deano’s Dragon Breath Bombs


This recipe is a little trickier than the rest, but is one that the kids always LOVE! You need to be careful with this one (a pair of goggles are included in the ingredients), but it’s worth it!

For Dean’s step-by-step instructions on this treat, click HERE

What was your fave moment from this season of Rachael vs. Guy?


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