From the moment we got to the hospital in preparation of Finn’s big arrival I was a nervous wreck. We had a scheduled C-section, and even though I’d been through this 3 times before I was a mess. Super anxious, totally scared, dreading surgery and thinking the worst.

Luckily, I had Dean and Mehran (my 2 husbands) with me, along with my amazing friend and doctor (Dr. J) and my wonderful nurse Mykel (who was also my nurse when I was a resident in the hospital for those long months during the pregnancy) who did a great job of calming this pregger down and assuring me that everything would be ok.

After an hour or so, it was finally time to head into the operating room and welcome Finn into this world. I’m so happy Mehran was there to catch this video message to Liam, Stella, and Hattie as Dean and I headed into surgery where we would finally meet our little man…

Clearly, I was totally emotional as we went into surgery, but luckily I had great people supporting me (including my lucky teddy bear… which was Hattie’s bear that she brought to me during my hospital stay and it slept as a pillow under my belly for the rest of pregnancy… I still sleep with that bear every night) and while I was nervous and worried as we walked into the operating room, I knew that the moment was finally here where we would welcome this miracle baby of ours into the world…

Who all was with you at the hospital to hold your hand and calm you down when you brought a new babe into this world?


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