As you may know by now, my very own Gourmet Dad won this season of Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cookoff!  He went head to head with Carnie Wilson in the finale, and ended up winning $50,000 for Miracle Babies, a charity that is very near and dear to us.

I’m so proud of my man for putting himself out there and taking on this challenge. I’ve always known how incredible he is in the kitchen, and I’m so happy that Rachael and Guy agree!

This win means so much to Dean, to our kids and to our family as a whole. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that Dean’s skills in the kitchen were able to provide much needed funds for an incredible charity.

If you have a chance, head over to Dean’s site The Gourmet Dad and send him a little note of congratulations… I know it would mean a lot to him!

So proud of you Babe, I knew you could do it!


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