Dean Won Rachael vs. Guy!


As you may know by now, my very own Gourmet Dad won this season of Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cookoff!  He went head to head with Carnie Wilson in the finale, and ended up winning $50,000 for Miracle Babies, a charity that is very near and dear to us.

I’m so proud of my man for putting himself out there and taking on this challenge. I’ve always known how incredible he is in the kitchen, and I’m so happy that Rachael and Guy agree!

This win means so much to Dean, to our kids and to our family as a whole. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that Dean’s skills in the kitchen were able to provide much needed funds for an incredible charity.

If you have a chance, head over to Dean’s site The Gourmet Dad and send him a little note of congratulations… I know it would mean a lot to him!

So proud of you Babe, I knew you could do it!


  • Kathy

    Dean was a class act the entire show. I was rooting for him to win as he was such a great guy. He of course wanted to win for his charity but he also was rooting for all the other competitors and was a great guy. Well Done Dean and I am so happy he won. Congratulations and more importantly congratulations on being such a terrific role model in competition!

  • Milagros Irizarry-Serrano

    Congratulations Dean!!

  • Sarah

    That is so great! Nice to have a husband that cooks well :)

  • B Davis

    The two of you have to open a restaurant ASAP. Dean was amazing on GvsR. He was incredibly creative and I love the idea of scoring scallops. I am a huge fan of yours and now of your whole fam. I would love to one day dine at a “CacciaTORI”!

  • Memaw0624

    I always Knew Dean would win. With the cheering squad you have assembled, how could he fail. But, just saying, I did tell my Husband “If Dean does not win, I will never watch Food Network again”. Keep up the awesome life, (it is worth it) it just keeps getting better!!!!!


    Congratulations Dean! You truly deserved to win! You deserve to get your own TV Cooking Show. Hope to see you soon on the Cooking Channel. By the way, when is Tori and Dean Home Sweet Holllywood gong to be back on. We really miss you guys.

  • Tracey Charles

    Yay Dean!! So happy for you, congratulations!! I loved watching the show and all of your wonderful food creations! You are talented!

  • MamaPaws

    Loved the show. Watched everyone up until the last. I’m a walking dead fanatic, and it was hard to choose and I was kinda out voted anyway lol. but googled the winner at 11oclock, And caught the rerun last night. Loved how the gave carnies charity money also. Congrats dean! U and your family are just awesome.

  • Boosmom

    This is for DEAN, Ijust found out you live in the “projects” in Toronto, I lived in the projects aka Windsor Housing when I was little too,lol (Im 30) It must be so surreal to see how your kids live now , all those bigger than life bdays and such…way to go.

  • Rose Casa

    Congrats Dean so glad you won I was pulling for you all the way Love you !

  • Renate Uhl

    congrats to you Deano-way to go. Great photo too btw :-)

  • ilene schonhaus

    Congrats to u Dean.Its amazing how much those two lil ones looks exactly like u..Two mini meeeee’s..;) adorable!

  • jenny

    Yay! I’m so glad he won. I wanted him to win all along. Great job!

  • Jamie0811

    I love your family! I was so happy when Dean won. And what a wonderful charity to choose. I had my daughter at 34 weeks and she spent 24 days in the NICU at Naval Medical Center San Diego. She is now a very healthy and active two year old! We’re walking in the March of Dimes walk in Salt Lake in May in her honor. If anybody would like to donate to our team here is our link. :) It would mean a LOT to me. (Totally not trying to spam, just trying to earn money for a charity near and dear to my heart)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I was so happy to see him win because I know how much cooking means to him! I’m guessing since someone else was holding Hattie cat that this was filmed while you were in the hospital on bed rest with your latest addition :)


  • Terri Rosall

    I knew that he would win. I love to see him cook on the show.

  • Gloria & Eric 4ever

    I’m not surprised that he won. I knew he could do it. Good work Dean, keep it up!

  • Maggie

    i missed the whole thing : ( but i knew he would both are winners in my book! went through all 4 pregnancy with You Tori! I love your 4 almost as much as my 4 !

  • doreen porzio

    That was so Amazing when Dean won Rachel vs. Guy : Celebrity Cook Off! You know we were ALL going Nuts when watching! Tweeting our faces off!! I was so HAPPY & PROUD of Dean when he won! He proved what a wonderful cook he REALLY is!! It was so Great that he also won $50,000 for the Charity that was so very important to you, Miracle Babies! When Dean won I was Screaming with pure Joy & excitement!! :) #TheGourmetDad

  • Kristen

    Just watched the finale today!! Super excited for Dean, I was rooting for him along the entire season!!! Congrats!!

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