An Open Letter to Star Magazine

Here are the two things you learn quickly in the public eye when media publications are “reporting a story” about your life… That some publications are more reputable than others and they fact check their stories, and then one writes whatever story they want and repeatedly use the generic word “sources” to add an air of legitimacy. The second is that most publicists will tell their clients “no comment. This will pass”. And it usually does. Then, the next week the tabloid is telling lies about another celebrity. Well, my publicists are as good as you can get and they aren’t just business associates, I consider them close friends. But this time I had to comment because this time I’m answering not as a celebrity but as a mom. 

At this point you might be wondering what I’m referring to while others have already seen the hateful story on the cover of this weeks Star magazine claiming that Dean and I are divorcing and many more horrible claims against my husband. Yes, the story will pass but what won’t pass is what happened in a local supermarket check out line.

My son Liam is turning 6 in a couple weeks. His proudest achievement so far in his young life is that he is learning to read. Until now, when that pride turned to sorrow thanks to Star magazine. He first spotted me on the cover, then Dad, and then a picture of himself and his 3 younger siblings. He was able to read two things out loud, the word DIVORCE (which he proudly sounded out) and the caption above his picture which read “Who will get the kids?” He became terrified. I had to hurry him and his confused 4-year-old sister Stella out of the grocery store and into our car. By the time he was fastening himself into his car seat he was asking, “Why is someone getting us?? Where are you and Dad going?” He was anxiously biting his lower lip and his big blue eyes were filled with tears. My heart sank. How would I explain to my children that what these 3 writers who have never even met us but who claim to know the ins and outs of our relationship and have proudly put their names on this article are flat out writing lies?

I’ve always had shots taken at me. It’s been almost 24 years since I became a public figure starting at age 16 with 90210. It’s the downside to this business but I’ve built up a pretty thick skin to the lies and trash talking at this point. But my children are another story. Keep them out of it! I wonder if any of those 3 writers have children? How would they feel if their child had to read something so hurtful and confusing as what mine had to read? How do they sleep at night knowing they’ve potentially emotionally scarred and if nothing else terrified innocent children.  

Driving home I repeatedly told my children, “That magazine doesn’t know us. Daddy and I are very happy and in love. There will be no divorce and all of us will remain together as a family”. Stella, my literal one, just kept saying “But then why is it on the magazine? Magazines are true.” I wish that were always the case. 

I’m lucky my two oldest are only 5 and 4 and couldn’t read the fine details of the article where horrific claims were made against my husband, their Dad.

Again, you want to make inaccurate low blows at someone Star? Go for me! I can handle it. I always have. But don’t do it to a man that has done nothing but loved me and our children. He has stood by me during the good times and held my hand through the darkest moments of my life.  I’m so blessed to have him as my partner in life and love and he is the best father to our four children.  I’m aware that all that matters is that we know our truth.  It’s just sad that our actual happiness would probably be deemed boring to Star Magazine. What kind of society have we become where love stories and fairytales are dead? That others’ failure is what people crave and what sells? That’s not the world I want my children growing up in. But I digress.

What is the outcome of this story? Easy…  Next week they’ll be reporting about some other couple splitting or someone having a breakdown and this will  “have passed”.  And, Dean and I will continue to love each other and our babies and be grateful for the lives we have. I know that. But, our children should never have to bear witness to lies and fabrications that affect their lives so that a media outlet can make money. That will always be wrong!

  • Britany Morano

    Get em Momma Bear!!!

  • Kristen Vandermolen

    I am so sorry your children suffered because of these printed lies. I saw that cover at the grocery check out today and thought “what a load of lies”. People will sink to the lowest lows to make a buck. I am sure your kiddos know and see the love you and Dean have for one another as they are with you everyday. As a fan, I can see it from afar. Blessings to your beautiful family!

  • twinmama3

    I am truly sorry this happened to you! I can’t imagine what I would feel like if my kiddos read something so mean and untrue about our family. It is always about the money, and they don’t care who gets hurt. In this case, your little one!

  • anniem695

    Tabloids suck. I am in awe of the relationship you and Dean manage to have with all the Hollywood “stuff” that goes on – ya’ll are so incredibly down to earth where family is concerned and your kids are so lucky to have the both of you.

  • KaylaBayla

    Your poor babies. These people need to realize that taking a child’s sense of security away, even for a moment, is not worth any amount of money. Your kids are blessed with wonderful parents.

  • Raven F.

    I just saw that magazine in the drug store an hour ago. I was hoping it wasn’t true, glad to hear that it’s not. Great that you are willing to stick up for yourself, your hubby and especially your kids!

  • Jacqueline Castro

    Those magazines are trash, I stopped buying them years ago. I’m sorry you guys have to deal with this stuff!

  • Bridget Whelan

    Beautifully written. What you and Dean have together is only something I can hope to have when I get older. Your strength is beyond admirable!

  • Vicki FLIPZLES

    So sorry that you and your kiddos have to deal with such ugly things.

  • jennifer

    Thank Goodness I absolutely LOVE you two!

  • Robin Powell

    I’m with Tori on this one. Why drag the kids into this? I always wonder how these tablois get away with writing this stuff and why they do so?

    Now to see that the kids are old enough to read it? Shame on those tabloids.

  • steppedonalego

    Ugh… this infuriates me…. and I am proud to say that I haven’t bought a tabloid in over 2 years! (which is big because my grandmother started me on them when I was just a little older than Liam!) I never really believed anything in them, so I can’t say why I ever bought them at all, except that it is what I was used to.
    I’m sorry your gorgeous family has been targeted, but you know the truth, and that’s what matters. There’s nothing but love in your eyes for Dean.

  • Trisha

    This makes me so sad for your children and so angry for you and Dean. As you said, as adults you can handle it, but the children are so innocent and do easily influenced. This just breaks my heart.

  • Nicole Osmond

    I just don’t understand why they have to write such hateful things about people in those darn tabloids! You would think that at least someone there has a heart and would think “What if someone wrote those things about my family?” Apparently not, but they always claim “We’re here to make money not care about people’s feelings, otherwise we’d be out of a job.” I mean seriously though, someone needs to turn the tables on some of those tabloid writers and see how they like it! I’m so glad you are one proud momma and not afraid to stand up and defend what is yours!

  • Carol Conrad

    Tori and Dean,
    I am so sorry this had to happen. Poor Liam and Stella! My heart goes out to you.
    I know you handled this very well and the kids are fine.
    Next time at the super market turn all the nasty magazines over. I do!
    Some lady called me out on it. I was messing up her favorite rags! I asked her how she could stand to read that trash! Then I turned my back on her. She is part of the problem by buying that junk!I know, I was rude but I couldn’t help it!
    Keep your chin up! You know the truth!!

  • Stephanie Deiterich

    As a mother, things like this make me sad! There is no reason why children should have be subjected to this kind of stuff. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or just some plain Jane, kids are the innocence of this world, the only true and simple things we have left. They shouldn’t have to read or hear lies about their parents…EVER! Go get em’ Tori! Sad thing is, they’ll make their money from this and next week be making their money at someone else’s expense!

  • Tracy Martinez

    What asses!!! Your poor babies, to have to read such hurtfull lies!! Y’all are awesome parents and you cen see the love in your eyes with each picture you post! Karma!!

  • marinewife

    Oh Tori, my heart is breaking for you. Those poor children , I can’t imagine how that would feel. I’m very proud of you for sticking up to Star, they are trash . I’ve never believed anything they’ve published. Nor have I ever bought their magazine. I have always admired your relationship with Dean. Having a Hollywood marriage must be hard. I know a lot about hard marriages, my husbands been deployed for half of ours ! But you found your soul mate . Love ya girl !

  • Donna

    How sad these people make money off lies. Just tell your little ones magazines are like a movie’s all pretend ,unfortunately it has to be seen by children and that makes them confused..the only truth they need to believe is the true love love you and Dean have for each other and them. The love you all feel for one another is quite apparent to those that know and love you.I feel so bad for you and your please know we all know it’s a pack of lies.

  • aimee1973

    tori and dean, once again i am saddened that you have to go through another bout of lies. i am a mother of three girls and although i dont live a life as you do lies hurt no matter who you are. i am so happy that you have the brain you have to protect your children. my family loves your family ans we know you will get through this and as for liam please know he is a strong boy and will just like his mother learn to have a thick skin as well for now just love and reassure him that only the 5 of you know what happens in your home and that is the truth!!!!

  • Montanaontario

    hello sweet family
    I grocery shop online for many reasons
    I feel for you and all
    beat them at their own game
    either start a online/delivery place or get someone going on it
    I dont know any more then you do,but would be fun to beat them out of business
    Thank-you for everything you do for us and all!

  • Andi

    It is sad that this world has become obsessed with divorce. It breaks my heart to know that they upset such a young child with such trash. I for one have never read Star magazine and after this I don’t think I would ever read such trash. You and Dean are an inspiration to all us married couples.


    Wee said.


    That’s *Well

  • Jeanne Tutt

    what a shame! I thought there was an understanding kids were off limits. this is HORRIBLE! I hope they write a retraction and apologize. (not likely to happen but we can dream!)

    Shame on the magazine! If you follow this site you can see all over the place they are very in love there is no reason to be divorcing or for you to have written this!

    I’m so sorry Liam had this experience. how horrible to be learning to read and this being one of the first things.

  • Jenny

    It makes me so sad to think your kids have to see such horrible headlines everywhere you go, especially during an innocent trip to the grocery store. Hugs to you all.

  • Pati Szpyra

    How disguising!

    There is no low that this trash will not go to. How dare they bring children into this!

    All that is important is that they know you love them, and that Dean loves them. This is a wonderful family, and your children never should have seen that vicious lie. Keep your heads held high; one day, karma will find them, and then those “writers” will feel what a B-word she can be.

  • Britany Morano

    Still thinking about this n it really bothers me!! It is so sad that people are so backwards!! Like you said why does everyone’s failures and misfortunes turn into the biggest stories… they should be happy and reporting how wonderful you all are as a family! We were pg at the same time in 07 and I have always felt like you were so genuine- someone I could see myself hanging out with, and have loved u n the show ur kids n hubby ever since then, you r such a great family! Its sad that ppl always want to snuff the good. Like they are really just jealous bc u have something they have always wanted?! Maybe I’m a weirdo but I actually would buy the fairytale story over the slander any day!! I think that people are so selfish and self centered they don’t even think of others or how their actions will effect them, let alone be happy for someone or wish them well thru tough times. I know its a gossip mag not LAs Most Perfect Peeps but seriously people, like you said LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT!! I’d be furious too!! How sad for you and your family to have to deal with that smut!!! Xoxo to you and your family!!!

  • queeniee

    omg I feel so bad for u and ur family.. I can only imagine the fear, sadness and confusion liam and stella felt… u and dean r great parents!!!

  • Jrit

    very sad…as long as people buy this trash the false stories will continue…unfortunately this sells…pitifull

  • Emelie Riensch-Armstrong

    Good for you Tori. You need to fight back especially when it comes to your relationship and your beautiful children. Perhaps you should consider suing. I think it would be a reasonable option. I am not a fan of our “sue happy” society but this is definitely the exception. Perhaps they would reconsider printing these hateful things in the future. Especially if they were held accountable. You are a good wife and mother. Keep standing up for your family.

  • Nicole Heinecke


  • Alyssa Maldonado

    This makes me so sad! Your little family is such an inspiration and I hope you know that your true fans respect you guys enough to not believe or buy into the crap!! Chin up mama bear, this story will pass like all the others!! Hugs!

  • Rachelle Thomas

    What an amazing letter Tori. I am a celebrity or a mother but I was so outraged at what Star magazine did to your kids. My heart went out to Liam what an awful thing to have to read about your parents. Shame on Star for printing lies! They are a despicable magazine out to do nothing but write crap about celebrities. As an entertainment writer is the articles like the one Star wrote that give the rest of us decent writers a bad name. I think you & Dean are an very inspiring couple who many in & out of Hollywood could learn from. I loved your show & hope it comes back soon

  • Trina Leslie

    Brings tears to my eyes! This celebrity obsessed world we live in is so disgusting to me. You are a beautiful person inside and out and these writers should be so ashamed! Selling lies is their business but that certainly doesn’t make it right! Bless your dear heart and hug those babies tight!

  • Jennifer

    Dear McDermitt Family~
    I quit buying ALL these TRASH TALK rag-mags years ago when Princess Di was murdered! I refuse to give them the time of day. Sadly, if you watch Nashville, this stortline was portrayed in last nights episode. Yes the characters are not real, but maybe someone can take a hint at how these innocent children can be affected by such lies!
    You have the support of your fans! And unfortunately your children will too develop thick skin probably sooner than later.
    Give your kids a big hug!

  • Shannon Wheeler

    I’m soooooooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you for speaking this out loud, they are going to be ok because they have you both, who are open with the conversations, though its hard for them to understand all of this now, they will watch you both in love going through the good and bad and that’s how they learn, time will help, you’re right there is A LOT of misery out there and misery loves company, but good attracts good also and look what you have attracted in your life, focus on this that you can control, those jackasses don’t matter :)(Sorry couldn’t help myself) Fake story writers that have to make stuff up because they have nothing better, great lesson in life where do you want to put your energy towards? Keep being and growing amazing! You are both great parents and your kids are a perfect reflection of that bond, All Love!!!! Shannon (Mommy to Mason & Finlee) :)

  • Rachelle Thomas

    I meant I am not a celebrity or mother. Dang iPhone you rock Tori

  • Mandi

    What a horrible moment for your kids! I’m sorry that happened!!! Good thing your kids are smart and trust their mommy! I hope they are able to get past it 100% and know if they see something like that again it’s lies.

  • Ronda Szlavich

    Well said Tori…Enough is enough..This is the very reason I do not buy trash magazines.. As a Mother of 9, I do know, that NO ONE messes with a Momma Bear’s Cubs…..

  • mom14043

    That is so awful, I often stand there and think to myself that the kids can read these things, I know my kids can I actually will make my kids go ahead of me in line (of course they are 10 16 an 17) so they don’t read the garbage on the tabloids. You and dean are amazing parents and all you want for them is to have an amazing life doing what they want to do because they can do anything. To have tabloids out and out exploiting you is SO sad and definitely NOT right. I think you both are amazing, and you are a role model to so many moms out there. I hate that they say nasty things about you and dean. I was cheering really loud when he did Rachel Vs. Guy. I said to my husband when I saw him on there. He’s going to win, he’s going to school for this and he’s really driven. You could see that each week and he wasn’t doing it for himself he was doing it for you and for his charity. Dean has a huge huge heart which I respect and admire in him. You tell those beautiful kids they have amazing parents and that you love them.

  • chelsea

    Every single one of these “stories” on these “magazines” (they’re tabloids, plain and simple) are BS! People should know by now and they should be out of business! How can a “source” be true when there’s no name attached?? If this “source” is so resourceful then why wouldn’t they want their name in the mag? I’m a HUGE Britney fan and they write the dumbest things about her ALL the time. Ever since she was 16 when she first came out. They said she was an alien? Really?? And every chance they get they claim she’s having a “meltdown.” She never had a meltdown! It’s called life! She was going through a divorce, trusting people she shouldn’t have trusted, including a former manager who DRUGED her! It’s the same thing with the paparazzi. WHY can’t these people just leave these celebs alone? I feel for you, Tori. Just like I felt for Brit when she was hounded my paparazzi out with her children so she had to put one in her lap and drive off! Children should be OFF limits to the press! There needs to be laws made. But of course it’s “freedom of the press.” I was a Journalism major but decided it wasn’t the career for me. After newspapers started dying and after the trash I constantly saw online and in the “magazines.” There’s a write to say and write what you feel and then there’s messing with people’s lives. NOT OKAY!

  • kezza1979

    oh my god tori no matter who u r you should not have o put up with the crap they have not right involving your children like that they do not think about the kids its so sad that must have broken your heart to have to deal with that my heart goes out to you tori and dean

  • Stephanie Gorg

    These circumstances exasperate me momentously. Sure, it is your choice to be a public figure but not your children’s choice, and it is the media’s intentional choice to act inappropriately towards someone’s children. It is this type of diatribe that makes this country unbelievable. There need to be harsher laws against this type of journalistic discourse which actually punish people who go beyond what the “normal” media goes. Sure people will argue about the first amendment rights and freedom of the press, sure they are there entitled to these liberties, but when it starts to infringe on one’s personal rights I believe it is wrong. It all comes down to which is the greater wrong, infringement on one’s civil liberties or holding the press accountable for their inexcusable actions. I vote for holding the press accountable for going after innocent children who have done nothing but have the fortune of being genetically related to Hollywood royalty.

    Tori, I hope you stand up and fight for your right to privacy and sue them until they have to go out of business. Your daily life should not have to be tabloid fodder. You deserve to take an innocent trip to the grocery store without fear of being attacked in the isles by a dirty rag like the Star, who deems it appropriate to spread malicious lies. Your family life is stable and you have wonderful intelligent children who will understand mommy and daddy are in a good place because of the warm loving environmnt they are growing up in.

    Fight the good fight Tori!!!!

  • Cntmoore

    From one Mama Bear to another….way to go Tori! Well said, keep speaking the truth. They deserve to know the pain they caused! Bottom feeders!

  • Ambernicole

    Wahoo!! Goo Mamma!!! Get them, and stay true to yourself and your family!!

  • Mommy of 3

    I think most nowadays Tori,people know how these magazines operate.And know they are not true..If it was,there would be more info out there about it.They have no credibility anymore for anything they have.I honestly do not see how they even keep their business going.People may see them at checkout lines..and just say good Lord,how crazy,do they really expect us to believe these things!I know being in the public eye,there is alot of things you see everyday,hear everyday..and I know it can be hard to let it roll at the end of the day you are still human like the rest of us are..and have genuine feelings.And most importantly,you are a mother and wife..And when you mess with your babies and your spouse,you have every right to retaliate and do what you feel necessary to protect them.I realize you may or may not ever read this,as you get so many responses each day..But I think you are a good person with a great heart..And great kids.I love watching you all on tv.I am so wanting to see you guys in some more shows on tv..And you seem to have a great husband that would hand you the moon and the stars if you asked him.I love how he is a typical male spouse also in some ways,when he does typical things such as fart on It just cracks me up!!How is the antique business going there? I love old things like that,and always always wanted a business such as this,and or a consignment type shop also..Or atleast work in one..Right now things have been so awful,my spouse the love of my life,I thought hung the moon,left me and our youngest son jus a few mths ago..We were married 23 yrs,and he up and left for another woman.And left me in such an awful way,no family here where we are.And trying to get things paid has been unreal.And a struggle,I have went to selling things on a yard sale site,and thought I would love to connect that to a consignment shop,it would be so nice to have that..But facing each day to make a few dollars to hunt a reg job,when you have been a stay at home mom most all your life,to let him be the bread winner and pursue his career,and followed his job our whole lives..To up and do that,ripped my heart out of my chest,and his sons.As he used to be a great dad..and now since he left us for another woman,I was crushed and devistated.,wondering how will I go on..And my son is heart broken as his dad will not spend anytime with him..Or have anytime for him anymore since he left.Anyways,did not mean to get on the subject of my life..But if you ever hear anything of a job anywhere,fast food whatever it maybe,so I can have a shot of something to help us..We have 3 boys,the 2 older ones,are on their own now..But good luck on anything and everything you do! And wish you love for you and your family.:)

  • Jenny Summers

    Tori I am so very sorry you have to put up with this, but aside from that I’m just utterly disgusted that poor sweet Liam and Stella had to be frightened and emotionally upset by this. I haven’t ever understood why people get a thrill out of other’s lives falling apart or heartache and it makes me sick that magazines publish such lies. Yes you are famous, but you’re also a human being. A loving wife and dedicated mother, a loyal friend and a genuine person. You don’t deserve this anymore than the next person famous or not and I’m so sorry this happened. I’d react the exact same way you did. <3

  • julesmcr

    It is terrifying that in our country in 2013 anyone who wants to profess their thoughts and ideas no matter how destructive and socially vile they are, can and will be protected by the First Amendment. This is a great example of the violating lengths these “so called” journalists now seem to go to propagate and make a buck off of selling vulgar and offensive stories. It seems like the bar continues to be raised on the stalking of children of celebrities. These Journalistic Hacks don’t seem to have any moral or ethical problem with stalking celebrities children in Elementary Schools or any other place that may have once been sacred. This type of journalistic crime at the hand of celebrities amounts to Psychological Terror and Child Abuse. Transplant any of these low forms of life into a Country like Sudan and they would be prisoned, tortured and killed for much less. Until the American public stops thirsting to know every detail of a celebrities life and those of their children, I fear that it will get much worse. Tori and Dean this must have been a horrifying event for your children but, by you both standing up for yourselves every time- maybe the American Public can understand what an invasion of trust, safety and privacy reporting this information can cause! Great Work! Your show, books and everything you both do represents the importance of love for each other, your children, friends and family-that is what all of us in this country need to get back to.

  • Memaw0624

    You tell them Tori. No one should have to put up with such malice intent…In support of You and Yours: I refuse to buy a Star magazine! And everytime I am in a store that sells such trash, I will purposely put another magazine on top of any Star publication from here on out. Children need to know security and love, not be subjected to the lies and deceit that is tabloid trash. You know arounbd here, stores put covers over “porn” on magazine racks.

  • Cheryl Shirley

    Im so sorry you, Dean and the kids have to deal with this kind of crap! You are a awesome family and I personally think its a jealous thing.. They dont think couples in hollywood should be happy! You go girl.. Keep your chin up. much love…

  • Shutterbug005

    This broke my heart when I saw it in the magazine while waiting in line today.
    It broke my heart 1000 times more to read this message from you. Im so sorry that your children have to go through this, it’s so unfair on them as well as on yourself and Dean.
    As I stood in line all I could think about was your poor children, even though I knew the article was bull I knew your children would see it, and I feared for them.

    Im so sorry Torri!

  • Jimbo

    Tori, it really worries me that we live in such a mean spirited society. Look at all the shows that glorify bad behavior. I’m embarrassed for the human race that the misery of others is considered entertainment. Just know that I’m pulling for you guys! I’ve always loved your (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) spunky attitude. And how lucky are you anyway? You have a handsome, fun, kindhearted hunk who can cook!! Try to ignore the ignorant and know that I and countless others are wishing you continued love and success :c) Please congratulate Dean for his well deserved victory on Rachel Vs Guy! Love and hugs, Jim

  • Mel

    I don’t usually follow hollywood stars and read their blogs but I really like your style, crafts etc. It’s has been hard not to peek into your life and watch your show and love seeing your family grow. I miss my girls being little and I like your posts about the family, makes me remember the sweetness of my teenagers younger years. THIS brings out the mama bear in me. I am so upset on your behalf! I don’t even know you but good grief! I am sorry that your poor little guy had to read that and be upset. I am so HAPPY that he has you and Dean as parents to be honest, loving and level headed enough to guide your children through their “celebrity by birth” and all the joy and trouble it can bring. Happy thoughts for all your brood! Rock On McDermott Clan, you got this!

  • Cindy

    you go girl, they have no right to do it yet they continue to fabricate stories to make money, I would rather read a love story then trash. Sorry he had to read that.

  • Amy Chapman

    I really wish magazines would leave personal stuff out especially when it involves children. Tori you and Dean are a great example of true love. I would have never believed the magazine anyway!

  • Lauren_M

    I absolutely adore you Tori and I’ve always admired you and enjoyed your shows! We were pregnant at the same time with out first children and both had a boy & I also had a short 1st marriage, which ended when I met the love of my life, whom I’m now married too & have been for 5 years. Also, ironically, I previously had a strained relationship with my mother, while I adored my father, things with my mother were always a tad difficult (maybe because of how close I am with my father, I’m not really sure) but I reunited with my mother around the same time that you and your mother reunited; needless to say, I’ve always felt an affinity for you because of the similarity of our life paths (aside from the fame of course:) so I am coming from a place of total love when I say, please, please, please don’t let these trashy gossip mags get under your skin.

    Tell your precious children that that magazine made up a story to get big sales & reassure them it’s all lies! They are going to mirror your reaction, so try not to react next time! I just adore you & I dread all the negative press that I fear will come from this open letter! In a way, I want to protect you and your kids from the backlash &
    I don’t even know you personally, but as a mom and a wife, I’ve deeply regretted the times I’ve spoken out about something, because it always caused more harm than good! I pray they back off this story after reading your open letter, but I fear it will only add fuel to their fire!!

  • Ann Crook

    First and foremost, kudos to your little man on learning to read!
    His world is suddenly going to become much larger now both in good ways and unfortunately not-so-good ways as you have now found out.
    The reason why I love your family soo much is because you are accessible to your fans. You share your family stories, photos and milestones with us much the same way we do with our own friends on our facebook pages. Instead of making us feel like you are too good for us, you have shown us that you are really just one of us. I really don’t know any celebrities personally, but there some days where I actually feel like I know you and your family. That is how real and open you are with us.
    I think this realness probably drives some people nuts. After all, anyone who has ever attended high school will tell you there are always people who love drama, love to stir poop, and love to gossip. They will peel away at the onion, and peel away some more in the desperate hope that they will find something to rock the boat a bit. And if they can’t find something, they will fabricate something. Sadly, there are always going to be people who love to read magazines like Star. I am not overly convinced that they even believe what they are reading….afterall anyone with half a brain cell knows that Star is full of BS. When I was a little girl, my great-aunt (who I have to say was a complete nutter!)used to love to read National Enquirer. Even at 7 years old, I used to ask her why she read it when everyone knows they lie. Even at 7 years old, I knew they were lies. I am not even sure how I knew. I just did.
    I can imagine it must be pretty confusing for a child to see a picture of themselves or their parents on the front of a magazine at the grocery store. I couldn’t even begin to offer advice on how to handle it as my kids have never been in that situation. But, in the end, I am sure the love and security that you provide for them at home will be more than enough for them to learn to turn the other cheek.

  • Sharon Coffini

    That sucks that you had to go through that. I get the whole celebrity thing…but you are right, when there are children involved and especially when it is blatant lies…they need to think twice about what they write. It takes a very big person to rise above and ignore lies when all your instincts tell you to stick up for yourself and set the record straight. It’s hard to do that in private life let alone how hard it must be in the public eye. KNOW that your true fans will always look for the good over the bad and at least you have THIS outlet (EdiTORIal) to reach out to your fans and set the record straight. Keep your head up! XO

  • Ann Crook

    First and foremost, kudos to your little man on learning to read!
    His world is suddenly going to become much larger now both in good ways and unfortunately not-so-good ways as you have now found out.
    The reason why I love your family soo much is because you are accessible to your fans. You share your family stories, photos and milestones with us much the same way we do with our own friends on our facebook pages. Instead of making us feel like you are too good for us, you have shown us that you are really just one of us. I really don’t know any celebrities personally, but there some days where I actually feel like I know you and your family. That is how real and open you are with us.
    I think this realness probably drives some people nuts. After all, anyone who has ever attended high school will tell you there are always people who love drama, love to stir poop, and love to gossip. They will peel away at the onion, and peel away some more in the desperate hope that they will find something to rock the boat a bit. And if they can’t find something, they will fabricate something. Sadly, there are always going to be people who love to read magazines like Star. I am not overly convinced that they even believe what they are reading….afterall anyone with half a brain cell knows that Star is full of BS. When I was a little girl, my great-aunt (who I have to say was a complete nutter!)used to love to read National Enquirer. Even at 7 years old, I used to ask her why she read it when everyone knows they lie. Even at 7 years old, I knew they were lies. I am not even sure how I knew. I just did.
    I can imagine it must be pretty confusing for a child to see a picture of themselves or their parents on the front of a magazine at the grocery store. I couldn’t even begin to offer advice on how to handle it as my kids have never been in that situation. But, in the end, I am sure the love and security that you provide for them at home will be more than enough for them to learn to turn the other cheek.

  • Amber Hubbard

    Very well said. I cant imagine what it must be like to constantly have people picking away at your personal life but I must say if I were in your situation there is no way I could handle it with as much grace as you do.

    Dont let the lies bring you down, remember that you have family, friends, and FANS who will always love you and know there is more to the story.

    Your love story is inspirational and your family is beautiful… the Star reporters can only hope to find a love and have a family like you have. You are a very lucky woman, don’t let tabloids make you think otherwise.

  • Tiffany

    Its horrible that that happened! I am glad that you spoke up and as a mom I understand and feel for you and your kids. Thank you for sharing the truth with us!

  • pebbles

    The news people should get their facts in order before they print articles about celebrities. The kids are the ones who suffer. Celebrities are people to and need privacy.

  • Trish DiSandro

    No one can stand to see someone happy anymore. They automatically have to hate on them, and pick it apart. Nevermind the fact that you have children you now have to shield from this garbage. I’m so mad for you.

  • Barbara

    Wonderfully said. I hurt for the celebrities that things like this are written about. How very scarey and hurtful for your children. You are a good Mom.. good parents. Blessings to you all.

  • Lisa Wekenborg

    I’m sorry for your family Tori! I have been a fan since the 90210 days, and I see a family who loves each other very much. I see you and Dean trying to raise your kids “normal”. For your true fans, we don’t believe the trash! And please tell Liam n Stella those are “trash mags”. They get payed to make up stories about wonderful families and you have a wonderful family! Keep up your reading Liam!

  • lanaluwho

    Tori&Dean, i’m so very sorry that happened. I wish there was a way to make it illegal. BUT maybe it is possible to get stores to keep those someplace else besides the register area. Ive always hated tabloids and refuse to read them. Im funny cos i wont even look in that direction. And i tell my kids that they are books about lies. So they dont look at them either. Anyway, its good that you wrote this! Your true fans will look for word from you before believing lies and they will be there to support you in this!

  • Julie S.

    Well said! Your letter made me cry. As a mother of two, it breaks my heart just thinking of any child being sad, or hurt, or scared. I’m sorry your babies had to witness such a classless, senseless act. Just wanted to say thank you for keeping it real. I love your show/s and have always told my husband that your family reminds me a lot of us! 😉 Don’t change for anyone, clearly you have tons of fans who adore you and your family! Btw…. I love all of your babies names! Had our second baby been a boy, his name would have been Liam! :)

  • Janice Hoffman

    So sad. Tori, I think you are an awesome mother, wife and role model to so many. You and Dean are so much in love and you have a beautiful family. You know the truth and that is all that matters. I’m proud of you for standing up for your children and your husband!. Stay strong Tori and Dean!! So much jealousy and hate in this world…let it roll off as best you can. Your fans love you and are behind you 100%!

  • Kim Hawkins

    Why do stores even sell that trash?!? Get a life Star magazine “writers”.

  • jojobean

    So very sad Tori. I think you wrote an awesome letter and while it might not change the nasty editors of these ridiculous publications, its well written and just so sad that your kids had to see it. The magazine people don’t THINK that maybe you or your kids or your family will see the story and their “sources” if you can call them that are just in it for the $$$. I’m sorry you have to go through this and know that you, as a celebrity, are used to it. Its just out of hand now. They need to get their stories straight before publishing anything. Stay strong Tori – you have a beautiful family and are so blessed. Standing behind you. 1000%! :-)

  • Diana Nicolas

    Here here, well done. You are completely right. It is a terrible thing that people have to go out and write those articles and that people (society) has to go out and purchase those lies. I commend you and Dean and your lovely family and hope you all have a very loving and happy life together always.

  • ReallyColette

    Im sorry your children have to deal with that. Its hard enough raising children these days. I dont read any of those magazines and rarely notice them. Wouldnt believe anything written. I hope im not the only one that feels that way. You strike me as a hard working mom simply doing her best to raise a family while everyone watches. Keep up the good work.

  • Holly Bogue

    Next business venture: reverse paparazzi tabloid. That was really awful, and I’m sorry that happened to your children!

  • amybluegold

    I saw this magazine today and I was angry for you too! Your fans and supporters realize how wrong and innapropriate these tabloid stories are, but when your family, especially children are unwillingly involved this is just wrong. Good for you for standing up for your family. Your fans love you Tori! I will never purchase that magazine.

  • CarreyOkee

    I Do Not Know How Those Magazines Can Get Away With the Garbage They Write Thinking People Will Believe Everything They Read !! Someone Needs To Sue The Pants Off Of Them So Maybe They Will Think Before They Turn Someones Life Upside Down!! Keep The Communication Open With Your Kids Tori So They Know That Not All Magazines & Papers Only Print The Truth !! Hugs From Ontario !!

  • Frannie

    So sorry to hear of this incident. Truly worthy of legal action in my opinion. All those magazines should be covered in brown paper like the old “porn” magazines of old used to be, because they truly are nothing more than smut. Let us know what we can do to help you.


  • Melinda

    First and foremost let me say that I am so sorry that your children saw this and then immediately thought their life as they knew was going to change. I feel so bad for mom’s and dad’s that have to not only defend themselves against the haters, but they have to defend their children too. How is it that they ( magazines) can even feel justified for selling a story with children in it when the information is not true. I have loved your show on Oxygen since the beginning and I can see the love and truth of how you and Dean feel for each other by the look in your eyes. I really hope that they write a retraction of some sort. Love you guys :)

  • Shawnee Penkacik

    Tori, I am saddened to hear that they did this to your family. You would think they would want to showcase more of the happy family stories than the breakups in today’s media. I am also sorry your children had to worry because of something a journalist who’s only goal was selling a magazine wrote. In my Media and Communications class, I wrote about how I want journalism to be more responsible. I want actors to be able to have lives that they can tell what they want to tell but where we let them have a life. You are doing a great job with your family!! I hope this causes magazines to think before they print. They need to realize their actions can affect more than just their numbers.

  • manhattangal

    Well Tori, I have been a successful Personal Talent Manager for over 30 years in Manhattan and LA…Michele Donay Talent Mgmt. When my client Michelle Thomas from Cosby Show(Justine), Family Matters(Myra) and the Young and the Restless(Callie) was stricken with a rare type of stomach cancer we who loved her were devasted. Michelle passed on Dec.23, 1998 while she was holding my hand in the hospital but in a coma. During the year that she was sick, Star Magazine reported total false accusations about Michelle, my sister and surrogate daughter. (I had managed her career since she was new to the business at age 15. She was 30 when she became an angel. Another client, Tommy Michaels, played Tim on “All My Children” for 10 years, Les Miserables on Broadway as well as countless tv movies and theatre show. I would read Star with anger at their false stories. Even my friend who was an editor at Soap Opera Digest told me to never believe anything they say. I have not bought a Star Magazine since Michelle Thomas was ill and I never will. For show biz gossip and such I will purchase Us or People magazine. Ask your twitter fans and facebook fans to ban Star. I love you and your family, have all your books and have followed your career on TV as a Talent Manager always on the lookout for future television roles for my clients. Don’t let them rile you up. Can you sue Star? Just wondering. If you want to reach me I am on facebook, Michele Donay and you can google Michele Donay Talent to find out more about me. I love you and your beautiful ever-expanding family and the compassion you surround yourself with concerning your family, your crafts, books, and Television movies, reality show with your family and friends and you were also fabulous in the movie “Trick”. Just keep on being you and STAY AWAY FROM STAR. They are the words piece of trash nest to the Enquirer.
    Loving your Love,
    Michele Donay Talent Management

  • Kaloni E.

    I am so sorry that this happend to your wonderful family! I also saw the magazine today and knew it was complete lies. What a vicious attack! I was so angry I found all of them I could and turned them around so that the cover could not be seen.
    I am so sorry that your children saw it and felt like their world was suddenly unstable. How awful as a mom to have someone attack your family that way so maliciously. I already boycott that magazine on principle but I think a wider boycott is needed! Let them know that it will not be tolerated. Just because someone is in the public eye is not reason enough to be vicious and cruel towards them intentionally.
    Hope your littles have recovered and have gotten lots of hugs tonight! Love you and your family and so appreciate the love that you and dean show to eachother and to your children!
    Many warm wishes!

  • LizGirls

    I am really sorry as a single mother of 3 I know how frustrating it is to keep everything warm and fuzzy everyday, I hated star before and still do 😉

  • manhattangal

    I meant they are the Worst piece of trash, not words piece of trash.

  • Karleen

    I am so sorry that happenned to you. As if being a parent is not stressful enough!!! Big Hug, Karleen

  • Sally

    It’s absolutely disgusting what that magazine did. As a mother I can only imagine the horror and sadness you felt seeing your beautiful children so upset. You should have your attorneys force them to not only print a retraction but an open personal apology to those sweet little babies and Dean. What a sad society we live in when something like that passes for “entertainment”.

  • annette schonhagen

    Decent people boycott these types of bagmags and view them as a terrible form of bullying to innocent people, dont they realise it would sell more if they printed what a wonderful warts and all normal family you are, you cant fake what you all have, as celebrities you have double the work on healthy marriage aswell as and shield your family from such perils as gossip and the money bleeders and the other perils, but you and dean should be proud of the lives you have made you are really good role models for young families. Sometimes I forget your famous I read your input look at the family pics, you are not “hollywood” your like the mate up the road.

  • SuzD

    It is truly unfortunate that these sleeze magazines are allowed to write this kind of filth! I am so sorry for your beautiful family! I have no doubt with your family stability and great parenting skills that you two will be able to walk your kids through it and help them understand! It’s a tough world out there, but with good stable and loving families you can walk through anything! You have lots of love and support from many great souls that you do not know!

  • Linda Tr

    Love you and your family ♥

  • sussane hopkins

    Simple do what Tom Cruise does and sue the crap out of them, then see how much they like it when a lovely and happy couple fight back ……. ♥ ♥ love the work you do tori

  • Elizabeth

    Honestly Tori, I’m even sick of them picking on you too. I enjoy all of your shows, I love reading your blogs, and I myself am trying to start a family with my husband after a horrible loss of a pregnancy last year, you truly give someone like me hope with your beautiful family.
    Good for you mama bear, you did the right thing defending yourself to the only people who matter, your family. They breed money from unhappiness and even though you didn’t have to defend yourself to anyone, you took a stand for your family. I love watching how realistic your family is considering your fame. I even named one of my chickens “Coco” after being so in love with your Coco. Take care my friend and know many of us out here don’t buy that crap and we enjoy all the hard work you do by sharing yourself with us.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Dear T, as a fellow mother, I cannot do anything else but support you on this matter. Gossip is one thing, hatred is something that is completely across the line. Obviously I am not used to living in the public eye at all (which might be a bliss reading the above), but when I read your story and understood what it is about, it hit me in the stomach and made me feel miserable. You mentioned before you consider yourself as a part of a cyberfamily on this blog and that is likewise. Therefore I felt ever so sad to read what experience you and Liam had to go through. Little kids will experience these kind of lessons anyway, it will make them grow up, much to the dislike of their everprotecting momma bears, but this is on such a complete different level! And I really don’t know what to say other than that I think I can feel your anger and sorrow as a Mom. And good for you that you speak out, it’s always a good thing when you follow your heart. I only can give you this big, warm, cyberhug in words and as you mentioned: it will pass. But nevertheless it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
    Please continue your lightsome and positive input in my life, via this blog, count your blessings, kiss and hug your kids and cuddle up to Dean (some comfortfood is optional) XOXO

  • Michele Lane

    You. Go. Mama. Ugh! Why would anyone want to read things that are made up? What is the point of that? Anymore, I only read things like this site…(a place where a celebrity shares what they would like the world to know and private things that arent any of my busines arent printed)

  • carmen franco

    It just breaks my heart!..I can even think of how you must have hurt to see your little ONE reading that garbish!..mY FAMILY lOVES AND rESPECTS YOU! God Bless You stay strong!

  • Allie

    The things reporters make up. I do hope that most people at this point understand most magazines talk trash and will say anything to sell magazines. Sadly kids dont understand this and its sad you have to try and explain a situation like this to a child. Im so glad you stepped out of the norm and called Star out their bs. I dont know where they come up wuth this stuff anyways. Clearly you and your hubby still have the hots for eachother…where do they think these babies keep coming from :p

  • Christelle B

    I am pretty sure they know it and they don’t care.
    which is very scary and disturbing.

  • Renatta Doerksen

    I’m so sorry Tori that you had to try to explain away the lies of others to your kids. I saw the headline and knew, just from reading EdiTORIal that it wasn’t true, but to have to explain it to Liam must have been hard. I remember when my eldest was first in school and someone was just plain mean and she just didn’t understand it. It was hard enough to explain the hurtful things another child can do or say, let alone explain that it still happens as an adult. I hope Liam is ok and reassured. Rest assured your fans know the truth.

  • Sharon Lacy

    I don’t know how you can keep your composure through all that madness I would go insane and snap out. GOD bless you and your little ones in your family be happy

  • Ice

    I am so proud of you and your husband. I hate rumors but when children see things, it is horrible. You handled it so well and way to go.
    I love seeing how much you two are in love and how he was on the Celebrity show with Rachel and Guy, and I knew from the beginning he would win.
    You guys are amazing as a couple and you are so right, it is one thing when your children see it and another knowing the truth as adults. Way to say it! Yay Tori!

  • Ryan Noelle

    Tori, I both adore and appreciate your candidness! Kudos to you for speaking your mind. Like Stella, many people believe those magazines. It is always refreshing to hear someone call the lies out. Keep being you and raising a great brood!

  • N. Mar

    I’m so sorry that your family has to experience this, but I am proud of the way you are handling it. You and your family have been so transparent to your fans, and we appreciate that. The “writers” at Star should be ashamed f themselves for printing such trash. Hug your babies (and Dean) for us.

  • Lisa Broadley

    So sorry to hear that Tori! Having Liam & Stella see that is incredibly upsetting (even for someone whom is not a mom)… How do you explain to the kids that their are liars out there that get paid to do this?? Actually I used to buy those mags often but never knew what was true or not. I know now to NEVER buy this mag.

  • Shaye Finch

    This is so sad for Liam and Stella! I wish there was a magazine that, as you put it, reported on the love stories and fairytales. I would totally buy that as opposed to all the other junk there is out there. Y’alls love story is one of my favorites and I would happily read about that. Much love to you and your family!

  • Barbara Majeski

    I spent a day skiing with Dean and Liam last year. The entire day I heard from a proud father and husband about the heart of his wife and the love for his children. A man couldn’t be more stable, committed and loving. Wish I had written the article.

  • Meg

    This is so horrifying, Tori. I am so, so sorry you and Liam had to go through such an awful experience…You two are so happy and in love..and I am proud of the way both you and Dean care for your children. We’ve met at a book signing and you were one of the most beautifully pregnant, joyous, and kind person I ever got the pleasure of meeting. Anyone who is a fan will know that the Star is a pack of lies aimed at selling magazines. You, Dean, and your family rock it, sister friend. Your friends and fans love you guys…

  • desi

    Tori, I am so sorry this happened to you! That is just awful that Liam read those lies at the store. I would have handled it the same way you did. First by reassuring my kids and second by writing a letter to that “trash” publication. Stay strong and your love and faith will carry you through. We love you and support you!!!

  • Suzanne Shin

    Stay strong Tori! One of the most difficult lessons a parent has to teach to their child is the fact that hurtful lies will be said about them and their loved ones, but not to believe them and to rise above them. I know it is especially hard when the kids are so young, but you both are wonderful parents and all these lessons you pass onto your kids will help them grow to wonderful young adults.

  • Jennifer Sorrell

    Tori….this sickens me. You are right….your kids are so innocent and do not deserve those kinds of stories about you and Dean being flashed on the cover of a magazine. AND neither do you and your loving husband! I’m not even a celebrity and I can’t stand the tabloids….not sure how you do it. You are a strong woman and an amazing role model for your kiddos :)

  • Tracy Eau Claire

    Shameful. Other than my 90 year old grandmother, who is reading/buying this filth? It is a sad day when people can be entertained by lies and ugliness. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Monique Pet

    only just reading it made my heart sink, i could just picture my own son sitting in the backseat with tears in his eyes. Terrible and i can imagine you are pissed off. Here in Holland only the big gossip about the international stars comes by or small gossip if the star is big enough ( justin bieber is often spotted hahahaha ). The story of Star magazine even came here in the news so in this case i could read what awful lies you have to deal with. I hope you were able to explain everything to your kids and that they are not sad anymore. A big hug for you and your family

  • Cox Clan

    Preach it sister!! Can you imagine if every celebrity who was slandered in those “publications” stood up for the truth? What if you started being the paparazzi to those “journalists” who think nothing of stalking you all, but got to feel the pressure if being followed EVERY WHERE? Follow them to the store and to the dr. It might make them grasp the feeling. Keep your head high,live your husband and your babies. Your family is all that matters, everyone else ….. Live for love and enjoy the life you have been blessed with!

  • AutismMom

    I was SO sorry to see this!! As a mom myself I can truly feel your anguish and anger at seeing your children so hurt!! No child should be subjected to this sort of thing! I have never really been interested in the tabloids. I enjoy the awards season issues of magazines because I truly love the fashion, jewelry, hair/makeup and products. Star Magazine is hardly helpful there! They regurgitate what the other reputable publications have already printed…or in this case…just make it all up!!
    These gossip rags keep going because people keep buying them! Star Magazine, in my humble opinion, is no better than things like The National Inquirer, Weekly World News, RadarOnline. If only people would stand up and refuse to buy this stuff they’d have no choice but to clean up or fold up! People need to BOYCOTT these rags and stop helping fuel the market for this sort of ‘news’!

  • Jewel.lm61

    The sad thing is that those 3 reporters could have written a fantastic article if only they had the wherewithall to contact the McDermotts for an interview. Tori and Dean’s lives are an open book! That’s why this whole thing is so stupid! Everyone who knows Tori and Dean aee probably dumbfounded. The kicker is this: not only are Tori and Dean’s lives an open book, they chronicle EVERYTHING THEIR FAMILY DOES! All people have to do is look on their websites! You know the expression, “the proof is in the pudding?” Anyone can see how together this family is, and there is no hint of discord in the McDermott family. It appears to me that those 3 reporters look like fools who are also frauds. Isn’t it illegal to write falsehoods? Who at the Star signed off on that article? Someone’s head should roll over this. That is bad journalism! They could have had a terrific article if only they had done their homework. Too many people know Tori and Dean and how much in love they are. It was so unfair that Liam read those lies about his parents in line at thr grocery store checkout. People are needlessly hurt when those trashy magazines like the Star are placed on magazine racks with quality magazines. There should be a rack for magazines like the Star. It should have a sign that says, “Get your trashy magazine here where our reporters make up their articles and tell lies.”

  • Carol A

    Tori, I am so sorry that this happened to you! What a shame that reporters like this don’t consider the feelings of innocent children!! Thank God that you and Dean are in a loving, caring relationship! Imagine how horrible it would be for children to learn of their parents breakup that way! I agree so much with Jewel.lm61 – They would have gotten an awesome interview if they had just contacted you and Dean and could be trusted to print the truth!

  • Jennifer Sejd

    Way to go Tori! I buy Us magazine, which I guess is ok. I would never buy that other trash. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to read lies. I love looking in on my fav celebs like you, but I could get false info anywhere! Don’t appreciate being lied to! They shouldnt be able to print that trash, I would sue! Shame on them for making your family upset! Please be assured that there are people who Do Not support those tabloids by buying that rubbish!

  • Amanda Campbell

    Tori i saw this in the line as well waiting to be checked out. and read the same Star mag cover. I knew this was lies, because like most gossip mags are just that gossip. But for some reason i looked at my daughter and at the front of that cover. and felt like i was the one being attacked. No human no matter how famous, or average joe they are. a child should never see something like that about their family.
    I took the entire stack of the mag and bought all of them, just so there was less for other ppl to see. I brought them home and threw them away.
    for some reason i felt the need to make sure the world didnt see lies and made up stories but stars, because they leave a normal healthy life. Ppl these days are attracted to lies and gossip. which is sick, and horrifying.

  • Amanda Campbell


  • Dulce Ferreira

    It�s not fare what media can do with the freedom of speach. What it is is that my freedom ends where others freedom starts. So why this abuse? public shouldn�t buy this kind of magazines.

  • kelli murphy

    It took guts for you to write this letter, and we’re all behind you 10% The joke is on them because everyone knows star magazine is nothing but trash and that’s exactly where they belong. The only people willing to work for them are classless no good jokes. Dean is an amazing dad and you are an amazing mom. That’s all that matters. We love you guys.

  • kelli murphy

    Sorry that was supposed to say 100% iPhones can be aggravating.

  • kara


    I know it does not amount to much but please know you have my and all of your other true fans support on this issue. I never have bought star magazine nor will I ever. I have however read your books where the only thing I know is truth comes from your mouth spoken by you! Hang in there Tori, you are a fantastic mom and your kids will pull through, they never should have to go through something that terrifying, however at leased they have you and Dean to comfort them and keep them safe. Kara

  • pollomiel

    I didn’t believe the story anyway. Most intelligent people won’t. But I am sorry that your kids had to be affected at all. That is the worst part. The kids are always innocent.

  • Sharon Jerashen

    Good for you Tori! I would like to think that somewhere down the line Liam and Stella will get an apology, but sadly I know that won’t happen, but even better they get to live out the real truth with two amazing parents!!


    Good for you, mama tiger! I have to say, I once started a free, trial subscription to that magazine, but then I opened it, and the spiteful, hateful, scandalous way they spoke about people and tore them apart – it was just pure evil. It made me sick inside, and I canceled it immediately and let them know just why. I hope your letter gets around and brings to light some of the lies and greed that lead to actions like theirs, for sure. You just keep reassuring your children and your love will overcome all that confusion – I will pray for them to be happy and forget all about it. Your family is such a joy to see and it is obvious how you all love and support each other. I hope this makes your marriage even stronger and having you in the public eye over this false matter will give you even more opportunities to demonstrate what a true, loving, lasting marriage looks like!

  • may may

    you poor thing, i am so sorry for your children, your true fans and even some that are not, i am sure dont believe all that stuff. yet, children are inoccent, thank goodness they have family and friends who will continue to reasure them this are lies and not the truth. big hug to u keep ur head up

  • ErinK

    Tori, they are jealous of you and your husbands success and family unity! I cannot understand why they would want to cause pain on your family. Sew them!

  • Camille Andreiuci

    It really stinks but I’m happy that you hopefully got in the last jab! Star is a RAG magazine and I’m sure most intelligent people know that. The rest of them just live in their own little world and God bless them too. Proud that you took a stand to call them out (for all the good it will do) but you did it and good for you! Still love you & your family. BTW, how’s mom doing?

  • bella

    I am so glad to hear the story isn’t true. you two seem so happy together. it was sad to hear how your son had to read about it. unfortunately the tabloids don’t care about the children. you seem to of handled it great. good luck to you and your family.

  • shirl parsons

    VERY proud of you momma bear !!!!

  • Dana

    AMEN mama.

  • Myeleah

    Tori, My heart aches for you, Dean, and your kids. I’ve never bought any “rag” magazines…such a waste of a precious resource: trees! I try not to even LOOK at them when I am in line at the store! Why fill my mind with that garbage??? Call it what you will: reaping what we sow, karma etc…. but the people who write those lies will have to face what they have done someday. I know that doesn’t help you NOW. You can’t unring a bell. Unfortunately your little ones saw those lies & were hurt by them. My hope is that somehow you & Dean can turn this awful situation into some kind of teaching opportunity. If anyone can do that, YOU can! You have such a beautiful, positive spirit. Sending you & your whole family, gentle, caring thoughts!

  • Jennifer Millage

    They should know better than to mess with a Warrior Mommy, Tori! Good for you for calling them out on it! I honestly don’t know how they can lay their head down at night and not feel shame. It is a sad world when people can make a career out of tearing others down. I see the headlines at the checkout counters and because people like you have exposed these magazines for what they really are…I refuse to buy another one again. The only way to stop the cycle is for the fans to put a stop to their booming business! I know I’m just one person, but I don’t want to give my money to a magazine that thinks disrupting happy families for money is acceptable. It is sad because I want a better world than this for my children. We moms need to stick together! :)


  • Debbie

    I never have and never will buy these types of magazines. I’ve never been one for gossip and I will not condone it by buying and supporting such trash. I am sorry that Liam had to see that and become so upset. It’s great seeing the kids being able to learn to read and how proud they are when they show you every new word they learn. Shame on Star magazine and any other magazine that would do this just to sell their product. Some people just have no morals. The almighty dollar will be the end of us someday!

  • Robyn Turner

    WOW! So sorry your little ones had to encounter that. Why can’t people stop fabricating stories – it’s very upsetting. Glad you were able to set the record straight and call them out on it!

  • Stacy Kennett-Keaton

    OMG that upsets me SO much! I will never buy their magazine again..we should boycott in support of the children….poor Liam and Stella :(

  • ms_jennyk

    I never buy, read or believe any of those tabloids. I think it is sad that someone would write such awful things about someone they don’t even know, celebrity or not. As a mother, I would be heart broken if my son saw an article like that about his dad and I. Just remember that people who write or say negative things about other people are insecure and unhappy about their own life. Please don’t let these horrible people bring you down!

  • rld7007

    That article is disgusting! I don’t understand why magazines think that this is okay. I loved your lines: “What kind of society have we become where love stories and fairytales are dead? That others’ failure is what people crave and what sells?” To sell magazines? It would be a perfect day if everyone reading that trash would just stop buying it? If a celebrity marriage fails how does that make your life/marriage better? If a celebrity gains weight how does that make your self-image better? Aren’t we all humans? Aren’t we all on the same team? Doesn’t it feel better to be kind than to be hateful? The more I age the wiser I get and the more I realize that Tori, you and I are more alike than we are different. Thanks for keeping it real. You gained a new reader/follower today!! Hugs!

  • LLWolf

    I am so sorry this happened to you! I really don’t think I could handle being in the public eye the way celebrities are. I think you handled the situation just the way I would have. I never buy the Star and I certainly never will after today!

  • Jen H.

    Every time I go into a store…I will turn Star magazine around to the back cover. I have 4 of my own children (teens now)…if they read something like that, they would die inside! I am now a surrogate for a nice couple with a 5 year old…children just want to be loved and parents just want to love them. I wish the tabloid would respect that bond! Your family is wonderful and I’m very proud of the mom you’ve turned into right before my eyes. Thank you for letting the world see how its supposed to be done!

  • JenniferS

    Good for you for calling them out on it! Jerks!

  • Ann Marie Diller

    You go Tori! It’s so sad that this is the world we live in and that your kids had to witness such hate. You are a great mom and person and I just love you as do many others. I laugh when I see ‘those’ magazines in the checkout always saying someone is divorcing, or on drugs etc…especially when you know it’s not true! It’s a wonder that people can stay happily married at all when ever other second trash writers are claiming such horrible things about the couple. Hang tough mama!!! <3

  • Jamie Martin

    Way to go Tori! So over the Media trashing celebrity people with gossip and lies. You think they could post a happy story for once and not lies about people. You are a true woman, wife & mother for standing up to those people. Ive been a fan of you since the 90210 days and ive seen the lies they write its not nice and there needs to be a stop to hurting people like this especially when it comes to things your children can read. Hugs :)

  • TifisNeat

    I just want to say that I adore your family. Watching your show, you can just see the love you and Dean have for each other. While other people may have been hurt when you and Dean found each other ( I know that neither of you enjoyed that aspect) You and Dean BELONG together. He is your soul mate! If I had read that on the magazine, which I did not I would have never believed it! Shame on Star for allowing such nonsense to be published! I applaud you for speaking your mind in a very respectful way!

  • tedsgirly


    It is not easy to explain to a child why someone would want to be mean to another. I have tried to explained to my children people will hurt others because they do not have “love” in their hearts. I ask them not be angry at these people but to feel sorry for them because they may not have anyone to love and care for them as we do.

    You are a wonderful mother!!!! This cannot be an easy time for you and your family. Please know others are thinking and praying for you and yours.

  • Annie

    I feel like I just saw that magazine yesterday in the store, and I remember thinking that it had to be bogus. I don’t know what kind of stories Star magazine runs since I’ve never actually picked one up, but, I figured they’re less than reputable. I haven’t actually seen you on TV since I watched Tori & Dean (I guess that’s been a while, huh?!), but I remember how happy you looked with your sweet little family. My son is also learning to read right now and it would KILL ME if he saw something like that. I can’t even imagine the hurt that must have caused you and him. It’s not the world I want for my children, either. I hope that your little ones are able to move past that. BOO, STAR MAGAZINE! Maybe I’ll go back to the grocer today and “accidentally” break a bottle of wine over all of their copies. I’m terribly clumsy, what with lugging around two kids and all… Hang in there :(

  • doreen porzio

    Tori, My heart aches as I read through this! I can’t BELIEVE they can even suggested such a thing! As you described exactly what you did & said to Liam and Stella in the car,I pictured the whole scene in my head! It was like I was right there with you! I had chills up my spine! How DARE they Print a FALSE STORY that affects Childrens lives!! I could just imagine the fright that Liam & Stella were feeling! They must have been so scared & confused!! I am so FURIOUS and they are not even MY Children!… I ALWAYS say how you have such a BEAUTIFUL Loving family! You & Dean are so #InnLove …. Also, when the kids ran to him on #RvG Dean’s face lit up like a light bulb! Family means the world to you Both!! This story is a Tabloid trash magazine that no one believes! It is such a shame that Liam had to see it!! Like you said, you can handle the blows, don’t mess with your Kids!! I’m SO PROUD of YOU!! I hope that Liam & Stella are reassured to the fullest and understand that it is just LIES! You Did A GREAT JOB!! I’m SURE They ARE JUST FINE because of YOU!!…. I wish you, Dean & your family nothing but Love & happiness! Xo

  • Thalassa Ibrahim

    OMG!!! This article made me cry! How can people be so mean to others? Those so called “writers” should get there facts straight before thinking of printing it? What were they thinking? (were they even thinking?) I’m certain that you and Dean and your children are a very happy family! I’m just horrified by the awful way press keeps treating “famous” people. Last time i checked you and your family are just humanbeings with a job in the public eye… This is such a discrase to journalism

    BTW excuse me for my typing errors my native language is not English :)

  • tamtam41

    Tori, I have been watching you grow up along with me. I think you have become the most wonderful mom and wife, I have seen, I would NEVER believe what any magazine would say about you and your babies. Yes, being a mom, you have to fight not only for them but for their little hearts and minds on what ever it is they have to drink in. I stand by you and pray for you, Dean and your babies that this magazine gets a taste of its own medicine. Much love! T.

  • Beth Funston

    Bravo! Bravo! I for one do not read the Media trashing celebrity people with gossip and lies. I love it when you post a happy and entertaining story about your family. Makes feel me good knowing even certain celebrity people have a happy, normal lives and trying to make the best of it of what they’re blessed with. You have my vote, actually an Oscar vote for being who you are! Congrats Dean for winning “Rachael vs Guy”!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    that is horrible Tori! I don’t know how much money these “writers” made but it must be a lot to not care who they hurt. Thank God your kids are small enough and when they get older they will know how loved they are and you and Dean would never leave them. This is despicable! We are 100% with you, we consider you our friend.


    Who reads those rag mags anyway ? NOTHING they write is EVER true! I would sue them!

  • susieqstew

    Well spoken Tori! It is so sad to me that senseless reporters go around making false claims that destroy lives. They never think about how it would feel if it were them that were being targeted or having their family put through the emotionally challenging accusations. My heart hurts for Liam, but you and Dean have created a wonderful family together. It is so apparent when you see the kids together … How well behaved & loving they are to both of you and each other. I saw job well done! Keep up the good work & keep loving each other ❤((hugs))) Sue

  • joanne stubbs

    That just leaves me so annoyed that your dear little son had to go through that awful situation. You did the right thing by explaining to him that some people just want to hurt others, because they are jealous of the good life you have with your family. I have never read those so called magazines, I stick to the Good Housekeeping type. I feel so sorry for children today, they are constantly being told to lose their innocence. They are allowed to watch anything on tv, read anything we want to, and have their eyes on some electronic thing or another. You are making a happy fun filled life with Dean & your kids, so never stop, a lot of people are behind you….Chers & hugs

  • Lilianne Brooks

    Well said Tori , it is horrible and that is why i don’t get those magazines .I feel so sad as a mother myself to imagine what it did to your son and to you as a mom who has to explain! I do think people like those reporters sleep at night because they are not capable of feeling i guess all they think about is that little extra cash they will make telling lies. You guys are adorable and a great family and sadly people are jealous and so they make up stories, I love the way you addressed it ,I hope the kids are better about it! hugs xx

  • jwazz

    I am so sorry Liam and Stella had to read/see that garbage. You said it best, next week will be a different story and this too shall pass. You are a great mother and wife and I am sure no matter what the kids read they will always learn the truth from you and Dean. *hugs*

  • Rhonna

    UGH Star Mag is right up there with Fox News and those British Tabloids. My condolences. I don’t understand how the tabloids continue to get away with this crap? Freedom of speech is one thing but libel, slander and lies is another matter entirely. Good letter Tori!

  • Hotsy Malone

    My heart goes out to you, Dean and your family. As a Personal Assistant, I have worked with actors, directors, musical artists and know all to well how these rag mags lie and fabricate stories for sales. Hate that your children saw this, know you are unfortunately used to it but having to explain to the little ones must have been so hard.

  • EBrown

    Tori, I think you did the right thing re-assuring your children immediately that you and their daddy are still in love and that nobody is going to take them away. You are doing the right thing by writing that horrible magazine when the lies they are writing are affecting your children. Children have enough to deal with in this world and they shouldn’t have to also deal with the fear of their Mommy and Daddy divorcing or even worse someone taking them away.

  • Heather Briggs

    Your grace and dignity through this are amazing! But certainly not surprised about that…you are a class act! And your family is precious.

  • Amanda Davis

    Tabloid LiEs……AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT, lol!

  • Roxann Stetzer

    I think you handled this just right with Stella and Liam by reassuring them. Anyone who has ever read any of your books, or seen your show know how much in love you and Dean are. I wouldn’t even line a birdcage with the Star. It is reprehensible that these people can call themselves journalists.

  • debbie labinski

    Tori I am so sorry for your situation! I was in tears reading your story when it effect your children’s lives. You seem to be such a loving, caring mother. It is disgusting that star mag can try to fudge things up for you. I believe in fairy tales ! You are such a strong person and reacted so well to explain to your kids the truth! keep up the good work! sending love to your family:)

  • Dee

    Awe Tori that is so sad. Like others I too am astonished at just how low Star magazine goes. Never believe tabloids for anything. For the children, it will be hard for you to shop and not have to watch every magazine title at counters. Unfortunate, Perhaps just tell the children whatever you see in the store isn’t always true people like to make up fairy tale of what they want to read sometimes they are ugly and mean. Just understand that you are loved and we will always be here for you. That is probably how I would respond. Good luck in this. You you know your fans support and love you to bits you and the family. We think the world of you and Dean and we know you will be together always. Its in your cards!

  • Kyles

    People need to be accountable!!!! We can go after the big boys all we like but it’s people who need to change!! Someone like you tori needs to make an even bigger stand than this.. Things need to change !!!!!! Makes me sick to my stomach when I see children trying to understand adults inappropriate behaviour!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Vanhorn

    GO girl…fight for whats RIGHT, Mommas unite…I didnt plan for that to rhyme, it just came out that way :)

  • Jackie C

    UGH I’m sorry your kids had to see that. :(

  • Amy

    I’m sorry you are going through this. Having a son Liam’s age, I can only imagine how scared he was. I’m literally sitting here crying thinking about what this has put your kids through, and over your sweet, kind, touching, loving words that you said about your adoring husband. You know how lucky you are and you are such an inspiration to all us mothers. Stay strong.

  • cuddles

    I am infuriated for you and your sweet family! If people wouldnt spend their money on these ragbags who call themselves publications,well….but in reality we know that is not possible.Thank God that you are a strong woman who has raised her children with such love and grace,and all the people you surround yourselves with are honest and good..your children will be protected,and as you explain things they know to trust their family and you will help them understand…as for me,and your fans…well…lets all speak out to this magazine and others and let them know that we will not purchase their junk and we will urge others to not either!

  • Adriana

    Well Said!! You should be proud of yourself. I am sure your kids and Dean are proud of you!

  • Jean Maurie Puhlman

    Good for you Tori! I love you and your family and wish you nothing but happiness and Love. You did good telling them off!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Beautifully written, Tori!! Good for you!! You handed the situation with your kids very well. Sad to think what people do to make a buck.

  • MrsAnk

    Great letter! Children should be off limits! Does anyone even buy those trashy magazines? It makes you wonder how they stay in business. Start suing them when they print false stories…maybe they will stop if it’s costing them too much to continue to print lies. Make them accountable for thier lies.


    AMEN!!!!! Tori! You have EVERY right to be upset. I hope that other Tori and Dean Fans will join me in boycotting Star Magazine. They do not deserve to have their magazines purchased by telling LIES. This is important everyone because if we do not stand up for people like Tori and Dean and allow magazines to print garbage it will NEVER end. We’ve got your back, Tori and Dean! So, Star Magazine, you really blew it!!!

  • Steph

    I find it sad that you even had to write this (very well written) open letter. I have read lots of things about your family in the past and did not think much of it..then I saw Dean on Rachel vs. Guy…and gained a whole new level of admiration and respect for both of you. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR how much he loves you and your family…and I thought it was very cool!!!

  • nancy ann

    Sorry that happened but this is exactly why I do not buy that garbage and read your blogs instead! Sincerely, Nancy Annn

  • Adrianne Zawadski

    I for one would much rather read about your successful marriage and family than to read about your failings or troubles. I loved watching you on 90210 and I have loved watching you and your beautiful family grow and expand on TV and through your blogs! I don’t by any means know you personally or know that you will even read this, but you seem like a wonderful person, a loving wife, and a devoted caring mother! I love to read about your creative ideas and your kids are so uniquely amazing and you have some great mother stories to pass along. I absolutely agree that it is heartbreaking to live in a society where the majority gets pleasure out of others pain to the point where media has to lie and make stuff up so that these “readers” can be entertained. I don’t ever read star for this very reason. I prefer to subscribe to celebrities blogs or twitters when I want to learn more about them and their current or upcoming jobs cause it’s coming from the source. Shame on these media outlets that make a living with such distasteful articles and shame on the people who read this trash and keep this type if reporting alive. I hope you take comfort knowing that you do have fans who support you both in your personal life and professionally. I love to see you succeed and I love to hear about your beautiful HAPPY family!! #shakethemhatersoff

  • Natalie

    Tori, I never write comments anywhere but I feel compelled to post here today and let you know that you have my full support. I read this story on a paper yesterday and dismissed it immediately, please know that through your TV show and this site many of us have gotten to know the real you and your family and not for a second would we believe such rubbish. You have so many people’s love and support, I understand how angry you are now that your kids are involved, but please know that you are not alone on this.

  • Laura

    My dear Tori… I agree completely with you. All my support and love for you and your family from Argentina.
    Kisses and a big hug!!

  • lisa knox

    If you know the truth, that is all that matters. Your children benefit from the truth you show them, not what STAR (should be called SCAR!) magazine says.

  • Bernadette I

    Dear Tori,

    It’s such a mixed blessing when they finally start to read. 99% of the time it is absolutely wonderful. I am so sorry that you had to stumble on that 1%. This is horrible because if you contact them via an attorney they are now able to publish every grimy detail, and if you ignore it, it can open you up to future attacks aimed at your little ones. Good luck!

  • Nicole McDonald

    People like that write horrible stories about good people to sell magazines and they think the only way to sell magazines is to write fake stories. I love watching your show and seeing that you and your family are just are normal loving family with two hard working parents and 4 great kids.

  • Arva Jay

    Tori & Dean,
    I am so happy that you two are not getting divorced! I just hate that your son saw that. I miss watching your show because my husband and I work in business together.
    May God bless you all!

  • Sara Ru

    I saw that mag cover today at the grocery store today and I couldn’t believe someone would write something so untrue and so hurtful to make a buck. My heart broke for you when you mentioned Liam reading the cover:( These people need to find something better to do…

  • k.maton

    I never believe any of that garbage those trashy mags headline. You go get ’em girlfriend! How dare they corrupt your babies lil’ minds! I believe you have the greatest fam ever! Keep lovin’ each other! <3

  • R0M05190

    well said. You are a class act.

  • barbararla

    I agree. Kids should not be involved at all when it comes to magazine articles about their celebrity parents. As a Mom myself I’m way overprotective with my kids I can’t imagine how you feel.

  • Michael Talent

    Tori, I too have been a victim of media malpractice. I use to be shocked at the things they will say. I have been a fan of yours since 90210 and then when my wife started watching the Tori and Dean shows found myself once again a fan. Always told her this will be the one Hollywood couple that lasts. So when I saw the cover today at the store, my first response was, “No way!”. Then I said wait it is The Star. But I did check it out online afterwards. I am so sorry your son had to see that cover but I am sure with his obviously above average IQ he will be able to understand fact from fiction and suffer no long term emotional distress. He does after all live in a loving and caring family.

    Thank you for the years of keeping me and others entertained and that goes for your husband too. I have looked for and watched several of his movies also.


  • Devin Lee

    I’ve followed your career since 90210. In particular I have enjoyed the reality years from the opening of the B&B to the adding of babies to your brood. I wish you ALL the best in your family. Stay strong! Protect those sweet children who deserve all the privacy and discretion that any child should get. Blessings.

  • msbridges

    You have a beautiful family and are a great mother. It is sad that our world feeds off from other people’s sorrow and pain. For some reason it does though. You are right, this too shall pass. It is just awful that children have been frightened.

  • Canuck

    I am so sorry that this happened to you and your family. These gossip rags are disgusting. I hope you and Dean were able to comfort Liam and Stella.
    I wish you and your family all the best. My 16 yr old daughter and I are big fans. You have such a wonderful loving family.

  • Cammy Gollner

    Oh Geez, and so it begins. I hope you have other celebrity families you can gt advice from, or at least some support. I guess the tabloid is just seething that you have a very NORMAL life – with a great husband and beautiful children. I don’t know how you discuss this with your children, but as you and Dean communicate so well so far, I’m sure you’ll find a way. Your children have a very unusual situation (compared to most of us). I recommend you talk to people like Dustin Hoffman and his wife, Henry Winkler and his family, or other couples that have a solid marriage with children in “Hollywood.” Somehow they got through it, stayed together and raised some pretty fabulous kids. Stay strong!

  • Cammy Gollner

    Oh Geez, and so it goes with celebrity rags. I hope you have other families who are in the public eye, and the tabloid, you can get advice from, or at least some support. I know Carol Burnett successfully sued the National Enquirer in 1976 when they said she was drunk (she was not). I don’t think you want to go that route, but sometimes I think they should have to pay when they hurt people, as they did you and your family. I guess the tabloid is just seething that you have a very NORMAL life – with a great husband and beautiful children. I don’t know how you discuss this with your children, but as you and Dean communicate so well so far, I’m sure you’ll find a way. Your children have a very unusual situation (compared to most of us). I recommend you talk to other couples in the entertainment industry that have a solid marriage with children. (Henry Winkler and his wife come to mind). Somehow they got through it, stayed together and raised some pretty fabulous kids. Stay strong!

  • sueandelvis

    I’m so sorry that your beautiful little boy Liam had to read that trash at the supermarket. Poor little sweet Stella also thinking that this trash was true. If people would just stop buying this crap that they call magazines unfortunately people still do.
    I love you and your lovely family. Tori just remember that your fans know how you are such a wonderful loving family. Next time don’t go near that trash that they sell at the supermarkets. Maybe you can request that your supermarket have an aisle where that trash and candy doesn’t have to be displayed.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  • Tina G

    Tori and Dean, I am so sorry that this drivel had to be written about you and your family and that your children had to see it. I read a celebrity blog pretty regularly and this article was one of the posts up this week. I was the commenter that knew what is really going on with the both of you. I staunchly defended the fact that you are both so real and loving with one another. I had other posters asking me questions about you since I mentioned that I love both you and Dean and that I follow both of your websites. People are so quick to make judgements on things they know nothing about. It’s sad but true. I made sure to point out that this story came from Star magazine, not a paragon of virtue or truth. Anyway, I hope in some small way that I was able to deflect the negativity that has been thrown your way. I truly believe that you are the real deal. And on a positive note, there were a number of other posters who said that they also love you and Dean.

  • shannon evans

    I dont beleive any of that gossip and Tori always remember your fans know your an open book and we dont beleive it. I will never buy that magazine and I will be posting on my fb after this for all my friends to Share with there friends what they did to you. It breaks my heart the kids saw that. keep doing what your doing Tori and Dean cause you are amazing parents and we all love you! STAR MAGAZINE I HOPE YOU READ THIS CAUSE YOU SUCK! I WILL NEVER WASTE MY MONEY ON YOUR LIES AGAIN.

  • Liz

    I am so sorry that your family has to go through this…as a parent, I can picture what it might be like to have to try and explain such a thing to your child. They have no right to cause your children confusion or pain. I wish they understood just how many of us are out there who DO love to read about love and successful marriages. In this day and time, marriages that last ARE news, and I am inspired by those that overcome adversity. Let this make you and your family stronger, and then the joke is on them.

  • Susan Miller

    Tori Once again you have handled things with dignity and class with your open letter to Star Magazine. I know that you cannot sue every time a comment is made about you but I think this time you should slam them legally. If a super star like you is willing to take them on, maybe they will quit printing this trash. You have a beautiful family, and I think you are very lucky. My husband and I have been together for 30 years, happily, and it’s ironic , most people are jealous we have such a great relationship. It’s boring to the gossips. I protect my 3 girls like a tigress. This time, sue the pants off of them.

  • Newphxmom

    I really hate how that magazine just spews lies and fabrications. I am sure that you and your husband will be able to both educate and shield your children, it is just awful that you have to do that!!

  • Holly Klawitter

    I wish people would stop buying “magazines” that print garbage like this! We love your family values! And their response to your letter was even worse and more disparaging than their ridiculous story. I hope that you sue them. Being in the public eye does not give anyone the right to lie about your lives or attack your family. Happy people are always the target of miserable ones, keep your chin up!

  • Jami

    Good for you Tori. Hopefully more celebrities will take a note from you and stand up to such magazines as Star who rarely ever publish anything true. It is a waste of paper to even have such magazines printed, not to say there are not some great magazines (US weekly, people) that involve the entertainment world. I too have a blog but mine is entertainment based and I try to spread the good news of celebrities (marriage, babies, great work) out into the world, so I know it can be done. Keep your head up and keep doing what you are doing Tori and Dean. You have four very lucky children!

  • Ivy Rose

    This is quite bothersome. I don’t have time for buying into the type of publications mentioned, even so, truth or not their sales are in great number.
    I one hundred percent agree, “children should never have to bear witness to lies and fabrications that affect their lives so that a media outlet can make money.” It’s not a new practice but, this example is so blatant and lowbrow it’s astounding.
    There’s nothing I can say or do to reverse the experience that you had however you’ve got both feet on the ground, a beautiful family, and your head on straight.

    Best Wishes

  • Felicia Laplante

    This truly disgusted me. Whether true or not, no magazine should have the right to slander someone and their family. I will never buy or go on Star Magazine’s website for the sheer fact of what they have done to you. I am inspired by you and the way you live your life, as a Momista Craftista. I believe they owe you a HUGE apology!

  • Mauigirl09

    That stuff just makes me sick. The problem is the people who but that garbage and the advertisers who financially support them. I would have thought with the internet all of those rags would have died – hopefully soon but maybe not in in your children’s lifetime. So sorry.

  • MamaPaws

    So sad that Liam and Stella got upset. I don’t read Star!!! It is always full of BS and always will be. They will make up anything to sell an issue. Good for you and dean for taking a stand, but its terrible that u had to. Your fans love y’all and your family and you have our full support.

  • Kristen

    This is such a tactful response to something so infuriating and upsetting! I always read the covers but I barely ever actually read the articles unless I’m curious. Either way I never believe anything I read in those types of magazines that thrive off of drama and negativity. You are blessed to have such a beautiful family! I’m sure you’re not the only celebrity parent who feels this way, maybe you can join forces and find a solution! Keep your head up!

  • noreen mitchell

    i just have to say i watch your show and i can see how much in love you and dean are and how happy your kids are. there was no call for this at all im a mom and i agree 100 percent saying something about an adult who can handle it is one thing but putting the kids in it thats horrible i didnt believe it for a second keep your head up and keep on and know at least most of us are not paying attention to that nonsense

  • docmcmom

    I don’t normally comment on posts but I might be able to help. I have a doctorate in psychology and there are a couple of simple things you can try with Liam and Stella to help them see how not all things they hear and read are true. These strategies are relatively easy and a way to have fun with them without training their attention on this more than they really need. First, they will take their cues from you. If they see you are upset, they will get upset. When you get upset, they get scared because if it has mom and dad’s attention, it must be important. Easier said than done, but children cannot fully discern fact from fantasy until they are around age 7-8 so they take their emotional cues from adults for things they are not able to process. To that end, ask them to write or draw a funny story about your family. It has to come from their own ideas and it shouldn’t be real. It needs to be their own creation (ex. Hattie can fly, Dean is 2 inches tall and has to cook dinner,Finn visits the zoo alone). Let them tell their story to you and Dean. Point out how the story was fun to write but not real. Stress that these things are interesting for them to think about but you are a regular family. Then briefly say it is kind of like what they saw in the magazine. It was a fun story for them to write but it isn’t real. Then leave it and only revisit it if they do. Another option is to have them make up (tell or draw) the end of the story that they think was in the magazine. Give them a play microphone or reporter’s hat (you are creative) and let them interview you and Dean and your close friends asking questions that will help them end the story. Let them ask whatever they want to know but answer in ways they can process that reinforce stability. For example, if they asked Dean, “Where would you go if you left us?,” he might answer “To the kitchen to make your dinner.” If they asked, “Have you ever been mad at Daddy?,” say “Yes, when he tickled me so hard I couldn’t breathe.” The main thing to know is that at this age, your mountains are their mountains, your mole hills are their mole hills. Next time Liam reads a story about you (and there will be a next time), hold your ground (and your tongue) and say “These are such funny stories about our family, but they aren’t real, are they? Remember when you made up the story that Daddy was 2 inches tall? That was really funny…”
    Best of luck to you. I would love to know how it goes.

  • Leslie

    Miss Tori,
    First, I am one of your biggest fans….like, buy every book, get special television programs to watch your show, love seeing pictures of your beautiful growing family, biggest-fans-ever!!! :0) anyways, you have every right to write this rebuttal.

    I can’t imagine someone even writing a nasty story about my dog, nonetheless my beautiful children. Realize that you have tons of supporting and loving fans who won’t pay those tabloids any attention. I myself actually saw this today in the grocery store line and just rolled my eyes. Remember we all love you, Dean and those beautiful babies. Keep your chin up…the best way to get back at that ridiculous magazine is to go on living your life and show them how happy you are. Make them eat their words!

    Hugs from Kansas!

    Leslie Kay

  • Squidge

    Tori, I just wanted to say what an amazing letter to Star. Things are out of balance as it pertains to public figures, and what is going on it unfair. Children of stars should not suffer for entertainment purposes, and lies are wrong no matter what for the sake of a dine.Good for you for standing up for your family. Also you have changed things by interacting with your fans the way you do, and choosing what and how you want exposed. I so respect that. Your one amazing women Tori, and I am a huge fan as a mother, wife and person.
    Love Jaime

  • DeanaG

    I am sorry to hear of Liam and Stella suffered distress over this garbage magazine.
    I am Grandma to 9 grandchildren, with #10 due the end of this month and #11 due in May.
    If anyone caused them emotional distress like this I would demand an apology and a retraction. If they didn’t I would sue their pants off.

  • Cheryl Thomas

    What a great day to be a part of Tori and Deans life.I just love everything they stand for.When I was in line at Wal Mart yesterday I read the front page of a mag saying Tori was divorcing Dean,I couldnt believe my eyes.I said no to myself,they are the best couple in Hollywood.I’v learned so much from them,I love them,this cant be true…I’m glad to see it was the biggest lie ever.Even Tori’s dad should get more respect than this.He was the best in tv productions.Look at the joy he brought to all of us.Then to trash a wonderful family is wrong in so many ways…I guess it’s true what they say,some people are so miserable with their own lives they hate to see others truly happy.

  • DCB4L

    Tori and Dean, I cant even begin to express how much that this magazine with the lies broke my heart. When I had first saw this I knew it couldnt have been true Dean is like so calm and has always been there for u and the kids.. I have followed you Tori since 90210 and then when you both had ur show HOME SWEET HOLLYWOOD.. When Dean did the cookoff with Guy and Rachel, I cried when he won I knew Dean could do it….The saddest moment is watching the children go thru what they had to its honestly heart breaking… I would demand something from them for the pain they put you all thru… I am happy yall still have the love going and I will always follow yall and the family… Please keep ur head up and do what ur doing cause ur a great mother and wife but a super person love watching yalls shows….

  • Kim

    Way to go tori! I never read those magazines but I do see the covers as they are posted everywhere. I can not imagine your poor little boy. Hold your head high. I love you and dean. I feel like you are a close friend because I am so invested in your show

  • Kustom Kids Bedding

    Unfortunately, stories like this won’t stop until people stop buying those rags.

    If the money people at Star and others like it start seeing their profits diminish, they’ll be singing a different tune. But until then, it will just go on and on.

    It’s up to us to walk by those magazines at the checkout counter. Let’s all of us put an end to this garbage. It can be done if enough people want it to end.

    Shame on Star Magazine for writing such lies… Maybe it’s time for someone to file a defamation lawsuit. If anyone can do it, you and Dean surely can.

    Good luck…

  • MAR

    I am so sorry Liam had to read this garbage. I know it cannot be easy for you or the kids. They will learn as they get older that Mommy and Daddy really love one another and this stuff is just made up crap. I applaud you for coming forth to set the record straight for all of us. Your family is one of the most beautiful in Hollywood and I love your show. I am so happy this story is a horrible lie.

  • LindzzzzAST

    You tell em girl! So glad you defended your self. I was worried, but did not believe it could be true.

  • love

    Please hang in there tori. I am a mother of three daughters and can’t imagine what they went through. Just love them.:-)

  • Destiny

    Hang in there, your children will see the truth in the strong love you have with your husband and in your everyday interactions with him. when we saw the magazine(my kids call gutter trash) in the store my daughters who are 11 and 17 took one look at the cover and said they were lying. My girls and I are great fans of you and dean :):)

  • valerie beam

    Like you said ‘It is the downside to the business’ but it still doesn’t give people the right to LIE about other peoples lives and to be so hurtful. Just because you are a ‘star’ doesn’t mean that you or your family don’t have feelings or that you have to be an object to this type of abuse. Sue the hell out of them! I have been a fan of yours for forever. Be the great momma and wife that I’m sure you are. The only thing I want to know is……When is the next season of Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood?! Take care of yourself, your babes and that gorgeous hubby!

  • Tracey Charles

    Yeah! You tell ’em Tori. Know your truth….Best thing you can do for you and your family.

  • Meloni

    .i saw the Star magazine and was surprised. I didnt buy it and i am glad that I didnt. So glad that you and Dean arent divorcing. You all seem so in love and just made for each other. You have a precious family. Praying for y’all.

  • Tere

    Good on YOU! I saw that at the check out line at Safeway and I was floored. I knew it wasn’t true. But it made me really sad. As always you amaze me. Thank you for sharing your life. You prove that you are a real person in real world.

  • FLfawn

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. Bravo!

  • pickles731

    thank god you wrote this…

  • pickles731

    You don’t deserve any of it even if you are strong enough to take it Tori…and maybe even more so because you are. What makes me sick is someone got paid to take this giant dump on your life. I don’t know how they sleep at night. It isn’t about you and it doesn’t mean anything except for there’s a lot of a holes in this world. Don’t let it get in your heart.

  • KaeSea

    Well done, Tori! You guys (meaning celebrities) need to stand up and be counted by these sleazy magazines – especially when they drag your children into the mix. How heartbreaking for your children, and you and Dean; that you have to deal with this type of tripe!
    I admire your dignity and applaud your reply.

    Good luck to you all.
    God Bless

  • mariealline

    Dearest Tori and Dean with your precious little ones,

    I got tears in my eyes when I read this. It seems to me life is never fair and you are right… little ones should never have to see something like that about their parents from a grocery store shelf and what a sick world we live in when negative stuff is what sells. I’ve never been in your position, but I do know that I have been accused of things that aren’t true and it is always hurtful and demeaning, especially when it involves someone that I love. I have never been one to read the gossip rags because I know they are full of garbage that is mostly untrue and full of bologna, so no, I did not see the garbage on the front page of Star magazine. I wish I had some words of wisdom to comfort you and help you, because I think so much of all of you. If I were there, I would offer you a great big hug, but I’m not there, so I hope it helps to know that others care and understand your anger and indignation about such garbage. I can understand how confusing that must have been for little Liam and Stella and I’m so sorry that they had to see such (to put it bluntly) crap! Star magazine should be completely ashamed of themselves! I share your indignation!

    Love and blessings,
    From Marie Alline

  • TraceyG

    Hello Tori! Yes, the story of your uncoming divorce has reached Australian magazines. Apparently, Dean is after your $300 million inheritance and wants full custody of your children! To make it worse they have probably used the most unflattering photos of you. From one of your many Australian fans xx

  • Tiffy J.

    I’m sorry you, and your family had to go through this. I wish that I could meet you all, and give all of you the BIGGEST hug I could give you.

  • Mauigirl09


  • Afitmom4

    My one daughter seen the magazine and said mom look they are getting a divorce. I said no they are not. They are very happy with one another, the magazine just wants to sell their magazines and they do not care who they have to hurt. Enjoy your life and you did the right thing explaining it to your children. Keep you and your family safe from the idiots.

  • Tracy Nogueras

    Tori, I’m so proud of you for writing this letter, I just read the star yesterday, and you can tell it’s all lies, You and Dean are very special to me and its really hurtful to hear what this did to Liam, these people truly don’t have a heart out kid’s, but tori your true fan’s “like me” know this story is all bull……keep your chin up high and let this all roll off your shoulder, your a beautiful mother, wife and role model, so keep doing what your doing, and ignore the stupidity of some people……..we, your true fan’s have your back 100%……much love and hugs to you and Dean and the kid’s

  • Di

    Tori I am so admiring you and know how someones lies can damage a child. You did the right thing and there are a lot of us out here who love and adore your little family. I would sue the sh%* out of them, that may make them think the next time they want to print lies. Thanks Tori for sharing your truth. Diane, wife, mother, grandma, and your fan.

  • Erin

    I would never believe anything star writes. You and Dean are the Hollywood couple I most admire and I wish you and your family the best. God bless you

  • VG

    Most of us don’t believe the tabloids. They just want to get a story and it’s usually mean spirited. I can’t imagine. You have such a solid family unit and you can tell your kids feel loved.
    Those magazines are just fluff and not substance. It’s too bad they have to provoke scary feelings for your children. The problem is there is no way to get away from them..just know this fan here does not believe them. Stay strong!

  • Robinsmelody

    I not only don’t believe anything Star prints, I don’t buy it. People have to stop buying this crap! They will dry up and crawl away if we stopped giving them money.
    Raley’s, Nob Hill, in Scotts Valley, CA has removed the offensive and fake newspapers/magazines from the checkout stands. I don’t know if this is a corporate policy or store policy, but speak up and ask your local stores to please stop placing this kind of trash where we are practically forced to read it! And if they already do, thank them.
    As for why people write this stuff, well they are greedy, not bright enough to write anything real, and they get a power kick out of hurting people. Pity them. And again, stop buying this crap!

  • Harbers

    My husband and I look up to you and Dean so much. When he came home today and told me about the magazine I immediately said it wasn’t true. Thank you for your letter, but we all know those mags are total BS! Hate that your kids had to see it though. Just not right. Stay tough xoxo

  • jatebe

    Tori, I was shocked to see the magazine cover about you and Dean when checking out. Thank goodness it’s not true. I have told everyone how real you and Dean are. I love to hear about you and your beautiful family. Just tell the kids how much you love them and ignore the haters in the world.

  • Mama D

    Tori I am so saddened to hear how this article has affected Liam and Stella. My heart sank when I was at the checkout with my family so I can only imagine the feelings of hurt and anger you had in that moment. I am inspired by your family everyday and have come to love you all. You have amazing strength and your children will remember how you handled this situation more than anything. For every negative comment made I wish you a million positive ones to reassure you and your little ones. You are wonderful.

  • wolfy

    tori iam so sorry to hear about what your kids have gone threw and your positively correct they are morons when there not even thinking of what a child goes threw the thought of stuiped people just to make a buck is absurd nowadays. I hate the trashy mag’s and book’s I never pay a dime for garbage and not going to waste mony on destroying trees for it,, I hope you a dean and kids have a wonderful easter and stay blessed may god always bless the little patter of there feet of joy in your life it was a joy to watch your show of you dean and the kids growing up

  • K_Mack

    Oh my, Tori, I am so sorry that Liam and Stella had to experience this. Not matter how hard we try to protect our children, they still get hurt. I can’t even begin to imagine how much more difficult a task it is to guard them from hurt when you are in the public eye. These “writers” are disgusting and should be ashamed. It’s too bad people feel the need to buy these “rag-azines”. If they didn’t have customers, they couldn’t exist.

    You and Dean are doing a great job as parents and I’m sure this incident will not have a lasting negative effect on Liam and Stella.

  • Rachelle Martinez

    Mrs. Spelling-McDermott, I can not imagine what life is like for someone in the public eye. Nor can I imagine reading about myself or family in public media of any kind. However, I can imagine what it is like to be under speculation, ridicule and the gossiping eye of selfish slandering people who are always looking for a “story”. To the media, I am no one but as a married, mother of two I know how painful it is to have my children be misled and terrified by lies. Anyway, I just wanted to say how sad I was after reading your post. And also, I understand completely how it made both you and your children (family) feel. As a mother it is not always easy to protect our children from bullies regardless of their form or agenda.

  • Caroline O’Bryant

    Well after hearing about this, I think that it’s pretty safe to say that we can all be confident in the fact that we now know what STAR (magazine) actually stands for:
    Sensationalistic Trash And Rubbish!!!
    Nothing and no one, neither man nor beast, is ever safe from harm in this world, as long as there is money to be made from the exploitation and abuse of others, evil will always lurk.
    The ugly side of life pretty much makes me sick.
    I’m sorry that in a world where good people are a commodity, that you have had to suffer more than your fair share of unnecessary hardships because of other people’s greed.

  • Jennifer Brinks

    Thank you so much for speaking out. I, personally, do not buy tabloid magazines and find them quite awful. I believe that just because someone chooses to pursue a career in entertainment does not make them less than human. They have the right to privacy just like anyone else. But I did see the headline as I was standing in line at the checkout and I laughed. The things they come up with.
    But, in all honesty, I never thought about it from a children’s perspective. I am so glad you children were not able to read the awful things they wrote RIGHT ON THE COVER. How tacky!!
    My question is- Is there a way for us to contact Star as consumers and let them know this is not acceptable?

  • Penny

    I have to say, I don’t really follow the lives of celebrities too much, or normally even comment on things like this, but when I saw that magazine at the store, I just thought “No! It can’t be true! Not Tori and Dean!” You guys are so much like my husband and me. So happy and in love! We love that you guys are so, for lack of a better word, normal! My husband even wanted to watch Rachael vs. Guy just because Dean was on it. There’s just something special about you guys. Lots of happiness to you and your family!

  • Debbie

    Dear Tori and Dean–I did not see the story in STAR. If I had I would have laughed. We should all know by now that half of these magazines have to make up most of their stories to sell their stuff. I am sorry that your children saw that awful rag. But you handled it great. You and Dean are wonderful parents.

  • MamaTutu

    I saw the magazine yesterday in the grocery store, and although I was pretty certain it was nothing but garbage, I am so relieved that you are affirming that it is. I feel so badly for your children, but you handled the situation wonderfully!

  • Stephanie Campbell

    I was so angry when I read this letter. The people who print this ragmag are jerks who just don’t think about the repercussions their “news” will have on a family. Keep up the good work and don’t let them get to you.

  • Karen Fitzpatrick

    There are two magazines out there that thrive on lies and this rag is one of them. If they are going to stay in business they should just print pictures, since clearly they know nothing about good journalism. So, so sorry your little ones were subjected to this trash.

  • Ms.Chickee

    Hey Tori, I’m sorry you had to be subjected to those unfortunate bottom feeders who look out to report negativity. May you remain encouraged, in the confidence and knowing that there are many people who pay no attention to those crappy magazines, and that you are loved you and appreciate, no matter what!

  • Ms.Chickee

    Hey Tori, I’m sorry you had to be subjected to those unfortunate bottom feeders who look out to report negativity. May you remain encouraged, in the confidence and knowing that there are many people who pay no attention to those crappy magazines, and that you are loved and appreciate, no matter what!

  • leelee

    Hey Tori,
    I knew that headline was fake the moment I saw it! Anyone who is familiar with your wonderful family will echo that. However I’m sorry Liam and Stella were affected by it! The media can be so destructive. You handled yourself with class and composure as always. Proud to be a fan!
    Always Love!

  • Anne

    I didn’t even get a shot to this s***, that’s RIDICULOUS, totally! I passed when I saw it, I don’t have words enough, that is disrespectful, they can only see money? Sell? They should think about the four kids that you guys have and in how this will affect them!
    I think sometimes magazines forget that people who they are talking about have feelings.

    I’m team Spelling-McDermott, forever and always, I think you should put the justice on this.

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  • sjahill

    I wish nothing but the best for you and your family!!

  • Misty

    Tabloids & paparazzi are wrong on SO many levels. I research for a blog fighting tabloids @ and also the Paparazzi Reform Initiative. Please check both sites out – both are anti-tabloid & anti-paparazzi. We have a large group trying to fight these idiots, and would welcome your support there. Thanks! I’m so sorry they got to your family in this way. Just another level where these hateful people have no mercy. God bless, Misty.

  • Monique Brown

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  • Elizabeth Cole

    Celebrity problems wahhh wahhh wahhh! Tell Liam he better get used to it! Just part of making the big bucks and living large. I really don’t feel sorry one tiny bit! I am a mother and I could deal with it perfectly fine if I lived the life of a princess. Magazines will always post lies and spread gossip. If you don’t like it sue them don’t cry boo hoo to me!

    • skc

      Wow shut up Elizabeth. Idk who you think you are but maybe you should remember that she was standing up for her INNOCENT children… Just like any GOOD mom would do. You say you could deal with it perfectly fine so maybe you don’t fall into that category. And really you have no idea what its like to be in that situation so you really can’t say how you would handle it. And yeah her family does “live large” but that doesn’t mean her kids should pay the price.

      • Brandy Davis

        She’s doing a TV program about her cheating spouse.. And a marriage that could potentially end with her raising four kids alone. So, as long as she is paid for the stories sitting in the rack, it’s okay for her children to see them? Hear about them? Watch them on TV? Hear about them later in their lives? It’s too much! Even if she told her kids it’s fake, all for TV, it would cause anxiety in those children. You cannot convince a child that the truth is different from what they read/hear with their own ears and eyes. I don’t get this post at all, considering her recent choices.

        • Ugot2bkidding

          It’s really quite sad she didn’t re-read this before deciding to do a TV show that shows the type of most intimate life details even tabloids couldn’t have made up. In this case, it’s coming straight from their parent’s’ mouth, which will be infinitely more damaging and painful. There is no reason good enough to justify putting the children through what they will inevitably hear and see. How would a parent not inherently understand that details of an affair should never be shared with children? They willingly gave up control of how or what they will tell their kids because they created a situation far worse than anything they endured with the tabloids. Their children are now subjected to hearing about it on the school yard. the harm being done to these children is unfathomable and the idea it’s being committed by their own parents is heartbreaking. How is it possible that the same woman who wrote this is now doing a show filming all the painful details kids should never be exposed to for every stranger to see?

  • 88 percent of what Star Magazine says is a lie.

  • Lahoma Stapleton4

    Fantastic discussion ! With reference to which , if somebody wants to merge two PDF files , my colleagues saw notice here