Stella’s Style: Tiny Dancer


My girl’s done it again… In this pic I took yesterday, Miss Stella heads to dance class in her very own Stella Style… complete with pink tutu, quilted pink dance bag, and a big smile on her face! I loved how she chose to complete her ballet attire with cowboy boots. So unexpected, so chic, and so very Stella.

What do you think of my tiny dancer’s ensemble?


  • Emily Goodman

    Are you aware she poses like mommy too? Too cute! Such a beautiful girl.

  • Staci Brophy

    Stella definitely has great fashion selections. I think you should start a Stella inspired fashion line which would be a fun mother-daughter project as well as give Stella a space to eventually grow into on her own! I wonder how many clothing lines have the raw perspective from a toddlerista!

  • Sarajane Manley

    Being the Georgia girl that I am, I wear cowgirl boots with everything. She is so rocking that outfit!!! She is just too cute!!

  • munchkin munchies

    What a cutie; love her style! I have a granddaughter that is very partial to her cowboy boots with any outfit, and her sister poses with her hand on her hip just like Stella:) Your Stella looks precious.

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Oh My Gosh…So Stella…uhhhh…so Tori!!! Love her boots, love the twinkle in her eyes!!!! So cute.

  • Leanne Henwood-Adam

    Fearless fashion as only somone not yet influenced by the world and media can do – love her style. We adults could take a few lessons from the fearless dressing of kids.

  • Charline Hoyer

    she and Liam could pass for twins. She is growing up so lovely and with her own little style.

  • Myeleah

    Darling! I’m a big fan of the color pink!

  • Barbara

    So cute, outfit, boots, bag.. and her pose is A D O R A B L E!!!!!

  • Catherine Ferrara

    Absolutely beautiful. She’s beautiful. She reminds me of my daughter at that age in dance. Now shes 12 doing Hip Hop. Totally different ensemble. LOL. Miss the pink outfit she used to wear. Look so forward to what you share. xoxoox

  • Amy Wigs

    Stella really loves her boots!!

  • joanne stubbs

    She is just adorable. Nice to see that she wants to be a dancer, it will bide her well as she grows up. I think that I can see your Mom in her.

  • Lemon Meringue

    You gotta love her smile! I think the coarsely knitted cardigan and the sturdy boots really add something extra to the ubergirly pink outfit. A stylist once told me it is all about mixing different textures, well she sure does know how to do that!

  • Jewel.lm61

    I love Stella’s sense of style. She has got it going on!

  • Multiplemom123


  • sharon jarvis

    Stella has such great sense of style. Like mother like daughter…

  • Jeanne Tutt

    have you been watching Bunheads on abcfamily? omg such a good show! This week they showed all the dancers with these boot type shoes over their slippers to walk outside the studio and not have to take the slippers off! It is a great show and I bet Stella would love it!

  • desi

    She is a total cutie! Love the boots with the tutu.

  • Stephany

    What a doll! I’ve always thought she was a beautiful child, and seems soo sweet!

  • Suzanne Brown

    LOVE think it’s absolutely perfect!

  • Megan Bluhm

    My Stella does the exact same thing. She would be doing pli

  • doreen porzio

    Stella is cute as a button & always will be her own #Fashionista!! I always love whatever she puts together!! She can do no wrong in my eyes!!… I love her little cowboy boots!! You Go Girl!! 😉

  • Ladydi

    She is adorable ! My daughter takes dance too jazz and hip hop.
    Love stellas style.

  • ilene schonhaus

    Tori,She is beyond adorable,creative,well lets say she’s just “Fabuloussss”!!!

  • whit

    So precious!

  • nicole :)

    awww….precious!!! im pregnant with my 3rd….fingers crossed its FINALLY a girl and we find out tomorrow!! she would so dress like your precious girls!! :)

  • Duffy Bisconti

    Precious Tori!! My daughter is 9, she is the drama queen of the family always wanting to experiment with fashion. Wearing halloween costumes to school.

  • Cathy

    She is such a cutie!

  • Dawn Gregorek

    I LOVE the cowboy boots! She is such a doll!

  • PrettyTeine1

    it’s amazing how much she looks like her dad :)