Stella’s Style: My Mini Designer

This year for Christmas my mini fashionista Stella got a Design-Your-Own fashion kit from her cousin Sage. Although I helped her with the construction (cutting and sewing) of her piece, she designed a dress all by herself with the DIY Fashion kit. Talk about a proud Mama moment!!!


Stella wanted a one shoulder dress and opted for an on-trend animal print


Here’s my fashion maven posing with her final creation.


She wanted what she called a giant “furball” on the one shouldered creation. She made it by taking strips of fabric and scrunching them up in a thimble. Such a resourceful toddlerista!


I think it’s super on trend and I’m very impressed with my 4 year old fashion designer! I think she has a big future!

What do you think of Miss Stella’s very first fashion design?


  • Lara Medina

    I think you have one very talented 4 year old little girl!! That’s way better than anything I would have done and I’m, well a little older, hee. (Love the tude she’s giving the camera too, adorable!!)

  • Heather Jennings

    That is so cute!!!! She is onto a great career in fashion!
    I think she definitely has the “pose” down as well 😉
    Go Stella!!!

  • desi

    I love it! She is so talented and I see big things in the future for that little girl. She is so pretty she could be a model or designer or both! Sweet Stella fashions!

  • Linda Larson

    She really does have an eye for design and fashion. I would totally suggest putting her in some day camps this summer that focus on art and design for the youth. She would have a ball. They should have plenty in your area. Keep it up Stella!

  • Hootervilehound

    I see a future star. You mentioned once she said “what about me”. I don’t think anyone will not notice her. You have to be proud. She is your shinning star .. It is all about her

  • N. Mar

    What a creative little girl! I love that her shirt is on backwards too!

  • Kellen Helies

    Love it!

  • Silje

    Love it !! ;)creative little girl!
    Tori can you post aboute pregnancy clothes ? What was your favorite
    pregnancy clothes ?

    Love from Norway!

  • Lory Ann @OurMasonsJar

    Great job Stella! She’s chasing the rainbow and going places! (And I like her little bow shirt!) The photos on this post show her perfect combination of you and Dean! Keep glistening Stella. xo

  • Dorota Klim

    I think she is super designer. Stella has an eye for fasion./for sure she has a big future/I love her.I’m very impresed with her imagination.I like material from which had done dress,very fasionable.The dress reminds me of the power women.Keep on doing it

  • Carolyn Metaxas

    Stella, your creativity shines through your little dress! Keep up the super trendy work!:) Tori, you’ve done such a great job helping to foster your kids’ talents!!!

  • Renate Uhl

    she looks just so sweet Tori-growing up and following mom’s footsteps-of course 😉 :-)

  • Bunny Mason

    You go girl. I love what you designed Stella. It’s so pretty and wow you are only 4? You are one smart little girl with a lot of talent. I will watch you progress as time goes by. Can’t wait to see what you come up next. You sure take after your mommy and that’s a good thing.
    Always be happy and always dream big. Hugs Stella.


    What an amazing job Stella, and what an amazingly proud moment for mama!!! By the way I LOVE the animal print!!! xoxo

  • Alexa Flowers

    A true wonder in the making.