Stella’s Style: Cozy Chic


Miss Stella never passes up an opportunity for a major style moment, and the cold winter months are no exception.  She’s been using the chilly weather as an excuse to rock some cozy-chic looks, all with a healthy dose of Stella Style. 

This particular day she opted for a more eclectic, hipster-chic look and I absolutely loved the whole thing.  She threw on pink (obviously) tights, a pair of her fave statement socks for extra warmth, and some tall black boots. She then layered a white shearling peacoat over a pink tee, and topped off the egdy look with a super cute and cozy snow hat.

And I can’t ignore her pose – knee up on our velvet couch (which also happens to be in her fave shade of pink), and a casual yet confident look on her adorable face. Can you say modelista?!

Miss Stella stayed warm while looking fab, and I couldn’t have been more proud.

What do you think of my gorgeous girl’s winter look?



  • Silje

    Love it! This girl is gonna be something in fashion some day :)

  • Marlynn

    She is so adorable!
    Have any new pictures of the babies? :)

  • desi

    She is so pretty! Love the hat with the tights! But the best of all is her beautiful smile!

  • Momma Used To Say

    Loving the socks! Go ‘head Stella!

  • Green Carlson

    I love it. However, I would never get away with that look for work. bummer.

  • Regina Schwenk

    She is just too cute for words!

  • Leslie

    Will not be long and she will be raiding your closet! My 6 yr old granddaughter always poses for the camera, impeccably dressed of course. BTW, I am a young grandma (49):)

  • Bridget Walsh

    Maybe when she grows up Stella will be a Mori Girl! It’s my favorite style right now even though I can’t pull it off.

  • Dorota Klim

    I like her cozy chic. white socks with red stripes are very trendy. Stella has the most fasionable shoes. Peacoat looks like from 30 s.Stella does’t take example from other people. She is unique.Alwayes something suprising. She is like out of this era.She likes to have fun with the fasion.She likes to mix diffrent style.This is important in fasion.

  • lovemygirlies2

    Super cute!!!

  • Kathryn Flamme

    Looks just like my daughters style! Ha!

  • HeatherT

    I have always loved Stella aka “buggy” she is such a character. So little, yet so very sure of herself like her mom.

  • Hooterville Hound

    I like her style, I like too that she exudes confidence.

  • Dale @Savvy_Spice Steliga

    Her pink tights are so cute and it so cool she has her own little style.


  • Ella-Karelle

    Stella est magnifique !!
    Son style est cool et tendance ! les couleurs sont acidul

  • Alexa Flowers

    Her peacoat is gorg.