Miss Stella never passes up an opportunity for a major style moment, and the cold winter months are no exception.  She’s been using the chilly weather as an excuse to rock some cozy-chic looks, all with a healthy dose of Stella Style. 

This particular day she opted for a more eclectic, hipster-chic look and I absolutely loved the whole thing.  She threw on pink (obviously) tights, a pair of her fave statement socks for extra warmth, and some tall black boots. She then layered a white shearling peacoat over a pink tee, and topped off the egdy look with a super cute and cozy snow hat.

And I can’t ignore her pose – knee up on our velvet couch (which also happens to be in her fave shade of pink), and a casual yet confident look on her adorable face. Can you say modelista?!

Miss Stella stayed warm while looking fab, and I couldn’t have been more proud.

What do you think of my gorgeous girl’s winter look?



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