picTORIal: New Year’s, Part 2

After we hit the slopes, it was time to get decked out in our NYE finest. The kids went total Toddlerista for New Year’s Eve. We had an early family sushi dinner to ring in the New Year…


Stella and Hattie wore matching dresses and topped them with vintage sequin berets…


Stella strikes a New Year’s pose…


Hattie was on the move so this is the only shot I could get of them both in their sequin berets.


Stella and Liam pose in the hotel lobby…


Stella had sticker power at the restaurant…


My hunk!


Hattie Cat spying her fave edamame!


Hugging my Dude and sporting my reclaimed headband (it was once part of a vintage dress) my hubby got me for Christmas from my pal Lisa at Evolution Vintage


Babes with Daddy!


More pics of my cuties #ProudMama


Finn was the wildest of the bunch!! #PartyMonster FYI we were all asleep by 11pm!

New Year’s Day we all went sledding…


Liam was a speed demon!


Stella took good care of her little sis!


Liam and Stella making Snow Angels


Stella Snow Bunny ruled the bunny slope!


Liam loves the snow so much!


My crew strikes a pose


And then a funny pose!


Proof that I was actually in the snow!


Daddy Deano was king of the sled!


Love this pic!


WooHoo fun in the snow…

And now, it was time to head home… The drive home basically sucked. Only pic I took was the below at Denny’s!


This was the highlight of our drive home…

We had a fun, impromptu snow vacation! I’m already craving another family road trip…

Where should we head next??



    That Stella is too much!

  • desi

    Beautiful pictures! I love the berets!

  • Carrie Nugent

    Adorable! That Hattie is a love ball ! I just want to squeeze her and zerbert her cheeks! Anyways….. Next roadtrip should bring you to the Rocky Mountains, specifically to our house in Colorado Springs. My hubby works with the Olympic Committee and Olympic Wrestling Team. My girls ( Carly 16 and Riely 11) are both dancers and goofballs and Stella and Hattie would have so much fun. Come on over, We’d love to have you! :)

  • carmen Gonzalez

    Thank you TORI beautiful LOVE it :)

  • Lemon Meringue

    Hahaha, your description of the drive home: priceless! Glad you keep it real though, we are generally experiencing the same on a road rip with the kids. Best part of returning is when they are all tucked into their beds and me and the hubs are on our own bed in good company of a glass of wine, some buttered whole-wheat brown bread and Dutch cheese! Our fave unwind-a-worn-out-parent moment.
    Next time? Come visit the old world, take a trip to Europe! There will be plenty of members of the EurocyberTORIfamily to provide you and yours accomodation, should be enough to fill a whole new series of HSH.

  • Jewel.lm61

    Spectacular photos! I almost felt as if I were there. This summer, when it’s really hot, y’all can cool off by looking at these photos. By the way, I loved your lipstick shade in the photo with Liam. When you are beside Liam, the two of you look so cute (Spelling and Spelling Undocumented). That sounds just like a new show!

  • Myeleah

    Winter is my favorite season & I adore snow! These pics are wonderful. We haven’t had much snow here this year so I enjoyed living through your trip! Hattie seems like such a happy go lucky lil girl!! Good memories! (I agree with you liking the photo of Dean leaning against the tree! hubba hubba!) ;p;

  • Malin

    What wonderful pictures, I miss snow. We haven’t had any here is Chicago, and that sucks big time. I see you have Helly Hansen winter clothes, good choice!! I am from Sweden, so I just have to recommend, for awesome coats and, for THE BEST quality and cuteness PJ’s around!

  • Shawnee Penkacik

    It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I love the snow. It looks like everyone had a blast. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.

  • MamaPaws

    I haven’t seen snow like this in years! Would have loved to been there. Everyone seems like they are having a blast.

  • sara

    Famolous photos…looks like so much fun. Seaside, Oregon is tons of fun espeically in the summer….

  • Lana F

    Cool pictures:)I getting cold just by looking at snow:))) .Liam look so much like Tori on the pick where they are together:).

  • wpooh7742

    Hi Tori! Just wanted to thank you for sharing your family with me (& everyone)You are so blessed to have a great family! I love the fact that your all so normal! I wish you still had your show on

  • Amy Bailey

    Hi Tori,
    Hmmm… VDay is the next holiday. It’s also me and the hubs 16th wedding anniversary. We have often toted with the idea of taking the kids with us, but never have. We love Starved Rock here in Illinois. It’s about a 2 hour drive from here but the Lodge is so awesome. Just like an old Moose Lodge. The falls are gorgeous, and Big Bear indoor waterpark is right there as well. The food in the lodges restaurant is so good! They make the best Porterhouse steak around, and their gorgonzola Nachos are amazing. It’s a quiet hide away, and not crazy busy this time of year. Mostly older folks. Last year, we had the huge pool and hot-tub to ourselves. The lodge is very rustic, with a massive fireplace in the center. Scott and I got hot drinks at the bar after our hike (which has a stroller friendly path) and played Scrabble by the fire. It was so peaceful. One of our favorite places. On a different note, Liam is really starting to look like your dad. Have a fun vacay, wherever you choose to go. Your New Years destination is on my list to take the kids some year. We are heading to Mall of America in June, as we have a wedding in North Dakota to attend. We are super excited to take the kids.

  • Boosmom

    Come to British Columbia! Vancouver Island its gorgeous you wont be disappointed!

  • Boosmom

    Do you even read these comments,Tori?

  • Vania Bilinski

    I LOVE IT! is soooo funy but Stella and MIa (my daughter) had the same outfit the last 2 hollidays Harajuku!!! very cool!! I think is over though. They started putting everything on sale and usually they bring new things but not now :-( Very sad.

    You have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg I love these pix! Is buggy trying to be the next Heff with the red sweater? ;) I wish I could still ski.

  • JuJu

    great pictures!! I love seeing all of your pictures!!