My Golden Globes Recap

Sunday night’s Golden Globes jump started the awards season. But this year it was more about surprises than fashion. All the big hitters were there like a warm hug, minus the queen of the big screen Meryl Streep who was home with the flu. I have to admit it was nice to see some new faces become first time winners as they hit the stage. But I digress and set my viewing stage for you…

As you know, my culinary hubby has a new show airing on The Food Network… “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook Off”. It was his second week of the competition so being a dutiful and proud wife I DVR’d the Globes. So now, cut to 10pm on Sunday night, me lying in bed, popping my second dose of the day of my 3rd round of antibiotics (yep you heard that right) for the nastiest sinus infection ever. Tissues everywhere and two out of my four kids (plus 3 dogs) strewn across our bed in various positions, none of which would allow me to lay comfortably or even move. But all I needed was the remote and my thumb so I could fast forward through commercials.

“Ssshh”, I said to a snoring Stella as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hit the stage with such merriment. Literally… they were dressed in festive red and green. Did anyone else notice their attire was screaming Christmas?!?


I’m all for breaking traditions (like wearing white year round) but red and green in January seemed a bit odd. They did look great though! And, they are very, very funny ladies. On the heels of Ricky Gervais they seemed a little nervous to take the joke reigns. I’m hoping they’ll come back next year a little less tame.

Now, if I went through every presenter and winner my commentary would be as long as the show so I’ll go for just my fave red carpet looks and show call outs…

It’s always funny to me how celebrities swear they don’t discuss their outfits beforehand, or pick what they or their stylists deem as trends, yet there’s always a prevalent pattern at award shows. It’s as if there’s some secret celebrity memo that goes out that only the “in” crowd gets.


Apparently Lucy Liu didn’t get that memo. That said, I applaud her for taking a high fashion editorial risk. Unfortunately what would have totally paid off in the mags didn’t translate to the red carpet. She’ll probably get a lot of naysayers and worst dressed reviews. But, that’s “Elementary” my dear Liu…


For those who did get the fashion memo… It screamed RED, black/white, mermaid gowns, and apparently moms that look like they’ve never given birth let alone have had babies in the last 6 months. Celebs caught RED handed were Jennifer Lawrence (one of my personal fave looks of the night, although the construction of the breast area was distracting and questionable), Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Garner, Zooey Deschanel and Claire Danes (who I walk the fine line of wanting to applaud her for how she looks and punching her in the face for looking that tiny less than a MONTH after giving birth). Just kidding Angela Chase, I’m just bitter because I still have 25 pounds to lose and I’m almost 5 months out. But again, I digress.


Other hot notable moms were Megan Fox, Adele, Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson. Speaking of Kate Hudson, she was my absolute hands down favorite overall look of the night in Alexander McQueen. She got it right from head to toe. What a stunning mom!


Black, white, and black/white stunners included Julianne Moore, Katherine McPhee and Anne Hathaway.


Props to Jessica Alba who I would like to believe got the “IN” memo but decided to not be a follower and opted for a shade off of red. She looked spectacular in her coral gown.


Mermaids headed from the sea to the carpet last night, including beauties such as Taylor Swift, Amy Adams and Kelly Osbourne.

Now on with the show…Here were moments I loved or didn’t love:


I loved Kristin Wiig and Will Ferrell. I could literally watch Kristen Wiig sit and gnaw on a piece of wood for an hour and find it funny. But the duo’s banter and timing was impeccable and hilarious. Plus, she looked pretty fierce yet understated in her black dress with keyhole cutout. #AlwaysGilly2me Loved it!

Jennifer Lawrence is a very talented young actress but she lost me when her first words were, “I beat Meryl”. She is young so all is forgiven, but Meryl Streep is… Well Meryl F*ing Streep! #RespectIsntJustASong. Didn’t Love it.


Who knew Kristin Bell was preggers. What did that mean to me? That clearly I haven’t had a moment in months with four kids to read my weeklies or watch Extra, Access, E, or ET! #PopCultureFailure. Anyway, she looked adorable. #Props2Preggers  Loved it!


Haven’t seen Les Miserable yet (Come on, It’s not animated! #FourKidsFive&Under) so I haven’t seen Anne Hathaway’s performance yet, but I hear it’s astounding. However, I loved her speech! I teared up when she said to her hubby, “You make every day better than the last. And thank you for the best string of yesterdays I have ever had. ” #LoveStoryAddict  Loved it!


I was so happy to see Lena Dunham win for “Girls”. What a kick-ass chick! I’m a huge fan of her work. She’s the 20′s modern version of John Hughes AND she can act. What an inspiration. Loved when she said, “This award is for every woman who felt like there wasn’t a space for her. This show had made a space for me”. Just brilliant! And thanking Chad Lowe when “Girls” won. Genius! #GirlsGetItDone #GenerationGenius  Loved it!


Amy Poehler and Tina fey made costume changes! Is it me or did they go from Christmas inspired dresses to New Year’s? These are two of the smartest and funniest women of our generation. This must have been thought out? Am I wrong? #ItsMyStory&ImSticking2It


Jodie Foster took the stage and literally took my breath away. She looks amazing! And then she reminded us that she’s 50! Knowing you can look that hot at 50 made me excited, less fearful, and inspired all at the same time. And, slightly lazy but I beat myself up too much. Her speech was incredible. It commanded attention. She was poised, smart, very funny, and dignified. What an unbelievable message she is sending to her kids and kids everywhere. I watched that speech 3 times, and cried my face off. I cried because she was all empowering strength. In the entertainment world sometimes actors feel trapped in a fishbowl with constant judgments peering in. Celebrities can feel powerless. Jodie Foster, after spending almost her entire life under a magnifying glass, took back her power! I applaud her on many levels. Thank you Jodie! In 5 minutes you went from being an icon to becoming a legend. #LeadingByExample  Loved Loved it!


Ben Affleck proved to be the comeback kid. He went from famous, to famous for the wrong reasons, to being famous again last night… This time for showing how in life we can make smart choices that do dictate our future. This reformed bad boy settled down with the love of his life, became a hands-on Dad, and reinvented his career. Loved when he said, “My wife you’re my everything”. And, the kids’ names and notes scribbled on his hands made me swoon as a Mom. #BennysBackOnTheBlock  Loved it!


Les Miserables closed the show with a big win! Proved to me that maybe there’s life beyond SpongeBob, and perhaps it was the wrong move to walk out of a local LA performance of Les Miserables at age 17 #I’llDenyItIfAsked

Love it and can’t wait for next year!

What were your fave moments and red carpet looks from the Golden Globes?


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  • Jenn Murray

    Hey, Tori! In regards to what Jennifer Lawrence said as she began her speech, it was actually a quote from a movie, not a smart ass diss to Meryl! Check out the story..

    I agree with your fashion breakdown completely…and seriously,tiny little totally in shape Claire Danes. How?! Super Spanx?! :)

  • Renatta Doerksen

    Missed the show, thanks for the comments and pics. I feel I didn’t miss a thing!

  • Elissa Lerma

    Great review! All those Moms in those gorgeous dresses were super inspiring! And Jenn Murray is right on. Jennifer’s quote was from the movie “First Wives Club!”

  • Carrie Nugent

    I think Date Night is desperately needed…. required! Go for some amazing food and drink…. then snuggle in at the theater and …. go see Les Miserables ! ( take your tissues, YOU WILL CRY )…. then you have to go for a night cap somewhere dark and snuggly and warm with a fireplace and lovely so you and Dean can discuss the masterpiece of Les Mis !
    My hubby and I actually took our daughters on Christmas night ( 16 & 11 ) they loved it so much! My 16 year old just went and saw it again last weekend. Afterwards we discussed it on the way home and they best part for me as a mom was that they really ” got it” the message of Jean ValJean’s life.

  • Jeph Henderson

    Best Golden Globes recap I’ve seen – thanks Tori! :)

  • desi

    Tori, you look amazing too after 4 kids and 4 c-sections. I have had 2 c-sections and it is a lot to go thru! Thanks for the recap of the Golden Globes. I agree that Kate Hudson looked the best especially being a new mom again.

  • Linda Larson

    My favorite hands down was Kate Hudson! I fell head over heels for that dress. I love black and gold together in an outfit. Amy Poehler is cute as ever and so funny but my boobs deflated a long time ago and I cannot and will not wear tops that are cut like that…..I guess I am trying to say mabye Amy shouldn’t do that anymore.

  • Sarah McDonough

    Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t dissing Meryl! It’s a quote from First Wives Club! When Bette Midler’s character picks up Goldie Hawn’s character’s Oscar and says “oh, what does it say here? I beat Meryl!” #theladyrespectsthelegend

  • Carol Conrad

    Thank you so much for this Golden Globes update!
    I am so out of it I thought it was next week! I have a lot going on.

    “You are my everything!” Be still my heart. I may cry for the sheer beauty of that statement. Jennifer and Ben are so lucky.

    Oh how I wish I had that!
    But happy for them!

    I agree with Carrie (above)– get date night ASAP!

    I wouldn’t see Les Mis–I hate to cry in public-my nose turns red face gets blotchy and my eyes look like guts. Since I don’t want to scare people–I watch crying movies at home.

  • Nicole Veee

    Tori, I am SO glad I don’t have to watch the show since you so wonderfully recapped it for all of us!! And you are too funny, and very beautiful, don’t forget :) I like the deep reds but not so much the lighter ones, they seem too orange for me.

  • Bridget Whelan

    Agree 100% about Kate Hudson! She looked like an absolute movie star!

  • ksu2000grad

    I love your assessment of the show, but I seem to remember that Tina was wearing a blue dress in the opening, at least that’s how it came across on my screen. I just remember that because I thought the red and blue was quite a patriotic look. Anyway, I love reading your opinions on fashion.

  • Caramellsweets

    Loved Anne Hathaway’s outfit! Sometimes simple is just the right way to go. Plus with that hair, ugh, I love it!

  • Mauigirl09

    I loved that Ben won! The Oscars are more political and it is a shame Spielberg kept him from a nomination. My favorite look was Jennifer Lopez! Stunning! And the ladies who just had babies and were way too skinny just makes me think they don’t put their kids first like you do! Saw Dean and was so glad he made it to go forward! Stupid potatoes!


    I’m so sorry your sick! I, too, have fallen victim to this yukkin sinus infection drama. Am on my third string of anti’s also. Can you tell me what your doing to get through it? I’m goin’ nuts!!!
    Anyhoo, loved your recap of the eveining. You should be a commentator!

  • Amanda Doerrie

    Tori – Re: Jennifer Lawrence “I beat Meryl” – its a joke from the 1st Wives Club w/Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn in the scene where Bette Midler picks up Goldie Hawn’s Oscar Goldie Hawn says ‘Check what it says – I beat Meryl’ – only issue is – movie is from 1996 and nobody remembers the joke… LOL.

  • Jackie C

    I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, but just wanted to comment on your recap! My faves:

    Julianne Moore: Stunning, sophisticated, refined yet bold look (she seems to pull off both). My fave dress!!

    Jessica Alba: LOVE the bag, the dress, not so much. For some reason I don’t like the mermaid look.

    Kristen Bell: Did not know she was preggers either. Not sure about her dress. Too flouncy (is that a word??)

    Les Mis: Saw it on Broadway in NYC twice. Don’t think the movie could beat that. I don’t really like musicals adapted into movies. I’m sure their performances were spectacular though.

    Lucy Liu: Hmmmm. Okay I’m going to say it. Looks like she is wearing a bedspread from the 1980s. She is gorgeous though, as always.

    So there are my thoughts on your recap. BTW my husband and I fought sinus infections through November and December. I was on antibiotics and steriods, twice, and he got a huge shot of antibiotics, um, I won’t mention where. lol

  • Myeleah

    Anne Hathaway looked so perfect. I love her new haircut, really showcases her gorgeous brown eyes.

    Jennifer Garner looked so fresh & lovely.

    Kate Hudson, as always, super cute & a clone of her mom!

    Taylor Swift looked very grown up & sophisticated, love the color of her dress too.

  • VG

    Kate Hudson steals the show in any room she’s in. I was once in the same room with her and she walked in like a movie star. She looked amazing! Overall it was a fun show to watch.

  • Lana F

    I love Jennifer Garner dress.She kept it so simple. …:)

  • valeriea73

    Honestly I have seen Les Miserables on Broadway and I was uber impressed with the movie! The whole theatre gave it a standing ovation when I went to see it! I literally sobbed at the moving scenes with Anne Hathaway!

    I agreed with all your statements Tori!

  • Darren Martin

    Great recap! They should have you back doing Fashion Police soon. You’re spot on.

  • Suzanne Brown

    My favorite dresses hands down were Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway! I thought the SNL girls were great and I am loving your recap!

  • doreen porzio

    Tori, Your Recap is AMAZING!! I wasn’t watching it! I flicked back & forth! I didn’t have room to DVR the whole show! I watched Dean on Rachel vs. Guy : the Celebrity Cook Off! Cable was going on & off & rebooting!! What a Night!….. I did manage to see some of it! I do have to say that Jodie Fosters speech was beyond Great!! I rewatched it a few times myself & Cried! I think that was the best speech I have Ever Heard!! She didn’t miss a BEAT!! When she said MOM…. I lost it… You were totally right on with it ALL!! My favorite gowns would be Jessica Alba & Jennifer Garner! There were others, but they were my top 2!….. I was very Happy Ben Affleck won too!!… Les Miserables was excellent as far as my daughter & boyfriend was concerned & I guess millions of others!! Haha!… I certainly agree with you “Darren,” Tori is Spot on & should be back on Fashion Police!! :)

  • Shelby

    Jennifer Lawrence’s “I beat Meryl!” comment was a quote from the hilarious movie The First Wives Club. One of my favorite movies since I was a kid. She wasn’t being rude or disrespectful, just witty. :)

  • Alexa Flowers

    Such a great re-cap. I’m totally with you.