Liam’s World: Our Big Man


It’s hard to believe that my very first baby is already 5 years old. Each year he gets bigger, smarter, sweeter and funnier. And apparently, the transition from 4 to 5 was a big one for Mr. Liam…

The other night, after a trip to the bathroom, he said to me, “Listen Mom… Now that I’m 5, I say ‘I go poo’.  4 year olds say ‘poo poo’… But I’m a big man now so I say ‘poo’!”. 

I laughed for a good 5 minutes. Growing up means different things to different people, and apparently for Liam being a 5 year old dictates the way he describes his bowel movements!

Have your kids said anything lately that had made you laugh til you cry? If so, share it in the comments below!



  • Crystal Rood

    When one of my daughters was in the first grade (over 20 yrs ago), to teach them to count, on the 100th day of school they made necklaces using yarn and 100 Froot Loops for them to wear all day. The teacher gave them all the supplies and walked around the room to assist them. When she got to my daughter, she only had the yarn around her neck. The teacher asked her where her froot loops were, my daughter just smiled. She knew that my daughter had eaten them. She asked her why and my daughters only response was “They were Froot Loops.” We still laugh about this to this day.

  • Catherine Ferrara

    The other day I took my kids for pizza. A man was looking at me and my kids and smirking at us as we were having conversation. He excused himself to say he remembers when his kids (3 boys) were 12 and 9 like my kids. Once they became 18 they were basically on there own with there own lives.

    Now they are all grown young men (all in college) as he is a divorced man. He wishes he had those days back. Now they have there own lives and visit him often. So I made a comment that I am trying to enjoy every minute I have with them and I said I am not looking forward to that age (18) because even though I will always have a relationship with my kids I will hate that they do eventually go on there own.

    My point is that on New Years Eve we were all sitting at the table and my 9 year son whispers in my ear and says……. “Mommy I love you soooo much and I will not leave you at 18yrs old or ever”. He said…. “Whoever I marry I will live upstairs with and we will have a family so I can be close to me. I am your son forever not a Mamas boy”. It was priceless and brought tears of happiness to my eyes. I am truly blessed.

  • desi

    Liam is such a cutie! Now he is a big boy and will not be using little boy words. That is funny! My son went through the same thing when he went to school. He was big then and could not hang with the little kids.

  • Vicki A

    My niece went to her family dog’s yearly vet appt….I asked how Chelsea (my dog niece) did and my niece said Chelsea’s not fat, she’s obeasted! (…she ment obese!)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    hah! cute! he’s got your eyes! I can’t believe he’s 5! time flies I suppose…..

  • Emily Goodman

    What is it at that age and poop? My daughter is 4 and everything is poo poo head and poopy pants! lol. I would have had the same reaction as you! Gotta love that Liam!! He brightens my day. I can’t believe he is five.

  • Bernadette Pelayo

    Yesterday my 6 year old son Jacob was playing a game of HORSE with his friend. My son Jacob tells his friend, “I’m a HO and your a HOR! (Whore”)! Then my 2 1/2 year old Gracie yells out, “Jacob, I want to be a Whore too!” My husband and I were dying!!

  • MaryKate Burd

    I went to the bank the other day with my daughter (4) in the car. They were giving away green mint mini candy canes (their usual is lollipops) for the holiday season. She asked for one, and when I told her it was mint and reminded her that as much as she tries mint things she doesn’t really like them, she told me “Mommy, I am 4 now, I like mint.” She ate the entire thing with a look of “this is disgusting but I am going to continue to smile so you don’t think it is” on her face!

  • tamtam41

    Ok, so the other night I was laying down with my son (5) and I guess I dozed off and I must have been snoring.. His reply while shaking me “Mom stop snoring, you’re freakin me out”.. Still laugh at thatone!!

  • Linda

    Oh, yes, I love those days! Just wait, soon he will be telling you he has to crap! Kids, they are so funny!

  • D

    babysitting the grandson’s on new years eve:
    the all too familiar call from the bathroom
    [you are sure to relate to]
    “I’m done”, and finding 6 yr. old Sam waiting patiently, chin on palms and then pointing to the underwear…”theres a problem Granny, I waited too long….and some fired outta me.”
    I nearly pee’d laughing!

  • steppedonalego

    My 11 year old has some doozies. About 4 years ago when he was 7, we were driving through town around lunch time and my husband asked them where they would like to go to eat. He then made the disclaimer that it had to be somewhere “cheap and easy”… and my 7 year old piped up from the back seat… “like your mama?”


  • Bree Rainey

    My son Avery turned 3 yesterday he is much like Liam very funny and full of spunk. I was watching the new normal catching up from what I missed, this episode there was a flash back of the grandmother wanting Nixon for President holding a sign with his picture and words that read I love dick, she was also chanting I love dick. Out Avery comes from his room chantingI love dick I love dick and mommy I’m gonna be a toy princess he cracks me up so bad at least 20 times a day

  • Dessa

    When my daughter was 2 (now 15) she was playing outside. She kept stopping and hunching her shoulders down. I asked what was wrong and she replied “There’s a monkey on my back!” I still giggle whenever I think about it.

  • Krissy

    My daughter and I were on the Boardwalk and saw someone eating something my husband would love and my daughter replied, “Hey mom, that would be at the top of dad’s alley!” I always said I wanted to keep a journal of these cute little sayings, guess 2013 is not too late!

  • Kiki Walker

    My youngest daughter was 3 yrs old at the time, as you know all children tend to not want to take a bath in certain times of thier lives.. Well needless to say.. it was one of those days. I send her to take her bath after I drawn her water,I had to answer the door and welcome my company in, so after a few minutes, I excuse myself to check on her, and lo and behold she standing there naked all stopping wet and she had one hand on her hips and the other hand shaking her fingers at me.. tell me this.. ” I took three bath so I don’t have to take a bath for three days, ump! I stood there and just laughted so hard that I cried, and I told her no matter how many bath she took, she still has to take one everyday.. and she pouted to whole evening with givng me a dirty look and telling me I just plainmean and wasn’t fair.. and she was going to tattle to Santa Claus on me and I waan’t going to get anything thing from him that year.. and she umpp again.. She is now 27 yrs old.. and I still laugh when think about that time!!!

  • Karen Morris

    The other night we were cuddling on the sofa while my 2 year old was snacking he passed gas & my 7 year old while sitting right next to us asked Evan did you just fart and he answers with a serious tone “Yes Payton I fart everytime I eat “. The giggles lasted for quite a long time!!

  • doreen porzio

    Liam is toooo funny!!! I would have laughed hysterically too until I cried!! I always said he made me laugh & I loved the way he talked!! Such a man!!…. Now it’s called “Poo” Haha!! Too Cute!

    My daughter was full of surprises & goofy faces! She would love to say silly things with her grandpa including “You poo poo head”… My father would say “No, You silly” & she would laugh so hard including all of us while listening to them!…. Think she liked to say that cause at the time, my parents had a dog! My dad use to pick up the “poo poo”(Liam), in the yard! She would be on the poop patrol with him!! Haha!!

  • Lori

    This is going back to when my daughter Eva Marie was about 2-3 years old and putting her sentences together. She turned to me and said “Mommy, we two awe best fwends foweverw!” and completly melted me into a puddle of tears. I’m a single Mom and she let ME know that day that I “must” be doing something right in her eyes!! She’ll be 12 years old in February and to this very day Tori she tells me she loves me and that I’m the best Mommy ever!! We’ve had it rough lately, but this year I’m commited to moving many mountains for HER.

  • Joann

    My son Joseph (when he was 3) and I were in Wal-Mart buying him new underwear, now to set the stage there were quite a few elderly women in the store this day of course in the same department we were at! When my Joseph yells out I can’t wear those (they were briefs) I have to wear boxer shorts or I will be sterile!!!!!! I look up to see all these women staring at me. All I could do was laugh. I asked him where he heard that his reply..Oprah!

  • Heather Jennings

    That’s pretty funny Liam!!! We have been potty training our 2 year old daughter and recently when I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet while she was sitting on her potty, our daughter Jade looks at me and asks “Mommy, potty? Mommy big turd?” I started laughing pretty hard!!! I found out my Husband has told her poop is called…..”turd” so now she typically tells us she has to go to the potty by yelling “Jadie BIG turd!” as she’s running thru the house. LOL! I’m sure it will be pretty entertaining next year when she starts preschool!

  • Linda Nelsen

    When My daughter turned 3 she passed gas! she got this look on her face and said ” I just burped out my Butt!” It was so cute and I laughed so hard! Now she is 14 and hates when I tell that story to other Moms I know who have wee little ones at home!

    GodLove em! They Sure make our world a better place don’t they?

  • bmepp

    I love the funny things kids say. When my son was about 3 or 4 he said something that wasn’t intended to be funny but made us laugh. We were heading out somewhere and my husband forgot to get something. I said jokingly, “you’re losing your marbles!” My son, being the good little helper that he is, said “oh, I’ll help you find them dad!” Too funny!

  • Momma Used To Say

    When my daughter was around 5, I was trying to cut her toe nails (she always whined when I tried to cut her nails) and that night as I started to go for her little toe she yelled out, “Do the thumb!” Huh? I fell out laughing! She meant her big toe!

  • Lindsay

    There are too many to count! I have twin 4 yr old girls, G & L. Here are some faves:
    G talking to her uncle, he asked why haven’t you come see me? G: I don’t know, I guess we screwed up!
    After putting the girls to bed on my birthday, G came out *again* after one more, one more drink and asked for her 10th hug. I said do you know what one more present you could give me. ‘What’ she asked all excited. You could go to bed and go to sleep. Her sweet little face fell and she said, Mom you don’t need one more present.
    L is my story teller. At Christmas she told me she named her pretend baby deer Cubit. I asked Cube-it? I like it. She said, yes mom just like Santa’s deer!
    For a long time her stories always started with “When I was a little kid, in high school…” So here is one of her stories from when she was three. When I was a little girl in high school, I got in a little car crash.
    Oh. Were you ok?
    It was just a little fender bender?
    No. It was just little. I was driving a Mini Cooper and G was driving a Volkswagen Bug. So it was little. (Duh mom was totally implied!)

  • Leslie@amberalertgps

    My best friends son, 4 years old, was sitting demolishing his chocolate chip cookies. My girlfriend said “share with Auntie Leslie” He said in his little voice and button blue eyes with complete sincerity, “I am sharing mommy, I’m sharing with myself!” I still laugh at that. Only from the mouths of babes!

  • PackersTX

    When my 6 year old asked mt 4 year old why she always sits right beside me, my 4 year old said “Because, I love her! “

  • Dani N.

    When I was about 6 or so a storm knocked the power out while I was watching T.V. and when it went out I yelled angrily “SOMEONE PUT THE BATTERIES BACK IN THE T.V.” I am now 19 and still get teased about it! I don’t think I am ever going to live this down.

  • Stephanie Campbell

    I remember when my daughter had just turned six and we were in the bathroom brushing our teeth for bed, she turned to me and said “Mom, I’m six now and can do whatever I want.” I almost feel through the floor, it was so funny but with a straight face I told her “Go ahead and see what happens”. you gotta love kids

  • Kendall

    My almost 5 year old daughter does pageants, she was talking to my grandmother telling her about the latest title she had received, and said it was called “mini mouse sour cream ” my grandmother looked puzzled and I (laughing so hard i was almost in tears ) tried to say …the title is ” mini grand supreme” priceless!