Foodista: Tie-Dyed Treats


We’re excited to bring you another great article from LilSugar, a fantastic source for mamas who want advice and news about everything from packing healthy lunches to mastering the art of stroller chic. This week, we’re featuring their tie-dyed recipes to get toddlers excited about breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tie-Dye and Treats–Everything Your Toddler Loves in One Bowl


Get your toddler excited about breakfast, lunch, and dinner with tie-dyed recipes they are sure to love. Using basic food coloring (even natural ones will work!) and a little creativity, classic recipes can burst with color and a rainbow twist. Make multicolored spaghetti for a fun weeknight treat or brighten up a party with a colorful cake. Whatever the occasion, you’ll be sure to see a smile on their face and leave everyone curious about your tie-dye tricks!


Rainbow Waffles
Start the day on a bright note by whipping up some rainbow waffles. Whip cream and Lucky Charms add a magic touch.


Tie-Dyed Cookies
A sure hit among the little ones, these sugar cookies are given a colorful upgrade using a kid-friendly recipe.


Tie-Dyed Rice Krispie Treats
Give the classic gooey treats a colorful boost using gel food coloring and this tie-dyed treat recipe.

Lemonade Themed Birthday Party


Inside-Out Rainbow Cake Pops
With one bite, kids will be surprised at the array of colors in these rainbow cake pops.


Taste the Rainbow Cake
Making a rainbow cake is rather simple and will have your little ones smiling (rainbow sprinkles are a must!).


Colorful Spaghetti
Your kiddos will love this unexpected twist on dinner by eating spaghetti bursting with color. With all the bright colors, you could even sneak veggies into the pasta without a fuss!


Tie-Dyed Cheesecake
Replace average cupcakes at your next bash with these mini cheesecakes that are bursting with color.

What fun twists on kid-friendly classics have you tried out?

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  • Katia

    food colorings usually have some sort of E number. i’d prefer to use natural ones, especially for kids – either bought or made yourself (fruit and vegetable juices that is). but the idea is super cool! =))

  • Ashley Taylor
  • desi

    These are great ideas! I especially love the spaghetti!

  • Emily Beebe

    Soooo trying the cake for my daughter’s Lalaloopsy themed b-day party!

  • Jen

    Tori- I think you are an awesome mom, and I love your blog. With that said, please think of all the power you have to spread the word about how bad artificial food dyes and flavored are. You can make these same things using natural colors. Please look into the link of artificial colors and behavior and learning, not to mention cancer. A “little bit” does hurt…. Especially since dyes are in EVERYTHING and our kids’ bodies are so small.. Thank you for reading…

  • Cheyenne

    I have actually done the Noodles for my kids lunches. They love them!!

    I would like to get some ideas on alternatives to food “dye”. Im guessing its not the best thing to add to food, but what are the alternatives??

  • munchkin munchies

    All these rainbows make me smile:) Thanks so much for including my rainbow cake pops!

  • Susan I

    I didn’t read most of these recipes, so I don’t know if all of them used actual food dyes or colorings, but you can make many different colors out of fruits and veggies, which I learned at a kids cooking school. I held my oldest daughter’s birthday party there, and for the frosting of their cupcakes, my daughter picked pink and purple, and they used fresh raspberries for the pink and blueberries for purple. Beets make things more red if I remember correctly.

  • Lindsay

    I have to agree with Jen. As beautiful and fun as all these recipes are, the food dyes have not only negative health effects but can also have negative behavioral effects. There are natural food dyes you can buy and you can use natural foods to make your own dyes. Beets make the most beautiful pink ever! It is how I got my girls to try borscht. Who can say no to pink soup? The natural dyes aren’t as neon or bright but they are still lovely.
    That said, I am absolutely going to use some of my natural dyes to try a few of these recipes!
    Loving watching Dean on R&G Celebrity Cook Off! So glad he stayed tonight!

  • Cammy Gollner

    I too have to agree with Jen. Chemical food dyes are some pretty nasty stuff. In fact they’ve been banned in Europe.

    If you want to you can spend a lot on India Tree natural food coloring (found at Whole Foods) but remember, they only last about 6 months, as they’re natural, and remember, natural things don’t have the shelf life of chemical additives.

    For those wanting to go the natural route here’s some helpful links…

    The first is 8 ways to make natural food dyes

    The second is 4 natural ways to color treats

    And the last is from the wonderful Weelicious blog – beautiful pink frosting made naturally from beets!

  • JuJu

    I love these!