Finn Fashion: All Tied Up


Finn is growing sp fast and as he gets bigger, I can’t resist styling him up in the coolest fashions I can find (which includes tons of Little Maven pieces).

On this particular day, Mr. Finn’s look can best be described as preppy chic meets LA cool.  We started off with a super casual ensemble – a pair of grey jeans and his fave pair of tan booties. However, being that my brood is full of mini stylistas, I couldn’t stop there. 

To take this outfit to the next level (and to compete with the styling likes of Miss Stella), we threw on a Blume Little Man Tie Tee. This black tee has a Finn-sized tie attached to it (these ties are handmade specially for the little men in your life), and makes an immediate fashion statement. I’m so obsessed with these tie tees that we started carrying them at invenTORI. They’re such a cool way to bring a bit of unexpected style to your babes’ wardrobes.

Watch out ladies, there’s a new Mr. McDermott in town and from the looks of it, he’s gonna be a (very well dressed) heartbreaker!

What do you think of Mr. Finn’s look?


  • Robyn Weber

    Finn is rockin’ it with his chic outfit. No boring blanket sleepers for this little dude! Love you Tori; hope to see lots of you and the fam in 2013!

  • desi

    He is so adorable! He looks just like a doll and I can see the handsome man he will be all grown up! I love the outfit and the tie just pulls it all together. Love to the McDermott family!!!

  • Nancy Garland

    He is adorable! All your little ones are adorable!!

  • tamtam41

    He is just way too cute!!

  • Myeleah

    SO sweet & stylish! He looks like a very mellow lil dude! Can’t believe how big he is getting! He has such gorgeous skin!!! What’s his secret?! lol

  • Jeanne Tutt

    how adorable! def gonna be a heart breaker!

  • Tami Hass

    Tori, He looks like a bald little man, so sweet. So grown up in that picture.

  • Sarah Blevins

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE Blume Tie Shirts! My son wears them all of the time!

  • Debbie DiMascio

    Adorable. I think your Laim and Stella look alike and Hattie and Finn look alike! Precious kiddos!

  • Kristina Carter

    He is getting so big! Love the tie!!!

  • Dawnie

    LOVE it!! being the crafting mama you are have you ever tried freezer paper stencils? They are so fund and easy to do. You can make mustache t-shirts or even fashion your own design tie with fabric paint. For the girls all types of things owls, animals, flowers, hounds tooth. I have done a few I made my oldest a Halloween skeleton costume with candy in her belly doing this method.

  • Denise Engelmann

    He is so Big Already!!

  • Ingrid Ruiz

    OMG He is getting so big!! Love his tie!!

  • Allison Pridgen

    So adorable! Etsy has some similar ties — I received a few for my son’s first birthday.

  • Frannie

    Finn looks so much like his big brother Tori! Adorable! “Bruiser” McDermott indeed.

  • queenmbh

    Finn is adorable. I love the tie! I just got my grandson (6 mos) a bib with a tie sewn on it and had his initials embroidered on the tie .

  • kvickn

    What a little doll! He DOES look a lot like his precious big brother Liam!! Love you and your beautiful family so much!! Really miss you guys on TV though!! Come back soon!!

  • Catherine Ferrara

    Absolutely precious. You make me wish I can have more kids. Love you and your amazing family. Looking forward to more postings.


  • Silje

    He is so cute. I love it when you sheer fashion for boys ! soon to be mother of 2 cute boys, am i’m expecting a baby boy nr 2 soon :)
    you are a inspiration :) Love from Norway !

  • BrittLav

    TORI and DEAN make beautiful babies I can’t stand it!!!!