Don’t Miss Dean on Rachael vs. Guy!



Dean & Guy

Remember when I told you about Dean’s new gig on the 2nd season of Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off? Well my man’s Food Network debut is almost here! The new season of Rachael vs. Guy premieres this Sunday, January 6th at 9pm ET/PT, and I couldn’t be more excited (or proud) to watch my talented hubby on this culinary competition show.

This season Dean will be competing along with 7 other celebrities for the grand prize of $50,000, which will go to the winner’s charity of choice. Good food for a good cause… doesn’t get much better than that!


My handsome hubby with Chilli

I’m so excited for the whole world to see Dean show off his mad skills in the kitchen. Now everyone can see what I’ve been raving about for years! My Gourmet Dad is not only a fabulous cook but also a FIERCE competitor! And, as we’ve all seen in the promos there’s a kiss between my man and ice skating sensation Johnny Weir?!? What? Not gonna lie, I’m intrigued to see that. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect on this season of Rachael vs. Guy:

So make sure to set your DVR’s for this Sunday, January 6th at 9pm ET/PT on the Food Network. And, root for Dean and Team Guy!! No offense Rachael! I love ya but I gotta stand by my man…

Let’s get Dean and Team Guy trending this Sunday!!

Will you be rooting for Dean on this season of Rachael vs. Guy?

T aka DBF (Dean’s Biggest Fan)

  • Robin Powell

    Set my DVR’s what? Tori, I think you forgot a word. Either that or you meant DVRs, plural, no apostraphe. 😉

  • Donna

    @Robin…are you kidding! My aren’t we being alittle critical of Tori’s grammer! Really? You’re lucky Tori takes the time to write these editorials,and with her busy,hectic schedule you could at least overlook something as trivial as a comma or ‘..shame on you! Tori,I will be watching Dean on Sunday night? I wish him luck! Xoxo

  • Emily Goodman

    I think this is the first time, if someone gets kicked off a show I might take it badly!! Go Dean! I want to see him win!!!!! My DVR was already set yesterday when I saw a promo!

  • Joknows

    Congratulations guys! That looks like a great show. Lots of fun!


  • Myeleah

    I saw the promo for the show. Looks like a lot of fun and for a worthy cause! I will be rooting for your hubby! Good luck Dean!

  • LoveCooking

    Go Dean Go!! I love you and Tori….great family and outlook on life in particular after a very difficult year. I love cooking, cooking shows so I’ll be there. I start a mini-cooking school this Sunday that I am stoked about at PREP in Los Alamitos, CA!

    Will be watching Dean and Downton Abbey this Sunday so my DVR will be working overtime.

  • daisy reguero

    hi tori, im so happy for you and your family, i will be cheering for dean all the way, so lets get it started team guy and dean. love you guys.

  • Shemaine Smith

    This looks like fun! We’ll definitely set the DVR!

  • doreen porzio

    Of Course I will be watching Dean & rooting him on!!… I’ve been waiting for this for quite awhile!!…. I can’t believe Johnny Wier Kissing Dean & Loving it!! Woo Hoo!! Saw him bragging about it on a commercial last night!! “I Kissed Tori Spellings Husband!!…” He definitely LOVES Dean!! Lol! I can’t wait to see that either!?! “Say What??” :)

  • Denise Engelmann

    Always on Dean side! He always has my vote

  • ksu2000grad

    The dvr is set and can’t wait!

  • Jess Ater

    I love it! Saw the promo and am tuning in just for you T! My Mother calls me Tori Spelling. Cause I’m a Martha Stewart, fashion expert, Gay loving, party planning gal. I’m also a worry wart who thinks I have exotic diseases I read about or watch in a movie. I know ghosts and spirits are real. A psychic told me as a teenager that I would married a man named Gary one day. At the time my BFF was dating a Gary. Same psychic told my BFF she would marry an Eric. I was dating a Eric at the time. We thought she for sure messed it up. Ended up in 1999 she married a Eric and My hubby’s name is Gary. I was engaged to be married to someone else when I met and fell in love with my now hubby of 5 yrs who at the time was married to someone else with children. He left them all for me. Long story, sounds bad but I’m sure you can relate. Love is Love. All is sorta cool now. As cool as it ever gets when stuff like this happens. I’ve been on a Tori crush since 90210 and watched all your Lifetime movies. Evil and good Tori. I mean characters not acting. Please I’m a fan not a critic. I’ve always been taught if someone is talking about you or your work you gotta be doing something right! Here’s to Dean!!! I hope Food Network offers you, your own cooking show they would be a mad fool not to!!!

  • Tamslee

    Can’t wait DVR is get.

  • dorota klimarczyk

    I love Dean ! For me He is so smart.I’m always on his side.

  • Wanda Pender

    OF COURSE I’ll be rooting for Dean!!! Woot Woot!! GO DEAN!!!! :))

  • Sharon Coffini

    I just set my DVR since I’m heading to LA tomorrow for a 3 day girls trip! During which I’ll be stopping by to check InvenTori out (on Monday)!!!! SO excited!!!! And can’t wait to watch Dean on the show! Hope his team kicks butt!!!!!!!! Love you guys!

  • Susan Grayson

    Tori, I am rooting for your husband!! I cant wait to watch it. Woooo woooo!