One of the very last things I had to check off the list before Finn’s arrival was packing my bag for the hospital! Luckily I had two of the cutest helpers around, Liam & Stella, to make sure I had everything I needed to welcome Finn into this world.  Here’s our home video of getting my bag packed for the big day:

So now our bags were packed, Finn’s first outfit was picked out, and I was officially a blonde again, which meant one thing… we were ready for baby’s arrival!

It was now time to leave home and head to the hotel for our “baby-cation”! We live about an hour away from Los Angeles, so we decided to have the whole family stay at a hotel near the hospital – that way, I’d have my babes nearby while I was in the hospital, and we could spend as much time together as possible during those few days.

So, with bags in hand, we left our house for the very last time with Hattie as the baby of the family. It was such an exciting feeling knowing that next time we were home, we’d have one more babe to love and cherish.

How did you prep for baby in the final days of being a pregger?



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