documenTORI: One Final Detail

After the whirlwind of emotions that I awoke to on the day of Finn’s arrival, I pulled it together because there was one final detail that I had to take care of before I headed to the hospital… I needed a manicure and pedicure! 

My nails hadn’t been done in weeks and weeks (as any mom of toddlers knows, getting your nails done regularly is almost impossible), and I was NOT going to let Baby McDermott meet me for the first time with anything but flawless nails.

So with my husband and gusband in tow, we set out to find a nail salon… which turned out to be a lot tougher than we expected!

After the mani/pedi (which was super quick and turned out looking amazing) it was time to head back to the hotel, and that was when it hit me that in a couple hours, I’d be having a C-section. Actually having the surgery is the part of my pregnancy I had dreaded since day 1. I was anxious to get it over with, and was definitely feeling the stress of what was about to happen:

Next up was saying bye to the kids before we left for the hospital, which (as you can imagine) was quite emotional for this Mama.  In the next episode of documenTORI, you’ll see me say my goodbyes to my babes for the last time as a pregger.  Stay tuned!!

What was the very last thing you did before your little one’s arrival?



  • Jeanne Tutt

    awww that is so sweet! love how supportive and confident your husband is to go in and get a mani pedi with you!

  • HLeide

    I was induced with both my boys. One of the last things that I did before my youngest was born, was eat a huge ice cream cone before 10 pm. I wasn’t allowed to eat after that time. I also wrapped a big brother present for my oldest. So when he came to the hospital, he got a little something special from his new little brother.

  • Jaci

    The last thing I did before my little man arrived… I delayed going to the hospital when I was in labour to finish watch the Bachelorette season finale. I had to see who Ashley chose before I could go! Hahaha! My husband thought I was crazy, but I was feeling okay!

  • Silje

    It so fun this baby countdown ! Love it! I’m excited to see the next video :)
    I had my first baby boy in the summer 2010, that evening i was eating strawberry and ice cream :)
    Now in april is my due date for my baby boy, so i don’t know what i will be doing yet..

    Big Hug From Norway ;) Love the way you blog tori,it is inspiration to me..

  • Dorota Klim

    Manicure and penicure was a great idea! I have never had C -Sec but I understend you well becouse 5 months ago I was pregnet.I had a lot of stress, becouse it was my first pregnacy.I didn’t know what to expect????I tried not to panic. I have had big support with my huspand who was in the delivery room with me.It as a great expirences and an attempt for our engaged

  • Kiara Ramirez

    with my first born I was totally unprepared and mortified when I was in the hospital without a pedicure and messy hair, lol. 14 months later I was back in the same hospital to deliever my daughter. This time, however, I went into labor on my own so I had time to re-do her diaper bag for the 100th time, I french braided my long hair and I did have a pedicure and then was ready to go meet my daughter. I like those pictures so much better!

  • Stephanie Campbell

    I was three days late and feeling as big as a house.It was around 2 AM and I had just went to bed because let’s be honest at 9+ months, there is no such thing as comfy sleep. I woke up about an hour and a half later with sharp pains. I knew I was in labor and the way I timed them was to watch Loony Tunes cartoons.

  • desi

    Oh, Tori, I love these videos! I was like you as I got so sick after surgery. Yuck! It’s so hard being sick with your stomach cut. I had 2 c-sections and my mom was like you are so lucky you didn’t have to go thru labor! Oh, yeah, having your stomach cut is soooo much easier! Right! Before going to hospital for the first baby I curled my hair and did makeup. At least lipgloss so I wouldn’t scare everyone there!

  • Mariana Hernandez

    The very last thing I did was make sure I had my loved ones around me..i felt safer

  • Mariana Hernandez

    I just finished watching “Breaking Dad Part 4″ when you and Dean had “the talks” about why he isn’t happy anymore..made me cry:)–pretty deep

  • doreen porzio

    I Love these documenTORIals! I thought that was so cute that you all went to get your nails done/ pedi’s!…. You always make me smile!…. On the topic of your baby being able to tell the difference on having time “travel through”, or “getting ripped out!” and him knowing the difference?! I think it happened so fast that the finish line is most important!! That was to be placed on his momma’s chest ,to feel her skin on his and know that this is my mommy! I’m home at LAST!!…… You are soooo cute to always worry about these type of things… You are an AMAZING MOM!! Xo

  • Sharon Coffini

    Assuming the F name was Fiona…glad you ended up with a little Finn! Had a friend who was thinking Fiona for her little girl and the first thing I said was SHREK ;-) LOL Love the me a Tori and Dean fix…when is your show coming back on????

  • Monica Villacci

    The evening before my mom and I went for a mani pedi too! I needed pretty nails when
    family took pics of the baby in my hands!

  • lizziem

    I’m so glad that you and Finn were safe and healthy in the end. But after all the publicity you sought when you revealed your dangerous pregnancy struggles, you post this? On the day of your delivery you were worried about your nails?

    You are smart and engaging and accepting, and you have so many advantages. But something this shallow- is this really what you want to put out into the world? With your brains and energy, just think what you could accomplish if you ever turned to truly meaningful issues and activities.

  • Kate H

    OMG, Tori. The way you described the feeling of knowing you’re having a csection and hating it… That is me, all the way. I have had 3 csections, and the first one was BY FAR the easiest. Probably because I didn’t know what to expect! When I went in for my second and third, I was SO anxious. Not only do I HATE feeling paralyzed, but I hated the lack of control I had over my own body. It was an awful feeling! Of course the end result is the absolute best ever, but it is HARD not to panic about the way he/she is getting there.

  • Darren Martin

    What an awesome video! Made me snort a couple times laughing. Love the chemistry you have with Dean and Mehran. Awesome… I’m with you, not a fan of Fiona either ;)