When I was pregnant with Hattie I decided make my own hospital gown. Being a DIY mama I knew I could do a lot better than the gowns given at the hospital or even sold at stores. So I picked a fabric and made my very own gown… I couldn’t wait to welcome my baby into this world wearing an uber-chic dress that was delivery room ready. But, it wasn’t meant to be.  When I went into labor with Hattie, my contractions were so painful that I said, “Screw the hospital gown, give me the epidural!”

So, cut to less than a year later and pregnant with Finn I resolved to make a brand new gown and promised myself I would wear it on the big day. With the goal of making the chicest hospital gown in existence, Dean and I headed to the fabric store to pick out the perfect print:

There were so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from, but in the end I’m super happy with the one that we chose. After we got the fabric, there was still a lot of work to do! My friend Jess came over to help me drape and pin what I decided would be a hospital kaftan. There were a lot of considerations to make when figuring out the perfect style- it had to be just as functional as it was chic. Here’s a video of the design process, filmed by none other than first time camera operator Liam McDermott!

After Jess and I draped the material and I had decided how I wanted it to look I took it to a seamstress who made my hospital kaftan dreams come true.  My DIY gown was super functional (stretchy, comfy, allowed for my IV and for my little man to breastfeed), and was definitely a huge hit at the hospital!

 What do you think of my DIY hospital kaftan?



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