documenTORI: 3 Days ‘Til Baby


Because I spent so much time in the hospital when I was pregnant with Finn, I had to scramble to get everything ready for baby in the days leading up to Finn’s arrival. My gusband Mehran took this video of me days before the big day… and as you can see,there was still a lot to get done! I was in the process of getting my hair done (couldn’t have my baby meeting me for the first time with roots!), was still putting the finishing touches on the nursery, and had to pick out an outfit for baby to wear home from the hospital…

In the end it all got done (and I caught it on video, so stay tuned!), and I was able to welcome my little man into this world as a blonde again (Thank you Mark!) and with lots and lots of love.

How did you prepare for your little one in the final days of being a pregger?


  • Lemon Meringue

    Allthough maybe not at your most glamourous, you ooze mommahood! I spent the last weeks of my three pregnancies cleaning and cycling. Maybe an odd combo, but for me it worked. Usually I am not the most tidiest mother in the world, but I dusted and cleaned my ever expanding rear off at the end. My husband once found me balancing on a stool, on top of the kitchentable to clean the piping. He forbid me to do that from that moment on, the poor darling was ever so right, but I couldn’t help myself. So I became a secret polisher and shiner. But then he found out again (probably because of the very bright usually very dirty windows on the 2nd floor, which can only be reached by hanging dangerously far out of the windowsill). So the only thing left for me was cycling like a madmen through the polders surrounding my town, until the babies were born (I was literally cycling two hours before giving birth). Because walking was fysically not an option and I was not in the possession of a driving license at that time, cycling was the only slightly comfortable possibility to get out of the house. I guess I just couldn’t sit still!

  • Jennifer Sorrell

    You are amazing Tori….I had a placenta previa with my baby boy too so I know the sense of accomplishment you get when you deliver a healthy baby :). You rock and you have a beautiful family :)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    you rock!

  • MamaPaws

    You were glowing! Looks like you we’re relieved to be at the end. Glad u got to spend the last weeks with your family. Must have been so hard to be away from your family while in hospital.

  • sasha davison

    Tori!! I have been meaning to write on here for so long but always forgot my password. I love reading your little blogs and video caps…feels like you are an old friend from school. It looks like you have so many lovely readers on here too that support you and your family and are positive…such a nice change! I especially love how you have Coco running around your house…Love Sasha from Australia…but living in Houston at moment…..and scared of driving on freeway!!!

  • NicoleTroccoli

    Love it Tori! I love that your videos are so real and you don’t try and make your house perfect for us! I have 2 kids and my house is a constant work in progress :) Congrats on your sweet new baby xoxo

  • Katie

    Hi Tori,
    I just had my 4th baby in September and I went through the nesting thing but as you know, with four kids, it doesn’t matter how much you “nest” or try to clean and organize, the house always seems to feel like a tornado hit it!!! Hope you are all feeling great and enjoying the new year as a family of 6 like us! XOXO

  • Carmel Sanders

    Tori, I love your videos!! They are amazing! I just had my second baby in June. She’s 7 months now! I never really went through a nesting phase with her like I did my first daughter. When you have a toddler, the house is always a mess!! I am so happy for you, the kids are all so beautiful! Congrats!!XOXO

  • Elizabeth Rosario

    Hello mama T,
    I enjoy your videos so much! you are so real and down to earth and I love that about you. You looked fabulous even though it was 3 days till baby. Congrats on everything! you are a superwoman for sure….:)


  • doreen porzio

    Tori, I just don’t know what else to say to you, other than that I am so Proud of you getting through all of this like a real strong, tough, determined woman that you are! I am so Happy that You and Finn were both ok. You both are Miracles! God Bless you Both!… Then having to go through another life threatening ordeal after giving birth was just one too many…. That’s why you are such an AMAZING woman in my eyes! To go through all of your pain & worries in silence … I will say it again, You are a living MIRACLE!!! Thank God! Xo

  • Beverley

    Love these video blogs! As a mum of 9 we moved twice in 6 months with a new baby and 5 of our 9 were under 5! We were getting ready to move so we were living out of boxes so the things I focused on was making sure I could live out of my hospital bag for at least a week, I had my nails done,fake tan was on! And I gave birth with make up on! One of the things I love is bringing my new baby back to a super tidy freshly painted organised house but that want my reality this last time and its so nice to see eve though your famous you know how to live real! Xx

  • desi

    Oh, Tori, you looked beautiful even 3 days before baby! Love how you were having your hair done. I showered, curled hair and did makeup before going to the hospital. I couldn’t let baby be scared seeing my pale face and dirty hair! I always enjoy seeing your videos of your darling family!

  • Samantha Watters

    So happy everything went ok with the delivery and Finn! Your house or kitchen looks amazing! I’ve been watching old episodes of Tori & Dean on my iPad, please please keep doing more seasons. I am watching Dean on Rachael vs Guy, its the only reason I’m watching the show lol. But it’s not the same! So many of us want to see you and the whole family together. :)

  • Kendall

    Love your blog!!! Such an inspiration to working moms!

  • may may

    i am so anal, i packed everything for me, daddy and baby ahead of time. we lived in a mobile home we were still tring to fix, and out in the country, closer to my time our babys godparents and good friends we asked if we could stay in town as it got closer to my due date and they agreed for us to stay with them. well, the day we came, my awesome hubby packed all our stuff we would need in the back of our truck, at the time he worked with my family and his brother, at a recycling plant, the hole day we didnt notice till lunch time, that my bag with all our stuff had somehow flow out :( i was so upset, we had to go shopping for new stuff :( he feelt awful and like a failure as a dad and hubby, wasnt even our baby here yet, but still. so, goes to show u, u just never know what will happen even when u are prepared lol. now its a funny story at the time i was soo upset! we even whent back and found pieces of clothes down the highway lol, we didnt have much money then and some had been super special ones we had gotten from our moms, we found those, so it was even more special. crazy how far some of them flew and so far from each other, go figure!

  • Joy Thornborough

    Tori, Me & My Step Daughter adore you. You are a great inpiration for Young Mom’s …. You let them know that they are not alone. SO many “Mother’s” look down and say that you should be doing this … this way and that way! Thanks you for helping her know that she is not alone or Crazy! Love you & Dean and all the Kids, Thanks for letting us into your lives & Home by TV! Happy New Year and Congrats on Finn to come!!!
    Joy & Sadie!!!

  • Emelie Riensch-Armstrong

    I love you and your family. This documenTORI series is cool. I miss seeing you all on TV so this eases the pain. Haha