I live in a very culinary-inclined household. My hubby is an amazing chef (currently starring on this season of Rachael vs Guy, Celebrity Cook-Off on the Food Network… make sure you tune in Sunday night’s 9pm/8c and root for Team Guy!!!), and I love getting my hands dirty in the kitchen as well. We are definitely big foodies! 

When we moved into our home, one consideration that was super important to both of us was that the kitchen had to be the hub of the home. We needed there to be enough space for both of us to be cooking at the same time, and also needed it to have an open concept so that we could keep an eye on our brood of little ones while they played, watched TV, crafted, etc. And, I think we got everything we wanted in this kitchen.

Food Network Magazine stopped by to take some pictures of Dean and I in our kitchen (aka our favorite room in the house), and I wanted to share with you guys.

Here are some great detail shots of our kitchen from this month’s issue of Food Network Magazine:


This is Dean’s “Recipe Idea Board”. He doesn’t like writing down his notes in a notebook, so he put a big piece of butcher paper up on the fridge and writes all of his culinary tips, ideas, and inspirations there. Not only is it useful for my man, but I love the way it looks and is great for when I need to jot something down quickly. Like the fact that we are out of milk. Which happens daily with our bunch! Hmmm… Just got inspired to look into a backyard mini cow!


I bought Dean this set of copper pots with iron handles for our 6 year anniversary this past May. I love traditions and the traditional 6 year gift is iron. He keeps them hanging above our kitchen island. I love the look of copper pots in a kitchen. Feels homey and rustic and makes me want to cook fabulous stews and hearty soups!


I must admit, I’m kind of obsessed with these barstools. They’re made from recycled plastic and were woven by tribal craftsman in Central India. I love the idea of reusing materials to create something new, and really like the pops of color that the stools bring to the room. I got these guys on (which is also where I got some décor for Finn’s nursery).

To see the rest of the pics and read more about our kitchen, pick up the latest issue of Food Network Magazine!

What would your dream kitchen look like?




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