tuTORIal: From Holiday Cards to Gift Tags

Jenny Dixon is at it again with yet another one of her fabulous holiday crafts. We’ve already seen how she makes Hot Chocolate Play Dough, and now it’s time for her tuTORIal on how you can upcyle your holiday cards into chic gift tags. Here we go!

Turn last year’s Holiday cards into this year’s gift tags! This is a tradition that my mom started many years ago and I continue with my family. After the holidays we tuck our cards away in a special tin (always with the ornaments so I can find them easily). When we bring out our decorations the next year, we enjoy re-reading the cards and seeing how our families and friends’ families have grown and changed in the past year. Next, we pick out our favorites and turn them into tags.


My Preferred Gift Tag Making Supplies:

  • holiday cards 
  • scissors
  • paper punches
  • tape
  • ribbon
  • hole punch
  • washi tape


1. Use a paper punch or scissors to cut out your favorite images from cards


Soon you will have a collection of fun tags…


2. Attach tags to presents with yarn, ribbon, or washi tape


3. Don’t forget to save your 2012 cards for next year!

Easy as 1-2-3! Santa hats off to Jenny for this crafty holiday tuTORIal. I love how easy it is, and how it puts all of your old holiday cards to use. Such a good way to teach kids how easy and fun it can be to reuse instead of just throwing things away.

What’s your secret for wrapping your holiday presents?


  • JessicaLayne

    This is an awesome idea! So crafty! Happy Holidays to you and your family Tori!

  • Jillian Riley

    I love the Washi tape for attaching the tags. So cute! We save our cards for the kids ornament making station!

  • Katie Johnson

    My family has been using old cards on presents- we sort of “display” the card amongst all the ribbons and bows on top of the wrapping paper. It is also fun to look at the old cards! They hold lots of history! We use cards that are over 30 years old- from the first year my parents were married, from the first year I was born, and from loves ones who are no longer with us, lots of memories!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    what a great idea!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    Great idea, I can do that with some of the cards, not all. I have cards that I know I could never destroy, I have cards from when my dad used to work far far away and he sent me Christmas cards and from my grandpa when I was just 6 or 7 years old. I am very sentimental when it comes to things like that even from close friends I would never be able to cut them. I have a HUGE collection of CHristmas and birthday cards that bring me lost of memories. I have a birthday card from when I turned 21 and my mom is reminessing about when I was a baby, I guess I never paid attention to it before because I just found it and read it and it was like I was reading it for the first time. My mom passed away last year, it was like a message from her.

  • Emily Beebe

    I always save wrapping that can be reused from last year then purchase anything else I think I’ll need after Christmas when it’s on sale!!

  • nora from south

    As soon as I get home from work I will post some photos from the Christmas gift tags I mastered up this past weekend. I made them from different stuff found in my “junk drawers” :)

  • freshstartcoach

    I’m really enjoying all your ideas!

    I also recycle Christmas cards for tags to use on glass jars and to decorate the lids on the jars. They really dress up my homemade goodies!
    Another fun way to recycle the cards is to turn them into holiday inspired magnets! Just glue the portion of the card you like onto card stock or cardboard and Mod Podge for a shiny finish. Apply self-adhesive magnetic strip to the back! Decorate the fridge with the holiday magnets then take them down and store for next year!

  • Rachel Ashley

    What a wonderful idea!!! I love saving old Christmas cards, because so many of them are cute! I have saved them for scrap booking, but I love this idea!!

    Rachel Ashley

  • nora from south

    Here is a glimpse at my gift tags made from random items. I hope you like it!

  • Amy Bailey

    Love this tag idea. Love that no one can tell who the gift is to without lifting the tag. Seems more fun and more of a surprise. I prefer gift wrap over gift bags. Love to tear that paper. I also like to combine curling ribbon with old fashioned wide ribbon. I like a monochromatic look. I like every pkg to look pretty.

  • MamaPaws

    I know I’m resounding a little late on this one lol but I done something crafty and from the heart. I want to share. Let me tell u a story. My mother who I can’t quit talking about on here is getting married for the first time this spring. For the ladt 26 years her life has been about her children and i love her so much!!! Well I wanted to get the couple a gift together. I think that in a way this is symbolism like we are accepting him in to the family but also showing he’s a part of our mother. Their gift is a multi picture frame set, many pieces and since they are still living between two places! Actually states lol, they could split up the frames between the two houses and put both of their family’s picture in them. I needed a big bag and ended up grabbing this one at the store. It wasn’t until I got home and bagged the gift that I realized what it said and the cute couple on it! So sitting here a few minutes ago and decided to make an ornament out of the gift tag. And it will be super easy to hang on a tree. I’m not sure, but this might be their first ornament as a couple, but not married yet Notice the altercations I made to the tag. Lol. It was because of this post that I done this….thanks
    Go here to see it. If it works right lol

  • Wendy Garrison

    I took this a step further, thanks to your idea. I took old magazines and cut out scenerys etc and used that fir tags also.