A couple weeks ago the whole family went to a holiday event, which meant it was time for Miss Stella to create a holiday chic look with her own special twist of Stella Style.  My toddlerista came out of her room and I kid you not, my jaw dropped. It was like looking into a mirror (with a 4 year old as the reflection) and seeing myself in an outfit that I would totally wear (and would covet if someone else was wearing). A fur vest worn over a ruffled shoulder dot shift dress, paired with magenta tights, cognac riding boots, and a sparkly retro chic meets cozy and casual beret. And to complete the look, one of my fave vintage necklaces. This girl is literally my style icon, and she’s only 4 years old. It blows my mind!  Move over Kate Moss!!!

The fur vest and riding boots that Stella is rocking are from an amazing company called LIV. Those pieces mixed with her pop of color tights and some vintage jewelry makes for one chic toddler.

Have your little ones blown you away with their fashion choices lately? Or have they ever gotten all dressed up and made you think, “I want that outfit!”? 


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