I grew up in Hollywood. My every move was documented. My family was watched through a lens with a filter that was tweaked to how everyone wanted to see us. When I became a woman, then a wife, and then a mom I hoped people would know me for me.

Reality TV helped me achieve that. People have asked me why I chose to film my life? Well, that’s easy… People were going to view me how they wanted to, no matter what. So, without anything to lose I wanted to share the real me. If nothing else it would be therapeutic. But, what emerged was nothing short of amazing.

I went from being tabloid fodder to bonding with women (and some very special gay men) everywhere! I didn’t gain fans, I made friends. But, I wanted more of a connection.

So, I created ediTORIal. An outlet to inspire and be inspired by all of you. I never could have guessed over a year and a half ago that a true community of cyber friendships could run so deep. But, you have all truly become a second family to me. So much so that I wanted to blend my worlds of reality and community.

Here, I give you documenTORI. In this exclusive web series I will share my family’s most intimate moments, memories, and milestones. From my last doctors appointment before Finn’s birth, to Hattie’s first steps, to being inside the recovery room after Finn was born and so much more…

There’s no reality crew, hair & makeup, or commercials this time. These are home videos of my family made by my family to share with all of you here on ediTORIal. Thank you for all the unconditional love and support you have shown us. Life gives us the moments… we create the memories.

Here’s a sneak peek into… documenTORI

What footage do you hope to see in documenTORI?


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