As a kid, my absolute favorite holiday tradition was what I called “Ravelette Balls”.  They were basically balls that you unravel, and as you “unraveled” the ball you’d find treats and little presents in each layer.  I was just a babe myself when I was given my first “Ravelette Ball”, and growing up my mom used to give us pre-made ones for every holiday. It was a tradition in our house, and I have such amazing memories of this little holiday treat.  However, I’d never seen one of these “Ravelettes” in my adult life…


Cut to about a week ago, when I stumbled across this blog on talking about DIY Surprise Balls.  OMG! I couldn’t believe it! These ‘Surprise Balls’ they spoke of were DIY versions of my beloved Ravelettes! I couldn’t believe I was seeing this long forgotten holiday tradition again, let alone seeing a DIY version. It was a sign sent to me from the blogosphere that I needed to reinstate the Ravelette tradition with my family.

Here’s how you can make your own Ravelettes/Surprise Balls/whatever you choose to name them based on HonestlyWTF’s fabulous tutorial:

  1. Start with a bunch of fine crepe paper (HonestlyWTF recommends this kind) and 10 or so fun little items.  You don’t want the items to be too big, but you should mix it up and pick a bunch of your little one’s fave knick knacks. Make sure you have some items that are a little larger than the rest and are round shaped, and make sure you have some that are smaller and flat. Otherwise, you might end up with some seriously lopsided Ravelettes…
  2.  Cut the crepe paper into 1 inch strips, length wise.
  3. Then, wrap the biggest item in the crepe paper in a criss cross pattern. Use 3 strips of the same color crepe paper to wrap this item.  Once you’ve wrapped it, use a little bit of glue to seal the last strip down
  4. Add another item and wrap the same way but with a different color crepe paper. 
  5. Continue this process until you’ve wrapped all of your goodies in different layers.
  6. Once the ball is finished, you can decorate it with thinner pieces of the crepe paper and any other adornments you want to add. HonestlyWTF added Dresden trim, which looks amazing.

And there you have it! My fave childhood holiday tradition, given the DIY treament. These would be great stocking stuffers, and could even look really cute sitting under your Christmas tree. I bet your little ones would love to open one of these guys on Christmas morning! 


HonestlyWTF put these items in their Surprise Balls (pictured above), but you can put whatever you want in yours! It’s so fun for the kids to make, and even more fun for them to open.  I remember how excited I would be about unraveling layer after layer and constantly uncovering new goodies. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and I am obsessed with this DIY version.

Next year I think I’m going to make 25 of them and mark each day of December on them, so that the kids will get to open one a night until Christmas! You could also wrap them with blue and white crepe paper and make 8 of them for 8 nights of Hannukah 

What’s your all-time fave holiday tradition? And will you be creating your own version of my long-lost Ravelettes?




Photo & Craft Credit: HonestlyWTF

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