Every year around Christmas the only thing my older kids want to talk about is Santa.  They want to talk about what they’ll ask Santa for, and mostly, they want to ask questions about him. Lots and lots of questions. And each time a question comes my way, I’m faced with figuring out how creative I wanna get with my answers to all the questions I get this time of year.  I hear everything from “If there’s a real Santa in the North Pole, how come there are fake Santas at the mall and at parties?” to “How will Santa fit down our chimney? If he gets stuck, will we hear him cry for help?” and everything in between.

The hardest part for me to deal with was a situation that came up when Stella was writing her Christmas list. Instead of writing down toys that she had seen on TV or in stores, she was inventing toys, like a remote control Barbie with wings that flies around the room like a remote control plane. When I told her that didn’t exist, she insisted that in Santa’s workshop the elves can create any toy a child dreams up. Try getting out of that one!

When I tried to explain that at night, when the toy stores are closed, the elves sneak in and get all the toys the kids ask for she stopped me… “Mom! That’s very bad! Elves sneak? That’s naughty of them. You tell us it’s bad if we sneak into the cupboard for cookies, so the elves are naughty if they sneak toys!” Stella is the literal one of the bunch!

This situation with Stella reminded me of my own days of writing letters to Santa, asking him for all of the items I coveted most. I recently found these letters, and thought I’d share them.  I loved looking through these – so cool to see how my little mind worked when I was young enough to be asking Santa for gifts.  However, I never did get that real live white Persian kitten… Gonna have to check in with Santa about that one. 




We also now have the famous Elf on the Shelf. Liam and Stella named ours Chippy. Although Stella now says she’s bummed and wish he was called ‘Princess Butterfly’. Chippy has an eye on the kids and “reports” back to Santa. He moves around our kitchen every night, and the kids love finding his new hiding spot each morning.  Well, one night Chippy “forgot” to move and when they ran to see him in the morning, he was still in the same spot from the previous day.  Liam gasped and turned to me furious. “MOM!”, he exclaimed with his fists by his side. Oh no! What had I… I mean Chippy done? Was the gig up? “Yeah Monkey?” I sheepishly said… Then he said, “You know what’s going on here???” Me: “No. What?” Then he pointed at Chippy and said, “This guy’s gotten LAZY!” Ahhhhhh! Yes! Lazy! Phew. Dodged a bullet on that one.

So at this age, they are definitely keeping me on my Christmas toes. I realize now I have to choose my words and actions carefully. In a few years I’ll probably have to start dealing with the dreaded questions from my kids asking if Santa is real or fake, but luckily I’m not there yet.

What kinds of questions do your little ones ask you about Santa, and how do you answer them? I wanna hear from all of you mamas, whether your kids are big or small!




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