Liam’s World: Quarters for Christmas


Liam just came into my room and handed me these two quarters. He said “Mom, here are two quarters so that you can go buy me, Stella, Hattie, and Finn Christmas gifts”. I said, “Do you think 2 quarters will be enough to buy presents for all four of you?” He pointed out the dates on each quarter which read 1990 and 1997 and said, “YES! Read here, that means they are worth thousand each!”

Liam’s offer was so adorable and heartfelt… he really thought he was giving me the money to buy gifts for everyone and was so proud to do so. He’s such a sweet boy, and although 50 cents may not pay for everything on my babes’ lists, it’s a gesture I’ll remember forever.

Have your kids said anything this holiday season that warmed your heart (and maybe made you chuckle at the same time)?



  • A Turner

    Our youngest Ella, 3 1/2 years, informed me a few days ago that “Daddy is on the naughty list”. This intrigued me so I asked her if I too was on the naughty list. She responded “you’re on the nice list because you’re the best mommy in the whole wide world!”

  • Marlon Zaldivar

    What a beautiful gesture!!!! he will be take care of his siblings when he gest older…. Tori… you and Dean are doing an amazing and superb job raising those little angels. Keep it up.

  • desi

    Oh, what a sweet little boy that Liam is! He thought of his brother and sisters too. That is great that he already knows about giving. My youngest son who is bigger than his big brother always says to give anything to small for him to his “big brother.” They have gotten so much closer as they have grown older. Hope you all have a nice Christmas day today!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    my nieces certainly have the wrong attitude towards christmas. when they walked into my parents house they immediately saw presents and asked which were for them soon started rip rip tear tearing through all the presents. it was really sad. they were holding one present for the end and I looked away for 5 seconds to say something to their mom and next thing I knew the present was opened and attention on other things. what is wrong with today’s kids? seriously!

  • Cindy Merricks Jones

    That’s so sweet. If it were only that easy. Life through a child’s life is so amazing.

  • CupcakeQtie

    My 2-year-old niece, Desi, walked into my mom’s this morning and showed my sister, (her other aunt,) she’d gotten new shoes. My sister said, “Oooo, what pretty shoes!” My niece said, “They’re not SHOES! They’re NIKES!” :)

  • Kristy Hunter

    My 3 yr old is obsessed with Ninjago but all Ninjago toys are Legos and made for 8-12 yr olds. I told him that Santa knows that he is too young for Ninjago stuff and suddenly my 6 1/2 yr old was whispering in my ear. He said, “Mom, what if I ask Santa for Ninjago stuff and I will just give it to Gavin?” Melting my heart over and over again just thinking about it! Merry Christmas everyone! FYI: Santa improvised and brought one Ninjago mini figure, a Ninjago alarm clock, and a Ninjago hoodie!

  • DreD.

    My 2.5 year old doesn’t say much. He has been a very slow speaker. This year, he picked up two new words. HO HO HO and Santa. We haven’t really talked much about Santa, thinking he was too young to understand. But anytime he saw a santa, he screamed HO HO HO. Proud mommy moment for sure. Just reassures me that hes listening even though he may not be speaking

  • Alison J

    My 6 year old daughter was wrapping stuffed animals from her room and drawing pictures to put in gift bags for the family. My husband’s family reads the Christmas story from Luke 2 before we open gifts and this year my daughter wanted to read it (with a little help from her gran).

  • carolyn stertz

    My 3rd daughter has been very upset that I have been working extra hours due to the Christmas holidays, she would always cry “I missed you!” when I would get home. One day I got home and she was really mad..she said “when are you coming home?!!” erm….i think i am LOL

  • DawnS

    Years ago my nephew was learning to talk. I practiced with him saying “what does santa say?” And he would reply “Ho Ho Ho”. So the family was sitting around the living room and I said “Brandyn what does santa say?” He wouldn’t reply, so I said ” Ho Ho Ho?” And he shouts out “YOUR a HO HO HO!!” We lost it and couldn’t stop laughing. Yes my nephew called me a Ho lol

  • Mickey

    My seven year old bought everyone in the house little gifts with her tooth fairy money for Christmas this year! So sweet….

  • Barbi D

    Yesterday I was getting my hair colored and a little boy, age 4 was in the chair next to me. I know how old he was because he was asked. Dad was across the room getting his hair cut as well. Anyway, when he was asked if he had a good Christmas and did he get everything he asked for, he started listing off the items one by one that he recieved. He then stopped when he got to a couple of games and said, “I was really bad this year so I am suprised Santa got me what I did”. He then said “I don’t understand why I got games when I was so bad”. I felt the need to tell him that “you got what you did because you were honest about being bad”. That made him smile and say “yea”. The ladies in the shop were still giggling after he left for quite some time. That little boy made my holiday!

  • Christie Chavis

    A couple weeks about my 9 yr old daughter wanted us to do Secret Santa. So she put all our names in a hat and we drew them. We were suppose to make something and not buy it. It was really sweet and challenging for her brothers to do. I really love her idea. Maybe we can do it next yr and make it a cute tradition. My princess has such a big heart and I know is going to do something amazing as she grows up.

  • Mrs. Bebe

    My 6 yr old son always gives me any change he finds mostly pennies. So when I’m shopping for groceries he starts filling my cart with all kinds of snacks & if I say I’m not buying all of it that he has to choose two things, he tells me “You’re not paying for it mommy, I am with all the money I gave you.” All of his 5 pennies….goodness!

    And just now my one year old took out my sanitary napkins & my boy screams “mommy the baby is making a mess with your diapers!” Lol!

  • Dani N.

    Love this!

  • Nicolette Terry

    This is absolutely adorable. I just love Liam and the cute things he says!

  • JuJu

    mine do that. they say mom we have money! I say you do? and they’ll go grab their change purse and show me a bunch of change. and its just so cute. b/c I one day said I had to pay the light bill. which I call over the phone and pay with a debit card. and my middle girl runs in there and grabs her change purse and says I have some money for your light bill! it warmed my heart. it was so cute!!!!