Haute Hattie: Ready for Rain


It’s finally starting to feel (a little bit) like winter here in Southern California, which means we get to whip out our fave winter wardrobe staples.  After an incredibly long and impossibly hot summer, we’re all antsy to don our fave raincoats and wellies, even when it’s just drizzling outside.

On one of these chilly LA days recently, Miss Hattie Cat got all bundled up in her wet weather finest. She wore her favorite leopard print hooded puffer jacket and paired it with tall suede boots worn over Stella’s fave socks. Hattie was cozy, chic and ready for the rain. And, what outfit would be complete without a green binky – can you say pop of color?!

Hattie is definitely taking after her toddlerista sister Stella in the style department, and I couldn’t be prouder. However, it’s not just Stella who Hattie looks to for style inspo. Her fashion icons are of course big sis Stella but mixed with Maggie Simpson (when Hattie has her pacifier in we call her ‘Maggie Simpson’ ha ha!). I think I just figured out what Hattie’s Halloween costume will be next year…

Have your little ones had a winter weather style moment recently? Upload a picture to your profile and leave the link in the comments below. I can’t wait to see your haute toddlers!



  • Ann Crook

    Hattie has the biggest baby blues!! Her eyes always look soo blue in pics.
    I wish we had rain and drizzle here in Ottawa, Canada. I just awoke to 2 feet of fresh snow (and still falling) and just spent the last hour shoveling my driveway so that I can actually venture out today. I am sure your Canuck hubby can feel my pain:)

  • desi

    Hattie is soooo cute! All your babies are darlings and those little girl’s are already styling like their Mama! It has been raining here in NC for 2 days, but the sun is finally out today. So my goats and chickens are happy!

  • renee

    So precious! Here’s a link to my photo posted of my 2-year-old wearing her new holiday tights and boots (on the wrong feet, of course) while riding her new tricycle she got for Christmas!

  • Suzanne Brown

    Hattie could not be any sweeter! My third child has an attitude ALL her OWN and I captured it in a photo shopping in Target! Here she is all on her own trying on shades and striking a mean pose.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    so adorable!

  • doreen porzio

    Hattie looks Adorable in her leopard print rain coat!!… I know what you mean about the forever & long hot summer!! We just got a little cold front here in Florida! It was just 80 degrees here abt. a few weeks ago! It’s nice to get a little chill in the air!.. Hattie is so chic in her entire outfit! I also love the way you use the term “binky!” Some people use to look at me weird when I used that word instead of “pacifier” My daughter LOVED hers! All 27 of them! Only kidding, but she did have one in every color & in each hand, at times! It was very funny!… We would tell her, “Get that binky out of your mouth!” She would take it out & switch it with the other one!! Tooo funny!…. :)

  • Ingrid Ruiz

    OMG she is so ADORABLE!! Love her coat!!

  • Emma Johansson

    Oh my gosh! She’s just too cute!! I love animal prints and dress my little princess in it all the time. Check out this pic from my blog;

  • desi

    Love, love the leopard print jacket! The pacifier ties it all together. Just too sweet!