Giveaway: The Perfect Holiday Gift


 If you came by the invenTORI Holiday Bazaar a couple weekends ago you might have met the lovely Sara Happ, founder of The Lip Slip and The Lip Scrub – 2 beauty products that no momista should live without.

I absolutely love Sara’s products – her famous lip slip offers everything you’d ever need in a gloss… It moisturizes (no more dry lips for this mama!), offers a little color and shimmer, and stays on for hours.  Her Red Velvet Lip Scrub was the first Sara Happ product we ever carried at invenTORI because I’m obsessed with red velvet and when I heard it was available in a lip scrub I thought it was a dream come true! It was limited edition though, and I’m so excited she has brought it back this holiday season!! It’s my fave… the perfect product for any momista who wants smooth lips and has a soft spot for red velvet cupcakes (who doesn’t?).

Being the genius that she is, Sara combined her lip slip and lip scrub to create the most perfect holiday gift of all – The Gift Set! This little bundle comes with one Lip Slip and one Red Velvet Lip Scrub, all wrapped up in a festive red box and topped off with a white bow. Can  you say holiday chic?!  Trust me when I say that this is the perfect gift for any of the momistas on your list this year. We carry The Gift Set at invenTORI, so if you’re still trying to figure out what to get any of your fellow momistas/craftistas/stylistas this holiday season, you can pick these perfect gifts up HERE. They also make great stocking stuffers…

And now, you have the chance to win one of these gift sets for yourself!  Sara has offered up 5 gift sets that a handful of lucky ediTORIal readers can win.   

In order to enter the giveaway, here’s what you have to do:

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  3. Check Back. On December 20th I’ll be choosing the 5 lucky winners and updating this blog with their info. Come back to ediTORIal on the 20th to see if you’re one of them!

Thank you to the lovely Sara Happ for providing these goodies for a handful of lucky ediTORIal members.

Good luck! 



UPDATE: We’ve chosen our winners! Congrats to Stephanie, Lori Shore, MaryKate Burd, Amy Young and Jody Chelmo!!!

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  • Cherie C

    My best Christmas gift ever was the Arabian horse my grandparents got for me when I was 11. It was a big surprise and such a fun night.

  • Stephanie P

    The best Christmas gift I ever received was a a book of pictures of my 2 girls! My mother and father secretly took them and took pictures over several weeks and then put them all in a book. I was completely shocked! I had no I idea they were doing anything. I cried, it was the best gift ever!!

  • MeghDale

    Without question, it was the look on my daughter’s face last year when she woke up Christmas morning (3 at the time). The pure joyful bliss was amazing. 2nd to that was totally the Barbie dream car when I was probably 6 or 7. How could anything compete with that!?

  • Tracy Martinez

    The best Christmas gift I have been given is my 2 children. Both scheduled to be born on Christmas day just 3 yrs apart and both deciding to come into the world early. My Son Ben 12/19/05 and my Daughter Ella 12/10/08. They are my greatest joy and gift!

  • Ant Rich

    My best Christmas gift was my daughter. She wasn’t due until Jan but came a couple days before Christmas. She was healthy and perfect. We are blessed!

  • Jodie Arnold

    Oh I’m not going to be all sentimental here. I got a beautiful Dooney and Bourke bag a few years ago, from my mom, and I just LOVE it!

  • MsJillMF

    My favorite Christmas gift was a fake rose my daughter picked out all by herself at her preschool holiday store. It was the first gift she ever gave me and by far my favorite. That was 12 years ago. I still have it in a vase in my bedroom. Merry Christmas Tori!!

  • Melissa Reinhard

    One of my most memorable gifts was a pair of little tiny diamond earrings from my now husband when we were about 20. I was shocked! And so thrilled.

  • Sarah

    I love the gifts my 3 girls find around the house, wrap and set under the tree. It really is nice to have some of it back for Christmas! Last year my favorite pair of scissors went “missing” all during the Christmas season :)

  • Donna

    My best Christmas was when my husband made a signs with my full name on it and hung it in the neighborhood on a telephone pole for me and everyone to see wishing “the love of his “life the merriest Christmas ever!

  • Debbie DiMascio

    My favorite gift was from last year. My father in law passed away in Feb. of 2011, and my husband took diamonds from a ring that belonged to my father in law and had it made into a necklace shaped as a heart. It is beautiful, and I will always have that dear man who I miss so much, close to my heart.

  • Angela Duffy

    My best Christmas present was a painting given to me by a little gal that I mentor. She went through my Facebook pictures and did a water color painting of my dog, Jake, which we will always cherish!

  • Rebecca Baker

    The best gift I have ever received was from my two children. My then four year old daughter picked out an ornament that had a special Mom poem on one side that said “No one as ever loved their Mother, more than I love you”. To get that kind of confirmation that my kids truly think that was the best feeling. Best gift ever <3

  • Lady Googoogaga

    I am a regular user already!! My favorite holiday gift is coming up this year, I am surprising my 5 and 7 year old with a trip to Disney!!!!

  • Stephanie

    I am a mother of 3 and I normally don’t do the whole Christmas gifts for myself or really ever ask anyone to do so. Last year my husband was blessed with a wonderful job that we are thankful for daily. The best Christmas gift I have ever received and its not really a gift for myself but I was able to provide a single mother with 3 kids a Christmas last year. I truly know what it feels like to not be able to provide my kids Christmas gifts that they truly want beings I have been a single mother myself. I feel like that is the best gift in my eyes to be able to provide someone in need for Christmas.

  • Plantastic

    As a plant and nature lover I was so excited when I received the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse kit. In it I was able to grow an amazing tropical house plant that moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle It!! Then it “plays dead” for about 10 minutes and theleaves re-open! If you like nature..see video If you have kids this is a must have holiday gift. Heads up – use coupon code Holiday to save $2.00 at

  • Amy Jenkins

    The best Holiday gift I have ever received was an engagement ring (on Christmas Day of 1997). We were married at midnight and into the New Year on Dec.31st/Jan.1 2000. Every year when it turns a New Year that is another year that I am blessed to be married to such an awesome husband and father to our 3 children. We are getting ready to celebrate 13 years of marriage as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1st of 2013:)

  • Tiffany Adkins

    The best holiday gift I have ever received is my sweet new baby girl! This is our first baby and I couldn’t be happier! She is just so perfect!

  • amanda arnold

    My favorite gift I’ve ever received was an Etsy picture my husband gave me our first Christmas together!

  • stacey autin

    My best Holiday gift came the week before Thanksgiving six years ago- my baby girl was able to come home from the NIC unit. She was born at the beginning of November very, very ill. Her blood was septic and they didn’t think she would pull through. But she did! And six years later we are so blessed to have her in our life!

  • Sarah B

    The best holiday gift i ever received was a photo album my sister made of me and my children starting from when they were born until now (4 & 2) my sis is a very talented photographer and it meant the world to me to have all of our beautiful family memories captured in one place!

  • Candice Manheimer

    The greatest Christmas gift I could ever receive is being able to spend the day with my loved ones. I love watching my daughter open her presents and then seeing the family so happy!! For me, it is not the receiving that I love, it is the giving!

  • Millis

    My best gift was when my son was 5. He had come home from school where they must have been talking about what gift they were giving their parents. He had asked me if my feelings would be hurt if he didn’t have a gift for me. I of course told him NO that being his mommy was the only gift I needed. He smiled and went back to playing. I thought nothing more of it until Christmas morning when we were sitting by the tree and he handed me this little “package” a ball of kleenex with a half a roll of tape wrapped around it. When I opened it I found his prize possession. His tiny Reptar figurine that went everywhere with him. He told me he loved me so much I deserved something really special. I still carry it around with me everywhere today. My son just turned 17 and he still asks to see it from time to time. :)

  • Kristin Dittman

    The greatest gift I’ve ever recieved is my engagement ring! Such a momentous and sacred gift from my precious fiance’ who is now my husband of almost 7 years! Yes!! Life is good!!

  • Teresa Wilkerson

    I think the best gift I ever got was having my entire family together for Christmas I mean cousins, aunts, uncles, brother and my two beautiful sisters all made it to my grandparents house for Christmas we totaled fifty six that is a lot for a small two bedroom house but is was miracle on Jackson’s street.

  • Allison Savary

    My best gift would be the craft projects that my daughter made with my parents since she was a little girl. They are now part of our holiday decorations, and by far my favorite:)

  • Megan Andrews

    The best holiday gift I ever received was my diamond engagement ring almost 5 years after I was already married! My husband and I got pregnant at 19 and decided to wait 2 years to get married. We never officially got engaged. I never got the ring that I had hoped for. Five years later on December 13, 2002 my father suddenly passed away. I was 7 months pregnant with our second daughter. It was devastating. Our oldest daughter was 7 years old at the time and I tried my hardest to give her the best Christmas I could, but, my heart just wasn’t in it. On Christmas morning, I got up wondering how I was going to get through the first holiday without my father. I put on a brave face for my daughter and went into the living room to watch her open her presents. My husband handed me a box and told me to open it. It was a robe that I asked for in the pocket was another little box. It was a heart shaped diamond ring. I was so surprised! He told me that he knew my father wanted me to have a diamond ring. I will never forget that Christmas for the rest of my life.

  • Rhiannon Redding

    My best holiday gift I received was when I was 8 years old. My mom and stepdad had gotten married that August, we were a new family of 6 and we all got roller skates (this was in 1989). I had ALWAYS wanted my very own pair of skates and mine were white with dark blue fuzzy balls on the toes. I LOVED them.

  • Christina W

    The best holiday gift I ever received was a homemade ornament from my 1 year old (at the time). She’s 2 now, and her crafty gene is still going strong! Nothing beats a little handmade trinket from your biggest love!

  • Alisa

    The Greatest gift I have ever recieved was the positive pregnancy test of my fifth child. Yes, five! I found out Christmas Eve 2011. Although we were not expecting to be blessed with another child we were! Praise the Lord because she is a true blessing and lights our worlds up. She was born just two days before baby Finn was this year. She was born Aug 28th 2012. I have read about your health scare with carrying Finn and I too was having preterm labor with Isabel, is her name. I was on complete bed rest from 26 weeks on and progestrone shots weekly and procarda by mouth until her delivery. We were in and out of the hospital 8 times stopping my labor. She is my blessing and special gift as are all my children. Congrats on baby Finn, I have to say we were some pretty lucky women this year 😉 Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • katie kennedy

    My most recent best gift I can remember was last year when my husband got me a diamond anniversary ring that I was hoping I would get the following year for my fifteenth wedding anniversary. He surprised me with it at christmas time and it was a total shock because we weren’t going to get each other very much. Times were/are tight and for a guy who doesn’t like to spend his money on jewelry it meant a lot.

  • lasteveian johnson

    my best holiday gift was when my daughter called me mama for the first time it made me cry tears of joy. to me that was the best holiday gift i received :)

  • Lyndi Hagan

    I have received so many wonderful gifts throughout the years that it is hard to pinpoint the BEST! However, 2 years ago my Moma passed away a week before Thanksgiving. Needless to say, Christmas was an extremely difficult time. We decided to do everything we could to make the holidays as “normal” as possible for the grandkids. As we were going through my Moma’s Christmas decorations we came across a bag that had gifts to each grandchild. Apparently she had bought them the year before, hid them and forgot! Even though the gifts weren’t for me specifically, finding them and knowing my Moma, as sick as she was had taken the time to get my daughters and niece and nephew a special gift was the BEST gift I could ever imagine. She may not have got to be there in person with us that Christmas, but she was certainly there in heart and spirit!

  • Britt Schwendimann

    I’ve always been so blessed, and have received many fun gifts in life. When I think about childhood the gifts that pop out for me are my easy bake oven, the doll house my step father built for me, and my bedazzler (boy was I bedazzling it up!!). As an adult I’m still pretty blessed and gifted by my hubby. He has made it a tradition to buy me a brand new Dooney & Bourke (my fav) purse each year! I reuse these purses over and over, and I keep telling myself I’ll save them for my daughter. Oh…you never can go wrong with a good piece of jewelry!! I’m very sentimental and will wear my jewelry often just because it reminds me of someone. :) Merry Christmas!

  • Summer Wilkins

    My very best Christmas present was waking up to my little boy going all out and making me homeade breakfast with his playdough set. He also made me “coffee” with “coffee grounds” from the our live plant soil and fish tank water. mmm. Haha. It was the sweetest thing ever. He was so proud of it.

  • Stephanie Ruggiero

    The best gift I ever received was my rainbow colored banana seat bike I received from Santa Claus when I was 8 years old. Christmas of 1980! I wanted a bike so bad and I was so excited when I awoke Christmas morning and saw the bike standing next to our Christmas tree. All these years later, I can remember that moment like it was yesterday!

  • Brandy Cockrell

    The best Christmas gift I could ever receive is seeing my 3 children happy and excited on Christmas morning! Other than that, I absolutely love the homemade things they make me!

  • Susan Wingo

    My Christmas gifts have been few so each one is precious to me. My Daughter was born premature on Dec. 17 forty years ago. After a rough start and a couple trips to the hospital she has been a joy. She is undergoing some surgery on Jan.9th and I just ask for your prayers that everything goes well for her. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a healthy Happy New Year.

  • gina marie

    My most favorite memorable Christmas gift was hearing my baby girl’s very first word. My daughter enjoyed seeing our bright Christmas tree full of white lights, & crystal star ornaments and she pointed her finger at the tree and amazingly blurted out “DAR” (star). Every Christmas since this dear memory comes to mind and it makes me smile inside. And I enjoy sharing this memory with her every single Christmas and she is now a sassy smart beautiful 9.5yrs old. Lol.

    A very Merry Christmas to all of you reading this. {{{{{warm♡hugs}}}}}

  • Renee Tolison

    The best Christmas present I ever got was a shiny blue bicycle. I was ten years old and we lived in Germany then. Oh the places I could go!!

  • Caramellsweets

    The best holiday gift I ever received…hmmm…that is a tough one. As silly as it sounds, a pair of Victoria’s Secret sweatpants. Not only because they were super cute and comfy, but for what they stand for. My husband and I are always on the go during the spring/summer/fall. In the winter, life slows down and we get to enjoy each other more. We spend time cuddling in front of the fire, snuggling under covers watching movies and just lazing around the house together. That gift from him meant quality time with me.

  • Evie

    THe best holiday gift I ever got was a set of calandars that my children made at preschool that had a handprint that was then made into a picture for each month. There were handprint suns, pumpkins, fireworks.. one for each month..So adorable. God bless those teachers for dealing with fifteen kids with paint covered hands for 12 pages (and twelve color changes!) each!

  • Beth Guthrie

    The best gift I remember from childhood was when I was eight years old and I received the Partridge Family Christmas Card album…complete with autographed picture! To this day I still love the songs from that album and listen to them every Christmas.

  • DeLenna Kouns

    the best gift I received was a beautiful card my daughter’s made for me last year. I’m blessed with 3 amazing babies.

  • Sookiesusan

    The best gift I ever received was my son 19 years ago!

  • Lauren Sorrentino

    The best gift I ever received was a karaoke machine!

  • Andrea Jones

    My KitchenAid, of course!!! :)

  • Heather Kinsey

    My best gift as a child was when I was 14. My parents & I had previously agreed that I could own a horse and we would purchase one together the following summer. On Christmas Day, when I started opening grooming tools, a halter & lead line and several other equine accessories, I got pretty upset that my parents would “torture” me when the horse itself was eight-plus months away! It took some serious effort, but my mom finally convinced me to look outside in the recently-expanded shed…and there was my brown-eyed Appaloosa. :-)

  • desi

    The best gift I ever received was a ticket to go see my favorite aunt in Puerto Rico. My mom dressed me in a fur coat and boots as it was December and I got off the plane to 80 degree weather! My mom said, well it was December so I thought it would be cold! I said it’s not cold everywhere in December. But it was fun being there and getting in the pool on Christmas Day, eating different foods, learning some Spanish and seeing banana trees. All new experiences for a 13 year old girl.

  • Bunny Morton

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever had was watching my son open his first Christmas gift. Matterof fact watching him open his Santa gifts each year is the best gift! He is five and the magic of Santa is so real and alive, that you almost believe yourself! Merry Christmas T & family!!

  • Katie Joseph

    The best gift I ever received was my Kitchen Aid mixer. I have problems with my wrist and have had to have surgery on them twice. With my love of baking, it was becoming harder and harder to use a hand mixer. Two years ago, my mom saved up all of her money to get me a Kitchen Aid mixer so I could still back, but not hurt my wrists. Now I use it for everything! It is special because it’s from my mom and it’s red!

  • Jenny Broun

    The best gift I have ever recieved was being reconnected with my mom after 3 years of not speaking.

  • srigli

    The best gift I have ever received was getting a hand-made card from my 5 1/2 year old!! The card was about all the things she loved; I love snuggling with you – I love going to the beach with you – I love giggling with you, etc. It was so cute and so much from the heart and that truly is what Christmas is all about. Love that little girl!!

  • Courtney P.

    My best Christmas present ever was a surprise trip to Disney World!

  • Johanna Patino

    That would be my daughter ,she will be born in a few weeks!

  • Meg

    The best Christmas gift I ever got was when my father, who had advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, walked me down the aisle when I got married. Through God’s grace, he was coherent and present throughout the ceremony and reception; unfortunately, he passed only three months later.

  • Donna ONeil

    I am still waiting for the best gift…I am having a baby in 2 days!

  • ksu2000grad

    My best gift was a Christmas/college graduation gift from my parents to see my best friend since high school, Rachel, get married in Indiana on 12/16/00. I flew into Indianapolis, where my brother (going to graduate school in Indiana) picked me up and we drove to West Lafayette for the wedding. I was so happy to be able to attend considering her dad had just beat cancer and she had a previous boyfriend killed in a car accident. Also, I caught her bouquet at the reception.

    My brother and I had quite the road trip back to Kansas overnight for an event the next day, including three hours through a blizzard. Luckily, we ended up following a snow plow for the last two hours. I am so blessed that my parents have lived in the same place for almost 20 years, so it was easy for Rachel to get in contact with me (pre-internet) even though she and her family moved around a lot. I started making yearly visits to see her, her husband and two boys in Phoenix starting in 2006.

  • Denise Adan

    The best Christmas gift I ever received was an unexpected package from my sister. We live in different states and don’t get to see each other as often as we like. She knew I was feeling down at the time and knew just what to do to bring a smile to my face. I came home from work and had a package at my door that I didn’t know was coming. When I opened it, it was a DVD of a movie we watched as kids. Nobody would understand the meaning behind it except her and I….my husband couldn’t even understand the meaning behind it. It was a simple gift with a lot of meaning and really touched my soul!

  • Yohanna Wallace

    The best Christmas gift was the last one I got to spend with my mom, December 2010. My mom passed away July 2011, right before she turned 60. Every Christmas was always spent with my mom, even after I had kids of my own…it was our tradition.

  • Ang

    In 2008 after losing 7 pregnancies around 10-12 weeks I finally made it to 12 weeks which was a huge milestone. I had a beautiful baby girl the following July. This year I got a gift that means so very much to me. My husband gave me an Isabella Grace necklace with my girls names on it and each of their birthstones. I just LOVE it!!!

  • SANDY mom

    the best gift was and will ever be my kids- but other than that handprinted pillowcases with kids handprints

  • Jody Chelmo

    In 2010 I lost my first son to Fetal Hydrops. In 2011 I lost my second son to the same thing.
    So for Christmas last year my husband got me a bracelet, necklace and ring with their birthstone (blue topaz) it is so beautiful. Then when I returned to work after leave, my girlfriends from work got me two Tiffany charms with their initials on them. So special and by far my favorite Christmas present ever. I will cherish them always.

    Thanks Tori, I look forward to your posts everyday. 

  • Elaine Graziano

    Hi Tori,
    My best Christmas gift ever is the one I’m getting this year. How do I know – I gave it to myself! My son moved out to CA this past September in search of a job (no luck yet) after completing college in Boston. It was so hard letting go, but as a Mom you have to do what is right for your child no matter how difficult it is. I haven’t seen him in 3 months (my other 3 children live close by) and I am flying him home for Christmas. We all miss him so much and its been difficult not having him around, we are all very close, so I am thrilled to have our family “whole” again for the holidays. All the best to you and your beautiful family – brings back sooo many memories of my own family years ago. You have so much to look forward to over the years. Enjoy!

  • Cindy

    The best gift ever would be from my husband. One christmas time, while sitting at the table talking, holding hands looking at each other, he opens my hand and slides on a ring, a beautiful blue topaz (my birthstone) ring that still to this day I cherish 20 years later! I cried then tears of joy and happiness and it still moves me.

  • Jamie Dwyer

    I think my favorite was something my Dad did years ago. When I was going through my fussy late teens he had a really hard time picking things out for me. So one year he got me a cute pair of shoes. Once I opened them he kept insisting that they were “really expensive” and I had better like them . I did ,they were cute,but obviously not the extravagant shoe he was making them out to be.
    I wasn’t ” getting” it ,so finally he told me to try them on.
    As soon as I slipped my foot in the shoe I knew something was strange and crunching under my toes.
    He had put $100 in each shoe! It was a great present and very clever .
    Now it’s tradition for him to get me ” expensive shoes”

  • Emily Lindsey

    The best holiday gift I have ever received was not a Christmas “holiday” gift but a Valentines Day gift. My daughter, Madeline was born on Valentines Day 1996. She is my first born and I will always be grateful to her for making me a first time mommy!

  • Nicolle Echevarria

    The best holiday gift I have ever received was my child!! I never thought how amazing it would be to have one u til the day she was born! She arrived 6 years ago the 16th of December. She was due the 21 but decided to come sooner. So as u can imagine she brightens my favorite holiday even more ever year because we celebrate her birth followed by the holiday cheer!
    Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Nicolle Echevarria

  • Lisa Jones

    best holiday gift was one i didn’t know was the best until after the fact, christmas 2005 because it was the last one before my father was killed on a stupid, evil harley-davidson motorcycle which i call “deathcycle”…but really that christmas was the last one i had with daddy and we were close. it was nice, he was almost 65, i had just had my 36th birthday so we had a “dad and me” movie night and just the 2 of us (mom had to be out of state for other family duties) went to see “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” which was just amazing, hitting our heart and soul on many levels, visual and spiritual. he was an avid reader and was a longtime fan of CS Lewis so it was a perfect literary night at the movies with my dad. i can’t believe that was my last christmas with him. i miss him dearly. i’m an only child, so life just never is the same after that kind of loss. sure i move on and life my life as he would want me to, but i won’t lie, christmas isn’t the same without him.

  • Tycie Ritchey

    The best holiday gift I received was being able to spend Christmas in my hometown! It had been awhile since I had been able to go home and spend Christmas with my parents and siblings. All of the cousins where there and that was the best present ever!

  • D

    I have received many lovely gifts throughout my 53 years…notably my first grandson, diamonds and a bevy of homemade gifts from my three children and subsequent four grandchildren…..but what stands out in my mind has to be when I was 5 years old and Santa was the real deal! We lived in a raised ranch with the bedrooms overlooking the living room where our enormous tree stood. It wasn’t quite light out yet, and as my parents knew…my brothers and sisters (all 7 of us!)..always woke well before dawn, so they would leave the tree lights on. When I woke and peered down thru the bannister, I saw the table & chairs I longed for…all set up with those little white plastic dishes & tea set…flanked by the the baby doll in high chair. I still remember the way the christmas lights sparkled in the the chrome of the table & chairs and the smell of that new doll. This is my favorite “Santa” memory.

  • jessica moran

    The best Christmas present that I ever received was when I was in college my boyfriend(now husband)and I racked up a HUGE cell phone bill!The reason why?He was in Iraq serving for the U.S. army!So sad we had to spend Christmas apart!I was a broke college student and when I got my December cell phone bill 0f $500.00+ I was in tears and had no clue how I was going to make the payment!Well…Mama to the rescue!My mom knowing how much my boyfriend and I loved eachother and knew that we had plans to get married as soon as he got back from his duty made the cell phone payment for my Christmas present that year!After that bill we resorted to mostly emails and when he got back to the States we married.Thank God for my Mom and her generous gift that year!!!

  • Mommyof5

    One of the best gifts I got was when I was little. Probably 5 years old. My dad had recently purchased a big white horse and I so bad wanted to have my own saddle to ride whenever I wanted. Well Christmas morning my sister and I walked out and on my dads weight bench was my saddle :) I ran to it and hugged it like it was a puppy. I didn’t want to open any other gifts I wanted my dad to saddle up the horse so I could ride :) I rode that big white horse aka Shannon all day long :)

  • jeni

    Hi Tori
    Best gift has to be my first nephew, Jack. He came just in time for Christmas.
    He is now 11!
    Hoping to win this set, as I have the driest lips ever and have tried everything…..and
    Nothing seems to work!
    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  • Emily Beebe

    My favorite gift ever was probably when my hubby surprised me with a handmade frame he did with my kiddos. Not being the craftiest of men, he went out of his way to do something he knew I’d love!!!


    I am a very sentimental person! Earlier in the year (I know it wasn’t Christmas :) ) my grandmother called me and asked me to come over. She gave me a bag full of beautiful broaches that were her mother and aunt’s. She wanted me to have them because she knew i would treasure them forever. This meant so much to me because out of her 3 daughters, and 10 grand/great grands she chose me…

  • Jacquie McEvoy

    I got a meat package all type of, pork chops, sausage etc. it was all broken up into family servings and it was well needed after spending all our food money on presents lol…:) Merry Christmas!

  • Kami Dumis

    I went thru a horrible divorce in 1998. That year for Christmas my parents gave my a small diamond cross necklace. Now I always know that they and God are always with me no matter what.

  • Butterfly

    Hello Sweetie:) In fact, I don’t have a favorite gift – I prefer give away gifts more than get some so I told my family do not spend money on me.
    I am a stay-at-home mom i Norway, ande belive me: There are not many of us, people thing I dont wanna have a job but the truth is that I will take care of my children by my self:) Now they are teenager and they are greatful that I spend time with them:)
    I would LOVE the gift set, that would be a “Hollywood-feeling” for me;)
    I dont know if you sent to Norway, but I hope so – if I am the lucky one:)
    Wish you and your beautiful Family all the best and merry christmas and a great happy new year:)
    You are an amazing mom, Tori:)
    Hope you understand my english, I’m sorry its not perfect.
    Warm hugs from Norway:)

  • Stacy Bleach

    My favorite was the life size (for a child) wooden kitchen set my grandpa made me when I was a kid. Everyone wanted him to make more but it was something that was special to him and it’s still one of a kind.

  • gretchdid

    a blanket my mom made

  • Stephanie Smith

    My best Christmas gift was one year when I had a movie set on layaway at a local video store, and when I went in to make another payment, it turned out that a friend of the family had called the store and put it on her credit card. Before that I had seriously been considering letting it go because I was coming up short on hours, but when I went to the video store to let them know, they told me that a woman who was a family friend had called up and paid off the entire thing. Nice, and I hope to do the same for someone someday.

  • Nikki K

    My favorite part of Christmas has always been seeing my loved one’s reactions to the gifts they receive. When I was little I insisted on having my own small Christmas tree in my room so that I could put all of my home-made gifts under it. Unfortunately, as a full-time working mom I don’t get to hand-make most of my gifts anymore but still get the same enjoyment out of giving as I did when I was a child. The best gift I ever received was from my husband last year. He took a picture of the two of us from our vacation last year to his friend who is a wood-worker and together they used a special machine to carve the picture into a beautiful piece of wood. My husband got so excited about it he told me about it before Christmas, he can never keep secrets from me. It was very sweet.

  • J Kor

    Anything from my grandma.

  • Kellie OShields

    My best holiday gift I ever received was the birth of my baby girl! I couldnt ask for anything better.

  • Deanna Kitchener

    One of the best Christmas gifts I received came last year. It was a simple little cookbook from my husband. It was a cookbook full of hostess gift ideas. What made it the best gift was that I felt, wow he really knows me and how I love giving to others!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    when I was a child we didn’t have much so anything was great! My favorite present was my baby doll. As an adult anything my children make me is the best. My son school has an Angel Shop and the children get to shop for their family member for a low price. I’m putting together a birthday party for my daughter and my 8 year old told me that he’s going to let me open one of my present because he thinks I can use it for the party, it’s a a crystal candy dish with a silver dish, what a thoughtful 8 year old son I have, it really touched my heart and so far it’s my favorite.

  • Andrea Miller

    The best Christmas gift I have received was in 2006 when we found out we were expecting our first child…. We had been trying for a while and found out a few days before Christmas, was a very happy early Christmas for my husband and I. Now she is 5 years old and going to school… Best Christmas so far!

  • Samantha Chapman

    My husband made me a wonderful handmade gift certificate booklet. It had great things like “free pass on midnight baby feedings for a whole week,” “an evening out with the girls, and “one whole guilt free day of Mommy alone time!” He based the while thing around the things I needed most as a new (exhausted) mommy!

  • Alana

    I was in elementary school and my parents told my sister, brother and I we were going to a friends house for a bbq. Driving down the road we got caught up in traffic going in to the Anaheim Convention Center. I was telling my dad we have to get out, we’re not going here! My dad parked the car and said I think we have a flat tire, everyone needs to get out. We had that “oh no” look on our faces. Then my parents started laughing and said c’mon and started walking towards the convention center. We’re going to Disney On Ice!!!! It was a part of our Christmas present we were so excited = ). I am 39 years old now and it has always been a gift to me being able to watch my son open up his presents on Christmas morning and to see the excitement on his face. He’s 17 now … it’s not the same … hahaha

  • tina

    The best holiday gift I ever received was a moonbounce. Now let me clarify: I gave my then 4 and 1 year old daughters a moonbounce last year. They were over the moon with excitement. Christmas present exchanging had become quite lame over the years between my and my husband’s family: everyone created wish lists of just one thing or writing down that they wanted a gift card. It really felt like there was no point in doing it anymore. One year my husband and I decided to try introducing the idea of a Yankee Swap/Dirty Santa just to light a spark back into the gift exchanging process — the idea crashed and burned and the next year we went back to the lame wishlists. Now, because of their ages, my children have given me back Christmas! They’ve pumped life back into the gift exchanging because they are happy with and excited about everything. We had the moonbounce set up for them and when they came down and saw what Santa had left for them, they flipped their precious little lids. I’m smiling away as I write this. If there is something I want, I buy it – I’m not an over-the-top kind of girl. What my kids give me — well, it just can’t be bought. :)

  • Kaitlyn Wenke

    A few years ago I had an insane obsession with snow globes. I was walking around target with my grandma when I saw a snow globe that doubled as a golf game. I thought it was the most hilarious/cutest thing ever! She got it for me along with a stuffed monkey holding a bottle of lotion. She had called my mom as soon as she found the monkey to tell her how excited she was to give it to me! I loved both of my gifts from her so much! I still cherish them to this day. This is because little did we know that was the last Christmas we spent with my grandma. <3 <3 <3

  • Charlene Sherman

    The best Christmas present I ever received was my 1st beautiful granddaughter being born on Christmas night 5 years ago!

  • Shannen

    The best Christmas gift I have ever received was the homemade gifts my daughter made for me. I treasure all of them and display them throughout our home.

  • Gen Eric

    The best Christmas present I ever got was watching my oldest child open his Christmas gifts on the first Christmas he actually “understood.” Such joy!

  • Gina Cornett

    This year Hubby and I celebrated Christmas a lil early with a trip To San Diego to visit my Aunt Tammy. And when we returned we made over our walk in closet. So far best Christmas present ever! Lovin my new closet. I love DIY projects!!

  • Michelle Bratkovich

    Best Holiday gift was a gift cert for a spa day from my kids

  • Ann Baker

    The best gift I ever received……. I met my husband in person for the first time on Christmas day 2006…. we’ve been happily married for 5 1/2 yrs now and I couldn’t be more blessed to have someone love me the way he does! He is active duty Air Force and was stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas at the time, i was living in Buffalo,N.Y. I sold my home and left everything I’d ever known behind,including family and friends. I’ve never looked back or regretted a single minute.Since then we’ve lived in Dayton.Oh and currently in Missouri @ Whiteman AFB. I knew his duty was to continue to serve his country and I could respect or Love him more for it! so, Yes best gift EVER!!!!!

  • Coli

    Best Christmas Gift was being with my mom last year at Chrstmas before she passed away of cancer

  • Erin

    I am so blessed with gifts every year but the Christmas gift that sticks out in my brain is a coach purse I was so surprised I had never asked for anything that expensive but my husband picked it out all by himself and it was very pretty and stylish purse.

  • Darla Vaughan

    The best holiday gift I got was the birth of my son 8 years ago today. His due date was January 15th but I guess he had other plans and wanted to be with me for Christmas! Merry CHRISTmas Tori and Dean!

  • Paulineom

    I collect and love dolls of all kinds.
    When I turned 40, that Christmas my Mom bought me a crying baby doll from 1950. I was born in 1949 so, I really loved that big composition baby.
    Love you and your beautiful family.
    Merry Christmas.

  • Amy Young

    Best Christmas gift was the one when the doctors told me that my baby girl was healthy. We thought we were going to have a tough road ahead of us and she’s now almost 3 and a bright, happy funny little girl. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

  • Kristina Dickinson

    The best gift I received was my son home for Christmas after a year in CO.

  • Simone Allyne

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received was learning how to be generous during this time of time of year. My mother, who’s no longer with us, instilled the importance of giving and doing for those that are less fortunate then ourselves.

  • Kristen P.

    Best Christmas gift I received last year was my fiance. We met in October at a group outing and after a month we started talking, flew to LA the next week to see the Conan show (from Indy) and we were engaged by Christmas. It was a whirlwind romance, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Now we are married (Oct 2012) and expecting a little boy (April 2013)! Life is amazing.

  • Stewiebomm

    The best Christmas present ever was given to me 2 years ago by 2 angels. My husband was in a terrible car accident and 2 strangers stopped their cars on a busy freeway to pull my husband (whose entire lower half was crushed) out of a burning car. The thought of possibly having to tell our then 19 month old that daddy is still unthinkable. We had Christmas angels looking out for our little family! 😉

  • Melinda Hall

    My best Christmas gift ever was my Strawberry Shortcake Gazebo and dolls when I was around 7 yrs. old!! Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours. (O:

  • Kelly

    My best Christmas Present I have ever received is just being with my family. I don’t gifts just them, they are my best gifts!! :)

  • drmomx2

    The best Christmas gift was traveling to see our families in Africa after not seeing any of them for 5 years and taking our daughters (18 month old and 6 week old) to meet their grandparents and our families there for the 1st time!

  • Mrspunkapoo

    The best Christmas gift that I have ever gotten is one that I get every year….my beautiful family. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  • VT

    My best Christmas present ever was to find out I was pregnant . The best gift anybody can ask for, and it was a surprise! Love to watch u grow Tori, u r amazing person inside and out! Merry Christmas!

  • Randi Pennington

    The best Christmas gift I ever received was last year. The most amazing gift of all…. I found out I was pregnant with my first child! Nothing else came close to that precious news!

  • EricaW

    The best holiday present I have ever received was my daughter. My husband and I struggled with infertility for many years and we finally had our first baby! She is our little miracle!

  • JayV413

    The best Christmas gift I ever received was my first “#1 Mommy” ornament for my tree! My daughter was born October 21, 2011 and that was her first Christmas gift to me and of course it made me cry!

  • Monica Thompson

    My best Christmas present ever is my 2 beautiful children. I was told for yrs. I wouldn’t be able to have children~and now here w r with 2 precious little angels :) They r my everything!!

  • Lisa

    My best Christmas present ever was my son who was born nine days before Christmas in 2001. I also have a best Mother’s day gift… my daughter who was born four days before Mother’s day in 2009. I always tell my kids that I am so lucky to have received such precious gifts before holidays. They will always be my best gifts ever!

  • Aimee Hausinger

    The best Christmas gift I have ever received is my brother :) My parents struggled with infertility for years. Then through adoption I became a member of my incredible family :) Spent my younger years as an only child, so when I found out around the holidays that I was gonna be a big sister that next year, I was sooo excited! My brother and I are about 5 years apart and I couldn’t imagine my life without him!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!

  • nicole jones

    The best Christmas gift I have ever received was the birth of my first baby on Dec 21 four years ago!!

  • Elizabeth Wilcox

    The Best Christmas present I ever received was my family cedar chest that is over 150 years old.

  • Courtney Staples

    The best Christmas present I ever got was this beautiful blanket that my grandmother made for me. It meant a lot to me because she spent a lot o time making it and I really love it. That just shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on someone to give them a great gift!

  • MaryKate Burd

    The best holiday gift I have ever received was a peridot ring that belonged to my Aunt/Godmother. After she passed away, my mom held on to it for me since it is also my birthstone. The Christmas after I turned 16 my mom gave it to me. It is one of my most cherished possessions.

  • aviva copaken

    My best gift was my first nephew born right before Xmas and my niece born around thanksgiving. Because I didn’t know the capacity to love a child and someone other then myself until these moments. I thank god every single day for them especially with the ct tragedy.

  • irishmom

    I can remember 1979 like it was yesterday, because that was the year I got my Barbie Dream House! Orange, white and yellow in all it’s glory! I remember asking for one the year before, but I didn’t get it. When my sisters and walked downstairs and that Dream house was sitting there in front of the tree NOTHING else mattered! Lucky for me, my sisters didn’t play with Barbies as much as I did so I ended up with the house all to myself! I still had that house until about 10 years ago and my daughter played with it and it finally bit the dust!

  • Allison Schneider

    The best Christmas present I ever got was from an Autistic student of mine. While he is now 17 years old, I still cherish the Autism awareness bracelet he gave me. Materials are lovely, but it is love and children that mean the most. Thank you, Tori for always emphasizing the importance of children and motherhood. I have really grown to be a fan through having my own adventures of motherhood and hearing and reading your own anecdotes of being a mother. Thank you for empowering us moms! You have been a true inspiration to me as a working mother that we really can do it all!

  • Tricia Norris

    I really love giving gifts the best. I can’t remember one specific gift that was my best ever, but I remember lots that I couldn’t wait to give!

  • Jen

    When I was very small, probably 3 or 4 years old, I asked Santa for Puppy Puddles. It was a plastic dog you “watered” and it peed. Sounds like another person to care for to me know as a 34 year old stay at home mom, but back then I was over the moon excited. I, oh, I mean Santa tries to buy my kids a present they really have been asking for. I hope when they get to be adults, they will look back on the holidays and really think about their childhood and all the special memories we have created for them!!

  • sara punke

    My kitchen aid stand mixer that makes baking and cooking gluten free for my husband sooooo much easier.

  • Nich

    The best gift I ever got was this past year for my birthday. I am named after the actress Nichelle Nichols and my friend came across a photo of our President Barack Obama and the actress Nichelle Nichols. She blew it up and put in photo frame with Nichelle and Barack, as I opened it I opened from the bottom and saw the name, and thought I never meet the President, I was so surprised. It was thoughtful and meaningful since she remembered I was named after the actress.

  • Nich

    Tori, I know it isn’t holiday but that was the best gift ever, she took something simple and thoughtful and wrapped in a bow.

  • Octoberbeauty

    The best gift I’ve ever received is finding out I was having twins right before Christmas.

  • vermonter35

    Tori, The best gift I was ever given was when my sister in law took my 3 young children Christmas shopping to get me something for Christmas because my husband had given them money and she tried to help them pick out some things she thought I needed and they all went against her wishes and got me a set of water glasses because I had broke one that morning and they had heard me say I needed to buy some more. I loved that they listened to me that day and they made their own chioce as to what to buy. I love them so much.

  • Kristina Carter

    The best gift I got was a couple of years ago from my husband…a David Yurman ring! I cried when I opened it!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    Best Christmas gift ever…. I gave it to my sister. It was her oldest daughters 1st Christmas and my parents were in the process of moving in the area to take care of the niece so my sister could work. My husband and I decided to surprise my sister and her family christmas morning with our presents and my folks presents in hand. We had stayed at a hotel nearby and she had NO clue what was going on. We only told my parents after we found out they wouldn’t be moving in time for christmas.

    I have never seen my sister so surprised in her life! there was a wall b/w the front door and where she was sitting. Her husband answered the door with a look of shock on his face and as we spoke, my sister peeked around the wall to see who it was and flew around the corner saying JEANNE?? NO WAY! NO WAY! and crying :)

    On top of that, our niece who’d been born 2 months preemie at 2 lbs 3 ounces crawled for the first time from me to my husband on the couch! My favorite picture from that trip is Ashley sitting on my husband Bills stomach and both smiling at each other.

    Thank you for making me rethink about this because it has helped brighten my day thinking it about it again :)

  • Jenn Murray

    My favorite gift ever was the barbie Dream House I got from “Santa” when I was 5 years old. It’s one of my most vivid childhood memories, I remember all the details to this day. The house was sitting in front of the tree, all put together AND decorated for Christmas. Yes, “Santa” took the time to make a tiny little wreath for the front door, tiny red bows adorned the windows and there was even a Barbie-sized Christmas tree (fully decorated) with little tiny wrapped presents underneath that each contained Barbie clothes! Barbie and Ken were decked out in their holiday best (Barbie in a red velvet, white fur-trimmed dress, Ken in a dark blue velvet leisure suit)and were standing by the front door to greet me. It was magical! The little details that “Santa” thought of made this my favorite Christmas memory and favorite Christmas gift ever. It makes me smile every time I think of it.

  • Amy Arias

    The best Christmas gift I have recieved happened this year when my boyfriend and I finally gt married after 10 years of dating. We got married on 12/12/12 because it was exactly 10 years and 1 day after we started dating. We discussed waiting until after the new year because we didn’t want our anniversary so close to Christmas BUT the date felt so perfect, we went with it. Now, my Husband is asking me for a Christmas list but I don’t think any gift can top what we have already given each other this year.

  • soccermom

    The best Christmas gift I have received came from my 2 kids. They are no longer kids as they are both in their 20’s. You may think this is not a gift but it is. You see I used to stay up very late putting together the toys or bikes we bought for them. The best gift was being able to sleep in every Christmas morning. My kids are not early risers even on Christmas. I was able to sleep in to around 8 or 9 am. Then I would get the biggest kisses and hugs and lots of I love you.

  • Bee

    The Snoopy SNow Cone Maker I coveted whne I was a child. My boyfriend got it for me in my 20’s after he remembered me tellign the story once of how I always wanted one but never got it…it came in handy for spiked sno-cones then! Still fun for all ages! Now I play with it with my kids – it still works after all these years! (no spiked cones for the littles of course!)

  • Tina Knezevic

    The best holiday I ever received is my wonderful husband Michael. We met on a online dating website as friends and one month later we had our very first date. We instantly fell in love and got married 2 1/2 years later. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have finally have found my soul mate!!

  • Kellie Marcou

    The best gift I received was when my husband and I were finally able to bring our twin boys home from the hospital. They were born premature and were in the NICU for 2 months. Spending our 1st Christmas with them was a miracle! They are now 4 years old and can’t wait for Christmas.

  • Mamaoftwo

    With recent events on the heart I would have to say that my two children are my best gifts of all. Being able to see their beautiful faces each morning and night is all I will ever want for Christmas. My son being 2 1/2 years old and daughter’s first Christmas, I must say I can’t wait till Christmas morning.

  • Melanie Lawler

    So, I hope everyone has a story like this. It was the last Christmas that I remember being absolutely excited about the holiday and the gift that I could get. I went to sleep in my parent’s room (we were staying at my sister’s house) and woke up shaking with excitement about possibly getting the present I really wanted (a tape player). Now, while it was not exactly what I wanted (I was thinking Walkman – mom got me a dictaphone) – it was all good because I got what I really wanted for Christmas. That sense of anticipation and joy. Many years later when my daughter woke up way too early on a Christmas morning and came and got in bed with me and was shaking with anticipation – I knew it was the best Christmas ever!

  • Madison Ostermeier

    The best gift (and surprise) was when I came home from my dad’s (my parents are divorced), walked up to the house, and this little white fluffy thing came hopping over to me! It was a tiny little puppy! It was definitely the best yet. I had no idea. I seriously felt like I was dreaming, and I had trouble accepting that I had a real puppy for about a week after that.

  • Mandison

    The best gifts I have received are the homemade gifts from my husband and kids. They are all very talented and I have many treasures to cherish.

  • Jordan Yaworski

    The best gift I ever received was from my grandparents. I used to love American Girl dolls when I was little, and for Christmas my Pop carved/built my dolls their very own bed! My Mimi made the mattress and the sheets. On the bottoms, my Pop carved “To Jordan. Merry Christmas, 2005. Love, Pop and Mimi.” I love it so much and will definitely pass it on to my kids when I have them!

  • Angie Robertson

    The best gift I receive is watching my husband and kids open their presents every year! I get so much joy just watching them!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Nikki Stanfield

    The best gift I ever received was from my boyfriend. He bought me a camcorder, for my daughter’s first Christmas so I could have those memories for years to come.

  • Heather Hess

    my best christmas gift i get every yr and thats spending time w/my beautiful kids and husband!!! i could not ask for a better gift then that!!

  • Jessica Jenkins

    The best holiday gift I have received is my engagement ring that my boyfriend gave me last year!

  • Becca

    A few years ago our black lab ate my engagement ring. I had to inspect her poop for my ring and diamond everyday. I put layers of bags and sandwich baggies on my hands . It was disgusting. Last year my husband presented me with a hallmark recordable book “Guess how much I love you”.And at the end of the story he told me he loved me and handed me a jewelry box with my engagement ring! He took it to the jewelers and they together made my year! Best present and so unexpected!<3

  • Sara Jameson

    My favorite Christmas gift was my TIVO! I watch so much darn TV but don’t really have the time during the day to watch. With my TIVO, I can watch once the kiddos go to bed and the best thing… NO COMMERCIALS!

  • athomemom

    The best gift I have ever been given was from my papa. The Christmas before he passed he gave me a bag of tangerines, Christmas mugs from Hardeez, and a bag of change for ‘Jr.’ We were saving money for his first great grandchild’s bed. I was pregnant at the time. My son didn’t get to meet my papa, but my papa gave all he had to ‘Jr.’ I miss him still….

  • Shanan

    The Best Christmas gift I ever recieved was a montage of pictures of my mother who had passed away when I was young. It was so beautiful and treasured to this day. 😉

  • Karen Wyman

    The best gift I ever received was my twin daughters!!

  • Rebecca Dula

    Best Christmas present was the Keurig machine I got last from my husband. I have used it every day, sometimes multiple times a day, since then. He finally got the hint and got me exactly what I wanted. Hopefully this Christmas my best present will be to see my kids love what Santa brought them.

  • Maggie Duval

    My favorite gift was my first coach purse from my husband. There is nothing like a good purse, it fits every time :)))

  • Sandra Johnson

    I normally don’t do these contests but I just received the best gift ever from my five year old today! Right after she got home from school she brings me this present that was made and wrapped by her. I was surprised and told her maybe I should wait until Christmas to open it. She insisted that I open it now, so of course I did. It was a beautiful wreath! It is the first gift she has ever given me on her own, and she was so proud. Each day with my children is the best gift I have ever received!

  • Renee Duryee

    The best Christmas present that I ever received just arrived to me a little early this year, well yesterday actually…an amazing job offer that I just accepted today, which I will be starting in early January. Why this is so special is that I have been interviewing up a storm this past year, but none of the opportunities that I had interviewed for truly sparked my eye like this one did! The best part is that with this new job, I will get to travel to some of the most exotic places in the world, so this year I am most forever grateful and cannot wait to begin this new adventure in 2013:)

  • Kristen Webber

    Best holiday gift I ever received was last year when I was 5 months pregnant. My husband bought me black sweater Uggs because I practically lived in black leggings the entire winter. I loved that he listened to all my grumbles of swollen feet/ankles and so stylishly solved my problem.

  • Briann N

    I received a super nice camera from my parents!

  • Brandeek

    An angel ornament from my boyfriend for my Christmas tree. Its beautiful and made of glass from a local artist in Colorado Springs.

  • Stephanie Jones

    I’m a student and also was a stay at home mom for 5yrs so in a one income home we never can afford to buy each other gifts but my best gift at Christmas is simply watching the faces of my two girls as they open theirs . If your a parent you know there’s nothing like waking up with your children on Christmas! And another gift is just being thankful that God makes a way every year for us to buy their Christmas!!

  • Ashley Zamora

    The best holiday gift I ever received was my Vampire diaries calendar. It might seem like a small gift but it meant so much to me that my aunt knew my interests and it’s something i used all the time.

  • Theresa from Tulsa

    Hubby gave me a gift certificate for 2 massages!! It was heavenly!

  • Kiki Walker

    The best holiday gift I ever recieved was when my three children (their age at the time of gift they got me,son 14, daughters 12 and 9)got together with thier summer earned money, my son got me three historical romance books, my daughter got me a cafe style table with two chairs and my baby daughter got me a robe, coffee cup.. with all of them tell me I was the greatest mom and this was for me to do a retreat every weekend. This was so many years ago.. almost 20 years ago.. I’ve gotten many present from them here and there and many from families and friend, but that was my most wonderful gift momemts :)

  • Sarah B

    Best gift ever was finding out I was going to be a mommy and due on Christmas eve! Although he didn’t decide to come until the 29th of Dec. still the best present and totally worth the wait!!!

  • Susan Morris

    My favorite Christmas gift huh? I’ve been lucky and received so many thoughtful, and fun gifts over the years like box sets of tv shows on dvd, gift cards for the movie theatre, and funny t-shirts but time and time again I find that my all-time favorite Christmas gift was the photo album my late Grandmother Nanny made me when I was around 6 years old. Nanny compiled the photographs she took of of our family when we visited her home in New Jersey for Easter and Christmas, the time we went to Storybook Land, and the family’s visit to Canada’s Wonderland amusement park just months before my Grandfather Pop Pop passed away. I cherish these memories and with out the photographs I wouldn’t be able to picture those lovely days, because every year I get older my memory of those special family gatherings in the 80’s are a little bit more lost. Maybe it’s a bit cliche, but I just love the photo album my Grandma made me. Happy Holidays!

  • Kathy Hesseling

    My best holiday gift was from my daughter. She had made me a homemade candle at preschool. It had her finger prints on the outside of a baby food jar made to look like snowmen. It to this day is my favorite thing I have gotten for a gift.

  • carlyspiel

    My favorite Christmas gift I ever got was probably when I got my first American Girl doll when I was either 4 or 5!!! That doll is what started it all!!! I loved American Girl Dolls from age 4-9! I love all my Christmas presents, but that was one of my faves!!

  • Melissa

    My best holiday gift was last year… Dad wrapped up my Grandmother’s recipe box into a gift bag with a tag marked ” To Melissa; From, Grandma”. My Grandma passed away when I was only 4 years old and I do remember this recipe box on her kitchen counter. And, now it is on mine. I was very emotional opening this gift and now treasure it every day.

  • April Zengel

    The best holiday gift for me was my son! After a crazy pregnancy full of ups and downs he arrived right before Christmas!! He just turned 6 and cracks me up everyday, hahahaha!! :)

  • Stephanie Mistretta

    Hi Tori, The best holiday gift that I received was exactly 3 years ago when my husband Steven made it through open heart surgery on Dec. 9th, 2009. When my children found out that their father was going to be ok, they decorated a special Christmas tree just for him. I hope you and your family have a very Happy holiday and a safe and healthy New Year!!! God Bless you all!!!

  • Debra Garner

    My first son (I have 5) and 2nd child (oldest is a girl) was born on December 21- 18 years ago. We came home from the hospital on the 23. On the 24th all of our family came to see him.

  • Kathy Irwin

    My best Christmas present has always been the handmade ornaments our girls have made. No matter how lopsided or plain, I love them all! Girls are 25 and 20 now. Just wish they would keep making them!

  • CindyC

    the best gift I ever received for the holidays, was the year that I met my wonderful husband! he was my holiday gift that yeaand he has been every year for the past 16 years!

  • capecodgirl89

    My middle son was the best Christmas present ever! He was supposed to be a New Year’s baby and did us all a favor by coming on the 21st instead!

  • Sam

    The best Christmas gift I have received was my engagement ring! My boyfriend, soon to be husband, was home on leave from the Marine Corps and about to be deployed. He proposed in front of his family using the ring as the last gift I opened. I said yes! This time of year always brings me back to that very special memory.

  • Stacy Williams

    The best Christmas gift that I have ever received came the year that my family got snowed in at my cousins’ house on Christmas Eve. I was ten, and although I don’t remember the actual gift, the fact that Santa was still able to find us (our presents were there Christmas morning) was the best memory ever!

  • Bonnie Pate

    Last year my boyfriend gave me a laptop for Christmas it was a complete surprise, since he was only working part time. Love him very much!

  • amyditmar7

    By far, the best Christmas gift I have ever received was finding out that I was pregnant with my first child! I just had “that feeling” to take a pregnancy test the morning of December 21, 2009…sure enough, my feeling was right. POSITIVE!!! :) My husband and I are lucky enough to have the gift of a second son due to arrive in April. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  • nancy

    My favorite gift one yr. was my parents (RIP) who lived in Florida at the time..came for the holiday and surprised me and my family! They are gone now and I know what they mean when they say, “keep them alive with memories”. I do just makes me smile.

  • Carrie Commins

    My fav was when I was 8yrs old and I was madley in love with a hot pink teddy bear.I told anyone with ears my love of teddy.On christmas I ran to see if santa had made my dreams come true.But no teddy.So then I opened presants but nope!It wasnt til later that day at my grandparents house,that my Pappa found one last present hidden way back behind the tree.It had my bear in it!I gave my grandpa the happiest biggest hug.I have a picture of me and Pappa and the special bear.I have it framed and I put it in my christmas tree every year.That picture means as much to me now as that hot pink bear did to me then.Merry Christmas!

  • Lisa

    I got married five days before Christmas, so I would say the best gift is my husband!

  • Julia Thornhill

    Christmas! When the kids were little and on Christmas Day, I would hide behind the Christmas Tree so I could see there sweet little faces of Wows, No Ways, and oOOs! Still half asleep and rubbing there little eyes nothing more exciting than to see what Santa had brought them. At Christmas time I am a child at heart, and I am still, LOL! Miss those years when they were so little and it really did not take a whole lot to impress them.
    I hope one day I will have grandchildren.
    Merry Christmas to You and Your Beautiful Family!

  • Vick

    Hi tori, the best Christmas present I know you had said what was the best Christmas present I received but last year I didn’t get any Christmas presents I feel like there are people out there struggling more than I am so I didn’t want anything i wanted other people to have presents. i wanted to buy Christmas presents for the people who can’t afford them because I know there struggling more than I am. So I wanted them to have the best Christmas for them and there kids. :)

  • nancy ann

    The best Christmas gift ever was when I had all three of my sons back home in the nest for the holidays! Going through the empty nest syndrome is not easy. I blinked my eyes and they grew up so quickly. Happy Holidays, Sincerely, Nancy Ann

  • Emily C

    The best present I have received so far is a beautiful angel ornament given to me by a friend. Its the one ornament I leave out all year long!

  • Shawna

    My best Christmas present I ever received was a necklace with a heart charm from my PawPaw. That was the last gift that I received from him. He passed away a few months later. After 25 years I still have the necklace.Even wore it when I got married.

  • Eleanor

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten was my husband surprising me. He had come home early from Afghanistan and wanted to surprise me. It was the most beautiful and special gift anyone could have ever given me. Having him home to celebrate the holidays will always be the best gift ever.

  • Dawn J

    My husband and I started dating 18 years ago at Christmas. We walked in the snow, went ice skating, and drove around looking at Christmas lights. It was magical! He won me over with his love of the season! He was and still is my best Christmas present ever!

  • kylediditagain

    Is it crazy that is a tough question? Ok, I have two, maybe. One was when I was maybe ten years old and I remember going downstairs with my brother and the floor was just filled with gifts. It was like the ultimate kids dream about the way Christmas should be, all about the gifts (haha). We walk towards the Christmas tree and circle the pine as we both spot this ultimate Air Hockey table, unwrapped. It was like the cherry on the cake….or the “star on the tree.” It was that moment that Christmas was so awesome that this incredible gift didn’t even need to be wrapped. (That only lasted one year!) The second would be when I was about 28 and my boyfriend just gave me every gift I could’ve asked iPod (Mini), Six Feet Under series DVD set and more. It was super materialistic and media obsessed, but you know what, I still remember and it made me feel good and like he knew “me.” Thanks :)

  • Jeannine

    My BEST Christmas gift is THIS year! My daughter who is 30 weeks pregnant this week was given a tragic diagnosis on her unborn daughter at 23 weeks. 3 Specialist’s all said the baby had a severe chromosome issue where the baby would not live after birth. They encouraged her to terminate……my daughter refused that as an option for her. We and many others banded together and began praying for God to heal our little precious baby…..and guess what? God does answer prayer! We got our Miracle!! The specialists are all very perplexed…..our baby girl does NOT have this! She does have an issue with one of her little feet, and will require surgery right after birth…..BUT she will LIVE!! The GREATEST Christmas gift for our entire family <3

  • Meghan

    The Best Christmas present I received was 6 years ago on the 26 of December. I gave birth to my daughter Lauren Lynne she was 6lbs 13oz brownish blonde dimple most Beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. Lauren will be turning 6 next week I still look at her and try to remember where did my baby go? I used to watch how excited you were to eat baby food, change a poopy diaper, say your first words, crawl, and walk. Now its I want a Barbie birthday with a barbie cake and your in kindergarten. Even though my baby is not so much a baby anymore no matter what I receive for Christmas this year or years to come will ever top the birth of my Beautiful Baby Girl.

  • sunny

    The best Christmas present ever was finding out I was pregnant with twins!! Later I found out they were boy girl twins! They r toddlers now keeping me very busy. I have a 6 yr old son that is a very good helper! I am truly blessed!

  • janet geil

    My favorite Christmas gift was from my boyfriend last year. He got my the Favorite Mascara Sampler from Sephora. I loved it because a. He went in Sephora himself b. He didn’t just buy a gift card and c. He knows my favorite item of make up! He rocks!

  • Jackeline Davila

    My daughter born right before Christmas.


    My favorite present this year is a key chain my 6 year old granddaughter got me from Santas workshop at her school.. I love it.. kids are amazing :)

  • harlette

    honestly – it was my computerized embroidery sewing machine – and now i get to make so many of my gifts to others

  • Melissa Bonham

    Best holiday gift I have ever received was the birth of my daughter. . Madilynn was born 10 days before Christmas 2011. . She has made our lives whole! I am SO thankful and feel SO blessed to have a beautiful happy little girl!!!

  • mytemite

    I’he had a lot of great xmas’s and the ones with my children have been great, but I guess one of the best was in 1970, my only brother had been in Vietnam and had gotten hurt when a grenade exploded and he was burned with Napalm, he survived but was hospilized over seas. Two days before Xmas I was at work in my fathers store when phone rang, it was my brother Jerry wanting someone to come pick him up at airport, we didn’t even know he was back in the states, to say it was the best Xmas is an understatement, I will never forget the happiness & joy in my parents faces!!

  • Kristie Krattiger

    The best Christmas gift I ever received has to be a crystal angel orniment that my daughter got me from her school holiday shop. She was so excited and proud when she gave it to me! That was 7 years ago (she was 6 yrs old then) but. unfortunatly it broke this year and she was just devistated as was I. But luckily it was able yo be fixed!!

  • Joleen Marie Crosta

    The best holiday gift I ever received was my husband home for Christmas!! This is our first year in eight years home as a family with our entire family! My husband served his country for eight years in the Army. I am so blessed to have him home safe & sound with us.

  • Rose Casa

    Love your family your daughter is born on my birthday June 9th I was so happy and hoping she would’ve born that day !Merry Christmas Love you! -_/|_

  • CC

    My favorite christmas present every year is the same. Giving. I always look forward to selecting angels from community angel trees and picking out a handful of toys and clothes to children and adults that have more of a need or christmas wish than I do. I am an only child and like thinking if I did have brothers and sisters, these would be the gifts I would get them. Heres to everyone having a happy and safe holiday!
    Cana C.

  • EBrown

    One of my favorite Christmas’ was last year when I got to spend it with my then five year old daughter and newborn baby girl. It was extra-special because it took several years for me to finally get pregnant with my second daughter. So having her and my sweet firstborn daughter was so perfect.

  • Elisa Frame

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received was my daughter who turns 3 next week. She was born on Christmas Day, so I make sure and make this time of year very special for her. She is my life and my inspiration for living life to its fullest! Happy Holidays, everyone! -Elisa F.

  • Susan

    My favorite Christmas gift was a tiny little bon bon lip gloss I received as a child! It was such a tiny gift, but I remember absolutely loving it!! It was also the gift I tried to sneak a little peek into! :)

  • Marcie Lynn Florance

    My favorite gift I ever received as a child was a pair of Lee pinstriped jeans ( all the rage as a child in the early 1980’s!!! ) I wore those jeans til they literally fell apart.
    As an adult my best gift was my husband, who saved me in so many ways, physically, mentally, and in every way I needed!

  • Amyd

    My favorite Christmas gift was the engagement ring my husband gave me on Christmas Eve. Love that man :)

  • backchat

    As a child, my favorite gift was a piano! I don’t know how my parents did it, but somehow they had that piano delivered after I had gone to bed on Christmas Eve. When I crept downstairs early the next morning, there it was in our living room. We were just a middle class family and that was one over the top present and a total surprise.

  • Ashley Beck

    The best holiday gift I have received is time with my family. Up until last year when I got married in October, I was a police office for 5 years. Due to being “low man on the totem pole,” I had to work the holidays. I always found it difficult driving past people’s homes seeing them celebrating with family and friends knowing that mine was doing the same, but I wasn’t with them. It really made me appreciate the small things and not just the gifts and good food.

    Although there are times I miss my old job, I now have a different career that I am just as happy with, and I am able to be with my family for holidays.

  • Stephanie Wolford

    My best holiday gift was a beautiful silver makeup tray with matching brush & comb, especially because it was from my mom.

  • Krista Sexton

    My favorite gift was an american girl doll. She was so special because my family did not have a lot of money.

  • Lindsay

    The best Christmas present I ever got was when I was a little girl. I *loved* unicorns. Like, totally LOVED them! My mom got me a t-shirt with a unicorn print on the front and my name on the back. It was the baseball style, white with pink arms. A copy of the print was rolled up and tucked into the tree, I got it first. She got it from one of those places in the mall, remember those? Where you picked the shirt and the print and they made it for you. Then they would iron on the letters to the back. I still have the shirt. My daughters wear it. It was extra special because it was one of the few Christmases I remember being at home. My parents were divorced and I spent Christmas all over the place and this was the only one I remember being at home and having a wonderful Christmas morning with a gift I absolutely adored. It was very special.

  • Allison Pridgen

    The best holiday gift I have ever received was my proposal from my now-husband. It came a few days after Christmas, so it was a little unexpected, but so amazing. When I got home from work one night, close to midnight, my mini-dachshund met me at the door with something tied around her neck. It was a ring box, empty. I followed her down the long hall of our duplex, which was filled with red rose petals and lit candles. When I opened the door of our bedroom, my man was on his knee with the ring in his hand and roses surrounding him. Our song, “Forever,” by Ben Harper, was playing. He asked me to marry him, and we’ve never looked back! We sealed the deal a year later in the Dominican Republic and had our son, HARPER, the next October. I am blessed and grateful for this most wonderful holiday gift that has led to many moments of happiness (and many more to come)!

  • Heather Perkins

    My favorite Christmas gift was my first one I received from my husband when we first started dating. We had only been dating a month and he had picked up on my love of Sapphires. He bought me a Sapphire ring for Christmas. It was nothing fancy, but so thoughtful!

  • Stephanie Bagley

    Last year my fiance and I got to go visit my family who lives on the other side of the country. My family hadn’t been together for a Christmas for about 7 years because my parents are in the military and my sister lived in Europe.It was really hard on me so my fiance bought plane tickets to go see them for the weekend. It was amazing! I finally got to spend a Christmas with my niece and nephew and every member of my family was there! I also got a Kindle from my parents last year which is wonderful because I have used it to read 39 books this year.

  • Multiplemom123

    My favorite gift was my ticket to see Great Big Sea in November 2010. I had a blast.

  • Lori Shore

    My favorite gift was my first sewing machine that my husband gave me almost 20 years ago. I wanted a sewing machine so much but we didn’t have a lot of money so I didn’t think that we would be able to get one and he surprised me, it was so thoughtful. I taught myself to sew with that machine and eventually I was able to make all sorts of clothes, gifts, costumes and home decor items. When my kids were little I used to make the cutest matching outfits for them especially once I got my little girl, (we had three boys first) and the boys used to match her too. A couple of times the whole family matched, it was a blast. Of course, with the kids at 20, 19, 17 and 15 I don’t get to make their clothes anymore and I sure couldn’t get them to match or coordinate now but those are some great memories.

  • Kerry515

    My most favorite Christmas gift was from my mom, she gave me certificates for housecleaning after my second child was born. As a full-time working mom, any spare time I have I want to be with my two little ones! This gift was even more awesome because my mom has never had anyone clean her own home, considering it a luxury!

  • Cat

    I have two favorite christmas gift, the first one was when I was in 6th grade and my parents gave me a puppy, who is no longer with us. My other favorite christmas was given to me last year Christmas 2011, I got engaged to my best friend, Christian.

  • Lindsey S

    I received my favorite chistmas gift last year…a Nikon camera. It was expensive and I had been wanting it for years. But better than that, it allows me to take beautiful pictures for long-lasting memories with my family :)

  • Ronnie L

    My favorite gift is the joy that I receive when I see my daughter’s face on Christmas morning.

  • Talore Ruedt

    My favorite Christmas gift was a DSLR Camera. I love being able to capture celebrations, outings, and just the average day at home with friends and family! However, the signed copy of CelebrTORI that I got a few days ago may just be the best gift I receive this year :).

    Happy Holidays!

  • Kasia Johnston

    The best Christmas gift I ever received was a set of luggage from my father. My stepdad was about to be stationed in Hawaii (with the navy) and I was going to be doing a lot of traveling from Georgia to Hawaii. He wrapped it up in one big box and then hid all my gifts in all of the pockets! I had to go through every piece to find all my presents! It was so much fun and a really special Christmas, since it was the last one we were going to be able to have together for a long time. I was twelve at the time and did not spend another Christmas with him until I was twenty!

  • lynn Collado

    My favorite Christmas gifts are always the gifts made from my daughter, Adrianna! It doesn’t get any better than a handmade gift from my little one. The favorite handmade gift is the one she made in Kindergarden 2 years ago! She made a snowflake from Popsicle sticks and glued a picture of her beautiful little face in the middle and a magnet to the back of the snowflake. This little masterpiece is still on my refrigerator and makes me smile everyday just as much as the first time I saw it!

  • Spring Hill Farm

    What a great giveaway. My fingers are crossed.

  • Ginger

    My favorite gift was finding out we were pregnant with our daughter on Christmas name. That is why we gave her the middle name Noel.

  • freshstartcoach

    The best gift I received was a coffee travel mug from the Dollar Store. Really! My husband loves to shop for gifts but we were flat broke. We had just lost our house, our business, cars, etc. But what he did with that cheap coffee mug made it my favorite gift. He took all the sales ads for the week and cut out pictures of the items he WOULD have bought if he had the money and placed them inside the travel mug! He even included pictures of homes I liked!
    It was such a thoughtful and creative way to give me something when we had nothing.


    my best christmas ever is when my family and i went to spend it with a woman that was my dear friend. i worked for her taking care of her and her family live all over and never came to visit. she was 85 and was all alone so we went to see her and took her gifts and dinner .to see her face light up with joy was so amazing. she cried and i asked her what was wrong she said that we made her feel so special and so loved. i dont ever get gifts but i love giving them to people and i love just seeing their faces light up to me thats the best gift i could ever ask for. merry christmas dean,tori and your beautiful children.

  • Christy Hampton

    I think my most favorite Christmas gift was a necklace my son bought me when he was 4 yrs old that says mom on it. I adopted him at 2 as a single mom and I had never thought I would be given the chance to be a mom so at this moment it made that feeling oh so real.

  • llama

    My best gift was when my now Husband asked me to marry him on a bridge where he first told me that he loved me. He surprised me with a quick vacation and pulled over to visit “our bridge” where it all started. He then surprised me with a gorgeous ring that had belonged to his mother. Awesome gift!

  • Jayme Dowdy

    I would have to say the year My Favorite Aunt bought me a porcelin doll that was VERY real looking. It weighed 8lbs, was 21″ and had real hair & eyelashes. I carried her like a real baby and really freaked people out at stores. My mom got alot of awful looks because the people thought my mom was letting her 8 year old carry a new baby around. I had a carseat for her, a bassinette, a few outfits, and a sling. (I was a baby wearer at 8!!!) I LOVED that baby like my very own for years and years. When I was 13 a cousin came to visit and broke her, I was devistated. It took me 15 years to forgive her. I loved that doll!

  • Dawnie

    My favorite gifts now that I am older would have to be the Hallmark ornament that my Grandmother would buy me every year. I know have them on my tree and they were on my mothers tree growing up. My grandma passes away last year and I really enjoy these reminders of her this time of year on my tree. They are also very special to me.

  • Mitzi Stanford

    My best Christmas gift came a bit after Christmas on dec 31, 1989. My beautiful daughter came into this world. She was everything I ever dreamed of. I had her name picked out for as long as I could remember. And my husband and I had agreed on her name less than 24 hours after we met. Today she is a beautiful wife and mother of two precious children. She is in nursing school planning in becoming an OB nurse like I was before I was struck with ms and had to give up my beloved profession. I proud to be her mom.

  • Becca

    My best Christmas gift I ever received was my Apricot baby doll from the Strawberry Shortcake story. My uncle gave her to me on my first Christmas 30 years ago. I still have her and love her dearly. I can’t wait to have my own little girl so I can give her the baby doll. I love the passing down gift idea. It’s so much more special and unique.

  • Kriste Young

    I received a hand knitted scarf from an old friend!!

  • Bethany .

    My favorite Christmas gift was a jewelry box. It was so gorgeous and unexpected.

  • Donna Grooms

    My favorite gift came Christmas 2012….actually the day after…my 6th beautiful grandchild was born…David Wayne, Jr. All of my grandchildren mean the world to me…I love them all <3

  • Crystalclear

    My best Christmas present ever was when my mother past down to me my grandmothers family ring. It is the most previous piece of jewelry I owe. It is not fancy at all by any means but it feels like a million dollars just thinking about the journey it has take through three generations.

  • Lisa Jackson

    When my son was 7, We went on our annual family Christmas shopping trip. My son got $20 to spend on me and $20 to spend on his daddy. He chose to buy beads to make me a bracelet. He said he had been thinking of making me that and it was all he wanted to do. He picked out red and black beads and put the word “mommy” in the middle. It was the most thoughtful gift ever!

  • Pat G

    A few years ago, my (then) 7 year old nephew told my sister he wanted to “go to Jared” to get me a Christmas present. Needless to say, my sister was not going to Jared. Instead, she took him to Macy’s where he picked out the biggest, gaudiest, yellow/green ring he could find. He told her he knew I liked rings and that green was my favorite color, and that he wanted me to have a big “diamond”. When he gave it to me, he had the biggest smile on his little face. He was so excited that he picked this out just for me and he couldn’t wait for me to open it. That big, gaudy, fake ring means more to me than any of my jewelry because it came with so much love.

  • Natalie Steffen

    I would Love to win this gift set of Lip Slip and Lip Scrub in Red Velvet!!! I have always loved Tori’s lip colors and I’m trying to find tbat perfect color and brand. Thank you! Merry Christmas. OXOX :)

  • Mickey

    My favorite Christmas present(s) is always whatever my 4-year old daughter makes for me…usually a beautiful painting or drawing. She always gets so excited and says, “Mommy, close your eyes…now, OPEN!!” Her excitement over giving me what she’s made just makes my day. Love it!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  • Caitlin Bradley

    My best Christmas present came 8 years ago. All I have ever wanted was a white teacup Chihuahua. I knew that whenever I got one, I was going to name her Priscilla and we were going to be best friends. I told this to my then boyfriend (now husband) only ONCE, never expecting anything. Sure enough,I woke up that Christmas to a white teacup chihuahua I named Priscilla, and she really is my best friend (next to my husband, of course).

  • Melissa L

    My best Christmas present was a 25 cent ring my first child bought me when he was 4.

  • Carly N.

    My favorite gift is from my husband. He got me Kindle. It was a total suprise and he was so thoughtful with it. He knew I wanted one but knew I would not buy it for myself. We set a low amount on each other every year so we can spend more on others and he def. went over our amount just to see a smile on my face. I have a keeper!

  • Kim Newton

    Great giveaway! So needed!

  • debbie johnson

    My favorite Xmas gift was the gift of tech–my iPad, I cannot live without it! Sounds desperate, but it’s true! :)

  • Tyna Madden

    This is a hard one to answer! I’m gonna answer twice (cheating?)

    If I had to pick a materialistic type gift I would say my clarisonic face brush. I absolutely love that thing. As someone who has struggled with acne for over 10 years it is wonderful to finally have better looking skin!

    If I had to pick a sentimental gift it would be a collage frame my mother in law made for me last year. I am horrible about framing pictures or putting them in albums. So she put my family photos together for me. I cried like a baby when I opened it.

  • Cammy Gollner

    I highly recommend “Body Time” – the ORIGINAL Body Shop! Yes, they were the first! The woman who started the Body Shop loved it so much she bought their name, and tried to recreate it. But the original is still the best. I used the “rain” scent oil in college, and love their sweet almond oil. you can order online, and give this as a gift. And tell those who you give it to that they were the first. Here’s their website. You won’t be disappointed!

  • HausofHarlo

    Best gift was one I gave to myself, I saved up for a trip to visit my best friend who now lives in Australia, I left Christmas day. Best Christmas ever!