Giveaway: JCPenney Gift Cards from Little Maven



With 4 little ones at home it’s become super important to me to make sure I don’t forget each beautiful stage of my guys and girls lives. And as you know, I love to catch as many of these moments on camera as possible! Whether it’s photos of my fam choosing our Christmas tree or home videos of Liam & Stella making a bookcase for Finn’s nursery, making sure I can always look back on these moments is so special to me, and having all of these moments recorded is something I will cherish forever.

This holiday season, I wanted to turn the idea of capturing your little ones special moments into a fun holiday giveaway with Little Maven, my baby and kids’ clothing line at JCPenney. Just like I’m always posting photos of Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn, I want you to share photos of your “Baby’s First Holiday” with me and all the other fabulous momistas out there! Five people who share their super special photo will be randomly selected to win $100 JCPenney gift cards to style their baby in Little Maven!

Click here to share a photo of your “Baby’s First Holiday” on the Little Maven Facebook page, and be sure to enter by January 4, 2013.

I can’t wait to see your photos!



  • Jessica Provo

    Awe have 2 teenage girls 17 & 14 and now our little boy born 09-30-12. So this year I have been ordering off of Etsy like crazy for him. A Santa hat, babies 1 st Christmas shirts, New Years tux shirt, New Years baby sash, and of course babies 1st New Years resolution shirt. It has been so fun, although he is going to have to do a couple of outfit changes a day to wear everything.

  • Kiara Ramirez

    My beautifuldaughter’s first Christmas was at 5 days old, she turns 21 today. She was due on Christmas day. I don’t have a picture:( of that day but it will always have it in my heart. She is the best Christmas present from God, she was born 9 months after I lost her big brother to SIDS. She is my rainbow and my happy place. I now have a little boy whom along with his big sissy lights up my life. Merry Christmas to all!

  • desi

    My baby is 19. But he was and still is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. He is now over 6 feet tall but he will always be my little baby. I had a miscarriage before him, so he will always be precious to me as I saw his heart beating when he was just a little thing in my stomach. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

  • lisa kraft

    My very first grandbaby (a boy) made a very special appearance on Thanksgiving night this year. He was 3 weeks early so his mamma was a bit surprised to be admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving morning. Maddix Cash was born at 11:49 pm weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 19 inches. Of course we all gladly gave up our Thanksgiving meal to be there for the birth which of course took quite a while being it was my daughters first baby. Such a special gift was given to us on that day. We are all proud of the little mamma and our new little man.

  • Kaitlyn Wenke

    I thought that it might be fun to take some Christmas pictures of my two beautiful nieces. I soon discovered that this would be a very difficult task! Autumn, 6 months, decided that our Christmas tree is much more interesting than a nice picture. I love how intrigued she was by the tree. After you have experienced have a Christmas tree for so many years, you lose the magic of it! It’s refreshing to see how amazing it is to a child on their very first Christmas!

  • Darla Vaughan

    My kid’s first Christmas ornaments are hand painted eggs that my sister-in-law gave me. I just love them so much.

    PS I hope I posted the photo the correct way.

  • Sammy Schneider

    My son Jacobs first Christmas was in 2010. He just turned 7 months. This photo brings back great memories.