Don’t Miss the Mistle-Tones on Sunday!

It’s almost here! On Sunday night at 8/7 c on ABC Family my original Christmas musical The Mistle-Tones will be making its premiere. This is such a fun movie that the whole fam can watch together – I know the McDermott clan will be tuning in together 

This movie is my big American Idol meets Dancing with the Stars moment with a whole lotta sequins sprinkled on top. It’s Mean Girls (with me at the helm) mixed with Glee and it was so much fun to film. It’s not often that Donna Martin gets to play the bad girl! I loved all my co-stars like Tia Mowry, a fellow mom warrior, but my fave co-star had to be my very own rescue pup Mitzi (don’t miss her on screen debut as pupista Vixen decked in faux fur and sparkly gowns of her own). This movie has all your fave Christmas songs sung by the cast, super fun dance numbers, fabulous costumes and tons of laughs.

Here’s another sneak peek of what’s in store on Sunday:

To prepare for the premiere, get The Mistle-Tones soundtrack ! It’s so much fun to listen to with the kids…Liam and Stella love singing along to their favorite holiday songs. Plus they love the fact that mom has a Christmas album! You can pick up the soundtrack here – it’s the perfect way to bring a little holiday cheer into your home!

In the movie I got to wear some pretty fabulous costumes which was a major perk. Every villain-ess should be impeccably dressed, and my character was no exception. Here’s a little peek of me as the deliciously evil and uber-fab Marci. More on this later today…


Every diva needs faux fur legwarmers


Fur-tastically chic


My pup Mitzi perfectly accessorized this gorg floor length gown


Marci was definitely on Santa’s naughty list having her Marilyn moment…

I had such a good time filming this movie – it was so much fun for this mom to get all decked out and play diva! I never get offered the villain roles, and I must say I embraced every minute of playing mean girl Marci, wearing head to toe faux fur, strutting my stuff, and belting out Mariah! 

I would love for all of you guys to watch this Sunday and let me know what you think! I really hope you enjoy watching The Mistle-Tones as much as I enjoyed filming it.

What Christmas songs do you look forward to hearing during the holidays?

And don’t forget to tune in on Sunday to ABC Family at 8/7 c!



  • Ashley Taylor

    Totally adorable! Can’t wait to watch! My girls and I LOVE to rock out to “All I Want For Christmas Is You”! :)

  • doreen porzio

    I wouldn’t miss this for anything!! The Mistle-Tones looks Fantastic!! You look totally GORGEOUS!! Love you in that Red Gown!! I am partial to red!! He$$, you look beautiful in the sparkle gown with the ruffle bottom too!! Everything!!… Love all of your pics!! The pic of you & your Rescue Mitzi is precious!! You sure rock that fur hat!! I have been seeing the coming attractions for the movie & been very excited to see it!! You have a Wonderful singing voice too!! You are AMAZING!! So happy it’s finally on!! Have to get my DVR ready too!! Lol!!…. You sure look like a Sexy Vixen!! Go get em!! Haha!! …… I also Love “All I Want For Christmas Is You!” Catchy tune!! Have fun watching with the family!! I’ll be watching with a smile on my face ear to ear!! Love & Hugs!! :)

  • just jill…

    I set it up on mah dvr already… Can’t wait! I may have to dress up myself and put on my mean girl face. LOVE!!!

  • desi

    Oh you look absolutely beautiful, Tori! Love you in the long dress holding Mitzi. How cute! I have been looking forward to this show since you first told us about it. Can’t wait for Sunday night! I love to hear the song Santa Baby!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    You look amazing!!!:D And you sounded amazing on the soundtrack as well! I wouldn’t miss watching this movie for anything. Great job, Tori! xo

  • Nich

    I love Christmas movies and this looks great Tori and you look fabulous in your outfits! I looking forward to watching:-)
    I love listening to the soundtracks from the movie This Christmas and Elf and The Jackson 5 Christmas album.

  • Darren Martin

    Hey T,

    In case you couldn’t tell from twitter, I’m really excited for this movie! Hope you’re enjoying the #12DaysOfTori. Drea and I had fun changing the words into a song. Super proud of you and this project as I know what you went through to make it. You’re an amazing lady, an amazing talent and will always be #SuperSpelling to me.

    Your friend,


  • ksu2000grad

    My dvr is ready to record as well that way if something comes up I won’t miss it.

  • Ingrid Ruiz

    Hi Tori,

    You look amazing!!! The Mistle-Tones looks Fantastic and my family and I can’t wait to watch. Lots of Love & Hugs!!! :)

  • Sam A

    Tori looks amazing in that red gown. It’s gorgeous! Does anyone know where online can I find that dress??? I’ve been searching all over online and can’t seem to find it. Someone help please :)

  • g

    I can’t see it because I live in France, I can’t watch your videos ! By the way your clothes are “fabuleuses” in that movie!

  • Michalrenee


  • Nich

    Wishing the high ratings for the movie, super excited for you! I have my friend taping it for me so I don’t miss it. Have a blessed day Tori.
    PS How was the InvenTori LA?

  • freshstartcoach

    Looking forward to watching it! Going to set the DVR and watch it with my daughter who will be home from college. We love T & D and the fam!

  • Denise Engelmann

    Loved the Show last Night!!

  • Alison Jones

    DVR’d it and watched it last night! Loved it! Such a cute movie!

  • Marlynn

    I am so upset I missed this!! Is it going to be shown at any other time? Where can we see it if we missed it? I was really looking forward to watching this!!! :'(

  • Bridget D

    Just watched the movie – I loved it!!! you rock Tori!!!! (and you looked amazing!)

  • Nich

    My friend taped for me and I watched it last week and I loved it!!!! You were fantastic as well as Tia Mowry. Did you do all the singing? IF so, you sounded great!