documenTORI: Our Last Doctor Appointment

My pregnancy with Finn was very tough. Our entire family went through so much during those 9 months. One of the hardest parts was being separated from my babies while I was in the hospital. Sadly, I missed some big milestones in my kids’ lives while faced with the reality that the baby and I were at very high risk. But even in my darkest moments laying in that hospital bed, missing my family terribly and fearful of losing my baby, I knew that I had to find my hope. And, it was that hope that got me and my baby through till the end. I am now a true believer that miracles can happen. We can never give up hope even in the darkest of times. Finn and I are living proof!

Getting to this final doctor’s appointment meant that we had almost made it to the finish line. I knew that my body had done its job and had kept my baby safe for even longer than the doctors had predicted. I had pictured this moment throughout my entire pregnancy. Getting to 37 weeks is considered full term medically and we had made it. I knew that once we got there, we’d be OK. As my doctor told me that we had a 6 pound babe ready to come into this world, I can’t even begin to tell you how proud and happy I was. It had been a long hard journey and knowing that we had made it together was an incredible moment and I’ll forever cherish this video footage that my amazing hubby captured.

What was your most special moment from your pregnancy?


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  • Lemon Meringue

    Tori, is it your ultimate goal to get my keyboard inundated every time we get to see another documenTORI? These footages are all very intimate, special and ever so recognizable as a fellowmum, feeling very privileged to get to watch them. Thanks to the both of you!
    All of my three pregnancies had two special moments: the first one was at 12 weeks when we got to see the little hearts beating at the ultrasound (and the utter relief that it weren’t twins, they are very common in our families!) and the second one, maybe the best of all, the moment they were born and I got to hold those little naked bodies against my breast: ultimate!

  • Luce

    Hi Tori :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this extra private time of your life, keyboard inundated for me too ;) it’s hard not to …
    you guys made it, it’s a miracle like you say
    each one of your babes has come into this world with a special thing to bring to others: Liam brings light and fun in the house, Stella is sweet and genuinely nice and tender, Hattie brings people together :) and Finn is the living proof that deep love, prayers and family are the key to make it through anything.
    Thanks again, you the Mcdermotts are truly special and I am proud to share this journey of life with you via this site and Dean’s site.
    You are amazing

    I love you guys, family is everything

  • desi

    What an amazing video! Thanks for sharing with us! I love you all. My most special pregnancy moment was seeing my baby’s heart beating after I had previously had a miscarriage. I was so grateful that he was ok and couldn’t believe I was carrying a little man!

  • Elizabeth Rosario

    So beautiful and heartwarming…You guys are so strong and positive and it really makes me believe in the power of hope and family even more!!! you are an amazing inspiration.

    Love them McDermotts!


  • doreen porzio

    I am also so very Proud of you! You are such a Strong woman as I have said in the past, but it is so very True! I believe in Miracles and you and Finn are a Wonderful example of the true meaning of the word!! I am so Happy that you and Finn are healthy!! I know you went through so much after the birth as well!! Thank Goodness you fought through everything!..
    I thank you & Dean for sharing all of these special and private moments!! My Sweet T, you are too cute & sensitive! I just love you!! You are so Real!! What a beautiful video to share with us!!

    You make me get teary eyed!! Love & hugs to all your Babes! xo

  • stacy wilson

    love you always T. you are stronger than me, i wrote you about a month ago. i wasn’t able to stay on total bedrest and not worry about my girls 3, and 5 at home. i miss being pregnant, and our baby terribly. but i want to try again when my body says it is right, i pray it will. it gives me so much joy seeing all 6 of you, really, you are so inspiring. much <3

  • Em Victoria

    Hi tori, my name is Emma and I’m a 17 year old girl from south Africa! I have read all of your books, watch your tv show and follow you on twitter and feel like I know you and your beautiful family personally so when I heard what you and baby Finn were going through my heart broke but I was so happy when he was finally born and your new family was together. I’ve been watched all your videos on documentori and love them! You are so amazing tori and your strength and courage have made you a roll model to me! You have four beautiful children, Liam always makes me laugh, Stella takes after you with her passion for fashion, Hattie is such a cutey and I can’t wait to get to know baby finn, his nursery is stunning and being from Arica I have to say you did a great job with the giraffes. Thanks for being such an aspiration and sharing your journey and beautiful family with us! Lots of love

  • Roxann Stetzer

    So sweet. I know what you mean about being sad the pregnancy is over. When I was carrying my last child, I kinda felt like while I was pregnant, he was ALL mine you know? It was my last pregnancy and I was so happy to have a healthy boy, but sad because I knew it was my last baby. But now I have grandbabies, and am thrilled!!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    ok, having never been pregnant nor gonna be, I live vicariously through others. This was so beautiful! It’s hard to move me to tears but you did! My sisters first daughter was a 32 weeker at 2 pounds 3 ounces…. check her out in my photos… she’s now almost 11! I have been able to tell with each of your pregnancy how much you enjoy it…. just don’t become a michelle duggar please! listen to your body and what it’s telling you… you have 5 beautiful kids.. 2 a piece that you birthed and another by marriage.Stay wonderful, beautiful, and happy!

  • joanne stubbs

    I don’t think that I could add anything more to these beautiful comments, I just so agree with everyone.
    You asked us for a special moment. My fourth child, a son, a daughter was to follow, and he had a sister and 2 brothers ahead of him in line. It had been a difficult pregnancy with lots of kids to run around after. Well, he decided to arrive, and it was the night that they landed on the moon, didn’t want to leave home until that happened, watched it on tv. Thinking I was on the last moment was a joke, because three days of labour followed. Oh my, such unbelievable pain, but finally I was given some kind of an injection that hurried things up. In the delivery room, I was also given a shot to put me out. When I awoke in my hospital room, my husband was standing next to me with the strangest look on his face, “did the baby die” I asked him, I was sure that had happened? Oh no, he said but if he had been 6 ozs. bigger he would have been 12 pounds. I thought I was going to be the one that died LOL LOL, he was proudly trounced around the hospital by the nurses, who wanted to take him home with them. He is now 43 yrs old and a Professor of History, OH YEAH!!

  • MamaPaws

    Jeanie Tutt…. I’m with u. In my case I choose not to have children for certain reasons I won’t go into, but absolutely love this family. I check back everyday to see if any new videos have been posted and this one was one i was waiting for. No one knew anything about Tori’s condition until baby was safe and here. In Hollywood, not to mention being one of heiress who has lived so publicly all her life. You gotta give her props, they had all of us fooled, and yet she was willing take the time and allow her fans to witness the moments. She is surrounded by some wonderful people, guncles, nanny patsy, and even her mom. You can tell tori’s grateful!

  • Tiffany Gniewosz

    Each of my pregnancies were high risk in some way, but it was my youngest (third) that I was most grateful for! She had an enlarged heart and I was in pre-term labor from 19 weeks until we had a c-section at 38 weeks because of developing breathing issues. She was a complete surprise but one that I am eternally grateful for because my husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 Testicular cancer just two months after her birth and we don’t know if we will ever be able to get pregnant again, despite his incredible recovery. She was my little miracle baby in many more ways than one!

  • Kassandra Sprague

    I love your videos. I sadly had a miscarriage at the time you gave birth your youngest. And had a very rough d&c. I almost had to have an emergency historectomy and blood transfusion. I’m %100 better now. Watching your videos give me hope that one day we will our perfect BEAUTIFUL!!

  • April Lindquist

    Tori, I have 4 kids, too! A boy, two girls, and a boy. I had issues with pre term labor in all my pregnancies but the worst was my third pregnancy. I was put on bedrest at 22 weeks and was seriously worried I might lose the baby. We had decided not to find out what the baby was since we had a boy and girl already, so when finally at 38 weeks I gave birth to a healthy baby girl I was so relieved. The moment my husband looked into my eyes with tears in his and told me we had another baby girl is something I will never forget.

  • Tanya Sundnes

    Tori, I myself, also had Dr. Silverman as my high risk Fetal specialist. My first son was a girl for 36 weeks until he told us that he couldn’t be for certain that it was a girl. He said that he had seen testicles but not the rest, and we were told that our child could possibly be both genders. It was so hard to digest, and as a result of the distress he came 3 weeks early and I delivered at Cedars. Fortunately, our son, Soren, was 100% boy with minor complications down there, but that was nothing compared to what we would have to face. He had pulmonary hypertension and respiratory distress. In other words, we almost lost him on day 2. With an amazing NICU staff and by the grace of God, our son is now a healthy 4 year old. Thank you for sharing not only your triumphs but also your difficulties and allowing us moms to know that we all share similarities in our lives whether an average woman or celebrity. In the end we are all of one human breed.

  • Melissa Hudson

    We lost a baby at 40 weeks, we have no idea what happened. We went to our 40 week appointment and discovered no heartbeat or brain activity (she was kicking like crazy the night before). It was the absolute worst thing to ever go through. With that said our doctor and nurse helped us through, and my husband Josh and I said that “this will not define us”. We had an eight year old at home and had to be strong for her. We knew at that moment that horrible event had to turn into something amazing for us. We had to see the positive in that dark moment. My doctor asked us to wait for 12 months to try again, I told her there was no way we could wait that long. Three months later I was pregnant!! I insisted on going in at 6 weeks (not the regular 9 weeks) and of course my doctor agreed to see us. As we went into the ultrasound room we were a hot mess, as that was the room we found out that Paige had passed. We saw the same ultrasound tech, she looked at us and asked if we were taking any fertility meds. I responded with “Oh my gosh is it twins?” to her no, honey your having triplets!!! WHAT I didn’t know that was naturally possible!! Our doctor cautioned us that this was very high risk and it was very likely to not end up with triplets. We lost one of the babes at 9 weeks, which is awful, but nothing compares to 40 weeks. I am proud to say that I kept my twins healthy and inside me for 35 weeks!! On January 26th 2012 I gave birth vaginally to Reese Ann Hudson 4lb 10oz and Wyatt McCall Hudson 5lb 11oz. They are now 10 1/2 months old. I am truly blessed to have all three of my kids, healthy and happy!! I am so glad that you share all your trials and tribulations of pregnancy and motherhood. I feel that too many people take this all for granted and it is nice to see you show such grace and honesty.

  • Sara Sbeck

    Tori I want to know how you bounce back after baby! You always look SO good!
    -Momma of 3

  • Jackie C

    So glad you and Finn made it…I was pregnant once and lost the baby. My favorite moment was singing “Apron Strings” to it. After going through years of mourning then dealing with it, naming her (I think it was a girl), I now have hope that I can have children either biologically or adopted. (I would rather adopt, but my husband wants to try for biological). Can’t believe I’m posting this but everyone else is so candid so I figure it’s okay! This is actually very theraputic to share! Tori I know I will fight for my children the way you do!

  • PackersTX

    I had placenta previa in my third pregnancy after losing my second one to miscarriage. Felt such relief to have a healthy baby girl at 36 weeks!