My pregnancy with Finn was very tough. Our entire family went through so much during those 9 months. One of the hardest parts was being separated from my babies while I was in the hospital. Sadly, I missed some big milestones in my kids’ lives while faced with the reality that the baby and I were at very high risk. But even in my darkest moments laying in that hospital bed, missing my family terribly and fearful of losing my baby, I knew that I had to find my hope. And, it was that hope that got me and my baby through till the end. I am now a true believer that miracles can happen. We can never give up hope even in the darkest of times. Finn and I are living proof!

Getting to this final doctor’s appointment meant that we had almost made it to the finish line. I knew that my body had done its job and had kept my baby safe for even longer than the doctors had predicted. I had pictured this moment throughout my entire pregnancy. Getting to 37 weeks is considered full term medically and we had made it. I knew that once we got there, we’d be OK. As my doctor told me that we had a 6 pound babe ready to come into this world, I can’t even begin to tell you how proud and happy I was. It had been a long hard journey and knowing that we had made it together was an incredible moment and I’ll forever cherish this video footage that my amazing hubby captured.

What was your most special moment from your pregnancy?


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